How Do Airpods Connect To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Connect Airpods To Your Iphone Or Android Device – Apple Support

Connecting your air pods or air pods pro to your iphone or android device is simple heres how to get. Started well go over how to connect them to your iphone automatically to your android device manually and how you. Can switch to listening on your air pods from another device before you start make sure your iphone is updated. To the latest version of ios if youre using an iphone your air pods will connect automatically just bring your.

Ear pods next to your iphone then open the case if youre reconnecting your air pods with your iphone and. Press and hold the button on the back of your ear pods case to reset them when the prompt appears. Tap connect when theyre connected the status light on the case will blink and then go solid follow the on-screen. Prompts and when youre ready tap done if find my is enable your air pods will appear there automatically to. Connect your ear pods manually or if youre using an android device you can connect via bluetooth settings on an.

Android device go to settings and then select bluetooth next bring your ear pods close to your device and open. The case press and hold the button on the back of the case until you see the status light flash. White then select your air pods from the list of bluetooth devices and follow the on-screen prompts listening on speakers. Or a different set of headphones and want to switch to your air pods to choose what youre listening on. First make sure your case is open then open control center on your iphone and touch and hold the audio.

Card in the upper right corner next tap the airplay icon then choose the device you want now you can. Make calls listen to a podcast or your favorite song on repeat with your air pods or air pods pro. For more helpful tips subscribe to the apple support channel or click another video to keep watching.

Method 2 – How To Setup Airpods On Iphone & Mac!

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Method 3 – Airpods Not Connecting To Iphone 🔥 [How To Fix & Solutions!]

Hey whats going on everyone in this quick video im going to show you how you can fix the air. Pods not connecting to the iphone issue so if youve just gone ahead and purchased some air pods and theyre. Not connecting to your iphone this can be incredibly frustrating as these little things are not cheap so im going. To show you guys a few different steps and methods on how you can reconnect your air pods to your.

Iphone device in the comfort of your own home so the very first thing that i actually recommend you to. Do is to actually go ahead and restart to your iphone as it actually may be a software issue on. The iphone that may be preventing the air pods from connecting so this will not remove any data or storage. Or any safe things from your iphone this kind of just works on the same as when you restart a. Computer as it may remove any temporary glitches or bugs so if you want to go ahead and restart your.

Device if you have the iphone 8 or above you can press the volume up the volume down and then. The lockscreen button and this will go ahead and restart the device and you just want to press that for. Around 30 seconds and if you have the iphone 7 you can do the same by pressing the volume down. And the lockscreen button together and if you have the iphone 6 or below you can press the home button. And the lockscreen button for around 30 seconds until the device reboots so once youve gone ahead and done that.

We can now go ahead and re-establish the connection between the air pods and the iphone so to do this. The first thing i recommend you to do is actually to go ahead and reset the air pods so then. We can go ahead and reconnect them to the iphone device so to reset your ear pods you just want. To go ahead and press this button on the back and you want to press this for around 30 seconds. So currently they are connected but i want to go ahead and disconnect them from my iphone completely so im.

Just going to go ahead and press this button and im just going to keep pressing this and as you. Can see its flashing so its in the process of resetting the air pods so im going to im going. To keep pressing on this and if i keep doing this this will eventually reset them and as you can. See this is now flashing again after you saw the amber light there okay guys so now that ive gone. Ahead and reset my ear pods the next thing i have to do is to go ahead and simply open.

Them and my iphone will recognize the these air pods as a new device so im just going to go. Ahead and press connect and there we have a guys out air pods are now reconnected to our iphone device. So if you are still having issues at this point the next thing i recommend you to do is to. Actually just go ahead and charge the air pods for around ten to fifteen minutes as ive actually had issues. Where they may actually have charge but when it comes to connecting to the iphone especially if theyre below twenty.

Percent i have found they do have a lot of trouble connecting and also you will have issues of maybe. Only one air pod working as well so as an addition to this step ive also found its actually quite. Helpful to actually go ahead and clean the air pod case and actually the air pods as well so as. You can see you we have these little metal connectors at the base of the air pod and this actually. Allows them to charge down the base of the actual case so pretty much if you use a q-tip this.

Is essentially made for cleaning these so you just want to go ahead and get in there and clean any. Dirt or debris that may be built up in there and again you want to follow this on this other. Side as well and then with these you want to go ahead and clean the base of the metal connections. As well as these can actually fill up with some grime and grease and dirt and prevent them from connecting. To the airports case and also them connecting to your iphone as well so im just going to put these.

