How Do I Add Another Email To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i add another email to my iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i add another email to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Add Multiple Email Accounts On Iphone

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Method 2 – Iphone 7: How To Add Multiple Email Accounts

Hey everybody this is melvin with tech ran 24/7 and today we want to show you how to add multiple. Email accounts to your iphone 7 so the first thing you need to do is go ahead and hit the. Settings settings button at the top and after you hit the settings go ahead and scroll down to mail hit. The mail button and as you can see here i have one email account already set up and thats an.

Icloud account and were going to show you how to add an additional account to it so you hit accounts. And now i have to getting in accounts you see a button that says add accounts hit add accounts and. Now you have a choice of picking from highcloud exchange google yahoo aol outlook and if its something different hit. Other so were gonna add a google account were gonna head google and googles gmail of course sorry after you. Hit the google button youll get into where it says sign in so you put your email address that you.

Want to add to the phone in so were going to add im going to add my tick running 24/7. Account to the phone once you get a keyed in hit next then is going to ask you for the. Password so im gonna go off camera for a second for my password hand and after you do it he. Hit the next button i think its your password and hit the next button and then itll take you to. A screen it says gmail and asked you what do you want to sync to the sync from gmail do.

You own just sick sync the email i want to sync the accounts im gonna sink the calendars on here. I have my notes also but im gonna change that and turn the notes on there hit save once you. Save it is in your phone and now you see a counselor says icloud account and it says gmail account. Now what you want to do though is go back let me clarify myself especially if you have three or. Four email accounts in here you want to label each one so go back from here hit the gmail account.

The gmail button rather then you hit accounts here and then change the description on it this one that just. Says description is gmail so we want to erase gmail and then put the name of the account in there. Which would be a good idea so you can tell the difference between your multiple email accounts thats in the. Phone especially if its from the same provider and then stick around 24/7 stay done and go back to accounts. And now so saying icloud and gmail it says hi cloud and tick running 24/7 now go ahead and hit.

Your home button and come all the way out and if you look at your mail button at the bottom. It says nine emails so gonna hit that and its showing the icloud account hit the icloud button there and. Now youre looking at your mailboxes now as it shows it has icloud account which has nine emails and it. Also has tech running 24/7 which has 297 emails so what you would do to look at the different ones. As you hit if you want to look at icloud hit the high cloud and then show you your email.

In there and then if you want to check your tick right in twenty four seven one you here take. Around 24/7 and look at the 297 emails you have an int or you have also the choice of hidden. All hint boxes and doing all the email together like that so like i said youre gonna add additional accounts. Right now just have two in my iphone but you can have numeral amount ive had as much as six. Different accounts in there at once so thats it for our video today thats how you would add multiple email.

Accounts to your new high phone 7 we just want to thank you for our looking at the video please. Subscribe also share go ahead and share this videos with some of your friends and family and we look forward. To seeing in our next video and again this is melvin with tech running 24/7 keeping you up on technology. Thats on the move thanks.

Method 3 – How To Add A Second Email Account | Iphone Tips

Hi lisa here now im going to show you how to add another email account onto your iphone so were. Going to go to our settings then well scroll down and choose mail contacts and calendars now in here when. You already have an account youre going to see an option underneath your current account that says add account you. Could tap on that youll choose the kind of account you have then youre going to enter in your username.

And password you can also enter in your name as well as a description of the account so ill put. Mine on once it verifies it will ask you what items youd like to sync from that account then you. Can say save now it will show up in your list also when you go back to the actual mail. App youll now see that second account there so thats how you add a mail account onto your iphone.

Method 4 – Iphone 12

Hi in this video were going to take a look at how you can add in a new mail account. On the iphone 12 or the iphone 12 pro now first lets go back to your home screen and there. Are two ways of doing this the first way is to open up your mail account and if you tap. On mail if this is the first time you have open up mail then you will offer a chance to.

Choose one of the servers to sign in and here weve got icloud microsoft exchange google yahoo iol or outlook. And you can also tap on other if your service provider is not listed here so you can tap on. Other now lets say you are using say google you can tap on google and then tap on continued and. This will allow you to sign into your gmail account so you put in your email or phone and then. Tap on next next we need to put in the password so im going to put in the password and.

Then you tap on the next button and you need to verify the account uh whether you have a two-step. Verification turn on or not you need to verify it so im just going to wait for the service to. Verify my login so i have tap on yes already but its still uh trying to wait so what ill. Do im just gonna say try another way and we can use a phone number okay so once you have. The verification code we tap on next and now it is signing in here you can choose what you think.

To your device mail contacts calendars and notes so if you dont want to sync any of the servers you. Can switch it off such as calendar or contacts you can switch it off and then tap on saved so. I say no mail at the moment thats because it needs some times to pull the pull down the data. So just be patient and come back later on and you should slowly see your inbox will fill up with. Emails so here you can see in my inbox ive got some mails shown right here but when i tap.

