How Do I Add Music To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i add music to my iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i add music to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Add Music From Computer To Iphone, Ipad Or Ipod

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Method 2 – How To Transfer Music From Computer To Iphone

Hi everyone my name is kevin today i want to show you how you could transfer music from your windows. 10 computer to your iphone using itunes its very easy to do and today im gonna show you step by. Step how you can do it so why dont we jump on the pc and ill show you how to. Get started here i am on my desktop and i have five songs that are currently on my computer and.

I would like to put these on my iphone so how do i go ahead and do that well i. Need to download and install itunes itunes is the official software made by apple that will allow me to transfer. Files between my devices not only can i use it to transfer files between my devices i could also use. It to backup my phone i could use it to upgrade my phone amongst other things but today were only. Interested in how to transfer music from my computer to my iphone so if you dont yet already have itunes.

Installed on your computer click on the start menu and then type in microsoft store were gonna get itunes from. The microsoft store so once you click on the microsoft store youll see it pop up on your screen and. Then lets click in the top right hand corner on search and were going to search for itunes and although. We are getting it from a store it doesnt cost anything to download and install itunes youll see the first. Match here it says itunes lets go ahead and click on that now if you dont yet already have itunes.

Installed right here youll see an option that says install go ahead and click on that if you already have. Itunes installed you could simply launch it here or alternatively you could have clicked on your start menu and just. Searched for itunes im gonna go ahead and launch the app from here if this is your first time launching. The app youll likely have to agree to different policies and licenses and go ahead and accept all of that. And here i am in the main interface of itunes now what we want to do next is right now.

I havent yet connected my phone to the computer so get your iphone and then also get your lightning to. Usb cable plug it into your iphone and then also plug it into your computer im going to go ahead. And do that right now now here too if this is your first time connecting your iphone to your computer. Youll likely have to trust the device youre also going to have to type in your passcode go through and. Do all of those steps now one of the things that changed here in itunes is youll notice now that.

Theres an icon here for my phone this indicates that my phone has been successfully connected to my computer and. To synchronize music with our phone lets go ahead and click on this icon this drops me in the settings. View and im in the summary of my settings and were going to take a look at a few settings. Here im going to scroll down the page and under options you see a few different checkboxes the first one. Is automatically sync when this iphone is connected i currently have that checked what you can also do is theres.

Another checkbox for sync with this iphone over wi-fi so in the future if you dont want to use your. Cable to sync music files with your phone you could go ahead and check this now down below there are. A few more settings that have to do with transferring songs one of them is convert higher bitrate songs to. Then theres a drop-down list aac aac as simply a format that songs are saved in so lets say that. Maybe you have a wave on your computer or you have a very high quality mp3 or other type of.

Music file what you could do is you could use itunes to automatically convert the higher bitrate song maybe you. Want to save a little bit of space on your iphone in general though im just gonna leave it in. The default file format that the song is already in and lastly theres another setting here that says manually manage. Music and videos ill come back to this at the end before we continue i want to show you where. Itunes is going to look on your windows pc for music so lets open up file explorer to open file.

Explorer you could click on the start menu and type in file explorer or you could press the windows key. And the e key at the same time so e for explorer and that will pull up your file explorer. Now within file explorer you should see an option that says this pc lets expand that and within this pc. Theres a category for music by default itunes looks in the music folder for any songs so what im gonna. Do is let me go back to my desktop and im gonna select these five songs and im gonna move.

Them over into my music folder in file explorer so now itunes will be able to see the songs in. This location lets say that you have song saved on your computer in a different folder that you would also. Like itunes to look at what you can do is go up to the file menu and then you could. Click on add folder to library and then you can navigate to a different location on your computer and then. Itunes will look there as well for music but in my case im satisfied with itunes just looking at my.

Music folder so now that ive set that up what i want to do next is lets click on the. Music setting here within the music view i currently have sync music and its unchecked so lets go ahead and. Check this because we want to sync music between our device and the phone so youll see a summary of. How many songs are detected and you have a few different options within this view you could sink the entire. Music library so it simply takes everything and thatll transfer it over to your iphone or you could go through.

And select playlists artists albums and genres if you dont want to sync everything in my case i simply want. To go ahead and and sync everything and then if you have any lets say videos or voice memos you. Can also sync those files as well but in my case i simply want to sync my entire music library. And once im satisfied with this what im gonna do is ill go down here and then i click on. Sync so what this will do is this will sync all of the music files over to my iphone and.

