How Can I Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods can i transfer contacts from android to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone (Fast And Easy)

Hey guys suck here from sake ticket in todays video im gonna show you guys how to transfer all your. Contacts from your android smartphone to your iphone so if i go to my phone over here as you can. See i have three actual contacts you can ignore these two this is just my local profile and this is. Just a group so just ignore these two but i do have three contacts as you can see at the.

Bottom it says three contacts with phone numbers so what im gonna do is im gonna take all these contacts. Im gonna transfer them over to this form the iphone and theyre gonna show up right over here now just. To be clear this method is going to work for any number of contacts so im just using three for. Demonstration but you can in effect use five 10 20 100 500 or even a thousand or more contacts from. Android to the iphone using this method this method is 100% free and its very efficient and its only gonna.

Take you one minute and of course the only requirement is the phone that youre transferring from to the phone. That youre transferring to and of course a pc or a mac you do not need to download apps you. Do not need to pay any money its 100% free so let me show you how to get it done. Now real quick i need you to understand that all these contacts over here are in fact backed up to. My google account and thats how you do it with android smartphones with the iphone all your contacts are in.

Fact backed into a cloud so the key to this transfer is just to transfer my contacts from google account. To get to the icloud which im gonna do in a second but before we do that i want to. Make sure that you guys do one thing on your android smartphone so i have three contacts here what i. Want you guys to do is go to the settings of your android smartphone and its gonna look a little. Bit different than this phone over here because you may have a different manufacturer so all you want to do.

Is you want to go to the accounts section of the settings and then just look for accounts and just. Find the google account that youre using on your android smartphone so in my case this is the google account. That im using right now to sync all my information from my phone to my google accounts so tap on. It and then tap on the sync account and make sure that contacts are in fact being synced to your. Google account and thats all you have to do with this smartphone now after you make sure that this is.

Enabled all you have to do is go to your computer and log into google let me show you how. To get that done and transfer the context and theyre gonna magically appear right over here via icloud so after. You move over to your pc or your mac all i want you guys to do is launch any browser. That you want and then go to contacts okay dot thats all you got to do now click enter. And its gonna ask you to sign in to your gmail account just log right in now in my case.

Mine login automatically but as you can see the three contacts that i had on my phone are showing up. Right over here because theyre in fact synced to this gmail account so to transfer these contacts all you want. To do is just hover over one of the contacts and select the contact that you want to transfer over. And then over here on the top you can tap on that arrow down button and just choose all contacts. So you can actually selectively choose or unchoose the context that you do want to transfer over in my case.

Im going to transfer all these three contacts so i just want over here and did all and thats gonna. Select all the contacts next what you want to do is you want to click on this button here that. Three buttons over here just click on it and click on export once you click on export youre gonna get. This box over here and at the bottom of this box is it says that you want to export this. As vcard for ios context so ios is apple so you wanna choose this and they want to make sure.

This is set to selected context and then simply click export so once you click this a file is going. To download as you just saw at the bottom over here and its gonna be named as context this file. Will go into your downloads folder so let me bring up my downloads folder its right over here the file. That just downloaded so now what you want to do is go back to your browser and just go to. okay so and again its gonna ask you to log into icloud and just make sure that you.

Log into icloud once youre here youre gonna see this dashboard click on context and now what we have here. Is we have all the contexts are currently on my iphone which as you know is nothing because my contacts. On my iphone were completely empty so what i want to do is now to import the file that i. Just exported from the google site so all you want to do is come to this button at the bottom. Here the actions menu button click on it and click on import vcard so we can click on that and.

Then were gonna go to my downloads folder on my pc right over here and heres the contacts dot vcf. File you click on it you click open and boom all three are gonna show up right here and youre. Done with your computer now lets move on to my iphone just click one button on the iphone and all. These contacts are magically gonna appear on my iphone all right so on your iphone all you want to do. Is this just go home real quick go to the settings scroll down to it says passwords and accounts just.

Tap on it and then go into your icloud account tap on it and make sure the contacts button here. Is in fact enabled just click on that now im going to go back home launch my phone and boom. Those three contacts that were invisible just appeared here and theyre the exact same replicas of these three contexts so. Thats all you do to transfer contacts from android to the iphone so if i click on this contact here. Or this contact here youre gonna get the same exact information as you can see all right just remember the.

Key concept is the contacts on your android smartphone get synced into your gmail / google account and the contacts. On your iphone are synced back to your icloud account and all you have to do is transfer from google. To icloud and boom youre done if you do have any questions comments or concerns just drop them down below. For now guys have a fantastic day alright so if you found this video useful may sure to subscribe to. Sake tech by clicking that button and also click that bell icon on the side to make sure you get.

