How Connect Ps4 Controller To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods connect ps4 controller to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Iphone, Ipad, Or Ios Devices

So to connect your ps4 controller to the iphone make sure that you have ios 13 point zero and higher. And you can see that by going to the settings general about and then youll see right here that i. Have version 13 point zero so now go back out and go to the bluetooth setting which is over here. Bluetooth so click on that and make sure its on and down here is looking for other devices so now.

On my ps4 controller what im gonna do is im gonna hold this ps but middle button right here and. Im gonna hold the share button this share button right here so im gonna press both of those buttons at. The same time and this light should blink up here so lets hold them both together like that and you. See its blinking right now so its looking to pair and youll see right here it shows my dual shock. 4 while this controller so now i just press on that and its gonna pair up the controller so there.

You go its now connected because its lit up right here in a solid color now if youre wondering how. To reconnect your ps4 controller back to your ps4 system just make sure that the ps4 is on by pressing. The power button on and make sure its now on standby make sure that its on so press the power. Button on and when its on the startup screen just plug the usb wire back into the controller you know. Make sure its plugged in and then press the ps4 button in the middle now a lot of people have.

Problems with their usb plug because sometimes youre gonna use a phone plug you know maybe your android phone plug. Or so make sure its a working one and if the one youre using doesnt work just find another plug. And use it because some some of them wont work and this one is for a samsung phone and this. One works for me but or you know look for your original ps4 usb wire and then finally the last. Case scenario if you cant sync your ps4 controller back to the system theres a reset button in the back.

You just have to get a little paperclip bend it out and press that in and no reset the controller. And then you just have to plug the wire back into the ps4 controller when the system is on and. Ill stick it back up also guys this is very important you see how the controller is still synced to. My phone here and the light is on you see the pink light is still on so its always going. To be on even though my phone is off so make sure so make sure you go into your settings.

And go to the bluetooth and you can disconnect your dual shock controller in here wireless controller so right here. Its connected and i can either disconnect right there or i can forget the device and see it turned off. Right there all right so ill just open up for night real quick updating come on hurry up so yeah. You can do this same method on any ios device including an ipad the newer ones that have ios 13.0. And higher and you can also do it to your macbook pro now for the xbox controllers its a little.

Bit more tricky you can only do it to the newer xbox controllers that have newer bluetooth in it and. I think that goes for the xbox one s controllers they look a little bit more different it has a. Little grooving on top is black routing and how you do that is you have to press on the xbox. Right by pressing in the middle button and then you just have to press this button up here some bluetooth. Sync button you have to hold that for about five seconds and then ill allow you to look up through.

Bluetooth but this is an older xbox controller so its not going to work yet to use a newer xbox. Controller okay so i want to show you fortnight because some of the buttons arent going to map correctly for. This game and its not a big deal you can just remap them and the buttons are when youre deep. Pressing the thumb sticks here youre pressing down on it it doesnt register for the game so you have to. Remap them and when youre pressing down on the thumb stick here this one makes them duck down and this.

One over the left makes a the building reset right so lets go over the settings and were gonna go. Over to the controller and right here you can pick which one you like to use i like to do. Builder pro and then you can just customize it so you see right here at the right thumbstick it says. Unbound so you cant set that to anything its not gonna work you cant set that to crouch so you. See that in remap the crouch button to the bottom d-pad right here to press down your crouch and pressing.

Down will also repair so thats what you have to do now when youre playing the game you have to. Press down to crouch and you cant press down on the thumbsticks oh snap that got my move i dont. Get this so ill just do some gameplay right now on solo where you guys see here if i press. Down see it crouch just like that so you just got to switch the way you do things im playing. On a very weird in vietnam im using pressing down for my weapons and its kind of messing me up.

There now so you just gotta get used to it i suck right now guys i couldnt see the screen. That they great cuz im trying to film for you guys but yeah thats how it plays see its pretty. Smooth everything its just this crouch button its give me a issue right now see if i press up then. Its the emotes i think usually you press up or is it up or down for the weapon selection alright. Guys so im just gonna keep playing and if i die and die pretty soon well yeah thats how you.

Connect your ps4 controller to any ios device 13.0 and higher such a noob with this.

