How Do I Activate Voice To Text On Android – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i activate voice to text on android,

Method 1 – Android Speech To Text Tutorial For Beginners – Android Basics Tutorial

What is going on guys its supreme guru and im back with another video in this video im gonna show. You some accessibility features that dont actually feature in the accessibility sentence so if this is something that youre interested. In or intrigued in then stay tuned to this video im gonna be showing you how to do things like. Hey what is going on youtube i am recording a video at the minute and im showing some accessibility features.

On my phone pretty cool so im gonna be showing you stuff like that and im also going to show. You hey this is an email that ive sent in to no one but im just showing you hi easy. From haiku this feature is if you find it hard to take on your keyboard i can actually use this. Feature on anything whether it be whats up messages or email so if you want to find out on how. To use this feature on your android phone then stay tuned to this video so the first thing that i.

Will ask you guys to do is download g board i will leave a link down in the description below. But you just go into the play store in sochi port i will leave a link to my g board. Tutorial just up in the corner and but this feature is very easy to use on g board its the. Perfect type of keyboard for your phone so whenever you get all that installed you will notice that whenever you. Go into a text message and load up your keyboard you do have a microphone option so basically what this.

Does is it turns your speech into text so if you find it hard typing on your phone to hit. The right keys and stuff like that there then this feature is super good super awesome and super easy once. You get into the swing of it so what you have to do is hit the microphone personally i tend. To speak quite slow quite clear so that it actually understands my accent because northern ireland accent doesnt work overly. Amazing with google but for an american accent or for british accent it seems to do pretty well sometimes ive.

Even tried up with a british accent to get specific words hi what is going on boys thats awful wasnt. It ill try to get all right mate whats going on that was pretty bad too ill trap with an. American accent hey man whats happening im trying to speak with a american accent but i dont think this is. Going too well so maybe i shouldnt stick to the accent part of it and ill maybe just stick to. My own accent but thats how easy it is to use this feature so basically you had the microphone you.

Speak to it and what you want to say what you want to send and attacks and then whenever youre. Done you send that text if you find this video helpful in any way definitely give it a thumbs up. So that i know that you guys enjoy it on you maybe want some more videos along those lines if. You didnt enjoy this video then give it a thumbs down let me know why you didnt enjoy it and. Any feedback that i can use to make these videos better and easier for you guys and if this is.

Your first time here then thank you and welcome to my channel my name is supreme curry i do tech. Tutorial videos not only on android phones but i also do them on iphones so anyway without me blabbering on. Thank you for watching this video until next guys peace.

Method 2 – How Do I Activate Voice To Text On Android?

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Method 3 – How To Fix Voice Text Android Phone

Whats up guys its jonathan with one big impact so i want this to be a very quick video but. I want to explain something that absolutely drives me nuts so my phone recently did a samsung update i have. The samsung galaxy nine but this is going to be pretty close to the same information no matter which uh. Android you have so you have to go to your voice input settings so first of all what it is.

Is i voice text a lot and when your phone doesnt update it will default a lot of the times. To samsung voice recorder which is absolutely horrible software no offense samsung im definitely an android lover but i feel. Like that is something that has not been fixed so first of all youre gonna go to your settings and. Depending on your phone youre gonna look somewhere for anywhere where it says you see the third one well hold. On on this on this current screen its the third one down general management language and input date and time.

Blah blah blah so youre going to click language and input and on-screen keyboard so this is going to be. Kind of like settings and stuff like that youre not going to really mess with too much other than the. Fact that uh the top says default keyboard samsung keyboard so youre gonna go ahead and click on that and. It says show keyboard button blah blah a little settings thing little gear on the side click that and language. And types lets see here oh i clicked the wrong thing keyboard sorry so its gonna say right here if.

You have the voice samsung voice input which is the one that sucks itll be clicked blue i switched it. To google voice um and im not going to switch it back because its a damn nightmare but basically those. Unclick the bottom one click the top one and you can even do cool stuff like where is it lets. See um anyway thats how you do it i was trying to show you how to stop bleeping out the. Cuss words i just figured that out and just to show you uh really quick its pretty awesome how it.

