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Method 1 – Top 5 Tips To Make Your Steam Profile Awesome! Part 1!

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Method 2 – 100+ Sweaty

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Method 3 – Funny Usernames Ideas

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Method 4 – Top 5 Steam Profiles Of The Week | #38

Welcome to week 38 of top 15 profiles of the week the series is in association with the our web. Profiles subreddit and steam group lisa them are down in the description below would it be changing up the format. A bit this week and im going to be just telling you about the things i like about the profile. And noting what they can do better rather than just describing the profile so anyway lets get into this weeks.

Episode the first profile for this week born standing job is with a nice red theme ninja profile i like. How they use the enhanced theme chrome extension to make their profile red instead of blue to fit with the. Theme even better so if we scroll down to the artwork showcase i like how they use the particles in. The background and make it loop well and go into the side pieces of the showcase and all is nice. And smooth and flows well i also like how the text welcome ninja arbus is kind of floating and wiggling.

Around its got a nice light sheen that i really like we can also see the hair of the character. Is animated to move slightly to add that little bit of immersion and theres a little bit of breathing happening. With the character as well that is very well done now for the screenshot showcase its really nice and really. Laid out but the font makes it really hard to see its such a low resolution also with the animations. For the titles you can barely see them for long enough theres more time animating than actually still and being.

Able to read them i like how they use some red around the borders as well to make it look. Like its sort of glowing which looks really cool and its got a lot of helpful information inside the screen. To showcase down below that info box we can see its nice and well laid out with some emoticons added. In as well and we can see that they list their graphic designers that worked on their profile which is. Really nice to see and you can see they even just lined the info box with some more emoticons im.

Not a big fan of this workshop showcase because it seems quite a bit out of place their favorite group. Their items are for trade their workshop showcase all fit with the ninja theme and their favorite guide has a. Nice red moon and their guide showcase badge collector showcase and achievement showcase all fit with the ninja theme yet. Again everything red and black looking really nice i really like how you stuck with the theme very tightly throughout. Your profile great work the second profile for this week belongs to jonas jonas has a green genji themed profile.

From river watch now to change it up a little bit at the top of the profile they actually have. A workshop showcase instead of an artwork showcase which you dont see very often but its a very good space. To put your name their background is very good for this theme that theyre going for its nice and smoky. And misty and it just makes it so its really easy to use in multiple situations so we can see. In their workshop showcase we can see the name is animated with a saber plug in which is a free.

Plug-in from video copilot and we can see that genji in the background is slightly animated which is nice and. Subtle enough just to see in our artwork showcase we can see i still have gained you with more saber. Over the top we can see that theyve used it to make some smoke which is a cool effects but. I think it was a tad bit overdone it could have turned down a little bit and i think the. Animation is a little too short their achievement showcase contains their name jonas pellet was up three achievements but theyve.

Also got a custom achievement which has the genji ultimates logo which is a very nice touch the info box. Is nice and green and very well laid out has some rules some links and some more information inside of. It their badge collector game collector and items up for trade all have some green themed items and games in. Them and down at the very bottom pretty out of place their favorite game is team fortress 2 especially considering. That this is an overwatch themed profile i really liked how you kept with the green throughout the profile maybe.

You can use the enhance team chrome extension to add a green border around your profile great work nonetheless next. Up to this week we have lady sinister first thing i have to say is that i absolutely love this. Background its nice and subtle and doesnt distract too much from the piece in the artwork showcase gain to the. Artwork showcase we can see lots of nice subtle details such as the wand or scepter producing and dragging in. Particles to the glowing ball we can also see the character in the middle is very subtly animated to be.

Breathing in and out and we can see that theyve used the unofficial sidebar to split it up into three. Equal pieces one side says beauty the other side says within with some nice subtle saber plug-in effects at the. Top and bottom of each of the texts down there workshop showcase we can see the sort of same theme. Again that was in the side panels but just with welcome the sabre plugins and the particles loop nice and. Well which is always good to see their achievements showcase spells out their name aishah and then a love heart.

In red using sub-zero achievements and then their screenshot showcase we can see the same theme again with love is. Divine being spelt out in the side panels and then having the middle dedicated to some information all the particles. And lighting effects the loop well which is really good to see they can usually make him break some profiles. From being on to this series now that badge collectors showcase is nothing special but the info box is nice. And laid out again with subtle hints of red with emoticons the items showcase is absolutely filled to the brim.

With red items and emoticons and the items up for trait info box is used to make a big love. Heart emoticon mosaic we can obviously see that a lot of time and effort was put into this profile and. I think it really worked out in the end the second to last profile for this week belongs to jay. Hayes jay hayes has a retro cyberpunk themed profile even their avatar fits with the theme well our artwork showcase. Is animated nice and well with lots of subtle details such as lights blinking a hologram some glitches and the.

