How Do I Add Printer To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Add A Printer To An Iphone And Print From It

Hey this is money freshman a tutorial today im gonna cover how to set up a printer in your iphone. So ios and apple has a technology called air print that allows you to print without needing to download any. Drivers so with this printers manufacturers have developed on their printer the airplane capabilities for you to be able to. Print from your device in my case i have a hp envy 4500 and i just went to the printer.

Look at the ip network information put it on my browser and i see that air print is enabled and. This is a printer name so this is the printer name that would appear on my device on your case. Your printer should have air print if it doesnt have a print ill show you how to set it up. Anyways lets start with the printer that has air print basically all you could do now is if you go. To safari lets say if i want to print this document here i just click on the search on the.

Share button there on the bottom and scroll down until you see print all right so this printer here is. Being detected because it has air print and this is basically what i was talking about you dont have to. Do anything else but just locate your printer if youre printing doesnt have air print and its an hp printer. As well then what you could do is you could download an application called hp smart we hp smart what. You could do you could go to settings and click on add setup a printer and you click on add.

A printer basically you set up the new printer its gonna ask you to allow access and then you have. To make sure that the printer is on the same network as your device once you set up the printer. On the hp smart application you could even use the application itself to print documents like photos or you could. Attach services like dropbox google photos and google drive so you could print your documents otherwise what you could do. Is if you go back home if you open safari and you want to print this document without an airprint.

Compatible printer then you click on this on the share button again you scroll until you see print with hp. Smart so the first option is if you have a airprint compatible printer or it says just print otherwise you. Do print with hp smart and the application will move and open with the hp smart application and then you. Would just go ahead and click on print now if you have a canon on brother or any other printer. Does not hp they have their own application where you can set up the printer and print you just have.

To go to the app store and locate that right so with air print now you can also print directly. From your photos so if you go to photos lets say i want to print this picture here i click. On share and i will click on print so print is with the airprint compatible printer or you could do. It with the printer with hp smart all right so basically thats how you set up the printer and thats. How you are able to print from your iphone if you have any questions any issues that you comment below.

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Method 2 – How To – Print Wirelessly From Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch

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Method 3 – How To Print From An Iphone To Hp Printer (Or Ipad, (Same Process))

Hows it going everybody my name is eric and in this video im going to show you how to print. From an hp printer such as this one from an ipad or from an iphone just like that and before. We get into the tutorial if you havent already please give the video a thumbs up if you arent already. Subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and lets get into the video first thing youre going to need is an.

Hp printer that is indeed air print compatible i will put a link in the description to all of the. Air print printers and you can search for your model of printer in there if its a newer printer purchased. Within the last five years or so and it has wi-fi capabilities more than likely it is indeed an airprint. Compatible printer but if you want to check the link is in the description and thats one way to know. For sure the next thing youre gonna need is to connect your wireless printer to the wi-fi network i have.

Two videos showing how to do this one a printer like this where i have a screen and then another. Hp printer that doesnt have a screen showing how to set up that printer on your wi-fi network links to. Those are in the description were not going over that in this video this is specifically about printing on iphones. And ipads so if your printer is already not connected make sure to check those videos out the next thing. Youre going to do is grab your ipad and youre going to want to make sure youre connected to the.

Same network that your printer is connected to go to your settings this little gear right here go over to. Wi-fi and then it lists all of the networks you can pick it type in your password and make sure. You are indeed on the wi-fi the next thing youre going to do youre going to want to navigate to. The file that you want to print if its on a web page or in an email youre going to. Navigate to that ours is just going to be a file that i have on the ipad i want to.

Print this pattern so i navigated to it whenever you pull up the page that you want to print youre. Going to want to go to this top right corner on the ipad i think its on the bottom of. An iphone its a square with an up arrow youre going to hit that youre going to scroll down to. Print and you have all of these options here that were going to go over you want to make sure. That your printer is picked so youre going to hit printer your hp printer should show up there youre going.

To select that printer if you want to print multiple copies you can go plus or minus if you want. To print black and white or in color depending you can do that but once you have all your settings. Done you can hit print its going to send the signal from the ipad to the printer and then maybe. If youre low on toner or ink it will prompt you there you can just hit ok and once the. Signal is sent its processed by the printer and it should print out just like that look at that we.

