How Do I Add A Phone To Find My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i add a phone to find my iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i add a phone to find my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Use Find My Iphone To Track Your Lost Or Stolen Ios Device

Want to ensure youll be able to find your iphone ipad or ipod touch if its ever lost or stolen. Were here to help you out im jessica from tuck boomers comm in this video ill be showing you how. To setup and use find my iphone on your ios device now lets get started ill start by showing you. How to set up find my iphone then move into how to use it to track your device if you.

Have another ios device or can borrow one from a friend you can track your iphone from the find my. Iphone app if you dont have an ios device available to you you can still track your device from your. Computers web browser skip ahead to the time listed on your screen to see those instructions to begin setting up. Find my iphone open your ios settings at the top of your screen tap your name top icloud scroll down. And select find my iphone tap the switch at the top to enable find my iphone then tap the switch.

Labeled send last location if you want your devices location to be automatically sent to apple when the devices battery. Level is low this way youll be able to see the devices last-known location if it runs out of power. To use the find my iphone app tap find iphone on your ios homescreen then enter your email address and. Password to sign into your account tap the name of the device you want to find now youll be able. To see your devices location on a map tap the blue dot representing your device to access more options at.

The bottom of your screen youll see options to play the sound to help you find your device put your. Device in lost mode to prevent others from using it or accessing data stored on it or erase all the. Data on the device if you tap the car icon the maps app will open giving you directions to the. Devices location you can also track your apple devices on your computers web browser if you dont have your ios. Device with you to do this go to slash find sign into your apple id with your email address.

And password you click on a dot on the map to see the devices name then click the eye icon. To the right to access more options youll see the same options as are available on the find my iphone. App play a sound loss mode and erase device thats everything you need to know to enable and use find. My iphone on your ios devices thanks for watching if you found this video helpful wed love it if youd. Hit the thumbs up button below check out tec boomers comm for over a hundred free courses on all of.

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Method 2 – How Do You Add A Device To Find My Iphone?

Take our lead lets help you make your mark our goal is your satisfaction let us show you the way. On your iphone go to settings greater than your name greater than find my if youre asked to sign in. Enter your apple id if you dont have one tap dont have an apple id or forgot it then follow. The instructions tap find my iphone then turn on find my iphone take our lead following the release of ios.

13.1 and ipad os 13.1 apple now allows anyone with an apple id to use the find my app on. Another persons iphone or ipad to locate their own device if its gone missing once the page has loaded. Sign into your icloud account using your apple id and password take our lead pair your device with a bluetooth. Accessory on your device go to settings bluetooth and turn on bluetooth place your accessory in discovery mode and wait. For it to appear on your device to pair tap your accessory name when it appears on screen lets help.

You make your mark setting it up is easy but whoever you track will need to perform some steps and. Enter their password on your iphone tap the settings app tap your name at the top of the screen tap. Family sharing tap add family member and then choose how you want to invite them to be tracked thank you. For watching please subscribe and hit the bell notification.

Method 3 – How To Use “Find My” For Parents

Hey folks i have designed todays video specifically for those of you out there who are parents and have kids. That are around that age where theyre starting to go out to things like parties and concerts today im gonna. Teach you how to use the app known as find my which comes with every iphone and allows you as. A parent to see not only where your child is but were also today going to go over how to.

Set up a really simple alert so that for example if they do go out to something like a party. Or a concert you can get a simple automated notification when they get home coming up next on tech talk. America hello everyone and welcome to the class i decided to make todays video as a response to something that. Happened a couple of weeks ago i was having dinner with a friend of mine while traveling for work and. At this point i was on the west coast we were enjoying dinner when my phone went off the person.

On the other end wasnt someone who i normally hear from and because they didnt know that i was traveling. And i was 3 timezones earlier that means that they thought it was midnight back home and so usually when. You get that kind of call late at night its usually not to gossip and so i answered it on. The other line was a parent who had just received the horrific news that no parent ever wants to hear. That their daughter was missing now from what i understand she was supposed to arrive at a party or some.

Event and never showed up and eventually the friends started panic they called the parents they started to panic and. At some point i got a phone call so at this point now im on the phone with that parent. Asking me how do i find my child now i dont have tools that the fbi would have access to. But i do know how to use an app that comes with every iphone which has been used in the. Past to locate people in this type of circumstance there was just one little problem they had never turned on.

This one feature now the good news is the child was located and everyone is fine but after everything was. Over this person said to me what could i have done and at this point i would have normally said. Go to my youtube channel and look for a video on it and then i realized i hadnt made one. And so here we are now in order to initially set this up it is easier if you have both. Your and your childs phones next to you on both devices just go into the find my app and from.