Works im not going to show you because if i do that its going to like start texting or whatever. But i guess i could show you how extremely accurate it is so i will say google is far more. Accurate obviously you can see theres one word that was off but if you do the samsung galaxy version it. Is literally every single word is jacked up so i hope that video helps you if it does please like. Share comment and subscribe to my channel im trying to get to 100 000 subscribers asap so please please please.

Help me out by doing so thank you so much have a beautiful day be stronger than excuses remember to. Spread love not hate drink your damn water and stay on track bye.

Method 4 – Text To Speech Options On Android – Talkback, Select To Speak, Voice Assistant, Screen Reader

Hey guys welcome back to the blind life today were going to take a look at the text to speech. Options on android oh my gosh my desk is a mess this giant pile of canes over here let me. See all these canes its mostly cables ive got cables everywhere i gotta get organized so i recently did a. Video showing the main text to speech options on ios devices iphones ipads things like that if youd like to.

See that video ill have a link popping out of the top right corner of your screen also in the. Description box down below but i had planned on doing a video for android as well and based on the. Comments you guys wanted to see that also so thats what were doing today were gonna take a look at. The text to speech options on android now this is mainly for accessibility but this can be used by anybody. So lets jump right into it and take a look at it now the first thing to keep in mind.

About android which makes it difficult for teaching something like this is that there are so many different types of. Android devices out there most all android devices are going to have these settings aside from one but well get. To that here in a second but it may be in a slightly different area of the accessibility settings so. You might have to hunt for it a little bit you should be able to follow along pretty well though. But regardless we need to get into settings so were gonna pull down our notification shade and were going to.

Tap the little gear icon in the top right to jump into settings for this my galaxy s 10 accessibility. Is pretty much down towards the bottom im gonna click on that and then right at the top you see. We have screen reader now samsung has their own built-in screen reader its called voice assistant thats what this is. Androids main screen reader is called talkback so were gonna look at that first because thats what most everybody will. Have and then well come back to voice assistant so if talkback isnt in your accessibility settings in the main.

Settings you may have to look into your vision settings or vision enhancements if its not in there also it. Could be like it is on mine in the installed services which for me is at the bottom of my. List here click on that and there is talkback click on it and you can turn it on you can. Play with the settings talkback if youre not familiar with it is androids main screen reader and it will read. Everything with a little bit of a caveat it will read everything on the screen top to bottom if i.

I can swipe left or right to hit different elements of the screen i can tap different elements of the. Screen and it will read it out loud you can turn on talkback here you could also set up a. Hardware shortcut and this is going to be different like i said for different android devices for my galaxy s. Ten here and most of the modern galaxies samsung galaxy phones you can set it up to press the power. Button and the volume up button and it turns talkback on okay so thats talkback is on now and you.

See it reads puts a little highlighted box over the section that its reading i can swipe to the right. White to the left and it will read whatever it lands on i can also touch as i said if. I want to turn it off again just press that same hardware button combination power and volume up its a. Very quick easy way to turn it on and off that shortcut is set up in a different area of. The settings i have a video showing how to do that ill link that in the description down below as.

Well so lets go back and back up to the top and well take a look at the screen reader. Which as i said is samsungs voice assistant you can turn that on tutorial once again settings its its very. Very similar to talkback personally im not a hundred percent sure why they created it but you know i guess. Its cool that we have a second option i will say that sometimes if talkback wont read something voice assistant. Will and buts but oftentimes majority of the times if one wont read it the other one wont read it.

Either but you could jump back and forth you can also set up a shortcut for voice assistant for me. Ive got it set to long long pressing the two volume buttons volume up and volume down if i long. Press those and hold it for a second get a little vibration and it tells me thats on now once. Again i can swipe i can yeah you can swipe you can touch and it will read it doubletap to. Activate i mean all the gestures are virtually the same so its not too difficult to jump back and forth.

