How Can I Upgrade To Windows 10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods can i upgrade to windows 10,

Method 1 – How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

Hi everyone my name is kevin today i want to show you how you can upgrade from windows 7 windows. 8 or windows 8.1 to windows 10 entirely for free its not gonna cost you anything and it uses the. Official channels were gonna update and upgrade your os through the microsoft official website now first off why should you. Upgrade your operating system you have had your computer running for a while is there really a reason to upgrade.

Well with windows 7 its a pretty old operating system its been around since 2009 so 11 years now and. Just now in january 2020 microsoft announced end-of-life for windows 7 what that means is that microsoft is no longer. Releasing any security updates or patches for windows 7 that means if youre still running it youre vulnerable to attacks. To viruses and you probably dont want to deal with that and hey since you could upgrade for free you. Might as well take advantage of that with the windows with 8 and 8.1 well thats still officially supported however.

That too is also an old operating system thats been out since 2012 and a lot has changed and improved. Since then so even with windows 8 you might as well upgrade to windows 10 and really get ahead of. The curve here now there are a few different ways you could go about getting windows 10 you could either. Go to the store microsoft store comm and you could buy windows 10 but its gonna run you about 139. Dollars if youd rather save that money well you could get it for free online and so enough talk why.

Dont we go ahead and ill show you exactly how you can get windows 10 for free lets jump on. The pc ok well here i am on my pc and theres a website called download windows 10 i have. The url up here in the browser you dont have to type it in instead what you could do is. Simply go into the description of this video and i have a link to this website there you could click. On that and then ill take you right here once you get to this page you have a few different.

Options on here theres lots of text on here but what were interested in doing is we want to get. Windows 10 and we want to upgrade to it and the way to do that is we want to create. A windows 10 installation media basically what that means is we want to download window 10 and we want to. Upgrade to it so what were gonna do is were gonna click on this download tool now once i click. On that youll notice that this exe downloads onto your machine called media creation tool exe what were gonna do.

Is were gonna go ahead and click on that and now its gonna ask you if you want to allow. This app to make changes to your device and its signed by microsoft so were gonna go ahead and do. That and now what this is gonna do this is gonna kick off the upgrade process to windows 10 and. Its gonna take a little bit of time to get this set up its going to download additional files as. Part of this so that initial exe we downloaded just has the setup but then as you kind of go.

Throughout the upgrade its gonna download more files the first screen thats gonna pop up thats gonna ask you to. Do something is youll see the license terms and you can take a quick breeze through that and then click. On accept i dont know what im signing away there there was a lot of text there but seems reasonable. Enough i was running windows 7 windows 8 i already accepted something like that before all right on the next. Screen what its going to ask us is what do you want to do you have two options one of.

Them is upgrade this pc now or you can create installation media for another pc well we want to upgrade. This pc so lets make sure that we click on this upgrade this pc now and then youre gonna click. On next now i already have a windows 10 so im not going to go through any more of this. Process here but theres gonna be one more prompt that appears that says do you want to keep your personal. Files and apps if you want to keep all your personal files and apps and you dont want to have.

To reinstall apps or you know recreate files simply check that box and then continue through and that will guide. You through the rest of the install process now once you go ahead and youve installed windows 10 what you. Can do is you can verify that your windows 10 version is activated and the way to do that is. Once youre on windows 10 youll have this search box in the bottom left-hand corner and what were gonna do. There is were gonna simply type in settings youre gonna see the best match that appears is for the settings.

App were gonna go ahead and click on that youre gonna see all your windows settings here the one were. Interested in though is this one called update and security were going to go ahead and click that and then. Once were within this view on the left-hand side youll see an option that says activation if we click on. Activation what you should see then is itll say windows is activated with a digital license link to your microsoft. Account and if you were coming from windows 7 home itll upgrade you to windows 10 home if you were.

Coming from say windows 7 professional itll upgrade you to windows 10 professional and really thats how easy it is. To upgrade and then make sure your version of windows is activated alright everyone well thats how easy it is. To upgrade to windows 10 from either windows 7 or windows 8 or 8.1 if you found this video helpful. And you were able to upgrade without any issues please give this video a thumbs up if you want to. See more videos like this in the future hit that subscribe button that way youll get a notification anytime new.

Content like this comes out if there are any other video topics that you want to see in the future. Leave a comment down below i read them all and ill add it to my list of videos to create. Alright well thanks for tuning in and ill see you next time bye.

