Best Discord Server Templates – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods best discord server templates,

Method 1 – Top 20 Best Discord Server Templates You Must Try In 2021

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Method 2 – Best Custom Discord Server Templates Sites You Should Try!

In this video i will be giving you four websites where you can find the best discord templates for your. Discord server and will also show you how to replace it with your existing server but before that make sure. To like the video because it appreciate me to make more videos and also subscribe my channel for more awesome. Videos all right lets start first website is discord templates dot me once you are here you will see this.

Type of interface in the search bar you can search your templates for example for gaming giveaways etc or you. Can also get templates from the tags below the search bar and if you want some good templates just scroll. Down and you will find top templates which are popular on the website and most used except these you will. Also see some gaming and community templates to see the template preview like how many channels and roles are there. Just click on the view template close the ad and you will get all the details like channels and roles.

If you like the template and want to use it just click on use template and it will redirect you. To another tab here just upload your server profile picture enter your server name and click on create a server. To create your server once your server is created it will redirect you to discord and boom this is how. You can create a server in seconds and yes if you are worrying about permissions then dont worry permissions are. Also done you will just need to add bots and start growing your server second website is in the.

Search section you can search which type of template you want and you will also find latest and most popular. Templates if you scroll down to see the template details just click on the template and you will get channels. And roles details on the right side if you like the template and want to use it just click on. Use this template just like the previous one upload your profile picture enter name and click on create a server. Now let me show you how you can replace it with your existing server select template from the websites and.

Create a server from that template once you created open another tab and search xenon click on the first link. Now click on invite to invite the bot to your server here select your server which you created from the. Template once you invited come to that server give admins permissions to the bot and type the command as shown. In the video after that command it will create a backup code of your server copy this code backup code. Go to your main server where you want to replace make sure xenonbot is already there with admin permissions after.

That just paste the command which you copied click on load backup click on confirm and it will start replacing. All the channels permissions and roles without losing any members and bots you can see all the channels roles and. Permissions are replaced without losing any numbers and bots this is how you can replace it with your existing server. Now let me show you two other websites third website is templates dot xenon dot bot here you can search. Your template or you can select your category which you want and if you scroll down you will find more.

Templates about support community or school if you want to see the template just click on the template and you. Will see the details here you can see all the channels and roles and if you want to use it. Just click on create new server and do the same process like before the last template is discord extreme list. Dot xyz here you will also find bots servers templates and much more and you can also submit your template. Here and under the submit template you will find all the templates which you want use if you want to.

See the template just click on view and you will get all the details if you want to use it. Just click on use template and do the same process so this is the end of the video thank you. For watching see you later you.

Method 3 – How To Fully Setup The Ultimate Discord Server!

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Method 4 – Top 5 Best Discord Server Templates You Must Try!

At the end of the video you will get these awesome discord server templates for your discord community so do. Not skip the video and watch till the end hello guys pranix here and if you love watching our videos. Then give this video a like and if you are new here then make sure to subscribe our channel you. See in the thumbnail today i am going to provide the top 5 discord server templates in this video and.

Guys do not forget to join my discord server because recently two discord nitro giveaway is going on in my. Server to participate in giveaway simply react the embedded message and your entry is approved and if you want more. Cool server templates just join our server we have provided much more epic server templates for every types of server. Like community based server role play anime games and giveaway servers templates so the first template is community based server. You can get well decorated channels here ticket verification system giveaways and more facilities are provided in this server and.

This server have many roles like separate role for ping and more so the link for this server is given. In the description below the next server is for role play server i like the server because this server have. Cool decoration economy system cohort bank separate halls for every rolls and every roll are decorated or designed to and. Perfect way this is perfect for rp now we have the server for anime literally this is so good server. For the anime lover server it has less number of channel enroll channels are easy to find highly decorated cute.

Roles and decorations are awesome now we are in number fourth gaming community server is the most popular category of. Server so this server is for the game lover or gamers you can found separate channel for most of the. Games like minecraft fortnite among us and more you will see media section screenshot section room id channel and more. Which are very important for the gaming community at last number fifth we have giveaway base server this server is. Highly decorated and includes every channel which should be in the giveaway server like a noun acement scammer list result.

