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Method 1 – The Biggest Discord Servers In 2021!

Some of the biggest discord servers in the world have doubled in size over the last six months in todays. Video im going to be showing you the biggest discord servers in existence whilst also telling you how they did. It and my predictions about which servers are going to hit 1 million members first but before we get into. That make sure to go and hit that subscribe button or at least check youre still subscribed were nearly at.

100 000 subscribers and as soon as we get there ive got a crazy event planned so go and share. This video with your friends subscribe and like todays video besides that i quickly want to tell you about something. Else which would take 10 seconds so quickly i just want to tell you about one of my friends servers. Called joshs world hes recently just started this server so you should go and join with the link on screen. They do nitro giveaways all the time as you can see there so go and check them out with the.

Link on screen it will also be in the description and watch it at it join my discord server with. The link on screen too anyways guys lets get straight into the video right guys so discord has released this. Feature called exploring public servers now this has been around for quite a while it has been around for i. Think over a year at this point but on this they have featured communities and generally the featured communities are. The biggest discord service in the world now since we lasted this video which was back in june or may.

Some servers have been taken over and i mean absolutely taken over like there are brand new big discord servers. That werent around previously for example the biggest discord server in the world at the moment is this one called. Genshin i dont know how you pronounced that but i think its called the genshin impact official so hopefully ive. Said that right if not please dont hate me but theyve got 729 000 members and i know they keep. Pruning the discord server all the time like its constantly being pruned to allow new people in so what were.

Going to do is were going to check out this discord server so im over here on the preview mode. To see what its like now im trying to join but because its so big it literally just wont let. Me in so as you can see im trying to join but it wont so lets just quickly look over. What they have so theyve got a rules channel which is pretty obvious obviously stay on topic be respectful dont. Do like mini modding that sort of thing the standard stuff and they have it in different languages which makes.

Sense theyre the biggest discord server in the world now what is kind of weird is they only have 11. Mods for a server which has got like 700 000 people they must be absolutely just worked off their feet. So im trying to get into the server but it wont let me and i actually dont know how to. Do it so its a bit confusing and ill give you that there is probably stuff which you can improve. On maybe to make it slightly more simple like ive been looking over the channels but i dont really understand.

Whats going on here so fair enough congratulations on being the biggest discord server however i literally dont know how. To get in so thank you but lets go to the next one because i have no clue right so. The next biggest one is obviously fortnite now who would have guessed fortnite is uh obviously one of the biggest. Games in the world and it has been around for a while but it is still very very popular so. As you can see i can actually join the server and actually see a lot of the channels without having.

To go into it so you can do this for yourself if you just go down to explore public servers. But if i go into welcome theyve got quite a nice little channel in here its been updated since ive. Last been on the server so thats nice its very very clear and ill give you that if i go. Into the rules yeah fair enough youre also uh youre also pretty decent like you know account security no advertising. No giveaways all of that stuff so at least at least have been fairly decent with it theyve got lfg.

So looking for groups uh to play with and that sort of thing and it seems like a friendly community. Were just going to go yo in the official fortnight server as you can see theyre verified and partnered but. Lets see if they go yo is anyone going to reply to me uh five four three two one i. Have no friends they dont want to reply thank you thanks for tonight um goodbye so the next biggest server. Is mr beast gaming now mr beast is one of the biggest content creators on youtube as you can see.

In the background subscriber count fairly big and hes ongoing to potentially overtake pewdiepie in the next year or two. Which will be mental but as you can expect his discord server is fairly full so i literally cant get. Into it instead im going to try and put up some pictures in the background screenshot wise which shows mr. Beasts discord server off a little bit now i wish we could have got into it but its just way. Too full like its got 700 000 people in it thats obviously the cap because its not over there is.

Literally bang on 700 and you know its got 200 000 people online which is mental and obviously its verified. Um its not verified on partners mr beast is not partners im in another server with him and hes definitely. Definitely not partners because i have seen his account apart from that mr beast well done on having a massive. Discord server as actually mentor hes definitely the biggest content creator on this platform with a discord server its that. From pewdiepie but his server has only got about 100 000 in there right so the next biggest server is.

Obviously minecraft and its the official minecraft discord server that verified as you can see and if you go down. Here for the communities for the games you play you know you can see that is official now again this. Is another thing where you literally just cant get into the server so its a bit awkward but i have. Got pictures of being in the minecraft server before so im going to put these in the background once more. So yeah its its huge and i dont think its going to be like the biggest discord server ever because.

Obviously these other servers are bigger but its surprising how their cap is at 650 000 whereas other caps like. This one are just obviously way above now that brings me on to my next question so obviously these are. Some of the biggest discord servers in the world what is going to be the first discord server to reach. A million members now what i actually think is it is not going to be this server it is not. Going to be this server i actually think is going to be mr beast gaming i generally generally think and.

