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Method 1 – How To: Custom App Icons & Widgets On Iphone Home Screen! (Ios 14)

Whats going on guys my name is wade with tech daily and in this video im going to show you. How to set custom app icons for all of the apps on the home screen of your iphone now this. Trick has actually been around for a while but with apple launching ios 14 a few days ago which included. Those new widgets and some other stuff a lot of people have been showing off a totally custom home screen.

With these custom app icons in addition to all the other stuff and i guess a lot of people maybe. Didnt know you could do this with the custom app icons but fortunately its very easy it works on any. Iphone ipad or ipod touch thats running pretty much anything beyond like ios 12 so youll likely be able to. Do it and you dont need any jailbreak or like sketchy app its all done proper using apples own shortcut. App so lets just jump right into it ill show you the process of actually setting the custom app icons.

And then ill also get into where you can find some of these custom icons and ill also talk about. Those custom widgets you might see too like i said the app well need to use is called shortcuts it. Should come pre-installed on your iphone but if you happen to have deleted it at some point you can just. Redownload it from the app store just make sure its the original shortcuts app directly from apple and this is. What it should look like youll also need the regular old photos app as well if it wasnt obvious youll.

Be downloading and saving your custom app icons to your photos library and picking them out later now the process. Of setting custom app icons is really pretty easy inside the shortcuts app you can see all the custom icons. Ive already set so far but to create a new one youll first just tap on the plus icon in. The top right corner and then tap on add action from this menu select scripting towards the top there and. Then select open app from here youll want to choose the app you want to customize so select whatever app.

You want to change the icon for this list includes everything thats installed on your iphone once the app is. Selected tap on next and on this screen you can name the app it can be the actual name of. The app or you can set a custom name which is kind of cool and this is the app name. That will show up on your home screen by the way after that just tap done and youll see the. New shortcut has been made from here tap on the three little dots in the corner of the shortcut then.

Tap on the three dots again on this page then touch add to home screen and this is where you. Change the app icon that youll see on the home screen so tap on the little default icon first next. To the name and then tap choose photo from here you can select any icon you downloaded and saved to. Your photos app you can see that i obviously have a lot downloaded already just choose the custom app icon. You want and then on the next page make sure you resize it properly to the correct dimensions if its.

A little off like mine is here then just hit choose the app icon is now changed and thats it. Just tap done a couple more times and youre pretty much good to go now you can see on my. Home screen i have a custom shortcut with a custom app icon for the mail app and thats pretty much. It you can repeat these same steps over and over again with any and all apps you want to customize. Which you can see is what i did here with this home screen unfortunately there is a caveat with this.

Method that i dont think a lot of people have mentioned since we are using the shortcuts app to do. All this what this process does is basically just create a new separate shortcut to the app itself and with. That when you tap on the new custom app icon its going to flash to the shortcuts app first and. Then quickly jump to the actual app you want to open its a little annoying but its not a huge. Deal i guess if you just really want the look of a custom home screen more than anything everything else.

Of course still functions the same obviously it just sort of adds that one little extra step in launching whatever. App you want to go to also this shortcuts method will add an additional shortcut to the app it doesnt. Replace the original app icon so you might see two icons to the same app on your home screen but. Of course with ios 14 now you guys probably know you can just delete or hide certain apps and move. Them to the app library which is nice so with this setup you just want to add the custom shortcut.

With the custom icon and then just move the original app to the app library where its out of the. Way and off your home screen as far as just finding app icons to download thats really going to be. Up to you but fortunately there are already a ton of websites out there that have countless custom icon packs. That you can use for this the idea is all the same just find a custom icon or image you. Want to use and then save it to your photos library and ill give you a couple of example websites.

You can check out like i got these app icons for example from a website called icons 8. This site. Actually has a ton of stuff to choose from and they make it really easy to save the images just. Tap on the new custom icon you want and then tap and hold to save it to your photos library. And this is just gonna be the same process for any image you might find on the internet another website.

With some options is icon scout this one has a lot to choose from with some pretty nice options too. Theres this site has a really nice selection as well obviously pinterest has a ton of different themes and. Screenshots of setups for inspiration too and you can just google search custom app icons as well if you want. To make things easy for yourself the main point is just that any image or any icon that you happen. To find you can use it for whatever app you want now if you want to take things one step.

Further i know a lot of people have also been showing off these custom colorful widgets on their home screens. Too if you didnt know already this is new for ios 14 and there are countless widgets from apple and. From your third-party apps that you can already add but for this custom colorful widget setup that a lot of. People are using i think most people have been doing it with this app called widget smith its free to. Download from the app store and with this app you can actually create totally custom widgets to add to the.

Home screen and its not just custom with the content but custom with the design as well so for example. If i wanted to make a new custom small sized widget i can go in here and make a custom. Calendar or time widget i can use an image i can set the weather whatever you want but i can. Also change the text font the text color the actual widget background color and the border and you can see. A couple of the custom ones that i already made there to add these custom widgets from widget smith to.