Method 2 – Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free (Especially From Windows 7)

Today im going to show you how to upgrade your windows 7 computer to windows 10 for free i know. Hey but first take a moment and subscribe to our how-to channel each week we have a video over a. Range of topics including phones software computers and now smart home products i know were getting pretty fancy pants here. Ok look so you may have heard that microsoft has officially ended support for windows 7 this means they want.

You to upgrade to windows 10 itll make your computer more secure and safer and even maybe faster to use. If you have an older pc or laptop running windows 7 you really have two options the first is you. Can go to microsofts website and buy windows 10 home edition for 139 dollars the second options you can do. What we did and get a free upgrade offer from microsoft now technically the offer we use expired in 2016. But we were able to use it now at the time of this video which is 20/20 i dont know.

What happened but it works so heres what i want to do the first is i want to walk you. Through and overview the process the second ill take you step by step how to upgrade from windows 7 to. Windows 10 and last im gonna share with you some frustrating moments that we had and how you can overcome. Them so heres the overview youre running a pc with windows 7 windows 8 windows 8.1 home or pro edition. That is licensed and activated next youre gonna go to microsofts website and download the windows 10 installation tool then.

Youre gonna let an upgrade and bam youre done if only it was that simple took us like four days. Four hours and 22 minutes give or take so heres how to install windows 10 for free step by step. Now before you do a single thing you have to have space to install it so you need anywhere from. 20 to 40 gigabytes of hard drive space now the reason theres a range depends really on what edition of. Windows you have on your computer by the way we had some trouble finding harddrive space on our windows 7.

Machine look were gonna explain to how we overcame that and how were able to free up over 200 gigabytes. Of space but seriously so lets jump in start up at going to the download windows 10 website dont worry. About looking for the link we got the link in the description youre welcome next click the blue download tool. Now button then click run youll see that getting a few things ready window appear read the applicable notices and. License terms then hit agree after which the what do you want to do window will appear i chose the.

Upgrade this pc now button but if you want you could actually install windows 10 on a thumb drive and. Use that as an installation disk once you choose press the next button our download took about 6 minutes which. Is just enough time to listen to the 1988 song teenage riot by the band sonic youth the nearly 7. Minute song off the double lp daydream nation is according to the site diffuser an anti anthem against baby boomer. Nostalgia and 80s recognized america what its almost done great the next step is the verifying your download window which.

Is followed by the creating your windows 10 media window youll get a message stating that the setup is cleaning. Up before it closes next youll see a preparing progress window after which youll see the getting updates window pop. Right back up when the upgrade is complete a windows setup window might prompt you to enter your windows product. Key however it might not as well and this is where we ran into some snacks but ill explain how. We overcame them in just a moment after the key is entered the setup tool would check for updates and.

Then a ready to install window will appear showing that youre installing windows 10 and keeping your personal files and. Apps when youre ready press the install button youll see the infamous blue screen installing windows 10 after which your. Computer will restart and install updates the process took us about a our which is just enough time to watch. An episode of the late 80s early 90s sci-fi drama d quantum leap starring scott bakula as dr. Sam beckett.

Who temporarily leapt through time taking other peoples places to correct historical mistakes what its done so here are the. Problems we ran into and the first was actually before we did anything our windows 7 computer had no space. On the hard drive this was odd since there wasnt a single video photo or song on our hard drive. And we couldnt figure out what was taking up space so heres what we did ran cleanup disk uninstall programs. Defragmented the drive ran a scan disk check started – leaving finals in the windows folder but ultimately what worked.

Was finding a folder named temp and deleting it i dont know what was inside that folder but when we. Removed it it opened up over 200 plus gigabytes never know what was in there the next problem we ran. Into was the product heat on our windows 7 computer even though we had a license it was never officially. Activated alright so we had to go into the control panel system and security and finally the system folder and. Used the product key found on a sticker that was on the back of the computer we changed the product.

Key which activated our copy of windows 7 then after restart we were able to use the same activated product. Key in the windows 10 prompt now that we are officially upgraded we have windows 10 running on our 11-year. Old dell computer sorry you know actually one thing that doesnt work within windows 10 windows 10 does not support. Serialized ports so no more serialize keyboard and serialized mouse goodbye so thats our video if you have any questions. About installing windows 10 on your computer please throw those in the comments also if youve been through the process.

