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Method 1 – Annalise’s Final Fate Revealed – How To Get Away With Murder

If they come here im here im here 0:02 shot humming oh no bunny buddy what do you know stay. With me buddy hey why do you know what words can make meaning out of an entire life do justice. To a lifetime with struggles and triumphs to try and do this for annalise so ill start with this i. Never loved anyone the way i loved anna lisa i loved her even when she didnt choose me because when.

She did choose me i would feel seen i think we all seek that person in our lives someone who. Shows us its possible to survive whatever good or bad is thrown at you its one of the thousand things. Name at least taught me what feels like help right now is it gets played thats not to say annalise. Was easy to love but then when you thought of that young girl from memphis you forgave her for everything. I think thats why so many of us are here today to remember her yes but also to forgive her.

For better or worse we were all chosen by annalise and despite that the man she put on us we. Know she taught us something tourism zombi are some heels i think thats what she valued most about her life. Not the trials she wanted or glass ceilings she broke but the fight she lost she knew these were the. Things that made her her determined tough stubborn i know many people find it hard to be around a person. Like this its easier to choose nice even if that means 70 but the rest of us know this when.

The sun shines on you youre a fool to turn away everyone take your seats so first day of law. School which means were already behind hi professor christopher castillo this is criminal law 104 has my mentor i like. To call it how to get away with murder ebe.

Method 2 – How To Get Away With Murder Series Finale Ending Explained How Did It End

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Method 3 – How To Get Away With Murder Ending Explained- Was Every Character Held Accountable?

Who i am is a 53 year old woman from memphis tennessee named anna mae harkness hello guys welcome to. My channel i hope you are doing great i hope youre having a lovely lovely week in this video im. Gonna be talking about how to get away with mortality season finale oh my god if you dont watch house. Again will be more that nothing i say would make sense but if youre one of the fans like myself.

If youre all of those people that have got some more simple heart attacks by this show if youre in. Love with your outrageous plots and whatnot then this video is for you lets get down to it if you. Have a subscribe to my channel make sure you hit that subscribe button so bet on how how scary mother. Is i was expecting the season finales to drive me crazy like i was expecting like some serious heart attack. And i have to say that that delivered and they offered delivered the most important question the whole finale was.

Like based around was who did what and what was the appropriate punishment or like repercussion for the actions that. Was carried out by this characters im gonna start with an alice do you think that annalise keatings she got. The right punishments i know she did not kill anyone but she played the role in everything that had happened. Without analysis i dont think they will have been this continuous cycle of murder and mayhem and alice was sort. Of the shelter and i think its far-fetched to say shes the mastermind but id say she was shorter she.

Was one helping them cover up their crimes and i was actual sort of an enabler she enabled describes to. Happen if analyst wasnt there we have criminal mastermind telling them or this is what you do this how you. Get with mother then i dont think they would have had the audacity to contribute just killing people anyhow so. I have to believe that anneliese had a role to play in everything that happened and i guess in three. Wasnt really the right punishment because the moments the shelter which is analyst was scattered these students were out here.

Making dues and snitching on anyone that could snitch on so if right from the beginning she allowed them to. Pay penance for what they did if she didnt enable them to get away with it maybe everything that happened. Afterwards who dont have happened maybe so many people did not have to die so i dont think analyst is. Completely blameless but then again if theres any character in this show i really wanted to have a happy ending. It should be an alex keaton any ambitious unconventional black woman is most of the times punished on tv they.

Are doomed to this life of loneliness this horrible existence even though they get money and you know jack area. They never really give them disowned wholesome ending so i believe that an allele she had to have a fairytale. And she had to walk into the sunshine just for the narrative of the strong black woman so that we. As black women we can see that you know we dont always have to be punished we dont always have. To be doomed to this fate of loneliness and misery just because we choose to you know live a life.

You know fearlessly analyst was amazing amazing amazing shes one of the strongest female characters seen on tv shes articulate. Shes fierce shes vivacious shes complex shes faceted so in the finale episode i was really like waiting for the. Speech that she would give the closing arguments you give to like you know because right now shes not defending. A client shes not defending anyone she lost shes given the speech of her life have very freedom depends on. The speech ive worn a mask every day of my in high school it was a smile that i faked.