This is my personal opinion but from the way that server has grown these servers have been around longer than. This one right mr beast gaming has grown massively over 2020 and 2021. Its definitely one of the servers where. Obviously he can promote it off his youtube channel at any time and i generally think mr beast is going. To be the first person on this platform to have a million members now we dont know when thats going.

To happen purely because the fact that discord doesnt seem to be able to cope with that right now i. Mean a couple of years ago the cap was 250 000 now the cap for most servers is about 500. 000 if you get big and it can go up to about 750 000 i believe but currently you know. Mr beast is capped at 700 000 so if that cat was raised if that cat was raised to about. A million i generally think if all of these caps are raised to about a million i generally think mr.

Beast would be the first discord server to reach one million members so we have to wait and see and. I generally think this could happen this year discord has you know pushed out their servers a lot more recently. So maybe maybe just maybe we would get to one million members on a discord server for the first time. And then my final final thing i want to talk about is how did they do it well obviously this. One here this one here this one here are games and then this ones a content creator the only way.

To really get big on discord is if youre very very very well known in another capacity or you grow. Servers through other means theres other servers like jets dream world that has almost 400 000 members in it so. Emotes do well as well but if you really really want to go and grow on discord ive got a. Couple of videos about it if youre a smaller sort of server but you need to grow your audience away. From discord as well if you do that you can get people onto discord onto your server very quickly and.

Yeah youll just blow up but anyways that is really it for todays video its just a little update video. To tell you about the biggest discord servers today now they definitely can do some improvements and if you would. Like to see a video about me critiquing the biggest discord servers in the world then go and hit that. Subscribe button tell me in the comment section below and i will be doing it anyways guys have an awesome. Awesome day and peace out spin my brain like a hurricane destroying everything.

Method 2 – Top 5 Most Illegal Discord Servers You Won’t Believe Exist..

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – The Best Discord Setup Tutorial 2022 – How To Setup Discord Server With Bots And Roles

So i didnt really plan to do another one of these videos but discord has really changed a lot since. My last video about a year and a half ago and the video is definitely a lot harder to follow. Than it used to be so this is going to be my updated how to make a discord server video. For pretty much the year 2022 since theres only a couple months left in this year but before we get.

Into the video let me take a moment to tell you about how you can make money off of your. Discord server through the amazing sponsor of todays video in nordvpn nordvpn is one of the leading vpn service providers. With over 15 million users worldwide and recently they launched a discord partner program through this program you can start. Earning money through commissions inside your discord server and it takes no time to set up at all simply sign. Up for nordvpns partnership program by going to discord grab some links and promotion material for your server and.

Then you can get all your commissions for every single purchase paid out through paypal wire transfers bitcoin and even. More the commission rates are extremely generous and theyre paid out once a month so if youre interested in making. Money in your discord server for completely free head to the top link in the description and sign up for. Nordvpns discord partnership program today now lets get on to the video so to make this uh even easier to. Follow than i ever have before im actually on a brand new discord account this time so its completely brand.

New i have no servers so this is literally if you just downloaded discord and you want to make a. Server right away this is going to be perfect for you the first thing youre going to do is come. Over to the top left youre going to click add a server um youre not going to join any of. These youre going to click at the top create my own now this is where you want to decide are. You making a server just for you and like maybe a small group of your friends or are you someone.

Like me a content creator and you want to make a server for your community or a larger group of. People maybe like for a school club or something thats where youre going to pick here for me im going. To pick the first one and were going to change the name to lets just do a test server and. Were going to create if you want to upload an image you are able to right there to start but. You can go back and do that at any time if you want and now youve got your brand new.

Server by default youre going to get a general text channel and a general voice channel to make this a. Little easier for beginners to follow the first thing were going to do is set up all the channels and. Then after that were going to go and do the permissions and then well do the roles later on in. The video well get onto the bots so were going to base the server off of what my server is. Based off of is a community server for all the uh people that watch me on youtube so you you.

May not set up the same exact channels as i set up but im just going to show you how. To do it give you a bunch of examples as we go so to make a new text channel what. Youre going to do is come up here to the plus button where it says create channel and youre going. To simply type in then youre going to select if you want to be a text channel or a voice. Channel then youre just going to type in the name of the channel you want so for this one well.

Start off with a rules channel um youre just going to create it and then boom right there youve got. A new rolex channel and then to show you guys what its like to make a voice channel you just. Come in and lets make one for music create channel and thats going to give you a new music voice. Channel now later were going to set up some different categories and youll be able to drag these uh channels. Anywhere you want but first like i said were just gonna set up all the actual channels first so this.

