Best Astrology Bingo Templates For Instagram – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Create Instagram Templates!

Hi everyone this is patti welcome back if you are new to my channel please dont forget to subscribe and. Today we are going to learn how to create templates for instagram feed lets begin in the beginning of the. City i would like to mention that this tool that im going to give you today is very very useful. For businesses so once you start to utilize instagram platform to promote your brand or product services that your brand.

Is offering to its audience it is very important to note your instagram with the right visual content and of. Course is a owner of small business you dont have enough resources to produce a really high quality of visual. Content for instagram and as you know half of success of on instagram is the consistent publishing strategy so its. Really important to nurture or publish in other words content on the instagram constantly and best if you do it. Every single day so and of course i understand you that you are as a small business owner you dont.

Have enough resources to produce high quality content and constantly publishing on instagram so that is why this tool is. Going to be very very important for you and especially if you already have a brand colorist brand phone im. Gonna show you how its gonna work for you where you can also not just to promote your product or. Services but also to create a brand recognition within your instagram feed let me show you what exactly do i. Mean under templates for instagram feed i found several templates on pinterest and just like to show you however i.

Also create instagram templates specially customized for each brand and if you are not able to do it yourself it. Can always give me a call or and a consultation on my website and we can see what we can. Do for your breath but meanwhile let show me how what exactly do i mean under templates on my phone. Screen so this from plates i found randomly on internet and you can see what exactly how exactly its gonna. Look and we cannot create today something similar and the platform that were going to use is absolutely for free.

Its a learning design platform online platform for designing no photoshop skills are quite however we can do it in. Photoshop as well so this is an another example of the of this feeds so you can create a bunch. Of templates and then to use it drag and drop different types of images to make it look different and. What i like about this instagram are templates because you can as i said use your brand phone and use. Your brand colors to establish a very strong brand awareness and besides this beside that you upload images on this.

Instagram feed you can also put a text that will be a strong call-to-action button actually and here is another. Example of yellow instagram feed which i think is pretty cool and you dont really need a lot of visual. Content here because you can already create if especially if you promote services you can find a lot of visual. Content for free such sources as unsplash and canva allows itself several hundreds pictures that are for free and that. Can be relevant to you if it ii really mix your images with their images that are available for free.

On into it so this is an example that i wanted to show you how exactly its gonna look once. Were finished doing it and lets jump already to the tutorial itself and well see how its gonna work the. Reality some lets begin o everyone.welcome to this tutorial once again and today were going to create templates for instagram. Feeds that you can produce many many times so please go ahead and write in your browser so once. Youre on this page register with your facebook or gmail account or sign up with your another email account once.

You sign up to your canva account and confirm the registration then we are ready to go so once you. Are registered on canva and your receipt you will receive an email notification to confirm your email address you can. Start working with canva login with a europe data and you will appear at this page right here and here. In the search button you have to write instagram post or just to choose it from the drug from the. Drop-down menu the instagram post and you will have the possibility to see a lot of pre-made templates already provided.

By canva some of them are free some for the for some you have to pay im going to design. That i already created this template and they are already reusable so you can see some of them – plates. You can write a sound call to action buttons refer here your website so people can click on your website. In the bit by description as well make sure you guide them and here you can change the text the. Font so im going to create another one just to show you how it is working so we are going.

To delete this image for example so its a plain canva or instagram template and for example i would like. To see i would like to make something similar to lets say this one so here we see that we. Have an image over here and i would like to replace it with another image canva provides a lot of. Images that are for free in the different categories i also like to use unsplash and lets search for. Some some beauty beauty beauty saloon picture that is relevant to our account lets say i would like to use.

This picture we didnt load it and then save it to our desktop and now we are going to upload. This picture on our can bomb so i will close this one so it not confuse you this is another. Template that when we are working with this one so we go to upload and we upload our image that. We just downloaded okay so its this one over here once its done load it with the latest one and. Place here the image that we want to use instead and what we are going to do now because this.

Image overlapping the images we are going to position it in the backward and again backward backward and then its. Done so now we are going to change these colors to our pinky colors and lines as well so we. Really can change a lot of things here and lets say i dont really like the slides i would like. To use another lines and you go to elements and we search for line for example i really like this. Line over here but i dont like the color so i would like to change to this one so we.

Make it a little bit smaller and delete this line over here and put it here instead and the same. We do here we just delete this one and copy this one once more you can press the button over. Here we can move it in the direction of the world so once you are happy we are going to. Change the font as well for example i like to use this one its very nice and here i think. Its a lot of text written here and not so many people can read it and will just say check.

Our check our latest blog post on the link finally those calls to action button always help you to make. The user to click your your page on your instagram a bio so that people can access your external resources. As well and i would like to make it a little bit worse and to say so here you can. Really its up to you i now would like to make it bold and yeah then you are ready to. Go with this instagram post you can reuse it write whatever you would like and yes i as i said.