To get boys to like me in law school i changed my name to sound more in new england at. The law firm i wore heels makeup in a wig and when i got married i threw myself into becoming. A katie and i was all to create a version of myself that the world would accept but im done. I dont think this anyone thats really goes into the world without a facade because society is tailored in a. Way that we have to be a certain kind of stereotypes to be accepted and for analysts to just like.

Open herself up and sure its like all the complexities and just everything about her summarized into that little closing. Argument it was i cried like it was just she spoke about her abuse losing her husband her career and. I think one important question i actually want to access that do you think that anna mae had to be. Annalise keating to achieve the sort of mainstream success that she was able to achieve do you think that if. She had stayed and made the small girl from memphis the village girl or country girl do you think that.

She would be able to achieve that sort of mainstream success i think one of the most crazy and outrageous. Things that we got to find out this season and i think its one of the craziest thing about the. Whole story and whose show it just ties everything together is the fact that frank was hannah and sams incest. Soon that was really creepy and sink boy made a lot of things make sense now thats no evil this. Was the idea right from the beginning or were just an afterthought because it tidy was sure together he explained.

A lot of things and i feel as though frank was overreacting personally if i find out that you know. God forbid if i find out that im a result of incest at the end of the day its not. My fault that my parents chose to be sick and at least im healthy and i dont have any genetic. Condition so i dont think he had to go on a suicide mission i dont think he had to die. Hes older how strong good with his identity and knowing that something is wrong with him and him just finding.

Out that hes a result of incest i think is something that he couldnt handle and it makes sense because. Frankie cartel zone thats very sensitive although he acts all like mafia and badass and everything but it made sense. That his sensitive self could not handle that information and he decided to commit suicide because what he did was. Suicide he knew you was gonna get killed there was no way like escaping dads we all know that frank. When he kills people he plans it and is very discreet im very calculating so why did he choose to.

Kill the governor in such a public manner i feel he just he wanted to die that was a suicide. Mission he knew that killing the governor ended some circle of mother and whatnot so he used his final act. To just end the cycle totally like to just end this on chaos and and everything wrong that has been. Happening him frank was the one that i think committed the most murders so it made sense i had to. Die it made sense as that was the punishment appropriate for him but i really hate the fact that he.

Died quite after finding out about his origin but then i dont know it doesnt really see where he could. Live with you know himself knowing what he was and thats what he told annalise in the final scenes and. We really wanted to see him just like overcome it all and have this happy ending with bonnie but i. Dont know if he was capable of it i dont know if the card that frank was capable of it. So it made sense that he died in may said that he killed the governor which was his last act.

Of service to analyst and everyone he cared about and i would like bonnie had to die but then when. I asked you you know a couple of people and should not have survived in prison so it made sense. That she also died we were so sad when his character is also one of the characters i really really. Loved because when you talk about duality is so i think if you look at the two women analyst ambani. Yeah was very strong and very vulnerable women but they express it in very different ways when we think of.

Analysis we think of this warrior kind of strength and we think of how this you know unbreakable person who. Is just you know who does and although this show tries to show you now how to on your both. Sides you know dealing which is with alcoholism the end of the day anothers current i think was all about. Strengths and bonus character was all about for their pc and the george duke stuff was each other farewell body. Was eventually man very stroke and i think half strength was in halo youll see two people she cared about.

And her strength was very quiet and very sore to a very feminine sometimes its miss to cast witness but. Bonnie was also very strong and i love how you know just the play with strength and vulnerability that these. Two characters portrayed on tv was just really beautiful and theyre just like juxtaposed each other very beautifully and yeah. I just im happy for the character pony because i feel like bonnie also like give analysis differently and she. Just added to the overall composition of this character called and i was kissing and the showed not to be.

