How Do I Add A Email To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i add a email to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Add Multiple Email Accounts On Iphone

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Method 2 – How To Set Up An Email Account On Iphone

Hi guys david and david here from and up phone calm and in this video were going to show. You how to set up an email account on your iphone if you dont already have an email account check. Out our other video called how to create an email account under iphone link in the card above in the. Description section below so how do we set up an email account on our iphone first thing to do is.

To open the settings app and then come on down to passwords and accounts tap there and then tap add. Account if you have any of these email providers you could just tap on the one you have were going. To set up a gmail address so im going to tap google if you dont youre gonna have to tap. Other and then tap add mail account and then enter this information here most email providers will automatically set themselves. Up if its not already here but some still you might have to have some settings for it were just.

Going to do it this simple way which is to set up gmail im going to tap google here settings. Wants to use google calm to sign-in lets have continue so well sign in with our gmail account on my. Phone youll see that for this website jaspion or david this is a suggested entry because ive used this email. Account on this iphone before but if youve never done that you might not see your email address so i. Can just type my entire email address there and tap next you know im gonna type in my password and.

Tap next now gmail is gonna ask me if i want to use mail contacts and calendars im gonna turn. Off contacts and calendars for now this is an important setting to pay attention to especially if youre already using. Icloud to synchronize your contacts and your calendars or other data because a lot of times people would come into. The apple store with the problem that they didnt really know where their contacts were cuz they would have turned. On gmail contact syncing and so thered be some contacts in gmail and theyd have icloud and thered be some.

In icloud therell be some in yahoo and it makes it really difficult so if youre not sure about what. To do here just turn on mail and turn the other ones off you can always come back here and. Turn these on if you want to turn on contact syncing with gmail in the future so just mail tap. Save in the upper right hand corner of the screen account added and youre all set they said its going. To swipe from from the very bottom of the screen open up the mail app quick and we can see.

Some emails from google thats how you do it lets say you set up mail on your iphone thank you. Guys for watching this video give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful leave us a comment below. If you have any other questions and dont forget to subscribe to this channel for more great i phone videos.

Method 3 – Iphone 13

Hey guys in this video were going to take a look at how you can set up new email account. For your iphone 13 or the iphone 13 pro now there are two different ways how you can do this. You can directly open up the mail app on your home screen or in your app library okay and in. Here you can select one of the email services to sign in you will need to have a username or.

An email address and a password to sign into your email account another way you can do it is to. Go into settings so on your home screen tap on settings and in settings were going to go down and. Tap on mail and in here tap on accounts and then tap on add account okay so its the same. Thing and in here you can choose for example icloud microsoft exchange google yahoo aol outlook and other so if. You choose other you can add in your email account say from a website or for my from a email.

Services that has not been listed in the list right here or you can add in your puptree account so. Lets say your email services is google so you can choose google to add in gmail okay so say here. Settings want to use your to sign in so you can tap on continued and in here were going. To put in the email address okay so put in the images and then turn next and say could not. Find the account so i need to correct the spelling and then tap on next to next we need to.

Put in the password okay so once you have put in the password tap on next and if you print. The wrong password you can try again okay so once you have printed the correct password if you have a. Two-step verifications you will need to verify it okay so i have just verified my two steps authentication and next. In gmail you can turn on turn off mail contacts calendars and notes next you can tap on the save. Button to save the changes and thats it so thats how you can add in a an email account to.

Your mailbox on the iphone 13 or the iphone 13 pro now you can continue to add in to add. In more email account so turn on ad account and next you can choose yahoo icloud outlook or other okay. So you can do that now another thing that you can do is lets say if you are using gmail. You can download the native app so you can just go to app store so in here we can go. To app store and instead of using the built-in mail app you can use the native app of that email.

Services such as gmail then you can just simply open up gmail and then you sign in with your gmail. Account so um while there is well it is easy to use the built-in mail app if you dont want. To use the built-in you can download a native app and thats it thank you for watching this video please. Subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 4 – How To Add An Email Account To Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch — Apple Support

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Method 5 – How To Create An Email Account On Iphone

Hi guys dave and david here from and up phone calm and in this video were going to show. You how to create a email account on your iphone if you already have an email account check out our. Other video called how to set up an email account on your iphone in this video specifically were going to. Show you how to create an account directly on your iphone and well be using gmail right the first choice.

