How Connect Airpods To Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods connect airpods to mac,

Method 1 – Connect Airpods To Macbook – How To

Hello and welcome to the video where i will show you how to connect your macbook to your apple earpods. Earphones so we need to enable bluetooth on both of your devices lets start with v mac we go to. The apple logo and down to system preferences within system preferences you will see bluetooth and this is v bluetooth. Window and i will quickly show you another way to get to that window click the search button and type.

In bluetooth here and were looking for bluetooth not bluetooth file exchange and bluetooth open that up and you can. See this is the bluetooth window now im going to put these airports into discoverable mode we do that by. Using this button at the back were going to press and hold that but just before i do let me. Just open the lid and you can see the light inside there is amber it may be green and thats. Dependent on how much charge you have to make these air pods discoverable press and hold the button at the.

Back for just like a second or so and if you look at the year look at the light now. Its flashing white these are discoverable so lets turn our attention back to the mac well turn the bluetooth on. Just here this is now discoverable and its detected the mac airports so click connect and it now says connected. So that is basically how you do it see now you can stream your music directly from your mac across. To your apple earpods fantastic and just as a quick tip you can put a tick here so bluetooth in.

Menu bar and and that will put the bluetooth icon just at the top and you can access things nice. And quick so i hope thats been useful to you if it has please give it a thumbs up really. Helps me out a lot and it could be your good deed for the day subscribe if youre new share. The video if you have friends who are thinking about getting these and have a great day thanks a lot.

Method 2 – How To Connect Airpods To A Macbook

Heres how to connect your airpods to a macbook these steps will work for any generation of airpods open your. Airpods case like you would when connecting your iphone click the volume icon on your mac in the menu bar. On the top of your screen under output device select airpods if this method doesnt work you need to enable. A few different settings go into system preferences make sure your mac is logged into the same apple id as.

Your iphone by clicking apple id and checking for your iphone on the devices column on the bottom left then. Make sure that hands off is turned on by clicking general and clicking the check mark next to allow hands. Off between this mac and your icloud devices finally if your volume icon isnt in the menu bar click sound. Then click the check mark next to show volume in menu bar if youre trying to connect your airpods to. A mac but dont use them on an iphone you can do this by opening your airpods case with your.

Airpods still in it press and hold the button on the back of the case until the status light starts. To flash white on a generation 1 airpods case you can find the light inside the case on a generation. 2 and airpod pros the light is in front of the case on your mac open system preferences click bluetooth. On the list of bluetooth devices youll find your airpods double-click to connect if your airpods still arent connecting remove. Them from the list by right-clicking and clicking disconnect and pair them with the mac again if nothing else works.

Reset your airpods by holding the button in the back of the airpods for at least 15 seconds let go. When the light turns amber and try these steps again.

Method 3 – How To Connect Airpods Pro To Mac | Setup Airpods Pro On Mac

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Connect Airpods Pro To Macbook!

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Method 5 – How To Use Airpods With A Zoom Meeting (2020) (Mac)

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Conclusion – How Connect Airpods To Mac

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