There without her so yeah bonnie died is very sad when young frank died so that song romeo and juliet. Stuff if theres an afterlife maybe dont be together and dont have all this messiness surrounding them but it was. Really sad to see them go now the only thing that kept me going because everything was just messing around. The lifeblood of why i was watching this show so fervently during the last couple of episodes was my hatred. For michaela the kudos have made this character more unlovable like she was i hate that house so much that.

Every day every new episode i look forward to new means on on new ways to just hit her i. Wanted to go on the screen i just kill her and get away with murder shows who she was annoying. And i hope i think in the last episode when they were trying to say oh you know shes like. Ive been to prison digital tried to tell us about her child who tried to rationalize like just what she. Did learn about analysis and when spin in a relationship it was disgusting i dont think having a high childhood.

Was enough russian now for how she treated this woman that she supposedly looked up to it made sense that. She ended up in luminous war because nothing nothing else would have counted im so happy she ended up in. Lune although she got this life she wanted she didnt have her friends around and i hope had that denies. Hiking and her dad abandons her rejects her shes doomed to a life of loneliness and sadness and and she. Starts doing drugs and she dies of cocaine overdose or something because shes a very silly character yeah thats what.

She deserves although she didnt kill anybody but for backstabbing and just like be nice nick she deserves to die. A miserable death with like hundred cuts just like room in her house and thats what she deserves i think. Thats more layers to her character which makes sense or which should be inspiring is that most times you know. Black women are portrayed as being selfless and being you know even though they are strong they just trying to. Protect everyone around them just and now yes you know i think most times people love annalise keating because shes.

This drunk with my using high strength to help people around how i help people she cares about help the. Weak members of society but with michaela i think once we hit most of our highs because shes this woman. Using has trained for how selfish reasons shes ready to like just punish anyone to any face if it helps. Her achieve her goal maybe that character is something we need to be seeing more of on tv maybe its. Good to be selfish once in a while maybe its good to pick yourself once in a while at the.

Expense of everyone maybe maybe sometimes you know if youre minority you need to be that selfish you need to. Be done focused on yourself you need to be that ruthless to get your destination may be a necessity maybe. Its not now im talking about connor and oliver yeah love story has been something very beautiful to watch on. Screen just beautiful like just them being together i didnt envision at the beginning when you know connor was being. A ho i told his character would have been deeply poet rowdy hosho but i love that didnt go through.

Without a route of him just being this guy that just has his own cannon sex let medium find love. And i think loving only made him a better character made him a better man and that was also very. Beautiful to watch his character just falling in love just means selfless and i dont know did they i feel. Like maybe cunha or so and i just didnt have a mind of his own and because michaela decided to. Take the do he just felt like you know peer pressure he decided to do the same and id end.

Of the day decided to atone for his role in everything he didnt kill anybody but he spent five years. In joso connors characters is he can be annoying at times but not up to the extent of makita everyone. Was saying how everybody that you got the appropriate punishment everyone got huge they got everything that you know whats. Coming to them because everyone basically that cute died but then what about needs net has been annoying everyone for. The past two seasons but he got away with everything and he got millions millions of dollars in settlement so.

For laurie oh shes never really made sense i do not understand how it feels like shes always finding something. To do like she cares she can just be normal she always has to find something shitty to just and. Gross herself in and she just she needs that adventure in her life i dont know why because half of. What went down on this show is because of her and her familys because of how useless family they are. Always demons like just good night in are killing people and for a whole season we saw her getting mad.

Because which was cute only to find out that she was the reason why was her to die and you. Just like lauro unless she runs away its just and she just runs away and everyone is wondering oh what. She kidnaps frank had to go through that humiliation and pain just to find her and she does that children. In brooklyn like seriously at the end of the day she had her redemption it was kind of like how. Way off pay for everything for what her family had done to the group she like spoke the truth and.

I feel like without her testimony annalise would have been you know guilty so that was a moment of redemption. For her character i never really understood her relationship with west it was kind of like a mismatch and no. Longer after was wednesday so we didnt really get to see much of that relationship but also i said more. That you can see her just like we need to do anything to protect her child i guess dicey peace. Like a boom i guess that something we should like her for because you know shes this mother thats going.