Here on both devices youre going to tap on where it says people at the very bottom now if this. Is the first time youre ever using this feature you will now need to tap on where it says start. Sharing location and now youll just need to type each others names into this search field so that you can. Add each other now you should see these options here you can share your location with the other person for. Either one hour until the end of the day or indefinitely im not going to tell you guys how to.

Parent ill let you make this decision i just want you to know what your options are at this point. I would like to show you how to enable the feature that i mentioned in my intro where you can. Get an automatic alert when your kid gets home safe to do this all you need to do and this. Would be set up from the parents phone is just tap on your childs contact in the find my app. And then scroll up a little bit and where it says notifications tap on where it says add now we.

Could just tap on notify me and as you can see here we have a couple of different options so. For example i can get a notification when this person leaves a location or i can get a notification when. They arrive at a location in the case of going to something like a party or concert my guess is. That youd probably want the home location set so that when they arrive home it automatically sends out that notification. At this point when you go to save this feature it is going to send an alert to the other.

Phone just to let that person know that this feature is being used which is a good thing for privacy. Reasons and at that point you are good to go another thing i wanted to mention is that you should. Know that you can use siri with this feature so for example you can just say where is david jr. Which point c reminds you there is no david jr. And get back to making youtube videos speaking of which.

If you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit that little like button and leave me a well-constructed comment. Down below thank you so much for watching everyone this is david a cox with tech talk america class dismissed. You.

Method 4 – How To Find Your Iphone Using A Friends Iphone In Find My App In Ios 13

Alright lets say youve lost your phone right and you know youre trying to figure a way to use somebody. Elses phone to find your phone well heres a hack that you can use first of all you got to. Have somebody you know you this this requires a little planning or forethought you got to find somebody who you. Connect with in my find or what used to be find a friend so im gonna go in the utilities.

And tribute im talking about so you youve got to become a friend with somebody whos a close friend of. Yours in my and find mine and find my is basically find a friend and find my device or find. My phone now its one app that they use and if youve become a friend with them what you can. Do to find your phone is you can go into the people section of this app so lets go ahead. And open it up so here we are im in the people section right here or so lets say that.

My mom lost her phone so shes borrowing my phone i did it backwards and she wants to find hers. So what we all we would do is we would just click on that on that find a friend application. And what it does its gonna show us where shes at and it gives you the address the city and. The state and this is kind of cool so lets say that you dont know how to get there well. What you can do is you can go to directions you know it gives you directions on how to get.

There and its gonna give you this plot and how to drive and find where your phone is right so. That is a workaround on how to find your phone but it requires a little bit planning youve got a. You know hook up with somebody else on their phone first of all so that you guys are friends on. Find mine or in the people section once youve done that if you do lose your phone you could always. Grab their phone and say alright lets find out where im at and then you can use all those little.

Applications to find what your phone is alright i hope you like this video if you did please subscribe to. My channel and check out my other awesome videos on how to use your iphone peace out.

Method 5 – How To Use Find My On Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch | Apple Support

With find my you can keep track of your apple devices and supported items like your keys with an air. Tag attached and share your location with your favorite people well show you how to turn on find my how. To locate a device or item and how to share your location when you sign into icloud on a new. Device find my turns on automatically to adjust it open settings tap your name tap find my and tap find.

My iphone if find my is set up on your iphone your paired apple watch airpods and beats headphones will. Automatically be set up too if you turn on send last location your device sends its location to apple if. Its battery is critically low so you can see its last known location if the battery dies to help locate. A missing device or item open the find my app on another device signed in with the same apple id. Or a device that belongs to a member of your family sharing group or you can sign in to

Find on any mobile device or desktop browser to locate a missing item like an air tag attached to your. Keys tap items if youre looking for a missing device tap devices here youll see a list of your devices. With find my enabled and a map with their last known locations select a device then swipe up on the. Handle to see your options to help find a nearby device tap play sound your device plays a chime like. This you can tap directions to see it on a map and track it down if youd like to receive.

A notification when you accidentally leave one of your devices behind you can turn on notify when left behind if. Your device is far away or in an unfamiliar location you can tap activate under mark is lost this remotely. Locks your device with its passcode and lets you display a message with your contact information on its screen in. Case someone finds it the device must be connected to the internet to activate lost mode think your device is. Lost for good you can erase it remotely by tapping erase this device once you do this you can still.

Track your device and if you do eventually find it youll have to restore it from a previously saved backup. You can also use the find my app to share your location with family and friends tap the people tab. Anyone sharing their location with you will be listed here tap share my location choose a contact and tap send. Then decide how long to share your location your friend gets a notification and can choose to share their location. Back with you and thats how to use find my to keep track of whats most important to you stay.

Connected with find my for more tips subscribe to the apple support channel or click another video to keep watching.

Conclusion – How Do I Add A Phone To Find My Iphone

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