Of upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 and you have any tips or tricks throw those in the comments. As well and if you liked our video give us a thumbs up and if you dont keep your damn. Mouth alright lets use some windows 10 visit dont have a keyboard or mouse so i could just kind of. Look at the monitor here put the mini on mini mini menu so many menu.

Method 3 – How To Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 10 For Free In 2022!

Alright guys i want to show you how to upgrade your existing computer from windows 7 or 8.1 over to. Windows 10 for free in 2020 todays day is april 13 2020 data video has been way overdue for me. For a while because the last one i made was in 2018 right now were under the stay at home. Wonder and the save indiana obviously so im kind of like stuck up my house right now im in finding.

Things to do and i figured i might as well make an updated guide for this and a lot of. People working from home and some people are having to dig out their old computers and use them to work. From home windows 7 support and did january 14th i think 2020 and if youre gonna work from home in. My opinion you should be running windows 10 for the most for better security than the windows 7 has right. Now so um in order to do this upgrade you need to make sure that your window your copy of.

Windows is activated if you dont know or dont know what im talking about need to go to the start. Button right click on the computer button here and then click on properties this control panel window will open up. And you need to scroll down until you find the section that says windows activation and if it says windows. Is activated you have a product id and you see this ask for genuine microsoft software a little sticker here. That means you are good to go if it says windows is not activated and you must activate today then.

You need to enter a product key and validate your copy of windows 7 in order to do this upgrade. There were people commenting on the last video saying that it required a product key even though their windows copy. Of windows 7 was activated and what i had to say that that is you need to re-enter your product. Key either its on a sticker on the bottom of your laptop or desktop or if that sticker is nowhere. To be found or youve lost that sticker there is a program called specky by the people that made ccleaner.

You need to download that tool and run it its very easy process and if you click on once the. Program loads up you click on operating system itll tell you your operating system in your product you need to. Write down that product key just in case but its not gonna ask me for one today because i just. Activated this copy of windows so i should be good to go someone close out of this window and second. Step is to launch google chrome or any other web browser that you prefer i just prefer chrome and then.

In the search bar here you need to type in download windows 10 iso you need to make sure the. Link that youre clicking on is from wwe microsoft comm software download windows 10 so you click you need to. Click on download windows 10 disk image iso file from microsoft and once the web page comes up youll see. Create windows 10 installation media and then youll see all those you need to click on download tool now and. If youre using chrome like i am itll put it in the bottom bar right here if youre using firefox.

Zoom in the top right internet explorer itll be on the bottom but itll look different but once you once. The tool gets downloaded im just going to click on it here to run it you need to say yes. To the user account control prompt and then you can close out if your web browser because we dont need. It anymore and what this program will do is will download and copy will download a copy of windows 10. To your computer and then it will help you install that copy of windows 10 and also what this program.

Does is some people are asking like how does this work from the last video the way this works is. That microsoft even though its 2020 in the microsoft used to have a free upgrade period from 2015 to 2016. Thats ended but microsoft still allows you to activate a copy of windows 10 using a windows 7 or windows. 8 or windows 8.1 product key and i guess they do this theyll get more people on windows 10 im. Not sure why they do this but this has been around ever since windows 10 came out and this program.

Sees hey this guy has windows 7 ultimate i mean i have altima but you may have any other version. Of windows 7 i have ultimate so its gonna say hey this guys got windows 7 ultimate with a genuine. License well we could just take that license and use it to upgrade him to windows 10 and thats what. This program will do so thats a rough explanation about how all this works so you need to click accept. To the license terms or wont work and now this program will get a few things ready i should also.

Mention that if you have windows 7 home basic or windows 7 home premium it will be upgraded to windows. 10 home if you have windows 7 pro or windows 7 ultimate you will be upgraded to windows 10 pro. Because there is no windows 10 ultimate and if you also have windows 7 starter i even know i kind. Of trash-talked windows 7 starter theres still people that had it if you have windows 7 starter you will it. Will take you to windows 10 home edition because theres only windows 10 home and pro pretty much so um.

When this screen comes up you need you need make sure you click on upgrade this pc now and click. Next and now it is downloading windows 10 the windows 10 file that it will download the latest version is. What it will download but the build number as of today is 1909 and thats the latest version of windows. 10 its about a fat gigabyte file so if any of you have limited data on your internet connection this. Download is about 5 gigabytes ok d download has finished and now it was creating windows 10 media its taking.