To do anything to protect her child and i love that moment of redemption where she surprises herself and she. Says the truth about annalise understand and yeah she makes michaela i will look was so the last character im. Gonna be talking about shes one of my favorite cut thats like she brought something different she showed she brought. A different kind of blood commodity sure a different kind of strength she was always put together she knew what. She wanted she was organized was ambitious she was side dish or spicy she was dying she was everything and.

I just love like what she brought to the show like for most of the show i didnt really trust. Her i thought to be an angle where she told that analyst and she is snitching with the governor or. Something so advanced herself but then they go through the routes and its also easy for she turned out to. Be saunders luau and this scene where handler oh good knife skills or else whether that scene was really satisfying. It was just like everyone getting stuff that was just like sipping my wine im just like enjoying it that.

Man had to die like i will just stop the governor in the same way but you know we can. Always get what we want so yeah cigars character was just when we saw on west on the trailer we. Altered the wedge was to our life and everyone wanted was to be our life and then it turned out. To be christopher i did not appreciate that i feel like they were trying to be toes which was not. Necessary like then you have to give us this idea that west was still alive i think that part of.

It was necessary but i understand that i wanted to do this thing where they go in a full circle. At the beginning of the shows analyst teaching a class on how to get with your mother and at the. End of this is someone who is like her grandson so would she help bring to this world that person. Becomes like you know harper dg and its also teaching the same class and you just supposed to be like. This full circle you know where everything just goes round and back and i understand and i appreciate what they.

Were trying to do but i dont think it was necessary but anyways this is how i feel about how. To get with mother the season finale all together i was a very beautiful show one of the best things. Ive watched on tv and i dont say that very easily so i really love this show and i would. Like to hear your thoughts in the comment section and i hope to see you man next you.

Method 4 – How To Get Away With Murder Cast: Where Are They Now? |⭐ Ossa

Who dated on the set of how to get away with murder what strange mementos did the cast members walk. Away with and what new controversial project has viola davis taken on hi im janet lets jump right in aja. Naomi king no one wanted to impress professor keating more than the highly ambitious overachiever michaela pratt and aja king. Is no different i mean she even won an naacp image award for her outstanding performance on the show since.

The show ended shes had several projects on the go you can catch the rising star in the jim crow. Era drama the 24th ajah also starred in the drama sylvies love which is now on amazon prime she posted. A snippet from the film in which she starred opposite tessa thompson and bridgertons dapper rajon page edge of service. Im sure you want to sit down as for her love life it was rumored that aja was dating her. Co-star alfred enoch the two posted numerous pictures together but neither confirmed or denied the speculations recently the two have.

Been spotted looking cozy with other people ajah was very emotional when saying goodbye to michaela and the cast and. Crew of how to get away with murder she says i mean its been everything to me just being here. With these people growing this family and then having having this opportunity to create a character that is so beloved. What does aja most admire about michaela that shes really good about telling people how she feels in the moment. She also admits to taking some of michaelas wardrobe but says that if she feels nostalgic shell just watch an.

Episode jack falahi just like michaela connor walsh was another character who would go to any length to gain analysis. Admiration the sly and sexy conor might be gay on the show but in real life jack is straight he. Is in a serious relationship with the beautiful ellie sater the two are always posting adorable pictures together along with. Their two gorgeous dogs isnt this just the cutest if you miss jack you can get your fix in the. Period drama mercy street where he plays a confederate officer frank stringfellow and hes also had a small role opposite.

Nicholas cage in the thriller rage did you know jack also sings he recently released a debut single silver lake. Queen how cool jack used to create playlists as an emotional preparation for his scenes as conor and is very. Nostalgic about his time on the show ive already stolen a couple of keepsakes from the keating 4 house ive. Been planning ahead so ive been stealing stuff all season he said in an interview talking about working with viola. Davis he said shes an idol of mine youre only as good as number one on the call sheet and.

Shes been a really fantastic leader jack is also super close with his castmates these people are lifelong friends you. Know ive seen them get married have kids um weve all had just huge things happen to us well on. This show and what about asher millstone you ask matt mcgorry asher was one of the characters who developed the. Most over the series from a rich frat boy into a defender of the group willing to stand up for. His friends matt mcgorry in real life is also not afraid to help people in need if you follow him.