Back in and once you do that you can again follow the same process of resetting them and trying to. Reconnect to your iphone device so there you have it guys thats a few simple tips and tricks that you. Can try at home on how to reconnect your air pods to your iphone device so if any of these. Steps did work for you or maybe youve come up with your own please share your solutions down below in. The comments section as that will literally help thousands of other iphone users out there so as always thanks for.

Watching ill see you all in the next one.

Method 4 – Airpods Won’t Connect To Iphone? Here’S Quick Fix

Although every airpod is designed to connect with your device effortlessly and easily but sometimes your earpod can get faulty. And because of that maybe you wont be able to connect it with your iphone so if youre having any. Problem that relates to your airpods dont worry because in this video were going to be showing you all this. Unnecessary process or step that you can possibly take in water to fix your earpod when connecting with your iphone.

Now lets go ahead and get started alright guys right now the first thing you need to consider off is. To know whether your airpod has enough charge or not well since youre unable to connect your earpods with your. Iphone 12 you will be able to know the charge percentage is because youre not being able to connect it. By the way theres a workaround that you can do in order to know that ks charges so if you. Just go ahead and charge your earpod just like that then youll be able to see the color over here.

If i just go ahead and take close look here youll be able to see the color over here so. If you see the orange color on here that means your case is charging however if you see the green. Color that means your airpod is now charged afterward go ahead and try connecting your earpod to check whether its. Working or not if not dont worry go ahead and follow our next process to see how it really works. All right guys so the next thing were going to talk about is to check whether your airpod is connected.

With multiple device or not so if you see that your airplane is connected with multiple device that can interrupt. That network in that case all you can do just go ahead and grab your other device that you can. Think maybe it is connected with then you can just simply forget that device from your other device just go. Ahead and tap the eye option from here go out and tap forget this device and now i forget this. Device now your airpod is completely disconnect from your other device now go ahead and try connecting your airpod with.

Your iphone hopefully thatll work for you all right guys in the next things were going to talk about the. Bluetooth of your iphone 12 so for some reason if you dont turn on your bluetooth on your iphone 12. You will have the problem connecting your earpad with your iphone 12 itself so here all you can do just. Go ahead and make sure to toggle on your bluetooth and then go ahead and try opening your case and. Check whether it is working or not even after this if youre still facing this problem dont worry let me.

Show you a couple more options that you still can try using in water to fix your issues all right. Guys in the next things were going to talk about you can clean your case well if you ask us. Why because sometimes if you lets say if youre using your airpod for quite a long time and if you. See any dust happen to be in your case sometime that can interrupt that problem i mean that can eventually. Make the problem especially for having or getting charged on your earpod so here as you can see this steel.

Right over here this thing actually works for taking the charge from your case so if you see that inside. Of your case that there are some dust you simply can use any cotton like that and then you simply. Can clean that case just like that and after cleaning it you can just place them back and check whether. Theyre working or theyre charging or not all right guys after doing all of the process if youre still facing. This problem all you can do lastly you can just do a reset all by using your earpod so here.

All you can do just go ahead and press this button on the back button of your airpod and just. Keep holding it around 10 to 15 seconds and then youll be see that your color i mean your light. Is still blinking so im going to go ahead and show you how you can do it go ahead and. Open your kiss just like that and now just press this button around 10 to 15 seconds and then your. Airpod will get auto restart now lets go ahead and now right now as you can see your color is.

Blinking so im gonna just go ahead and release it now this earpod is completely restarted so im just gonna. Go ahead and try connecting this airpod with this iphone just to let you guys you know see how it. Really works so as you can see let me just go ahead and close this case just like that and. Im gonna just go ahead and open it and now most likely well get this pop-up on our iphone 12. Right now just go ahead and tap connect and here go ahead and hold that button on the back of.

Your earpod just hold it keep hold it and right now as you can see it says connecting now connected. All right guys now as you can see our you know a charged person tends on that air pods and. Also the case right over here well case doesnt really have a lot of charge left by the way guys. All right guys this is the way you actually can i mean these are the way that you literally can. Use in water to fix your airpod if its not connecting or if its not pairing with your iphone 12.

Hopefully our video was helpful if you find it helpful you can let us know in the comment box and. Alright guys and we will see you guys in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Connect Airpods Pro To Iphone

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Conclusion – How Do Airpods Connect To Iphone

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