Here i have my iphone and to access the music files that have synced im gonna swipe down and im. Going to search for music and im gonna click on the music app so this will bring up the music. App and what well see now is down at the bottom of the music app i see recently added it. Has all the songs that were on my computer so these five songs that i transferred they are now on. My phone ill click on one of them just to verify that it works so there it goes the song.

Is playing just as i expected that synced all of my songs over to my phone what i also want. To show is earlier in the summary view i called out that theres a setting to manually man manage music. And videos if i check this box what will happen is itll no longer automatically synchronize all of my music. So if i click back into the music setting here youll see that sync music is now unchecked and its. No longer automatically syncing my music im gonna click on this back arrow to go back to my pc and.

When i do this now i can click through all of my music and my different songs and here i. See i have this cartoon on and on song i can simply click on this and then drag and drop. It over on to my iphone so thats one way that i can manually sync music between my computer and. My iphone however in most cases whatever music you have on your computer you probably also want to synchronize with. Your phone so instead of going through one by one and synchronizing songs with your phone i would just recommend.

Syncing all of your music with your phone all right well that was a quick tutorial showing you how you. Could transfer music from your computer to your iphone if you learned how to transfer music from your computer to. Your iphone please give this video a thumbs up if you want to see future videos like this hit that. Subscribe button that way youll get a notification any time new content like this comes out and lastly if you. Want to see me cover any other topics in the future leave a comment down below and ill add it.

To my list of videos to create alright well thats all i have for you today i hope you enjoyed. And hope to see you next time bye.

Method 3 – How To Add Background Music To Iphone Video

Whats going on guys eddie fliptronix im gonna be showing you a cool tip where you can add background music. To any iphone video alright so before we get into this still want to let you know weve got the. Free iphone sweepstakes going on with you sweeps its completely free to enter plus its always nice to get a. Free iphone so i have a link in both the description and comments for that okay so to get started.

With this its really not too complicated but you are going to need imovie which is free to download once. You have it installed youre going to want to click the little plus icon thats going to come up in. The top left hand corner so this is going to allow you to add a movie so what were trying. To do here is create a new movie with anything that you have recorded already in your iphone im just. Going to pull up a quick clip here and im just going to add it as a new movie now.

From here what youre going to want to do is either adjust the volume on the video recorded so its. Like softer or louder or you could mute it all together ive muted mine here so you can see me. Just turn it completely on mute but if you want to add music to the video now you click a. Little plus icon click music then you want to click the songs option and its going to pull up anything. That you already have you know installed on your iphone as far as music then youre going to want to.

Tap on that music hit the plus icon and then youve basically just added background music to your iphone video. Right there so im just going to play it all right so whats cool is you can actually adjust the. Volume so if you want the music to be louder or softer you can do that all right so you. Heard it a little bit louder there but lets say i wanted to make it a little bit softer so. You can kind of do the voiceover with it all right so when youre done with uh you know your.

File here you would just click that and then youd be able to just save it by you know tapping. The bottom option then you can record it im sorry you could save it in a few different formats anyways. You guys thats it just a quick tip somebody on the channel asked me how you do that so i. Thought i would you know show you if you could smash a like button subscribe to the channel if you. Havent thanks for watching and well see you in the next one.

Method 4 – Iphone Tutorials – How To Add Music From Itunes To Iphone In 3 Ways 2021

In this video you will know how to add music from itunes to iphone in three ways if you are. Interested please keep watching connect your iphone to computer via usb cable and open itunes find and click file on. The top left corner choose add to library select music you want to transfer then find and click on phone. Icon scroll down to find options and apply manually manage music and videos click songs on the left side drag.

Songs into devices the method wont delete old songs on your iphone click phone icon on the top left corner. Find and click music on the left side apply sync music choose entire music library or selected playlists artists albums. And genres and then click on apply the method will remove existing music on your iphone run any trans on. Your computer and connect iphone via usb cable choose device manager and find music click on add button and select. Import from itunes and also you can choose to import from computer transfer all or selected music as you want.

Do so thanks for watching this video leave a comment if you have any questions you.

Method 5 – How To Add Free Music To Apple Music Library Without Itunes? (2022)

Adding free music to apple music library was easy when there was audience but as you know apple kid aliens. After the mac os catalina updated so how do you add free music to apple music library without idols thats. Something coming up in this video hey everyone rahul here from take a look and in this video you will. Learn how to add free music to apple music library without a permissive subscription or idols but before that a.