Before its really useful to use it especially if you have already colors that your company youre using or the. Phones your brand phone your brand colors so really use it in these templates because it will help you to. Provide the brand recognition especially if you have several instagram accounts in different countries if your brand is relatively big. That would be very useful for the brand recognition so your brand will be easily recognizable by the colors and. By the own style so that is all what you need to do and then once youre finished with your.

Designs you can create several you can go ahead and download them in japan or pinchy pinchy you will get. The highest quality possible– i recommend you to stick with this one and then one you downloaded you can use. Other tools like flannel ii or other to preview apps where you can drag and drop and see how your. Feet is gonna look in on the instagram so and once you finish to create your templates go ahead and. Send it into you can borrow and upload it in one of these applications like finally unum or preview this.

Free of apps that are my favorite for online publishing tools that can be synchronized with your instagram and those. Content can be published on behalf of your name to instagram automatically so let me show you how its gonna. Look in the end this is my phone screen so this is an example that belongs to one of my. Clients this is a really drag-and-drop templates that we were already doing with you today and yeah so you can. Really mix them up and see which images will look better with the previous ones were they wanted on the.

Top on the left on you really however you really would like to do it and like this you can. Plan your content much advanced and to not really care that he needs to make another image word for tomorrow. So that your instagram sadistic what wouldnt drop down significantly once you do not publish for one time um that. Is it for today i hope this video was useful for you if you have any questions or comments please. Leave them below.

Method 2 – How To Make A Bingo Board For Instagram

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Method 3 – #Pannersbingo Intro | Jessica Lee

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel im jessica and today i have an intro to a new project for. You let me turn my computer down because theres text going on there um this is painters bingo or hashtag. Paintersbingo if you are on instagram this was created by my girl kana she is a fantastic lady moderator and. A friend of mine so im very excited to be doing this project with her and all of the fantastic.

Ladies shes going to be linked down below as well as everyone else that has joined in there will be. A link to the spreadsheet i apologize if you hear the craziness going on out there my husband and my. Kids are watching um the new marvel series what if and um you know its very exciting so you might. Hear them getting a little excited out there but anyway panthers bingo um it is uh it starts today september. 1st and goes until i guess you get bingo i dont know if were going to do multiple rounds of.

This ill have to ask kayna or maybe ill put it in her comments on her intro video um but. Um yeah you just um you play until uh until you get bingo and um 10 days before the next. Update so basically 10 days before the first she is going to do a new draw of numbers so um. You youll know when new numbers pop up um 10 days before the updates and then you see if you. Have it on your card and um and then you go from there um im going to post a picture.

Of the card that i picked somewhere up here on the screen um i dont even remember which card number. It was it might have been the last one so i guess that would have been five i think thats. The one that i picked i dont remember i i screenshotted it and then um i just like saved it. On my computer because you know i have to save things on my computer or i forget about them so. The card that i picked um is uh like i said gonna be on the screen somewhere and then after.

We picked the cards then kana did um 10 days ago she did a bingo draw there is a video. Of that if i remember i will link that one down below as well and she drew five numbers bingo. Balls whatever you want to call them so when she draws them you have to pick um or you if. You have that number on your your bingo card there is a prompt theres a list of you know prompts. For that specific number and then you have to um choose your product based on that prompt which i think.

Its kind of cool and you can set your own goals for it um that shes pretty open about um. How you um choose your prompts and just basic example is um like b8 that is if your favorite beverage. And it can be any product linked to your favorite beverage and um i just so happen to have that. On my card so you know just just as an example so im i have like all the things here. In front of me i have like so many different spreadsheets and and uh like pictures and charts and everything.

So thats why i keep looking down because theres a lot going on here so um hopefully i still have. My card here somewhere on the screen usually i will put it up on this side um but lets get. Into the numbers that were drawn it was b8 i27 n38 g53 oh 68 and of course we have the. Free space the free space is a mini or a deluxe item it could be makeup it could be beauty. It could be whatever you want it mini or deluxe item just something thats you know kind of on the.

Easy side to have as your free space um all right so on my card i have like all the. List of of everything in my spreadsheet but ive only highlighted the ones that i actually have on my card. Those are the only ones im going to work on if its not on my card it can wait so. First one i have is b8 that is favorite beverage um i have three beverages that i drink um in. Like like daily absolutely daily there are three things that i drink on a very rare occasion i will have.

Something other than these three beverages the first one is water because water is life-giving second one is tea and. The third one is coffee and yes i know um its not the same that i drink decaf everything is. Decaf or herbal whatever but um i still have to have my coffee so i chose that because i like. I would look through all my products and since those are like all three my favorite i just picked one. That worked best for me so um closest i could get is this essential oil my mother-in-law got it at.

