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Method 1 – How Do Beavers Build A Dam | Slice

The long hard winter is over spring has finally come to wyoming in the northwest united states for this young. Beaver its time to build up strength following his father he has to learn all the ropes the river is. Calm and the dam his father built seems strong summer and winter this vast structure traps water behind it and. Creates a pond deep enough to build a safe home the young beaver and his family spent the winter huddled.

Together here in their lodge safe from the cold and hunger this years litter has just arrived the juvenile struggles. To find its place at two years old this young architect has reached sexual maturity so the eldest of the. Siblings is driven out it is time for him to go build his own dam and lodge for his future. Family his survival now depends on his ability to design and build his territory step one find a suitable building. Site in this vast expanse with his webbed hind feet rudder-like tail and thick layer of fat the young beaver.

Is already well equipped for this epic adventure spanning several days or even weeks in the icy waters of snake. River although he possesses the requisite physical attributes this is still unfamiliar territory luckily he comes across the remains of. A dam better still built up against the bank is the base of an abandoned lodge a quick survey convinces. Him this is the perfect base for renovation but theres no time to lose winter is around the corner and. There is still a lot of work to do especially when youre alone and inexperienced then again he already has.

A master carpenters tools like these incisors which are as strong and sharp as a chisel this rodent is primarily. Nocturnal but sleep can wait theres a dam to build left to his own devices the juvenile beavers away night. And day reproducing what he has learned he tries to make the most of the materials nature provides the young. Beaver still lacks practice but instinctively he adds stones to reinforce the branch framework anchored in the mud water is. A demanding environment and sometimes a formidable opponent too even for this semi-aquatic mammal after two weeks hard work the.

Structure is now complete all that remains to be done is pack mud between the branches to make it stronger. And reduce the risk of leaks the young beaver has learned from his father to interpret the rivers moods and. He has just noticed a sudden change in the river flow at the foot of the rockies the current is. Formidable our young builder evidently lacked time and experience the dam gives way as he looks on helplessly it will. Have to be rebuilt it is late in the season now in a few months snow and ice will cover.

The land and river once more so rebuilding is a question of survival and giving up is not an option. Especially when you have to start a family before winter.

Method 2 – How Do Beavers Build Dams? | Nature On Pbs

Beavers are vegetarians they gnaw through bark to eat the sugary layer underneath theyve been gnawing through forests for 20. Million years felling trees with your teeth takes great strength skill and patience one technique is to slice halfway through. And let the wind do the rest the beavers incisors are strengthened with iron which makes them orange they grow. Continuously and even self sharpen the pond makes it easier to move around the heavy logs they need to build.

Their dams out of the water its a struggle stones help weigh down the base the whole family works together. Carefully interlocking the timber they dredge mud from the pond bottom to seal the dam each pond traps several inches. Of sediment every year so theres plenty of it the young act as apprentice builders learning the tricks of the. Trade the final results are impressive in the rocky mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water the. Ponds built-up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts you.

Method 3 – Why Do Beavers Build Dams?

Hi its doug you see this this is the hoover dam in nevada usa a dam is a place where. People have walled off part of a river and created a lake behind the wall hoover dam is huge but. Isnt even the tallest or the longest dam in the world check out this one in alberta canada its not. Very tall but its almost twice as long as the hoover dam in fact its so long that it shows.

Up on satellite images from space and the most amazing thing of all this dam wasnt built with cranes or. Cement trucks or tractors like most dams this was made almost entirely by beavers someone named mateo has a question. About beavers and dams lets give mateo a call now hi dad hi mateo i have a question for you. Why do beavers build dams thats a great question this is a beaver dam why do beavers build these well. At first i didnt know the answer to this question either i thought that a beaver dam must be a.

House where beavers lived but it surprised me to find out that beaver dams arent where beavers live theyre not. Houses at all so why do they build them then i mean building a dam seems like a lot of. Work especially since beavers are so small and it is a lot of work for a beaver to build a. Dam can take weeks months or even years to completely finish and if you think about why it makes sense. It takes so long first they need to cut down tall trees then they drag them all the way to.

The middle of a river then they pile rocks and sticks and plants on top of it to make it. Taller so if theyre not going to live in a dam why do they go through all this trouble there. Must be a good reason right before i say anything more im curious why do you think beavers go through. All the trouble of building a dam now would be a good time to pause the video and discuss okay. You ready even though dams arent beaver houses scientists have discovered that they have a lot to do with where.

