How Do I Add Gmail To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i add gmail to my iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i add gmail to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Add Gmail To Iphone Mail Using Imap | Ios 13

Hi in this video were going to take a look at how we can add gmail to the iphone mail. App on this iphone 11 pro running ios 13 now you can see if i try to open up the. Mail app at the moment i have no account add it to the mail app so in order to add. Gmail to the phone i want to use imap as the default settings if you want to use a pop.

Protocol to add an email account you can do so as well im going to do another video for the. Pop account so in here what we need to do first you can simply tap directly on the mail app. Right here and then tap on google that is one way of doing it otherwise you can go into settings. And in settings you can tap on add account so in settings here well tap on password and account then. We tap on account and here on google so its the same thing so on google okay so i said.

Do you want to use google chrome to sign in now the reason this message come up is because i. Have ad in a website and that password for a google account in here so i added in already thats. Why it pops up that message now you can add in a password so if you tap on the plus. Icon you can put in a website name username and password and in the past we resize to this account. So that later when you need to use the same username and password you dont have to keep putting in.

The username and password you can simply select what is already safe from the list okay so tap on add. Account tear on google and on continued so were just gonna wait for the page to load there should be. A lot faster than this could be something to do with my internet connections so next were gonna preen the. Account username email or phone so because i have already cited previously im going to choose from the list and. Then tap on next so which is no wait for it to go to the next page okay were going.

To need to put in the account password im gonna choose the path so that i have saved previously and. Then tap on next okay so in here you have the options to choose to turn on mail contacts calendars. And notes so you can choose whether to enable or disable any one of these features because we want to. Use gmail so we want to turn on mail and then tap on saved so i say i count added. And then you can see it go directly to either campus or the inbox page depending on where you set.

Up the account so at the moment it shows if i launched in the mail app it shows inbox has. No mail just wait for a while for the email just sink down to your inbox it may take some. Times so if we go to settings and then go down to password an account and then tap on gmail. You can see here that account has been added and if you tap on the account over here you can. See there are some more informations you can change the description of the account and you can see that outgoing.

Mail server so you can tap on that and then you can see some information in here as well and. This advanced section so you can change the draft mailbox deleted mailbox and archive mailbox and then theres some other. Things that you can also change today is quite straightforward by default the protocol is imap so account the gmail. Can has been added to your phone and now we just want to launch mail and its still showing nothing. So i say checking for mail down here and its downloading as you can see it will take some hams.

For the mailbox just sync to your phone so if you dont see anything coming in straight away just give. It a few moments a minute or two and slowly all your emails will start to sink down to your. Iphone mailbox and thats it so thats how you can add a gmail account using the imap protocol on your. Iphone running ios 13 thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Gmail On Your Iphone – Xr, Xs, 11, 11 Pro

Welcome to touch technology review today im gonna show you how to set up gmail on your iphone there are. Actually two ways to do this one is to simply download the gmail app itself its free to download on. The app store and then enter your username and password if youve already got a google app installed it doesnt. Even need the manual entry of your credentials as it picks it up from your last sign in but for.

Those of you wanting a more integrated solution im gonna spend most of the time on this tutorial showing you. How to set up your gmail account inside apples own mail app the main advantage here is that you could. Have multiple email accounts set up in ios mail and access them all in one place so for example you. Might have a work email address one for your personal website a microsoft email account or other and then of. Course your gmail account so by adding these accounts into the mail app theyll appear in their own mailbox in.

The mail app and you can see them all in the one place not only can you receive your emails. But you can also send directly from within the app so lets go ahead and set up gmail and then. Well come back and have a look at the ios mail app step one is to tap on your settings. Icon on your iphone scroll down to the password and accounts tap on the add account option near the bottom. Of the screen tap on google now sign in with your google id starting with your email address or phone.

Number that you used when setting up your google or gmail account preferably email address to make sure that youre. Setting up the right account tap next and then enter your password thats it youve now set up gmail in. Your mac mail app now to go in and send and receive emails exit out of the settings app back. To the home screen on your iphone and look for the mail app if you cant find the mail app. Icon do a short swipe from halfway down the screen and a search box appears type in mail and then.

Tap on the app at the top youll see an icon for all inboxes if you tap this it shows. You the emails that have come in for all the accounts that you have set up in mac mail so. Youll see any emails coming in from gmail along with other accounts that you happen to have set up if. You want to see only the emails that have come in from your gmail account tap on the gmail mailbox. And theyll be in there tap on each mail to view if you swipe on the right-hand side you get.