Lidl which is kind of cool it is actually cappuccino i dont know if you can see that right there. Um i do like a good cappuccino its the closest i could get to coffee and of what i had. In my collection so ive never used this one im really looking forward to it because um it kind of. Smells good it really does it reminds me of like christmas morning when you have all those good baked smells. Yeah it smells really yummy all right n38 that is a mini product and she specifically says not a sample.

Just a mini product and i chose this one it is the ren clear or ren clean skincare wow im. Im having words issues this is the ready steady glow daily aha tonic and um ive only used this uh. Once or twice this is the 3.3 size they do make a much larger size but this is definitely their. Smaller size so that is my mini not a sample all right for g53 is least favorite color this could. Be interpreted in a lot of ways because um theres i have like least favorite color uh lip color i.

Have least favorite color eye color um least favorite colors to wear least favorite colors to put on my nails. And theyre all different but um just because i have to be very difficult i went with eyeshadow and you. Might be surprised that i did not pick blue because im already painting a blue eyeshadow which i dont really. Want to but im doing it anyway but there are three eyeshadow colors that i really do not like to. Wear blue which we all know gray and silver those are my three gray and silver kind of like overlap.

Each other because silver is like metallic gray in my world so um i chose a silver eyeshadow because it. Is one of my top three least favorite eyeshadow colors to wear and um i took this shade right here. On my coastal scents 88 palette so its going to be a11 and i actually pressed it into this little. Pan right there and my goal is to finish it anything that i am putting in here is is to. Finish it you can set your own goals whether its a certain number of uses um if you want to.

Hit bingo quickly or to hit pan on something however you want to do it everything in here for me. My goal is to finish all right so now that we got the ugly silver eyeshadow on the way and. I apologize to anyone that is offended by my dislike of silver eyeshadow its just not my thing if its. If its your thing you do you babe you do you its just i think its because i have green. And gray eyes that silver just looks i know it doesnt look that great on me i dont know why.

I dont know why all right um and the last number that was drawn was oh 68 and that is. A skincare product or just says skincare um it looks like a mini or a sample but this is um. Technically not a mini because you use like one maybe two drops this is the exuviance citrofirm face oil this. Thing this tiny little guy is gonna take me a very long time to use up seriously its gonna take. Me months and months and months to use this so thats why this guy is in here um and the.

Free space which is a mini or a deluxe i went with another skincare product because you know i have. Makeup is such a conflict right now with all my other projects so this is my mini slash deluxe for. My free space this is the dermalogica daily micro foliant um never even used it it is one of those. Powder exfoliants ive never used one of those before so it could get interesting im not sure im not sure. If im going to like it or not but im going to use it im definitely going to use it.

All right below im going to have linked like i said cane up because she created it you definitely have. To go check her out show her some love there is going to be a spreadsheet for everyone else that. Has joined in um anything that i can think to link down there that you might possibly need i will. Put that down there if i remember i hope i remember my brain is a little bit fried right now. Theyve started doing our renault downstairs today as a matter of fact and um yeah im a little scatterbrained today.

So bear with me here i think that is everything for this update again it starts today everyone is welcome. To join in and i think that is everything please dont forget to like comment and subscribe and until i. See you in my next video have a beautiful day.

Method 4 – How To Make Bingo Story Templates Using Canva | 2020

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Method 5 – How To Create A Cool Custom Bingo Card ❤️

Hey hey lynn huber here and today i am going to teach you how to make a super cute bingo. Game card for your for your virtual parties or for your vip group or wherever you want to do it. I mean theres lots of sites where you can make bingo cards um but i like canva this is And um this is my favorite you can use this for free theres also a paid version um i just.

Recently upgraded to the paid version because its just theres so much they have so much to offer but what. Im going to show you you can do totally for free so what im going to do is im going. To choose one of their templates that they um already have and so what im going to do is im. Going to search for the reward um chart poster i already made a card like this and so um so. Im just going to show you now how i did it so these are like posters that they have this.

One right here this bedtime reward chart this one is going to work perfectly for what we need so i. Just click on it boom and i have it there right and um so this one has the exact amount. Of squares that i need for the bingo and um so first thing im going to do is im going. To select all these stars you can just drag your mouse over and select a whole bunch at once you. Can select them one at a time but if you just drag your mouse over you can select them all.

At once and then im just going to hit the delete key to delete it and um i think im. Probably going to need to move this maybe well well see well see right now its okay so um so. Thats what i we got rid of the stars i mean if you wanted them you could keep them obviously. Um but what were going to do is were going to make this background white so you click on the. Color up here you choose choose the background click on the color and then you can choose colors whenever you.

Want i mean um because i have a pro account i have im able to save um my my favorite. Colors and i just happen to have one but theres default colors you can also click on new color and. You can literally make whatever you want but im going to click on white because we want the background to. Be white because this is going to be printable right you want people to be able to print this so. They can write in their bingo um things on it and people would prefer not have too much ink right.