Beavers build their houses you see beavers do build houses their homes are called lodges and when a beaver builds. A lodge it needs to find the perfect place for a beaver that means a place surrounded by lots of. Water like if they can find an island in the middle of a pond thats perfect thats where theyll build. Their lodge thats because beavers arent very fast on land but theyre great swimmers look closely you see its back. Feet theyre webbed just like a ducks so a beaver can swim really fast and you notice its flat tail.

It turns out that helps a beaver steer just like the rudder on a boat so building a lodge in. The middle of a pond makes sense it makes it a lot easier for beavers to escape from danger and. Swim home if theyre being chased by predators like wolves wolverines or bears its kind of like a moat around. A castle the water helps biebers swim home quickly and keeps dangerous animals away animals that cant swim as well. But what if theres no pond around like what if the only water nearby is a river a beaver cant.

Just build a lodge in the middle of a rushing river the fast-moving current would just carry their home away. This is where a dam comes in by building a dam the beaver blocks the rushing water and turns the. River from this to this a totally calm and peaceful pond once they have a pond theres no more rushing. Water or fast-moving current that can carry away their lodge and theyll have a safe place to build now you. May be wondering what about when beavers have to go outside to build dams or collect food couldnt they get.

Attacked by a predator then but beavers have that figured out too a beaver dam floods the land and plants. And trees around the river so now instead of having to walk everywhere to get wood or food they can. Just swim everywhere its kind of like having a water freeway and this in my opinion is the coolest part. A beaver builds a secret underwater tunnel underneath its lodge so that it can swim in and out without anyone. Or anything seeing in fact when a beaver sees a wolf or other predator coming close it will start slapping.

Its tail on the water as a warning signal which tells the other beavers to swim to the secret entrance. As fast as they can so beavers build dams in order to slow down a rushing river and create a. Pond where they can live safely but even thats not all they also use these ponds they create for something. Else its their refrigerator beavers love eating bark and leaves off trees so they spend the entire fall storing tree. Branches underneath the water of the pond near their secret entrance when winter comes and the pond freezes on top.

They can swim out of their secret tunnels to their stash of sticks whenever they want a snack then take. It back into their cozy lodges and they can do this without ever having to go out into the snow. So in summary beavers build dams to stop the flow of rushing rivers so they can create safe ponds to. Build their lodges on since these lodges are surrounded by water the beavers who live there are a lot safer. From predators thats all for this weeks question thanks mateo for asking it now well be back with a new.

Question in a couple of weeks but in the meantime here are some older questions from the question jar you. Can vote on which one you think we should send out next week you can choose from how is gold. Made how do magicians trick people or how is a rainbow made so submit your vote when the video is. Over i want to hear from all of you watching there are mysteries all around us stay curious and see. You next week you.

Method 4 – How Do Beavers Build A Dam | Bbc

The beavers lodge can be more than 12 meters across and 3 meters high thats bigger than a double garage. Once the basic framework is in place its overlaid with yet more vegetation and sticks each member of this crew. Can turn their pour to anything the plasterer arrives with mud to bind the walls and insulate against the cold. Wattle and daub is a very effective technique but how does the beaver crew know when to start on the.

Lodge they take their cue from the rising water levels once the pond reaches a certain depth they automatically switch. Energies from dam construction to building a home more and more logs offer it in before they use the mugs. The beavers strip the bark and eat it nothing goes to waste all this manual labor helps to keep these. Builders super fit a beaver can lift its own bodyweight in timber from start to finish it takes just 20. Days to build the lodge using around three tons of raw materials the beavers home is high-security protected by a.

Moat with several concealed underwater entrances inside the beavers carve out individual chambers this is where they have their young. Beavers give birth in spring to three or four babies or kits each one about the size of a guinea. Pig females nurse their young for two months but at only three days old the kit also begins to cut. Its teeth on bits of vegetation brought in by the family the lodge is made up of three rooms each. With a private entrance to the pond the nursery and then the sleeping quarters this one is taken by a.

Pair of muskrats theyre permanent squatters the third room is the beaver families feeding chamber with last years young still. At home its a full house all these beaver bodies create a kind of central heating the humidity and warmth. Does however mean that fungi grow like rising damp under the reed carpet with front and back door access underwater. The inhabitants can come and go hidden from prying eyes as well as being a cozy family home this is. Now a prime piece of detached waterfront property complete with landscape garden lodge larder pond and channels all finished the.

Beavers are on schedule their deadline is in sight and the building is almost complete.

Method 5 – How Beavers Evolved To Build Dams

Natural rivers often run through forests but this stream in south dakota is particularly quiet the flow of water is. Low and the trail of fallen trees points to only one culprit beavers these large rodents have been busy at. Work chewing at trees with sharp teeth swimming up and down collecting logs and branches to build their dams they. Use stones to help weigh down the base and mud to help seal up the gaps carefully blocking almost every.