Some options including archive and flag if you click on more you can replay replay all forward mark mark as. Unread or move to junk if you tap on notify me youll get a notification next time an email like. This comes in you can also move any email to any other mailbox that you have set up the only. Thing that youll note is that there is no option to delete your gmail messages in mac mail so if. You want extended management then you can also download the gmail app that i was talking about earlier simply enter.

In your email and password and youll have access to full functionality including being able to delete email messages that. You no longer require by the way you can have both set up and use them simultaneously without any issues. Personally i tend to use mac mail which is where all my emails come in and for any extended management. I tend to log in to my gmail account on the computer certainly its up to you as to which. Way you think is going to work best so thats all there is to this tutorial if youre looking for.

More information on how to set up your work or personal website email on the iphone ive created another tutorial. Which provides all the steps involved in doing that too ill leave a link to it in the description box. Below if you want to check that one out if you found this tutorial useful feel free to hit me. Up with a like and consider subscribing to the channel and youll be notified of up and coming video releases.

Method 3 – How To Add Multiple Email Accounts On Iphone

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Iphone 12

Hi in this video were going to take a look at how you can set up gmail on your iphone. 12 or the iphone 12 pro now there are two different ways how you can set up gmail the first. Way is to go into the app store and install the native app gmail now once you install it you. Can then open it but im going to first show you how you can set up gmail using the mail.

That is built into your iphone so on the home screen tap on settings so in settings you want to. Go down and tap on mail and then in here tap on account and tap on add account then youre. Going to choose google and tap on continued next you need to put in your um email account so put. In the email address and next were going to need to put in your password so again i want to. Choose the password i have already saved previously on the next screen you need to turn on the services that.

You want to sync down to your iphone 12 or the iphone 12 pro so by default i have mail. Switch on you can also sync contacts and calendars or notes as well so choose any of the services that. You would like to sync and then tap on saved and now the account has been added so you can. See here got gmail so if you go back to the home screen we can tap on mail and in. Mail you can see now gmail account has been added and if you tap on that gmail mailbox at the.

Bottom here say checking for mail so if you see its blank just give it a few moments and gmail. Will slowly download your emails from the mail server okay now the password incorrect is actually from a different account. So im just going to cancel that now again just give it a few moments for your mail to uh. To go through now you can see here emails starting to come in and appears in the inbox so that. Is one of the way how you can set up gmail with your iphone mail app if you want to.

Use the native app that belongs to the mail services such as the gmail app you can tap on that. And then you can tap on sign in choose your email address if you um havent signed in then you. Need to um add an account and then from there you can put in the email address so here ive. Got one already so im going to tap on done and then tap on the layout and then im just. Going to tap on got it so you can see here all the emails coming in from the gmail app.

Or you can choose to use the mail app that come with your device and thats it thank you for. Watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 5 – Iphone 13

Hey guys in this video were going to take a look at how you can set up gmail email account. On the iphone 13 or the iphone 13 pro so first lets go back to the home screen by swiping. Up at the bottom of the screen and on your home screen were going to tap on settings in settings. Were going to go down and tap on mail in here tap on accounts and then tap on add account.

And here you can tap on google okay were just going to give it a second or two because it. Needs to connect to the internet and here say settings once you use you sign in so at this. Point we want to tap on the continue button and that will go to the google authentication website and in. Here you want to put in your google email address or a phone number so im going to put in. The email address okay so put in the email address and then you want to tap on done and then.

Tap on next next we will need to put in the account password okay so put in the account password. And tap on next and on the next screen we have successfully uh signed in now if you have set. Up two steps verifications then you will need to go to your audio device to authenticate or verify that you. Actually uh signing in okay so thats what im doing uh right now im just going to sign in and. Make sure that i verify myself so im just going to verify it okay so i have verified myself and.

Back to this device now in here you can turn on turn off mail once you have assigned to gmail. You can sync so this is the thinking of mail contacts calendars and notes so there are four different services. That you could choose if you dont want to use for example calendars you can switch it off uh or. You can turn on notes otherwise you can have them all switch on okay and then tap on saved and. Thats it so now we have successfully added gmail to the device so if you need to access your gmail.

Inbox all you need to do is open up the mail app program on your device so here im going. To tap on mail and you can see its a checking for mail at the moment it shows no mail. In the inbox just give it a few minutes because the phone will need to connect to the internet it. Needs to communicate to gmail and it needs to pull down all the emails that you have in the inbox. So depending on how much emails that you have how much attachments how much photos that you have it may.

Take some time to put information down so give it a few minutes and you should see your inbox will. Populate with emails and thats it so thats how you can um add in a gmail account on the iphone. 13 series thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Conclusion – How Do I Add Gmail To My Iphone

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