Method 2 – How To Pair A Ps4 Dualshock 4 Controller With An Iphone Or Ipad

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Iphone Or Ipad (2021)

Im going to show you how to connect your playstation controller to any ios device such as an ipad or. An iphone in this video im using the iphone 6 so the first thing you want to do is go. On to your device and you want to swipe up from here all you need to do is turn on. And make sure that your bluetooth is turned on as you guys can see its right there was turned on.

Already were going to turn it on again from here all you need to do is go to the settings. And you want to go to bluetooth you can also turn it on from here and as you can see. We have no devices connected right now so were going to be connecting our playstation controller so the first thing. You want to do is grab your playstation controller and you want to press the playstation button in the center. As well as the share button in the top left corner at the same time so hold those both at.

The same time and youre going to see at the top that your light is going to start flashing here. And this is going to indicate that your playstation controller is trying to connect to the device and once you. Just head on over back looking at your device youre going to see that the playstation 4 controller is connected. The dual shock 4 wireless controller and you just simply want to select it and as you guys can see. Were already connected and now im going to show you after youve finished gaming up and you want to connect.

Your controller back to your playstation 4 or playstation 5 it works both ways what you want to do is. You want to select the i icon here from here you can either disconnect or forget the device and i. Personally recommend you forget the device once youre done gaming to reconnect your playstation controller back to your playstation all. You need to do is turn your playstation on and make sure that your playstation controller is connected with the. Usb cable and from there all you need to do is simply hold the playstation button again and itll reconnect.

To your playstation if this video was helpful leave a like and click on the screen right now if you. Want to learn how to boost your playstation 4 performance.

Method 4 – Iphone – How To Connect Ps4 Controller (Ios 13 Or 14)

Hey guys so im going to show you how to connect the ps4 controller to any iphone when the iowas. 13 so first a mode iowas 13 and then go into your settings and then click on bluetooth first make. Sure its turned on and then grab your ps4 controller now for the ps4 controller hold down on the ps. Button the ps bottom right there and the share button right here hold down bolt at the same time so.

Hold number five seconds and the by part the top starts blinking okay and then let go now after it. Starts flashing then you grab your iphone now we should have something for ps4 controller but let me this oh. Yeah its right here so dual shock for wireless controller press on nine and then this will turn pink so. Yeah once it turns pink you said now this wont work for all games but for most of them like. Fortnight it will work alright guys thanks for watching and when we dont come to you have any questions.

Method 5 – How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Iphone (Easy Method)

Alright guys splits here im gonna show you guys how to connect your ps4 controller to your iphone and im. Using my controller and it literally works like like flawlessly like i dont feel like anything playing and see using. This and i am playing called you mobile so yeah i can see this myth that also myself for night. So its really a do so make sure you guys have a like subscribe and lets get into it alright.

So ive always started you guys need to make sure youre on ios 13 not higher because this is the. Only way of work so i can see right there im on the update so make sure you update your. Phone and the good thing about this is that you dont need no special app for this to work it. Literally works on bluetooth so we need to put the ps4 controller in pairing mode so to do that we. Just need to hold the share button appears but at the same time and so you see like a blinking.

Light right here so im gonna do that so ill just hold it together and just wait for the light. To come see i can see its right there so now its in pairing mode so ill show you guys. What to do next alright so go to settings and then go to bluetooth itll start finding the controller so. I can see right there wireless controller so just click it and then once its connected you i can see. That my controller is now of the colored now shows so now we can just exit this now im going.

To test it on two games im gonna test it on call of duty mobile and fortnights alright so hopefully. This is a good angle at me using the controller on my phone so if you guys go on the. Settings right here and youll see like a controller tab you can see this is where you can change like. Certain layouts for your controller lets literally like the same controls like playing on a ps4 so im just going. To go to the multiplayer real quick and just show you guys like how it looks like all right so.

It looks like were playing on nuketown so i can see it is working alright let me just try to. Get a quick kill room look oh freakin timmy doesnt move thats what you get all right lets see how. Far i can go about diet okay these guys okay i died right there all right next game it will. Be fortnight oh i got quicks go what the heck wow see i can see im moving through the main. Menu with my controllers so if you guys go to the settings real quick this is where you can go.

To your controller settings and just like configure certain buttons so thats where you go and now im just going. To show you guys me just playing real quick all right so here it is let me just start cranking. My 90s if theres any uh any fortnight clans i want to recruit me heres my recruitment for the june. Right here so yeah guys there it is make sure you guys leave a like subscribe this helped you out.

Conclusion – How Connect Ps4 Controller To Iphone

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