On social media you will see that he is a passionate advocate for the lgbtq community he is also an. Avid reader and loves to share his political views and book recommendations but dont worry his acting career hasnt slowed. Down either while shooting how to get away with murder matt was juggling a few other productions including a netflix. Original titled uncourt in 2020 he hit the movie screens when he appeared in the film death of a telemarketer. And is a series regular on archive 81.

Busy guy and did you know that matt made a surprise appearance. On the season finale of how to get away with murder well sort of i knew my killer stole it. Why do you want that so i can kill you this scene was deleted but the series creator peter norwalk. Tweeted this snippet with the caption thank you matt for bringing heart laughter and one-of-a-kind dance moves to all of. Us aww carl azuza the dark horse of the infamous keating 5 was undoubtedly laurel castillo she started off seemingly.

Naive and precocious but turns out laurel had some skeletons in her closet as for carla well her closet seems. Pretty clean so to speak and shes been extra busy in both her personal and professional life fun fact carla. Is trilingual youll remember her perfect spanish in french on how to get away with murder when she was talking. To her parents well this came in handy as she is now starring in the chilean web drama el presidente. As an fbi agent and most recently carla has been cast in home economics alongside toffer grace the series follows.

Siblings who live very different lives with varying levels of financial security carla is very fond of her time as. Laurel seeing she loves how the character thinks strategically about her decisions carla says she herself is more impulsive she. Even took a few props from christophers nursery for her daughter this included a little ukulele and then some counting. Wood vintage games and then this robot that you would not have seen on the show but i knew that. They were there she said in real life she is happily married to banker marshall trenchman and recently gave birth.

To her second child luca during the midst of the covid19 pandemic he is just like the coolest like calmest. Piece most peaceful baby ive ever i really am gonna have to you know give him a lot of things. When hes like capable of understanding because he is so chill as for frank laurels love interest well stay tuned. Charlie weber annelises right-hand man frank delfino or more like her henchman was a very interesting character indeed and despite. Him being quite sinister everyone had a soft spot for him and so did charlie weber when he left the.

Show after six seasons charlie decided to take franks murder gloves as a momento kinda creepy wouldnt you say charlie. Has been moving forward in his acting career recently having starred in the romantic drama after we collided and soon. He will be starring in an action thriller with mel gibson called panama whilst on how to get away with. Murder charlie started dating his co-star liza wile but the two have since ended things charlie says liza and i. Share an amazing relationship rooted in love and respect that relationship has found its way back to the great friendship.

Weve always had we will continue to support each other and well always love working together as far as we. Can tell charlie is single but he likes to keep his relationships out of the limelight so you never know. As for his time on the show i i dont think you can prepare for this i think the ingredients. Were there shonda rhimes viola davis incredible script and we shot a great show and luckily it all came together. Lies a while bonnie winterbottom appeared to be sweet and kind the perfect counterpart to annelise but bonnie had claws.

And showed them when you least expected it some of the most powerful scenes are the showdowns between annelise and. Bonnie dont you think liza revered her castmates talent and loved working with viola davis its pretty dreamy and yeah. It does really feel like a very special group of people and everybody is really enormously talented and viola certainly. Sets the tone liza herself has had a phenomenal career starring in hits like gilmore girls and scandal and you. Wont have to look too far to find liza on your screens again since her stint on how to get.

Away with murder liza has now got a recurring role on amazon primes the marvelous mrs maisel and she has. Three upcoming films to boot this includes the black emperor of broadway about the first black actor cast in a. Broadway show in 1921. Lizas personal life is just that very personal before dating charlie weber liza was married to. Paula delstein who she worked with on shonda rhimes scandal the two divorced after four years and they have a.

Daughter together josephine elizabeth liza doesnt post much personal stuff on her social media so if she is currently involved. With someone its under wraps alfred eno.

Conclusion – How Did How To Get Away With Murder End

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