You have to make when you set up an email account on your iphone is which email service youre going. To use gmail is great because it gives you 15 gigabytes of free inbox storage other service providers might offer. More but gmail stands apart in other ways so for instance gmail has the best spam filter online and you. Get no inbox ads they also have a great file size attachment limit and its completely free yeah so a. Lot of people also have email addresses that they might get through their internet service provider but the problem with.

Those is that if you move your email address doesnt move with you right so you want to have a. Service that is free and is gonna work on all your devices the gmail does and its gonna work wherever. You are in the world then if you move or to change your internet plan itll still work yeah were. Not gonna use icloud so although icloud is apples email solution it counts against your icloud storage so its not. Free you have to pay for it after five gigabytes and its just not as good as gmail but in.

Terms of the other features so thats enough about why were using gmail thats why were using gmail just use. It gmail so to set it up on your iphone to create the gmail account on your iphone open settings. Okay scroll down to passwords and accounts okay and tap add account perfect tap google yep g and google does. Gmail gmail yep so continue and then normally this is how youd sign-in but we need to create an account. So tap create account in the bottom left hand corner of the screen im gonna tell just say my first.

Name is david and my last name is pay yet how about that and new it wow its almost like. You use his phone before ya enter a verification code well just enter my phone number here you dont have. To enter your phone number so google can send you a bajillion text messages every day its just so you. Can verify that its you no ones impersonating you in that way not creating 10,000 spam gmail accounts yep so. I got this code ill enter this text now i have to enter my birthday in gender month im gonna.

Say november because thats the truth lets have done here day one lets have done year 1984 done gender will. Go with male and its have done and then ill tap next gmail has some ideas pay at david 84. David pay at 7 thats a good one theyre both good but i could also say create a different gmail. Address ill say i like jazz piano so ill say jazz piano david a gmail tap next how about that. There you go nobody had that huh no jazz piano david a lot of people care about that create a.

Strong password you can either use the one thats suggested here which is a good idea or tap choose my. Own password im just gonna use the one that they suggest perfect a strong password and tap next your iphone. Will save this next question add a phone number why not why not yep reset your password if you forget. It receive video calls and messages this is good im gonna say yes im in at the bottom here enter. The code we got another code coming in next so google says that i already have an account because ive.

Already associated this phone number with another account im just going to go to the bottom here and choose continue. Creating a new account now i can scroll to the bottom and so all the privacy in terms of services. And stuff tap i agree thanks david so weve got jazz piano david at you guys can email me. I guess yeah im not really gonna be checking this one but feel free and password tap next boom now. Gmail is set up on this iphone this is an important step dont hit cancel mail is gonna synchronize your.

Mail app with your email box you definitely leave this one on contacts calendars notes you might want to turn. These off especially if youre already using icloud to synchronize your contacts because what can happen is if you have. Multiple contacts or calendar providers turned out on your iphone because contacts can sync to gmail they can sync to. Icloud they could link to aol you can end up not knowing where your contacts actually live so if you. Already have icloud turned on for contacts which a lot of people will i would say turn this off just.

Leave mail on for now and then you can always go back here and turn on contacts later or turn. On calendars later if you want to so got mail abuse cup tap save here its gonna add the account. To my iphone great now i can see that ive got gmail here under accounts im going to swipe up. From the bottom of the screen and then im going to open the mail up to see my new mail. And i see email from google its a security alert and an email from andy from google who personally wrote.

Me this email welcoming me to my newest email it definitely not auto-generated right that was really really kind of. Him thats how to create an email account on your iphone thank you guys for watching this video give us. A thumbs up if you enjoyed leave us a comment down below if you have any other questions and dont. Forget to subscribe to this channel for more great i phone videos.

Conclusion – How Do I Add A Email To My Iphone

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