On it it says theres nothing so were just going to have to wait so im going to choose the. One or mail maybe to swipe down to refresh its not downloading at the moment so there it is so. You can see its pulling in some email so thats how you can add um an email account to your. Device now another way to do it is to go through settings so on the home screen tap on settings. And in settings you want to um so im just going to go back out here in settings you want.

To swipe down and tap on mail and in mail you tap on accounts and in here you tap on. Add account so say you want to add in multiple mail account so you can go in here and tap. On add account and here you can choose again and choose one of the services that you are using such. As microsoft exchange outlook or yahoo and then lets say if you are using yahoo for your mail then you. Need to put in the email address and username and so thats it so thats how you can add in.

A new mail account on your device so once you have a sign in you can tap on that and. You can always go back in here and make changes whether um you want to sync contacts or calendars and. Lets see what else we can do so if you tap on that you can change the account name the. Descriptions and if its on advanced there is a lot of stuff in advanced settings its best if we not. Mess around with this settings because they can cause um an issue later on that youre not being able to.

Receive a mail and thats it so if you need to configure your mail account or your email then you. Want to go back into settings mail and here you can go down and you can configure your mail app. Down here such as preview swipe options and a lot of the options are available available down here thank you. For watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 5 – How To Add Another Gmail Account On Iphone

If you have a second gmail account you can access both accounts using the one gmail app or the built-in. Mail app in ios to add a second gmail account to your gmail app simply click on your profile icon. In the top right corner of the screen and choose add another account youll be asked the type of account. You want to add and its worth bearing in mind that it doesnt have to be a google account you.

Can use the gmail app to manage a variety of different email accounts however for this demonstration im going to. Add my second gmail address youll then need to provide the username and password of your second account once youve. Provided the credentials thats it youll be logged in and taken to your inbox you can easily switch between accounts. By clicking on your profile picture and selecting the other account if you want to view the inbox of both. Accounts on the one screen click on the menu icon and choose all inboxes when you reply to an email.

Gmail will use the address the email was sent to as the sender otherwise if you compose a new email. Gmail will use the account you are currently using as the sender address if you use the inbuilt mail app. In ios you can add additional accounts by opening settings and choosing mail followed by accounts click on add account. And choose google again provide your username and password of your gmail account and decide whether you wish to use. The account for just mail or also for contacts calendar entries and notes you can change how your account is.

Displayed in the mail app by clicking on the account name and renaming the description and thats it when finished. Click done and if you open the mail app youll now be able to see your two gmail accounts so. That is how to add a second account to gmail if youd like to know how to sign out of. Gmail across all your devices then this is how you do it how you sign out of gmail depends very. Much on how you access gmail well start this video by looking at gmail through an internet browser then well.

Sign out of the gmail app on iphone before finally looking at how you can sign out of gmail if. You use the mail app on ios or mac os as always you can click ahead by using the links. Below regardless of whether you use mac or windows if youre on a desktop or a laptop its more than. Likely that youll be accessing gmail through a browser and when it comes to using googles apps in a browser. It is all or nothing when you log into gmail by association youre also logged into googles other apps such.

As youtube and google drive its a similar story when you log out of gmail which you can do by. Clicking on your photo in the top right corner of the window and choosing sign out however as i said. This will also sign you out of youtube google drive and any other of the google apps you may be. Using if you use the chrome browser youll notice that your account switches to being paused meaning that your data. Is no longer being synced with the other devices where you are signed into chrome if i log back into.

Chrome i can see what data is being synced by clicking on the ellipsis icon choosing settings and choosing syncing. And services followed by manage what you sync to check what other devices you are signed into click on your. Photo icon and this time choose manage your google account click on security followed by manage devices here youll be. Presented with a list of all the devices where youve signed in using your gmail account and you can sign. Out of each device by clicking on the ellipsis icon to sign out of the gmail app on iphone click.

On your photo icon in the top right corner and choose manage accounts on this device clicking on the slider. Button will sign you out however it does not remove your account from the phone completely nor will it delete. Your credentials to sign back in simply re-enable that switch to log out completely and remove your details from the. Phone youll need to choose remove from this device if you use the iphone mail app to access gmail you. Can log out of gmail by opening up settings clicking on mail followed by accounts choose gmail and click on.

Delete account or click on the slider button to simply disable mail likewise on mac os if you access gmail. Through the built-in mail app you can sign out of gmail by opening up system preferences clicking on internet accounts. Selecting your google account and clicking on the minus button to remove it so that is adding an account and. Signing out of gmail before you go if you are considering starting your own youtube channel or youd like to. See how i create my videos i have a free course on my website which ill link to below no.

Gimmicks it is completely free so i recommend having a look at that if you found this video useful id. Appreciate you giving me a like and hit subscribe for lots more quick tips like this one until next time. Thank you very much for watching.

Conclusion – How Do I Add Another Email To My Iphone

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