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Method 2 – How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone [4 Easy Ways]

Welcome to tenor share channel today ill show you four easy ways to transfer contacts from your android to iphone. If you dont know how to make it just follow the steps in the video method one transfer contacts using. Google account go to settings on your android tap accounts and backups and tap accounts if you didnt sign in. Your google account before please make sure to sign in and then tap it then tap sync account here you.

Can see the data type that would be synced through google and make sure the contacts button is turned on. That will enable your contacts to be synced to google cloud then turn to iphone we need to add your. Google account to your iphone tap settings and go to mail and tap accounts and add accounts here we choose. Google to add your account after sign in youll see a pop-up window make sure the contacts button is on. Then tap save to continue okay now your google account has been added to iphone the contacts that we saved.

To google cloud should be also synced to your iphone lets check it out good job it has been transferred. Successfully totally the same as your android method two transfer contacts via vcard or vcf file go to contacts app. On your android tap the three bars button on the upper left corner and choose manage contacts we need to. Save your contacts as a file so tap import or export contacts and tap export click on the internal storage. Which where your contacts will save and tap export after tapping allow button all your contacts will be saved to.

Your android phone internal storage in second now lets connect it with a computer on your computer select the devices. Icon you just connected and here you can see the contacts file we just saved drag to save it to. Your computer then next connect your iphone to the computer here we will use a third-party tool called icare phone. Ill leave the download link in description if youd like to try once downloaded launch it it will recognize your. Iphone then click manage and click contacts then you may see an instruction on screen just follow the steps on.

Your iphone go to settings and tap icloud toggle off contacts option under icloud once done click retry on icare. Phone then click import select the vcard file we just saved and boom youll see all the contacts will be. Transferred to your iphone very easy method three transfer contacts using sim card if you dont have a computer around. Maybe you can consider to try this method but you need to move your sim card from one to another. So now on my android i have already insert a sim card in it this time we also launch contacts.

App tap on the three bars and manage contacts and import or export contacts export now you can see which. Is little different than before here we choose sim2 to export the contacts and select all tap done and ok. Just for the exporting process to be complete if you have lots of contacts it may takes a while okay. Now we can see contacts have been exported to the sim card lets get the sim card out and move. It to your iphone once inserted here we can see theres nothing in the contacts app first go to settings.

And contacts and we can see the option in blue words import some contacts tap it just with seconds the. Transfer will be done lets check out the contacts well done all the contacts have been imported to your iphone. Method 4 transfer contacts using move to ios you need to download move to ios on your android also factory. Reset your iphone then you can set up your iphone by the option called move data from android as you. Can see here you can select the content type you want to transfer including your contacts to learn more how.

To transfer your data and contacts from you android to iphone by using move to ios you can click on. This video okay so this is the tutorial of how to transfer your contacts from android to iphone it takes. Some time to prepare all these workable methods for you guys if you like this tutorial dont forget to give. Us a like i will be grateful if you subscribe see you in next video.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone (Ios 15)

This is how easy it is to transfer your contacts from your android to your iphone all you got to. Do is enable the sync button and there you have it all of your contacts are now on your iphone. Today im going to show you two of the quickest ways to transfer your contacts from your android to your. Iphone its super easy to follow so grab your phones and lets get started for the first method were going.

To be using our google account and syncing all of our contacts onto google and then transferring them over to. The iphone without connecting them without needing anything else so lets go ahead and first look at the contacts list. So that ill show you that i have my contact list on the android and on the iphone if i. Go to contacts i dont have anyone here so were gonna go ahead and transfer all of these contacts over. To the iphone and to do that the first thing we need to do is to go into settings on.

Your android and were gonna go into our gmail account and make sure that our contacts are synced so to. Do that once you go into settings to scroll down all the way into account and sync thats where well. Find the settings now this might be different depending on what kind of android phone you have the settings might. Be a little off but just keep in mind that you need to go into the accounts part account and. Sync or it might be something else on your phone but normally its just account or accounts in sync like.

It says on here so once i tap on that i see my google account if youve got multiple accounts. Itll all show up here but here in this case i only have one so i have my google account. Under google here so im going to tap that and here you have to make sure that your contact sync. Is on on my phone right now its disabled and im just going to go ahead and tap the check. Mark next to it and its now syncing the contacts so you can see and it can also sync your.