Pretty self-explanatory mega channel boom text your voice type in what you want for this one well do welcome and. Enter and boom your channels made im gonna go through and go ahead and set up a bunch of channels. Its super self-explanatory so im not gonna sit here and waste your guys time showing you every single one i. Make so were gonna fast forward to after i get all of them made okay so now youve got all. Of your channels made as you can see i just have a whole list of them here its very unorganized.

So now im going to show you guys something called categories and then were going to jump into how to. Quickly edit the permissions of all these channels so categories are basically what you see up here text channels and. Voice channels it groups everything up for you so you can neatly organize all of your channels on your server. So were going to make a couple different categories real quick and to make a category its super simple simply. Right click in any of the empty space over here and click create category and then you can name it.

Whatever you want im going to make one called welcome and create category so now you can see i have. A brand new category down here and what im going to do for the welcome category is basically put all. The like introductory stuff to the server down here so the welcome channel will be there oh if i could. Drag it down there right welcome channel will be there the rules channel will be in the welcome category i. Cant seem to drag these down here for some reason there we go uh were also going to put the.

Updates channel down there and i believe that is all we will put there for now for some reason i. Actually made two update channels but ill use it to show you guys how to delete a channel if you. Ever want to delete a channel you can come into the settings and click delete order do it a little. Bit quicker right click delete channel dewey channel that easy so next up im going to make a category for. These channels for my mods and my admins these are going to be the private channels that i dont want.

Everyone in the community to see like regular members i only want the people that are my mods and admins. To be able to see um so were going to right click create category were going to name it my. Admin click enter and were going to drag the admins text channel in there and the mods text channel in. There as well so again i dont want to bore you guys with this its super easy to do im. Going to go ahead and finish setting up my categories and then well pick it up in just a second.

Okay so ive got all the categories set up already so as you can see right off the bat it. Already looks super organized and way neater than it was with everything just stacked up all together now if you. Want to organize a little bit more you can actually drag everything in the category by just grabbing the category. Name and you can pull it all the way down and you can drag the entire category down and itll. Pull everything down for you so im gonna keep the voice channels at the bottom im gonna move this up.

Underneath the welcome im actually gonna put the welcome on top and put the gesture category which is like my. Stuff right my content everythings gonna go uh in these two channels here so i got the welcome my content. Category my regular general text channels the private channels voice channels and the private voice channels so next up before. We jump into permissions on these categories what were going to do is make a couple roles so we can. Actually give those roles permissions so to make a new role youre going to come up here to the top.

Left click the drop down arrow click server settings and the second option is going to be roles down here. Is going to display all the roles you make since we have none were going to click create role and. On the left side as well you can also see all of your roles so were not going to mess. With any of the permissions because im going to show you guys an easy way to do that through the. Categories so you dont have to come in and change every single permission on every individual role thatll take you.

Forever so were just going to make a couple of test rolls here again you guys can set up as. Many as you want im just going to do a few so i can keep this nice short and sweet. Were going to make a member roll and then right here you can actually select the color you want for. The roll you can quick select a color or you can click custom color and you can actually change it. To whatever color you want well do a light blue for this one and were going to come down here.

And display roll members separately from online members ill show you guys what thats going to do in just a. Little bit once we actually get the bots in here but for now just make sure you check that on. All of your rolls when you make them were going to click save changes and were actually going to make. A couple more rolls so were going to click back were going to click create roll and were going to. Make a moderator roll were going to make the moderators purple and were going to display them separately from online.

Members and were going to save were going to create oh yeah im sorry you dont have to click back. You actually create roll right here so create roll uh were going to make admin were going to make that. Uh pinkish red display separately save changes im gonna create a owner roll thats gonna be for me uh were. Going to make it a seafoam green and display separately save changes and lastly were going to make a role. Called bot that is going to be for all the bots in the server and we are going to make.

That yellow display separately and save changes so basically what these roles are going to do if i come back. To the main screen of my server and over here on the member list i can right click my name. Click roles and i can actually select owner give myself the owner roll now you can see instead of it. Saying online it now says it now gives me the role title and it actually changed the color of my. Name to green so if i type a message in here its actually going to be green and you can.

Click on me and you can see all my rollers right there on the screen if you come back into. Your role settings you can actually drag these however you want so youre going to want to keep the members. At the bottom obviously youre going to want to be at the top youre going to want your moderators to. Be right there and your admins to be right under you you want to click save changes now weve got. All that set up and now were going to set up the permissions the permissions are going to let you.

Decide what members are going to be able to do what and see what in your server so obviously we. Dont want everyone to be able to see these mod and admin text channels right so were going to do. Is instead of updating the permissions for each individual channel you can actually right click on the category itself and. You can go to edit category permissions and you can actually edit the permissions for that entire category and anytime. You put a new text channel or voice channel in that category itll automatically update the permissions of that voice.