Little ship in the top left hand corner shining light on somebody on a building at the bottom of their. Artwork showcase we can also see a little cyberpunk character breathing in and out the workshop showcase contains some sort. Of action scene which fits with the theme yet again it looks really nice and its really smooth as a. Shame it doesnt loop well though this screenshot showcase is from the game sinless streets which has a lot of. Blinding bokeh and has some nice vibrant colors the info box says welcome to cyberspace and says well theyre a.

Fan of their hobbies and the requirements for adding them as a friend if ever go its cyberpunk universe with. A nice cute little pixel art animation the favorite group is remember me the game collector showcases some sci-fi games. Such as deus ex sinless streets and void and mela their achievements showcase has some nice sci-fi themed achievements that. Spells out by with some blue and pink colors i really like the theme of this profile is nice and. Colorful which is always good to see now last performer this week belongs to i see kat i believe i.

See kat is also a lector which has been on this series before we can see they use the enhanced. Steam chrome extension to get rid of the blue at the top of the profile and make it see-through which. Actually fits well with the profile the badge at the top of that profile blue and nygma also fits well. That i work showcase contains a reaching towards the viewer with lots of subtle details throughout the animation such as. Their eyes blinking and glowing her skirt flapping around and be diamond on top of her head glistening the iwork.

Showcase is outlined with this cool little frosty saber effect i believe with some nice looping particles flowing down from. The top of the screen to the bottom in the workshop showcase we can see theyre going with the ice. Theme yet again with some nice animated symbols which have snow and ice falling throughout them theyre screen shot showcase. Has a nother character which has their eyes glowing and blinking in a nother winter wonderland sort of theme their. Review showcase has frozen freefall snowball fight and contains a portrait with some nice and cool colors the items up.

For trade spells that cap with some nice and blue and contains an emoticon mosaic of a bunny rabbit beneath. It their achievement badge collector workshop and favorite guide showcase all contained some cool little ice themed items and animations. Now scrolling down towards the bottom of the profile sort of seems to stray away from the frozen ice theme. And starts becoming a bit more neon which im not a too big of a fan of i think you. Should have kept with light blue throughout the whole profile it is very good nonetheless great work thats it for.

This week i hope you enjoyed if you like to be considered for next weeks episode of top 5 super. Files of the week please leave a comment on this video with your steam profile link or leave a comment. On my steam profile saying that youd like to be considered link to my profile and all the profiles featured. This week will be in the description below for you to check out for yourself i will see you guys. All next week.

Method 5 – How To Come Up With A Good Username For Twitch

All right hi guys its kat again or cat leonte and i will be making a youtube series on how. To get started on streaming and then i will make another series on streaming advice because i grew from six. Viewers average after a year and a half of streaming to over a hundred viewers in about five to six. Months so i would like to go and share what i learned with you guys as well also i dont.

Know why nvidia broadcast keeps thinking that my cat ears dont actually belong on my headset it keeps blurring it. Out lets just ignore that for now now ive already made a lot of content like this on tik tok. However tik tok is short form content which means i am limited to at most 60 seconds in terms of. How much information i can give which makes it a little bit difficult in terms of trying to make tutorial. Videos since i need to talk extremely fast to try to get as many as much information as possible in.

The 60 seconds also its very difficult for people to find videos that i have previously made because the way. The tick tock feed works its um very difficult to figure out what the topic of the video is it. Doesnt show any text it really only shows the thumbnail of the video youtube i feel like is better for. Tutorial or informative videos like this because it is very easy to sort and just search based on the title. And it is long form content so therefore i can make a video as long as i want so if.

It takes me 30 minutes to explain something i can do it in 30 minutes with that being said this. First video is how to come up with a good username since i got that question a lot in making. A touch account youre going to run into the first problem which is what username do you come up with. Now literally just come up with anything that personally resonates with you but i have a couple of things that. I recommend first off do not put a game in your username so for instance my username is cat liente.

So i mainly play league of legends but i will not do something like cat liente lol or i dont. Know catlante overwatch or cat liente um dead by daylight because unless you intend on streaming only that one game. Making putting the game in your username basically pigeonholes you into streaming only that game because then suddenly like lets. Say i make my username catliante lol for lol for league of legends suddenly if i start streaming something like. I dont know dead by daylight val now it kind of counts among us princeton something kind of doesnt really.

Make any sense anymore because people associate me with league of legends so people who find my account will think. That im playing league and so when they see that im not they might be not interested in my account. Anymore um secondly i would recommend making your name easy to read because when you um raid somebody when you. Join somebodys stream when you follow them an alert box will pop up saying oh cat liente has followed my. Stream but if your name is super if your name is literally something something like this right like the streamer.

Wants to shout you out and get out your name and be like oh my gosh cat yancey thank you. So much for the follow how in the world am i going to read this youre making everyones lives difficult. Plus if your name is very convoluted like this your name is not memorable right and so if people happen. To stumble across your stream and they come across it on twitter you know you promoted your stream on twitter. They came across it whatever or they see you in their twitch chat theyre not gonna remember who you theyre.