Your home screen you add them like any other widget just jump into wiggle mode hit the plus button and. Then scroll down until you find widget smith from here choose the size of the custom widget that you made. In the app in this case it was a small one like you saw and to select one of the. Custom small widgets you made if you happen to have more than one just tap and hold on this new. Widget hit edit widget and then from this screen you have those three options that i had made from the.

App which you can select so just choose whatever number you want and youre pretty much good to go so. There you go thats how people have been creating those crazy custom home screens youve probably seen on twitter and. Pinterest and everywhere else its not quite the custom complete home screen option that i know a lot of people. Would have liked but i think its still pretty cool and it seems like a lot of folks are really. Getting pretty creative with it anyway if you have any questions or run into any issues with this whole process.

Just let me know down in the comments and ill be happy to help out if i can also feel. Free to share your own home screens or icon packs that youre utilizing id love to see what you guys. Come up with but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and. Subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel if you havent already and ill see you guys later.

Method 2 – How To Add Widgets To The Home Screen On Your Iphone — Apple Support

View your next appointment check the latest headlines and take a peek at the forecast all from your home screen. Heres how to add customized widgets starting in ios 14. Well show you how to browse and add widgets and. How to create a widget stack lets start by browsing through the widget gallery to find something to add to.

Do this touch and hold an empty area on the home screen until you see the app icons jiggle and. Then tap the plus sign in the upper left corner here youll see a few widgets recommended just for you. Based on the apps you use most keep scrolling down to see the full list of options and tap to. Select when you see one you like now swipe through to select a size and pick the amount of information. Thats right for you tap add widget to add it to your home screen and then tap done you can.

Also view widgets in today view to move one over to the home screen touch and hold a widget and. Then drag it towards the right until it moves over to the home screen then choose a place for it. And then tap done want to add widgets without taking up too much space on your home screen you can. Stack widgets and swipe through them to see each one the widget gallery includes an option called smartstack this is. A pre-built collection of widgets that rotates throughout the date to show you the most relevant information you can also.

Build your own stack just select a widget pick a size and tap add widget then drag it on top. Of another widget to create a stack and tap done once the stack is in place stacks can include up. To 10 widgets of the same size you can also stack widgets that are already on your home screen swipe. Up or down on the stack to flip through each widget the smart rotate feature is turned on by default. So your stack will rotate widgets automatically throughout the day you can reorder your widgets delete one from a stack.

And edit your stack even more just touch and hold the widget stack and tap edit stack to view your. Options and thats how you can use widgets to customize your home screen experience for more helpful tips like this. Subscribe to the apple support channel or click another video to keep watching you.

Method 3 – *Ios 14* Iphone Customization + Organization Tips

In my world i dont worry darling hey everyone and welcome to it im julia if youve never met me. Before im a 20 year old technology productivity college lifestyle youtuber you might already know me from my macbook customization. Organization video obviously we are not here to talk about macbooks today we are here to talk about ios 14. So i am going to show you exactly where to start because i know so many people just dont even.

Know where to start i have a whole like list of the steps that you should do and were just. Gonna go right on into doing this i will also have the timestamps below of all the steps so that. If youve already done some of these steps you can go ahead and skip to wherever you need help so. Check the description below for those if you need those and lastly dont forget to hit the like and subscribe. Button it really means the world to me and helps me out a lot so yeah alright without a further.

Ado lets get right on into this all right first things first you are obviously going to need to update. Your phone to ios 14. So many of you asked how to even get the update so here is how. Basically you need to go to your settings go to software updates and it should be sitting right there and. Then you just click update it will take a little bit of a while to actually update so plug your.

Phone in go do something while youre waiting for it to update but yeah that is basically how you do. It step number two you will need to pick an aesthetic so here is mine its kind of like boho. I guess um so i just kind of have like a main color scheme as you can see um so. Just like tans and neutral colors with some like light oranges and pinks in there so that is mine i. Also asked a lot of you guys to show me your ios 14 home screens and what they looked like.

So im going to flip through some of these so that you guys can all get some inspiration watching this. Before you pick your aesthetic so here we go ill just play some music while i skip through ill just. Smile cause youre by my side and now your eyes open up every morning to the love that shines in. Mine and i see it in yours too so now i sing to you and when you go leave me. Here all alone all right the next thing that you will need to do for this whole step process is.

To declutter your phone obviously my phone was a lot crazier than this so the first thing youll need to. Do is go through all of your apps and decide which ones you actually need to stay on your phone. Screen and then the other ones that can just go in the app library um so what im talking about. Is what you can do is go on to any app and like edit your home screen and then you. See that little minus sign um instead of clicking delete app youre going to click move to app library and.