That file we just downloaded and making it into a file that we can use to go ahead and upgrade. To windows 10 ok so it finished creating the windows 10 media and then the application will close open up. Again check for updates close and open up again now we are on the checking your pc screen and now. Its getting a few things ready and now you need to accept the license terms once a and now it. Is getting updates so it may take a few minutes okay its done with updates and now its making sure.

That were ready to install and now youre at the kind of like conclusion screen so im my windows 7. Ultimate so its going to give me windows 10 pro and very important right here keep personal files and apps. You need to click on change what to keep and you need to make sure that it is on key. Personal files and apps this is also the time where i very strongly recommend that you take anything you do. Not want to lose which would be probably videos music documents pictures everything like that and it back those up.

I would either back them up to a cloud storage solution set as google drive google drive gives you 15. Gigabytes of free storage you can use dropout you can use mega you can use box or whatever youd like. Or you can go to the old-fashioned way and back them up to a usb flash drive or an external. Hard drive even though it says right here it will keep personal files and apps i very strongly recommend you. Backup your files just in case of the negative 1% that something goes wrong i know thats not really a.

Number there but just on the very very small chance that something goes wrong you still have your files but. It says it will keep the files and i havent had anyone report that their files have been deleted yet. And in order to put this to the test i have a folder on my desktop called very important stuff. And i have a text document very important everything thats very very important ok so were going to see when. We get to windows 10 if that folder is here and if that folder is here that will prove that.

This program does keep your files and even though it says it will keep your files and apps be sure. To back everything up just in case but if you dont want to keep anything you would click nothing this. Will keep nothing if you only want to keep files and delete all programs this could be useful for speeding. Up your slower computer just keep in mind if you have microsoft office or any programs that have retaining your. Computer like if you have a dell computer and you have dell programs on there youll need to reinstall those.

Dell programs and if you have microsoft office itll wipe that out too but id recommend keep personal files and. Apps just make sure everythings backed up and then click next and now its gonna make sure were ready to. Install and get updates again since you had to modify those settings there so ill be back whenever its done. Getting its updates ok so we are at the ready to install i guess a conclusion page once again it. Is going to install windows 10 pro and keep personal files and apps have been chosen im gonna say it.

One more time make sure you have any personal files you want to keep backed up just in case something. Goes wrong which it shouldnt but just in case so now we get to click on install and now it. Is installing windows 10 this might take a while ive had people say it takes up to 30 minutes to. Four hours to 6 hours to a day but it all depends on the speed of your computer i my. Computers pretty fast so this shouldnt take more than like half an hour so ok so the first step of.

That finished and now my computer is restarting you will get this screen here this process may take around 30. Or so minutes to complete and your computer will automatically restart once its done alrighty and here we are we. Are on windows 10 now so we need to open up the lock screen and type in our super secret. Password alrighty now we need to choose privacy settings for our device you can choose whatever you want but me. Personally i turn everything off and i do this because i like the minimal amount of data required no send.

To microsoft to be actually be sent i dont really like any of my data being sent to microsoft so. The only thing i can do about it is just to turn all these off and we are now on. Windows 10 you will see that we have black borders on the left and right you may experience this and. You may not if you do that means you need a new display driver that will automatically install through windows. Update so since we just got here and we have it configured anything yet its set to automatically install drivers.

And i really like that feature its pretty handy so your screen will automatically like fix itself i guess but. Your windows update will go and get a new display driver momentarily we are now on windows 10 and i. Will go to ds settings page to confirm what version of windows 10 it brought us to so if we. Go to the about section it brought us to windows 10 version 1909 and im going to show that it. Is activated windows is activated with a digital license thats because i activated my copy of windows 7 it carried.

That license over to 10 and activated 10 and no great at our computer so there we go so and. As you can see this folder for very important stuff and our very important text document is here so our. Files did stay which is good so i hope you enjoyed this tutorial how to upgrade to windows 10 for. Free and 20:20 any questions at all but in the comments below and ill do my best to reply to. Those comments i havent replied as many comments as i used to in my last video because im in nene.

Make this update video and i finally made it so im gonna try and reply to most comments on this. Video here so i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and ill see you guys.

Method 4 – Upgrade To Windows 11 On Unsupported Hardware – The Easiest Way

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Method 5 – How To Update Your Windows 10 Pc To The Latest Windows 10 Version

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Conclusion – How Can I Upgrade To Windows 10

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