Part of the stream over time water builds up to form a pond its a family business and everyone chips. In or at least theyre meant to a beaver dam is a marvel of engineering that changes the surrounding landscape. And the final results are impressive there are usually two parts to the work of a beaver the dam and. The lodge beavers build dams to help create a deep pond of quiet water where they then build their home. Or lodge the dam slows down the river flow so that the beavers home doesnt wash away it can stretch.

Up to 10 feet high and 500 meters long the lodge protects the beavers from predators and shelters them from. Bad weather it can only be entered through underwater tunnels making it the perfect refuge inside is a cozy chamber. Lined with dry leaves a great place to rest after hard days work modern beavers are the only living members. Of their family custody once a diverse group of rodents custody now only contains two species the north american and. Eurasian beavers the family originated in the late eocene around 36 million years ago these early creatures were small they.

Had large claws and short tails pointing to a lifestyle made for digging rather than swimming in fact some specimens. Have even been found fossilized in the underground burrows which are known as devils corkscrews for their spiral shape but. These ancient beavers actually dug burrows using their teeth with large flat incisors similar to their modern day cousins later. In the early myocine around 20 million years ago the beaver family split in two with one branch staying underground. While the other took to the water this semi-aquatic group consisted of two sub-families castorney which includes the living beavers.

And castoroidini which included giant beavers the size of bears in the fossil record the appearance of aquatic beavers coincides. With the disappearance of terrestrial beavers its possible that prehistoric climate change is the reason why when the planets cooled. Down and dried out land beavers like paleocastrids just couldnt adapt to the new world and so they went extinct. But their semi-aquatic cousins thrived they were sheltered from bad weather in their watery habitats and they spread across north. America europe and continental asia it was around this time 20 million years ago that woodcutting behavior emerged in a.

Semi-aquatic group as fossils have been found near chewed wood in this study researchers analyzed the bones of extinct beavers. To reconstruct their diet they found that prehistoric beavers also had a taste for eating woody plants which suggests they. First snored on trees for feeding long before they built dams today modern beavers are well adapted for wood cutting. With powerful incisors they can fell trees as wide as one meter in diameter but often they go for smaller. Trees cutting around the trunk and leaving the wind to do the rest when a beaver targets larger trees its.

To reach the thinner branches on top where the leaves shoot and bark are modern beavers also build and sink. Rafts of tree branches as a source of food during the winter early semi-aquatic beavers may have also engaged in. This behavior by hoarding food underwater they could have survived the winter months of darkness when plants go dormant in. Fact their unusual diet alone may have allowed them to exploit the colder environments that arose during and after the. Late miocene this could have been key in allowing them to disperse between north america and eurasia but the story.

Is quite different for giant beavers as one of the largest rodents that ever lived giant beavers disappeared during the. Megafaunal extinction around 12 000 years ago in this same study their diet was also reconstructed and it seemed they. Moved away from eating woody plants this evolutionary change in diet may have been a leading factor in their extinction. Especially once they faced climate change meanwhile on the lineage leading to modern beavers dam building finally evolved around seven. And a half million years ago its unlikely any of their earlier ancestors had built dams although they cut and.

Ate woody plants they were just too small to harvest whole trees take the modern beaver its a large rodent. With many weighing up to 30 kilograms its body size allows it enough strength to build and maintain dams over. Several years dam building may have first emerged after early beavers collected branches for feeding eventually the growing pile of. Sticks could have created dams by pure luck and the effects would have been huge a deeper pond is a. Great defense as it provides a safe refuge from land predators it also creates better conditions for underwater food hoarding.

Especially in winter because deeper water would prevent the whole pond from being frozen over because of this natural selection. Would have favored those that maintained the dam possibly as an extension of their pre-existing nesting behavior swimming wood cutting. And a woody plant diet could have set the stage for the evolution of dam building and the climate cooling. That started around 15 million years ago and continued into the pleistocene would have allowed a period for these behaviors. To be selected for today beavers are hardwired to build dams and theyre even known to be triggered by the.

Sound of running water alone but their behaviors dont just benefit them beavers reshape the face of their ecosystems by. Knowing down trees they open up the woodlands around them allowing other pioneering plants to grow their dams can act. As natural filters ridding pollution to clean streams of water and they can also create the building blocks for wetland. Habitats which attracts a large variety of other animals this boom in biodiversity is why beavers are truly a keystone. Species you.

Conclusion – How Do Beavers Know How To Build Dams

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