Between the two and theyre just slightly different so im going to turn it back off long pressing these two. Buttons and we turn it off again so those are two options for samsung devices for screen readers as i. Said normal android devices only have the one talkback but we have a third option and this ones gonna be. Perfect for those who dont need a full-blown screen reader maybe they can manage pretty good without it and they. Every now and then they just need something read out loud to them once again you can set up those.

Shortcut keys and just quickly turn talkback or voice assistant on and have it read what you want it to. And then turn it back off again i do that quite often but the other option is select to speak. And this once again if you cant find it in your main settings its going to be in the installed. Services and for me its down there at the bottom will scoot it up a little bit select to speak. So i already have this turned on and in fact if you look down my bottom bottom of my screen.

The navigation bar theres a little accessibility icon the little stick figure guy off to the far right that is. The select to speak button so its always there one nice thing about this is its not intrusive its not. Floating on the screen somewhere where youre accidentally going to tap it every now and then i do hit that. Instead of the back button but that doesnt happen very often but anyway the way it works is if i. Tap it this little window pops out there at the bottom it has a play button and a stop button.

But now if i drag my finger over any text on the screen it will read that aloud once i. Lift my finger off so im gonna drag just kind of do a little box and im gonna lift my. Finger off it read that little section that i had dragged over and it only does it once so now. My finger doesnt draw the box anymore everything works just like normal so that can be helpful like i said. If i wanted to read this large section of text here i just tap the accessibility guy drag right over.

It and i dont have to draw a box over the entire thing just a section and i can stop. It reading just by pressing the stop button i can pause it the little play button turns into a pause. Button that can pause if i want to and then play it continue playing it so thats very helpful now. Once again there are certain places where talkback voice assistant and even select to speak will not read it its. Just you know a bug where with the screen reader on android it just doesnt work one of the places.

Is one of the places that i find it quite often is on youtube reading comments and things like that. Ill select a big section of text and it will say no text in this area and thats you know. Theres nothing you can do about it thats just one of those little annoyances aggravations of android but overall in. General this works really well there you go guys so that is our only text to speech options in android. At this time built-in natively to android there may be like third-party applications you can get and things like that.

But talkback select to speak for the majority of us thats it once again if you have a samsung device. Then youre also gonna have voice assistant so i hope that was helpful if you liked the video be sure. To hit the like button also subscribe turn on notifications and while youre down there clicking on stuff go ahead. And leave a comment ill be happy to help out if i can but if you guys will excuse me. Im gonna clean up my area here and get a little more organized but this is staying with the blind.

Life ill see you guys next time.

Method 5 – How To Activate Android Text To Speech To Read Kindle Books

Hello youtube and welcome to another android tech support video and this video im going to show you how you. Cant use android texas speech engine in order to read kindle books this is actually very easy to do all. We have to do is enable in talkback which is in accessibility inside the settings app so lets get started. The first thing is to open the settings app so im going to tap on settings and then im going.

To scroll all the way down and to accessibility and then im going to click on that and then im. Going to click on actually i bought the tap on talkback and im going to enable talkback now keep in. Mind that once you enable talkback inside accessibility option the way you interact with your phone completely changes from this. Point on you have to tap three times to activate an action the first step is to select it and. The other two consecutive tabs to activate it so im going to tap ok and talkback is a label for.

This point on i dont know if you guys heard that but thats the phone i talked back option to. Enable in the background so im going to click on the let me see if i can get it closer. So is easy to to hear and so im going to go back into amazon kingdom im going im going. To open amazon kindle i dont know if it might be any different the way im interacting with my android. Device because im using a screencast or mirroring application but but you can hear the android and voice in the.

Background im going to click next next done i believe at this point if you swipe left and then doubletap. Itll start reading automatically for you so im going to try that nope obviously not anyways from this point forward. If you i believe if you swipe left and double tap itll start automatic reading and so thats it thats. How you can use enjoy a texas speech engine to read amazon kindle books and so thats it thanks for. Watching.

Conclusion – How Do I Activate Voice To Text On Android

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