I mean its theyre so much easier to print and so we are gonna um theres theres a side part. Right here that we dont need so were gonna take that off and delete it i just hit delete and. Then im gonna um im gonna move this up here and im actually gonna ungroup this because theres two parts. To this and i dont need the bottom one and the top one here we can change the color of. That im going to make that my my avon pink like i said you can choose any color you want.

And um so im going to move this up a little bit and im trying to see what color i. Used it for lets see okay so sorry so okay so what im going to change this to say is. Lets play did i get a capital l in there okay and im going to change this font now you. To change the font you just click on the um thing up here where it says font and theres about. A zillion different fonts you can use now all the ones that have this little crown next to them are.

Pro users so youre going to need to pick one thats not a pro but im going to use this. Rebel because i really just love this one and im going to make it big so this is your up. Here is your font size so im going to click im going to make that like really big so lets. Play and as you move this around see it can show you like like when youre in the center you. See how it showed you that where it was centered okay and um then were going to take this down.

Here and we just copy the whole thing because if you just take one youre only going to have one. Piece so drag your mouse over the whole thing and drag it and move it up kind of where you. Want it to go right and then were going to change these like where it says monday tuesday wednesday we. Want it to be like bingo so im going to put a b there and and i can actually make. It bold so its going to stand out better and then im going to put i and then im going.

To make that bold and then n and make that bold g make that bold and oh and make that. Mold so there you go you can select this um this background and you can change the color on that. By clicking on color and we can go back to that same avon now i can go in and i. Can change my letters color if i click on the text color its like a picture of an a with. A color i can change that to white so im going to go through and change each of those im.

Just making a template here so what will happen is um once we get this set up you can like. Use it over and over again okay so we have the bingo um let me see what else was i. Gonna do im gonna put some text under this lets play so im gonna click over here under text and. Im gonna click on add a subheading im to drag it up here and im going to put avon bingo. Right and um you can make this again whatever font you want let me see im going to use animal.

Because thats like really its easy to read or you know i lets see yeah animal animal is easy to. Read and um well make it you know thats actually pretty good size so we can drag it so its. More centered so there you go click off of it lets play avon bingo okay great now i can change. I can highlight all these boxes and i can change the color all at once i highlighted them all im. Going to click on that yellow im going to change that to the pink click off of it so now.

You can see thats all pink and then under here im going to type in some um lets see i. Had lets lets see a subheading im trying to think of what did i have there okay so im going. To type in here im going to type pick words from the list below to right in each box okay. So then were gonna um we just click on that we can we can itll itll select that box and. We can change this to something smaller so we want it to fit on one line so however we need.

To make it fit maybe make it bold um i can even lets see 24 didnt oh yeah okay so. I can actually spread this out a little bit there you go and im going to change that font to. Be white and im going to change that yellow one behind it to be that pink there you go so. See that so there you go so this is like the basics of our bingo im going to move this. Up and move this up we kind of want to squeeze this all together im going to select all of.

This and move it up a little bit because down here at the bottom is where were going to put. Our words and were going to um put the words below so that that you can um you can put. Like all your products or you can put whatever it is youre going to talk about or whatever you want. To use those words for right um i am going to make this just a little bit bigger there you. Go okay and um and so down here well put the words so im gonna click on text again and.

Add a subheading drag it down here and you know this is gonna be well make this animal again because. Its easy to read and well make it smaller i dont know 18 thats a little small 24. Youll have. To figure out what works and actually if i click down here you see where it says 38 i can. Click and make this bigger so that i can see it better see how it made it bigger so i.

Could see it better and if i go over there and thats probably because we dont want it to be. Much bigger than that really so im going to put word and then enter and then word and then enter. In word enter word enter word so im doing it five times so that and then im going to line. It up see as i move this i can make this like the width of that and we want to. Make this left aligned so this up here where it says alignment i just choose left and then if i.

Click off of it and if i just click this i can move it and if you watch you can. See you can see how it lines up so we want to line this up there and have that line. Up there so then were going to click on this and were going to click up here what says duplicate. And were going to duplicate it and then duplicate it and duplicate it duplicate it did that give us 5. So we are going to just go like this yeah there you go so what im going to do i.

Have that first one so im going to try and line this up with the first one and with im. Lining it up with this box right here and im lining the top up with that so see as you. Can see so im going to line that up and then im going to line this one whoops almost with. It well even if i do it in the center of that box it will work because its the same. Width so there you go you can also select all of these and you can go click on position get.

Me out of the way and i can um i can click these right here and i can click on. Position and i can actually do left center or right but i want to align that top or bottom its. Probably already aligned so you just kind of figure that out get it aligned so its just right looks like. Its all there so you have your .

Conclusion – Astrology Bingo Templates For Instagram

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