Calendar your gmail whatever else you want to do for now were only going to focus on the contacts and. It says syncing now so its going to take a second sync all my contacts upload them to google and. Then ill be able to have them available on my iphone just by adding the same google account on my. Iphone all right so now it says the contacts have been synced thats all we need to do on the. Android now were gonna go ahead and log in on the iphone if you have a different account you would.

Need to log in and ill show you where you can do that but for me i have the same. Account logged in already to my iphone so were gonna go into settings here and go down to mail you. Find mail and tap on that and then we go into accounts so this is where you would add your. Account if you are logged in on your iphone with a different account you can just tap on add account. Here and then log in with your google account right here but for me i already have my google account.

The same one that we have here logged in to the iphone as the icloud account so i already have. That so all i need to do is tap on icloud here go into icloud again and make sure that. Contacts is enabled right now its disabled thats why we dont have any contacts in the contact book and im. Going to go ahead and tap it and its going to ask you if you want to merge since i. Dont have any contacts were going to go ahead and merge it and thats enabled and now if we go.

In and wait for it to sync so thats all we need to do now the contacts have been synced. Over from the android account to this gmail account so lets go ahead and check and you can see all. The contacts appear here and ill just open it side by side so you can see all of them have. Been transferred over exactly as they were so that is the easiest method to transfer over your contacts from your. Android to your iphone so thats the first method of transferring your contacts over from your android to your iphone.

Youre basically syncing your contacts using your gmail account this will work for you every time ive never had a. Problem with it but in case it does not work for you or if you run into any issues that. You cant seem to find the answer to there is another method that you can use which is by exporting. The contacts from your android phone over to a computer and then manually bringing them to your icloud account and. You can sync it that way so lets take a look at how you can do that so now for.

The second method the first steps are the exact same you have to go in and make sure that your. Contacts are synced to your google account so go into your settings scroll down to accounts and sync and then. Go to your google account and make sure the contacts is checked for syncing your contacts with your gmail account. So thats all you need to do you need to make sure thats enabled and now lets move on to. The computer and let me show you how you can download your contacts file manually and then upload it to.

Your icloud account now the first thing you need to do is download all of your contacts in a contact. File format from your google account let me show you how you can do this for that we need to. Go into your browser and go on to so once youre on were going to need to sign. In with the same gmail account that we have on our android phone so im gonna go ahead and do. That im gonna type in the email address so once you log into your website youll see all of your.

Contact list here so were gonna go ahead and download these files and to do that we first select just. One contact so once you select one of your contacts youll have this drop down on the top and all. You got to do is click on this arrow and click on all and now all of your contacts are. Selected and then we go on to this more actions button the three dots and click on export and this. Is going to give you a contact file and were going to select vcard which is for ios contacts since.

Thats what were trying to do im going to select all 14 of our contacts make sure vcard for ios. Contact is selected and then go ahead and click export and that is going to download the b card with. All of your contacts onto your computer so once its downloaded you can find the file here in your downloads. Folder we have it right here and now the next step is to go on to icloud and use this. File to transfer the contacts over to the iphone so im just going to go ahead and open a new.

Tab here and go to so im just going to go ahead and open a new tab and type. In and were going to log into your icloud account that we have on your iphone and then youre. Going to be able to import all of your contacts using that vcontact file so youre going to have to. Sign in to your apple account so now were logged into our icloud account on the browser and to upload. The contacts file we go into contacts here so as you can see we dont have any contacts here in.

Our icloud account and its the same on the iphone now to import the contacts file that we downloaded were. Going to go at the bottom left here to this wrench and click on import vcard so the vcard is. What we downloaded so im going to go into downloads and this is a vcf file.vcf which is the vcard. That we downloaded from google contacts and there you go all of the contacts now show up here and they. Have been imported into your icloud account so now lets go ahead and check the contacts on the iphone and.

As you can see all of the contacts have now been imported into the iphone so thats how you would. Transfer all of your contacts from your android to your iphone using the using the vcard which is downloading the. Contact file from google and importing it into your ios and with this method you also have another additional backup. Since you have that contact file downloaded you can save that somewhere else so in case you do need that. Later youre able to import that into your iphone or if you want to import that into an android you.

Can do that as well and that is how you would transfer your contacts from your android to your iphone. If you found value in this video let me know down in the comments below and ill see you guys. In the next video.

Method 4 – How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone 12

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Method 5 – How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone | Move Contacts From Android To Ios

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Conclusion – How Can I Transfer Contacts From Android To Iphone

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