Quick sponsored message for you this video is brought to you by my free online courses if you want to. Learn how to turn your digital presence into profit visit ashley it says automation calm to get free access to. My online courses and training all right now without wasting any more time lets learn how to add free music. To apple music library in order to add free visit to the apple music library you will need a browser. Like safari and a jockey mate app now here is something very crucial so pay close attention to what am.

Saying if your iphone is running on ios limit or later your iphone has already good files app this is. A perfect document app and you dont need any other third party apps to manage documents and files however if. Your iphone is running on either stale or earlier you can simply open the app store and search for documents. By little then tap on the download icon and this will install the documents tap on your iphone also apart. From the document app you will need a download manager but since you are downloading documents by reader you dont.

Need other apps as it comes with a built-in download manager by the way if your iphone is running on. Ios 30 or later i have good news for you because after all star in safari has good a built-in. Download manager and you have already put the download massa in it so you dont need any third-party apps if. Your iphone isnt even is third me or later all you need is just your iphone with safari browser files. App and an active internet connection so that you may download free music on your iphone now that we are.

Talking about downloading free music on iphone open safari browser and search for free music download sites because in order. To add free music to the apple music library first you need to download free music on an iphone now. Before you proceed let me tell you downloading music from any random easy downloading sites may be illegal depending upon. The country or region you live in so do your duty reasons before you download however despite that there are. Many sites that offer free music downloads and you can find them easily so i wont be going into details.

About them as its pretty easy to just tap the download button and music will be downloaded to your iphone. But my recommendation would be at least use a vpn so that it may protect your online privacy if you. Are looking for an excellent within check out the link in the description below which would take you to an. Article on my blog and if you are in a hurry and dont want to read the article then you. Can get a vpn by simply visiting take you to prom for slash vpn all right now moving further i.

Have already downloaded some mp3 files here and save them in my google drive so i will be using google. Drive as the source of my music download just for demonstration purposes in this video so i copy the file. Link from google drive and then paste and open in the safari browser now i tap on this download icon. And this will lead to the download prompt in safari asking me whether i want to view this or download. This ill tap download and it will start downloading as i already told you at the beginning of this video.

After i studied safari has good a built in download manager and you can see this little – here in. The top right corner if you tap on this little download icon this will show you all the downloads all. Right now the music file is downloaded in safari and you will find this into the files app on your. Iphone simply tap on this magnifying glass to look at the file and here you can see that its in. The downloads folder on my iphone so we have got the music file that we want to add to the.

Apple music library now its time to transfer the music file to mac or pc whatever you have for pc. Users you may transfer this file after connecting your iphone to the pc using the lightning cable however if you. Are a mac user you must simply airdrop this file to your mac just like this and within a few. Seconds the downloaded mp3 files would be within the downloads folder on my mac alright now connect your iphone to. Mac using the lightning cable as soon as you plug it it will appear in the finder on your mac.

In case it doesnt appear there try plugging it once it is there in the finder app you need to. Locate your iphone in the left menu idols then click on this and it will show you based it is. About your iphone keep this window open and then open the apple music app on your mac after mac as. Katarina apple killed idols but you still get three brand-new apps apple music podcasts and apple tv to replace itunes. And in case you are wondering dont worry this will open even if you dont have apple music subscription now.

Locate your iphone in the apple museum you will find it under devices in the left menu items once you. Find it thats the green signal to proceed in case you dont see it there try to plug in your. Iphone all right we are ready to add the downloaded music to the apple music library so simply open the. Downloads folder where we previously transferred the downloaded music files using airdrop here is it now from the apple music. Window click on a saintly added under library then from the downloads folder drag and drop the music file to.

The apple music library just like this alright now we have added free music to the epiphysis library without a. Subscription however just to check it if we open the apple music app on the iphone here we wont see. The music file that we just added and thats because we have white sync the apple music library on mac. So simply go to the finder window and click on your iphone from the left menu this will surveys details. About your device navigate to the music tab and then check this box that says sync music on to my.

Iphone then select entire library and click apply then confirm to proceed and this will add free music to the. Apple music library on your iphone thats how you can add free music to the apple music library on your. Iphone using this method you can add as many free mp3 songs as you wish and you dont even need. Apple music subscription i hope you found this video helpful if he is please hit the like button to let. Me know and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or ask in our official.

Facebook group you may also add me on instagram and ill try my best to help check the description below. For more info if you want more such tips tricks and tutorials subscribe well take you to our channel and. Tap on the bail icon as that way you wont miss any future of this thanks for watching im not. Signing off and ill see you in the next one.

Conclusion – How Do I Add Music To My Iphone

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