Then itll just be over here so there it is right there um so that just moves it off of. Your home screen so its not as cluttered and its still on your phone so its not like completely deleted. So that is something that i really liked about ios 14 is how it gives you the option to not. Have everything so cluttered on your phone anymore um the other option that you guys can do to declutter but. Without like completely losing all of your organization is to edit your home screen and then click on the little.

Dots down there of your pages and you can actually make a page and hide a page so im going. To take my mail app and move it onto this page but this page is actually like hidden so um. I can add it back onto my phone but i want to keep it hidden so were gonna click those. Dots down at the bottom and then uncheck it so it doesnt completely delete the page but um its still. There so if you like have a bunch of folders organized that youve spent so much time organizing in the.

Past before ios 14 and you dont really want to lose all of your organization you can do that so. That its still there if you ever want to go back you just have it hidden so that is something. That i really like to do um so this might take a little while to just individually take them all. And put them in your app library but its definitely worth it okay tip number four is one of those. Parts and this is the app called widget smith so what you will need to do is go to your.

App store and what youre going to just type in is the app widget smith and its this one right. Here um oh i already need an update so yeah that is the app that you will need and what. You will do is go on to that app and so here is the example of what mine looks like. Right now um so i will show you how to do this yours will look kind of just like that. At the beginning all right so to make the calendar one that i have you will click whichever one you.

Want so ill say september 19th then im going to go to font oh looks like they already added a. Bunch of fonts um the one that i really like is the new york i feel like its very professional. So oh sorry my low battery um then were going to go to tank color and this is just like. The font color i like it white um and then background color you pick whatever color you think will match. Your aesthetic so for me that oh they added so many cute colors okay anyways for me that is the.

Cream um and then or like the aqua or the dark orange and then they have little borders and ive. Been liking the borders some people dont so i always do a white border so i match whatever color the. Font is so yeah so then you click save and then what youll do to add the widget to your. Home screen is you just edit your home screen go up to the top widget youre going to scroll all. The way down to widget smith and then were going to click small widgets and thats what we did um.

And then it might automatically have it there for you so what youll do to change that if its not. Already that youll press and hold and click edit widget and then you will click whichever one it is so. For me it was the number five but for you you might need it to be number three um so. Then it changes it to what i have it on my other home screen so that is kind of how. You organize which ones you want to be which and add it to your home screen so there are so.

Many options with this whole thing ill just go through a couple of them that i have and you have. To go back on to widget smith every single time so were going to add that little rainbow thingy that. I have so youll go to your widget click on it were going to do photo and choose photo and. Then you can obviously just pick whatever photo you want oops um and then save so it makes it so. Much easier originally they had it a little confusing so now were going to go back and edit our home.

Screen again and click the plus go all the way back down to widget smith were going to click medium. This time since we just made a medium one add widget so obviously it shows the to-do list one first. So were going to go and edit the widget and go to number five which is the one we just. Made so there we have it um next i got a lot of questions about this little to-do list one. That i did so i will show you how to make that one real quick you go back on to.

Widget smith so you will go in make a new widget click on default widget scroll down and youre going. To find reminders and then youll go to lists i click off all the other ones because i personally have. A to-do list list within my reminders app on my iphone so thats how youre going to have to do. That is go to your actual like reminders app and youll just make a to-do list on your reminders so. Thats how i did that um make sure that ones selected make it all cute however you want um im.

Going to go back to the new york font youll read between these and there you have it so that. Is how you do the little to-do list um definitely so cute i am in love with that so thats. All really that ive done with the widget smith app there are obviously so many color combinations and so many. Other things that you can do so you kind of have to play around with it but thats the basic. Idea that you need to know i also have like three or four other extra fun ios 14 apps for.

You that i will tell you at the end so make sure you stick around for that next we are. Going to talk about app cover shortcuts um so that is how i made the nice little um app covers. I guess like put pictures in front of the apps um it is a little bit of a hassle you. Do have to reroute it takes like an extra one second of your time so if you have the patience. For it then go for it um so first youre going to need to go to your shortcuts app on.

Your phone and and what youll do is click the little plus in the top right click add action and. Scripting and then open app youll choose whatever app so im going to search and do my pinterest so then. Well click the three dots up here click add to home screen im going to name it pinterest and then. Youll go and click that little button like right to the left of the pinterest word click choose photo and. Then you have free reign of your whole camera roll to pick whatever picture you wish and then its added.

To your home screen so pretty simple and then you know like there it is right there its so cute. Um so then what i do is i um add all the old apps so like right there is my. Pinterest but then theres my actual pinterest so what i do is i just remove the app and move it. To my app library so then its just like that um so when you do that its gonna go to. Shortcuts first but then itll take you to pinterest speaking of pinterest so many of you asked me what pictures.