Not gonna remember your username and they wont know what to look up because this is not easy to remember. Now if you have the username something like i dont know um milk tea lover for instance i dont know. I like my boba but if you have to use it a milk tea lover thats very easy to remember. Because the words are very familiar these are easy to pronounce english words or if youre streaming in a different. Country that has a different primary language make a name thats very easy to read in that language so basically.

Um the way i come up with my my usernames i went by two aliases but i basically kind of. Transitioned everything to catlyante i made a play on my name which is cat so cat liente is a play. On the word or my name cat plus caliente which means hot in spanish so that made cat liente or. Or um artisto cat was artist plus cat which made artisto cat which was also a play on aristocrat but. Then the problem i wouldnt recommend doing something like this because the problem was um no one really knew how.

To spell it everyone kept thinking there was an r in um sorry everyone kept thinking that there wasnt a. T here so they kept they kept spelling it like aristocat like this so that kind of that probably lost. Me about 20 of potential followers i could have gotten simply because no one knew how to spell it so. Again i recommend making your username easy to spell also if you want to make your username kind of cutesy. Something like that um what i found was real thats really helpful is any random combination of vowels at the.

End of your username so um or if you made something like uh i dont know like star or some. Play on like uh i already did this one something like this like these look really cute story oh something. Like that i dont know why im thinking about stars right now oh maybe its because your name is in. The background um let me see theyve something like that like these names are very cute but theyre also quite. Easy to read so as long as you take some some very um notable english word or just word in.

Your language actually i dont know if this works for other languages but in english if you take an english. Word thats kind of familiar theyre bario um berry or something like that like it makes it its a cuter. Play on the word it makes a cute username its also easy to remember now if youre making a long. A multi-word username so something like lychee milk tea like this or let me let me try it with some. Chinese words lychee nitra something like this right off the bat its a little bit difficult to read so for.

Easy easier readability lychee capitalize each individual section so that it will be easier to read so again the whole. Point about making usernames or coming up with a good username is one your username should be easy to pronounce. Two it should be memorable actually these two kind of go hand in hand easy to say usernames are generally. Very memorable and three again you dont want your username to go pigeonhole you into any category that because it. Basically inhibits your growth and if you would like to branch out of playing league of legends or something like.

That later then um itll be more difficult for you simply because of your username on that note as well. I also dont recommend using specific character names in game as your username or any variation of it so for. Instance like i dont know rammus something like i dont know ran this lover i really wouldnt recommend doing that. Because again if you would like to branch out from playing league of legends later further down your streaming career. Youre going to shoot yourself on the foot because its going to be very difficult to branch off everyones going.

To think youre an exclusive league of legends player based on that also your username should reflect your branding so. If your branding is something along the lines of i dont know um pink pastel colors with um i dont. Know rabbit themed like cute little chibi rabbits but your username as something like toxic arsonist it just doesnt make. Any sense so if you know that you want to brand your stream something towards like cute pastel colors make. Sure your username matches it and if you want like an edgy type of like toxic type stream then make.

Sure your username can also reflect that as well but all things considered just make sure that the username is. Something you like that is the most important thing after all if you yourself do not like what you come. Up with then obviously no one else will like it either because they can tell that you are not comfortable. With what you came up with and most of the time you wont find a username that youll be like. Oh my goodness this is the username youll kind of come up with something that seems pretty cool and youre.

Like oh i kind of like it i think its pretty good but i dont know i dont know dont. Hesitate i would hate for or a lot of people get stuck up on creating a username which should not. Be the hardest part of starting your stream creating your username should not hold you back from trying to stream. And worst comes the worst if you come up with a username and you think of a better one later. You can always change it according to twitchs policy however just dont change your username too much because it does.

Again mess up the branding i hope this tip helped and stick around for the other videos that will be. Rolling out this is only the first video of a lot that i plan on filming today so uh if. Im wearing the same outfit and these monkeys are in the same spot for every single video just know that. It is 11 14 p.m right now and im probably gonna stay up for another like three hours just filming. Videos back to back to back but theyre gonna theres gonna be a lot of videos rolling out on how.

To get started on streaming because i am here to help all of you guys so again dont forget to. Subscribe to my youtube channel and i would totally appreciate it if you guys come to check out my twitch. Which will also be linked below because every saturday i do streamer tip saturday where you can live q a. For questions you have about streaming plus i will review peoples streams so i do on a first come first. Serve basis every saturday where if you show up you can say that you would like your stream to be.

Reviewed and roasted on stream please come with a backbone by the way ill put you on a list and. Ill take probably the first 30 people to go and i will literally pull up your stream on my stream. And review it and worst comes the worst is publicity no publicity is bad publicity so again thank you so. Much for watching and please check out the other videos you.

Conclusion – Best Funny And Cool Steam Name Ideas

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