Channel media cmd staff news community news and more hope the video helped you if so then like the video. For more discord contents and subscribe to support my channel good luck have a nice day bye.

Method 5 – Free Custom Discord Server Templates!

Okay really quickly i just wanted to say happy holidays thank you for 580 subscribers it really means a lot. And this video is one that ive been looking forward to for a while and its got a special announcement. In it so again happy holidays and thank you for watching and supporting my channel hello everyone and welcome to. A new video and in this video im going to be showing you the three server templates that i have.

That you guys can use now the only way to be able to access these server templates is to join. My discord server which is in the description below uh there will be a whole tab for you to click. And you can access all the server templates that im about to show you i will be updating these server. Templates frequently and adding new servers and adding new templates all that fun stuff but for now i only have. Three that i will be showing you guys today the three of them are in this folder and as you.

Can see there are obviously three we have the aesthetic discord server template we have the chatting discord server template. Which is basically like an aesthetic discord server part 2 and a gaming discord server template so were going to. Start from the top and go down there will be a timestamp in the description below to show you um. When each template shows up on the screen so number one we have the aesthetic discord server we have different. Channels for everything which i will be going through and a bunch of different roles so obviously we have the.

Information panel which comes with a welcome tab an announcement tab a rules tab a custom roles tab and an. Events tab of course the members role and every other role that isnt an admin cannot talk in these channels. Same thing with the extras apart from polls i think i actually cant remember oops and introductions we have a. Birthdays tab a polls tab wholesome chats introductions and attendance form now this one i dont really know what you. Would use its just there for you and down here we have the text channels where everybody can talk and.

Except for admin we have chat sidechat memories music vibe not nsfw homework help bot spam and then we have. Images so here it would be where people would talk and stuff and here would be where all images links. And stuff just to make sure that everythings organized we have media clips and highlights memes pets and artwork of. Course we have all the voice channels we have voice chat voice chat too party of two gaming minecraft music. Study and recording now these have limited user limits so only 16 people can join this voice chat only six.

People you know you know you know but if you want to change that you can go to edit channel. And adjust the user limit so you can set it all the way to 99 or you can set it. To no limits but i have set it to 16 but you can always change that and then we have. The admin uh channel this is just where admins can talk and only admins can talk in the roles tab. We have different color roles and we have just you know normal roles we have discord server owner discord server.

Co-owner admin moderator staff member tourist old bat and youngling and of course these color rolls um they were im. Sure most of you who are interested in making discord servers would know what a color roll is but i. Will demonstrate how it works so if we have the discord server owner roll which we do have it is. Light blue but if i were to add a color roll like banana it would turn my color into yellow. And that is the whole of the aesthetic discord server um and you know if you want to use it.

Please make sure you read the description of the server template which is you know its right there uh i. Really hope that nobody tries to steal these templates and claim them as their own because i did take a. While making these you can see in my most recent discord video where i make the whole thing so please. Dont steal it im begging you but you can use it for free as long as youre not taking credit. If you change some things then you can obviously give yourself a little bit of credit but i mean i.

I made a lot of it our second discord server is our chatting discord server it is basically an aesthetic. Discord server part two uh its a little bit different with less channels and less categories but it is still. Pretty much the same we obviously have our importance category we have welcome rules uh this one has frequently asked. Questions announcements and events we have uh these like the star thing uh just to separate everything it looks a. Lot cleaner than just than just having it like this i feel uh so there you go we have obviously.

Our extras uh category with polls introductions birthdays and this one has suggestions also this ones pretty much like if. This is going to be a big server and this is for like a smaller server if you know what. Im saying and then we have lobby wave general general 2 media art music selfies memes and bot spam and. Of course we obviously have the voice channels lobby 1 lobby 2 gaming study and music and finally our admin. Our admin chats the roles that we have we dont have any color rolls in this one but you could.

Obviously add those we have server owner server co-owner admin moderator staff and its pretty much the same thing except. We just have member visitor albat and youngling now if youre confused about what these two are its basically old. Bat would be members that are 18 plus and then young lane would be 13 plus because if you were. Not aware you shouldnt be on discord if youre under 13. You.

Conclusion – Best Discord Server Templates

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