I used and everything for my whole phone so i made you all a nice little ios 14 um pinterest. Board with all the pictures that i used so like there is my home screen and there is my lock. Screen and then theres all my like app and widget covers so theyre all right there for you all to. Access i will link that below for you so that you guys can get those if you guys want to. Match phones so yeah i would say that that is the most time-consuming process because it takes a little second.

To get the hang of it but once you do you can make all of your apps so cute the. Next fun thing that were going to do with ios 14 is the double tap feature on the back of. Your phone so youll go on to your settings and go to accessibility then youre going to go to touch. And find the back tap all the way at the bottom so you have options for double tap and triple. Tap so here are all of your options so i made the double tap a screenshot so whenever i tap.

The back of my phone it takes a screenshot oh theres two and then when i do triple tap i. Have it to open up my youtube app so if i go itll take me right to youtube which is. Really neat so i love that feature its so fun okay and then my last tip is just some other. Fun apps that utilize ios 14 so the first one is tune track i personally dont have spotify but i. Know that this allows you to make a little spotify widget on your phone so that is a fun one.

That you could get the next one is steve the jumping dinosaur if you could see you can like play. This little dinosaur game on a widget so that one is really fun the next one is motivation daily quotes. So it kind of just has like little block and it just flips through a various amount of quotes the. Next one is photo widget you can obviously do like pictures and stuff through the widget smith app so this. Is just an alternate option if you cannot figure out the widgets math app then the last one is color.

Widgets i think this one is also just a fun one that a lot of people have used too i. Personally dont really like the look of it but i know some people do so that is another option for. You if you guys have any other questions or customization tips with ios 14 that you think i should try. Out leave them in a comment below otherwise comment what phone you have i have the iphone 11 pro so. Tell me which one you have in the comments im curious and i will know who the real ones are.

That made it this far in the video but yeah seriously thank you so much for watching my video i. Really really appreciate it dont forget to follow me on instagram and hit that subscribe button and i hope to. See you here around again on my channel sometime know soon feel the same as i do.

Method 4 – How To Add Widgets On Iphone 12!

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Customize App Icons & Widget On Iphone Ios 14! (Easy!)

What is up you guys welcome back to my channel and today im going to be showing you how to. Make these ios 14 home screens that are very aesthetic like these ones and i am also going to show. You how to change your app icons and here is another example of these aesthetic icons that i found on. Google in this video i am also going to show you how to use widget smith so these rectangular widgets.

That i have on my home screen speaking of home screens mine is based on the color of the app. Logos so theres red theres blue theres yellow and theres green anyways there are two apps that you are going. To need widget smith for your widgets and shortcuts to change your logos lets work on widget smith first so. Once you open the app you should be able to see all these these are the ones that i have. On my screen there is medium small and large and right now we are going to work on a small.

Widget smith which is smith a small widget first click on add small widget and then once it is added. Click on the square on the right so like right there and click on it again and it should take. You to all these options that you can do with that widget were not gonna mess with that for now. We are going to go to custom and then once youre in custom click on photo click on selected photo. Then choose photo and just choose the image that you would like on your widget i chose the chanel photo.

And if your photo doesnt look right on the square click on adjust image alignment and if it does look. Right great and also if you want to change the name of your widget click on the square and on. The top you should be able to see tap to rename click on that and i renamed mine chanel so. Its easy to identify whenever we add that widget on our home screen now to add your widget long press. On the screen like how you would delete an app and on the very top left corner theres a plus.

Sign click on that once you get to this point scroll all the way down until you see widget smith. Click on widget smith and you should be able to see all these options small medium and large but since. We did small were going to do small and then click on add widget and that should show up on. Your home screen but of course we dont want that square to say small we want aesthetic so long press. On that square and click on edit widget then click on widget and pick chanel or whatever you named your.

Widget and it should show up on your home screen so thats how you do that if you want to. Do medium and large widgets it is the same process that i showed you and now lets move on to. Shortcuts this is an example but if you were to do a medium widget thats how it would look like. From the top there now for my shortcut i am going to use snapchat as an example now to change. The logo image go to shortcut once you get on shortcut you should be able to see all these options.

And to be honest i dont even know what these do so im not gonna bother explaining them because i. Dont know so now click on that plus sign on the top right corner then click on add action and. Then click on the x that says scripting and then click on open app then click on choose that is. In blue right there and then look up the app that you want the logo changed and in my case. Which is snapchat and then when youre done with that click next then name it whatever you like im going.

To name mine snapchat i lied im going to name it snap because i already have snapchat on there thats. On blue so yeah then next you want to click on the three dots right there and then click on. Three dots again on the very top corner and then click on add to home screen and click on the. Square icon right there and then choose photo and then choose your new icon once youve chosen your image click. On add on the top right corner and it should say added to home screen then click done and then.

Done and then youre good theres snapc.

Conclusion – How Do I Add A Widget To My Iphone

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