Or text channel to the permissions for that category so a super easy way to keep everything organized and neat. Without having to go through individually and set up permissions for every single one because that would take you forever. So we are currently editing the permissions for everyone in the server hence the name at everyone and basically since. We dont want anyone to see these servers you can do this really easy view channels just click the x. On it and boom it just made it will tell you it makes it a private channel so basically we.

Dont have to sit here and go if you have ocd and you want to x every single thing you. Can but by clicking the x on view channels you can click save and no ones going to be able. To see those channels anything in that category but you dont want to stop there as you can see up. Here the only people that can see this channel is me and no roles can see it the only person. That can see it is me but we want our mods and admins to be able to see these channels.

So were going to click the plus button and were going to add our moderator in there and were going. To make it where our moderator can see the channel and that will allow them to do anything they want. In the channel if you want to come through and make it where they can only do certain stuff like. Yes they can send messages send messages and threads maybe you dont want them to manage the channels you dont. Want them to edit the channel names or anything you can disable that feel free to go through read all.

Of these permissions and set your setup how you want your server to be set up right you might want. Your mods to have less power than i want my mods to have you know so im not going to. Waste time and go through and change every single permission for you guys ill let you do that on your. Own its pretty self-explanatory but that is how you change it and you can see now up here who can. Access this category anyone with the moderator role can now access that category we want to add one more roll.

To this were going to click the plus button again were going to click admin and were going to make. It where our admins can view the channels so were going to click save changes our admins and our moderators. Can now view at these mod and admin channels as you can see they are private channels because at everyone. Cannot see them so youre gonna have a little bitty lock symbol on top on the top left corner of. The channels so ill walk through a couple more with you guys were gonna jump into the permissions for the.

Text channels uh text channels edit category permissions um so these are gonna be a little more in depth than. The others uh so we obviously want people to be able to view these channels yes at everyone we dont. Want them to manage the channels we dont want them to be able to change the channels names or descriptions. We dont want them to be able to change permissions and we dont want them to be able to manage. Web hooks i personally do want them to be able to create invites i want them to be able to.

Send messages messages and threads create public threads create private threads um they can embed links i will let them. Attach files ill let them attack add reactions ill let them use external emojis and let them use external stickers. But i do not want them to be able to mention at everyone at here or all roles that basically. Means that anyone that joins your server would be able to type at everyone and they can send a mass. Ping out to everyone in your server obviously you dont want them to do that so were going to were.

Going to disable that setting for them we dont want them to be able to manage messages not not manage. Threads we do want them to be able to read message history we dont want them to be able to. Send text-to-speech messages those can get extremely annoying and we dont want them to use application commands next up for. The voi any voice channels inside this category we do want them to be able to connect voice channels to. This category well allow them to speak in these channels well allow them to share their face cam screen share.

Or stream a game in these channels were not gonna let them start activities were gonna limit that to the. Moderators um well let them use voice activity priority speaker im not really even sure what that is keep that. You can just keep that like that uh mute members we dont want them to have the power to mute. Other people nor deafen nor should they have the power to move other members so now weve got all the. Permissions set up for the at everyone in this category so were gonna save changes now another way to make.

This a little easier on yourself if you dont want to come through on every single uh category and set. Up your the permissions for your moderators what you can actually do is come back to your server settings and. Go to roles click on your moderators and you can actually set up permissions inside your moderator this will bypass. All the category permissions because the role itself has these different permissions like if you want your moderators to be. Able to manage roles you can check that if you want them to be able to um all this stuff.

Up here is basically managing stuff inside your server so go through and set those up how you want but. If you want them to be able to do things like um manage messages in every obviously theyre a moderator. So youre gonna want them to manage the message be able to delete messages or pin messages in every single. Text channel across the board so what you can do is youre in your role permissions you can actually come. In and set up all of that inside of your um role permissions that way you dont have to go.

Through and obviously we want them to be able to mute members deaf members and mute move members who are. Being toxic so that you can save changes and that way you dont have to go through and set those. Up on each category because the role itself has it hopefully that makes sense i hope i explained that kind. Of well and then your admins a really easy thing for your admins its a one-click fix um your admins. Obviously youre going to want them to be able to do every single thing that you can do these are.

Your most trusted individuals the only thing they cannot do is delete the server only you can do that so. If you go to the permissions for your admin role and you come all the way to the bottom you. Can check that box and that will give them every single permission in the server you can even see this. Is a dangerous permission to grant so you want to make sure you only give people the administrator role that. You trust to be an administrator i trust all my admins so im going to save changes the admins can.

Now do e.

Conclusion – Best Discord Servers To Join

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