Have a beautiful dog pattern you can use this for documents you can use this for powerpoints you can use. It for school for work for home whatever you want to meet your printing needs from your mobile iphone or. Ipad device before we go i want to show you this one app called hp smart it is made by. Hp specifically for printing if you hit open itll give you a lot more status information on your printer itll. Give you a lot more options for printables printing photos printing documents scanning from the camera of your device it.

Gives you more options and settings than just the other way we printed but you will have to make an. Account for this and its kind of annoying i usually just print the other way but if you want to. Explore this a link to it is in the description its totally free so thank you guys so much for. Watching if you have any questions or problems throw in the comment sections if you havent already please give the. Video a thumbs up if youre already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and ill talk to you in the.

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Method 4 – How To Print From An Iphone To Canon Printer (Or Ipad, (Same Process))

Hows it going everybody my name is eric and in this video im going to show you how to print. Step by step from an iphone or from an ipad to a canon printer this will work if you want. To print documents shipping labels or even if you want to print photos this is a great skill to know. For home or office use this will work with a lot of models of canon printers specifically were going to.

Be working on the canon pixma g4210 but it will work with a lot of other models of canon theres. So much overlap so you should have no problem if you follow this tutorial so printing from an iphone or. An ipad is actually a lot easier than people think all youre going to need is a wi-fi capable canon. Printer because this is a canon specific tutorial youre going to need an ios device because this is an ios. Specific tutorial and youre going to need a wi-fi network in order to connect your printer to and in order.

To connect your ios device to but before we do that if you havent already please give the video a. Thumbs up if you arent already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and lets get into the printer first step. Is getting your printer connected to the wi-fi it must be a canon wireless capable printer for the scope of. This video just to check to see if your printer is connected to wi-fi you can press one of these. Four buttons here and it pops up with this wi-fi icon as well as some signal bars itll pop up.

For a couple seconds and itll disappear meaning that your printer is connected to a wi-fi network if you arent. Connected to wi-fi and need to see how i will be coming out with the how to set it up. To wi-fi tutorial tomorrow there will be a link to it in the description and also in the corner so. Make sure to check that out if you have not already connected your printer to wi-fi now that we are. On wi-fi we need to go to our mobile phone and make sure that it is connected to the same.

Wi-fi network as the printer most people only have one wi-fi network at their house so make sure that your. Wi-fi is on your device and you are connected to the same wi-fi network you can see your network if. You go to settings and then it will say right here what wi-fi network you are connected to ours is. Eight foot ceilings now that we are connected to the wi-fi on our phone im gonna take you guys into. The phone and show you step by step so theres two ways how to print on an ios device the.

First one were going to do is the easiest and that is just printing via the native features of the. Iphone do not have to download any software were going to navigate to the document that we are going to. Print and mine is in our files folder it is this womens specialization program it is a pdf and we. Want to print this program week to workout we just want to print that one page we dont want to. Print the whole 94 pages we just want to bring the workout with us to the gym so were just.

Going to print that page tapping on the screen to get this menu to pop up down here in the. Bottom left hand corner it may be in a different spot on an ipad but on this phone its down. Here in the bottom left its a square with an up arrow were going to tap that and were going. To scroll down to print tap print and it pops up with this page it already selected my canon g4010. Printer if it did not populate your printer name then youre going to tap that see if your printer is.

Discovered and then pick the printer you want to print from right now its set up to print all of. The pages which is a ton of wasted paper wasted ink were not going to do that were just going. To go to options were going to go to range and were going to pick i think it was page. 45 so were going to go to range and were going to print page 45 to page 45. Its only.

Going to use one piece of paper its only going to use a little bit of ink and its not. Going to waste that much we also are just going to print it in black and white thats how you. Change that if you need to print a color document you would leave it as color but we just want. To print it in black and white and then were going to hit print it sent the print job from. The phone to the printer and you want to make sure your printer was loaded otherwise it might pop up.

With an error on the screen or on your phone but once that print job goes through the printer we. Have our beautifully printed black and white document that we sent from the phone this is applicable to documents you. Can do the same thing with photos you can do the same thing with shipping labels whatever document from your. Phone that youre sending to your printer would be all through this one process now im going to show you. A little bit more in depth were going to go back to the phone im going to show you guys.

The canon app which gives you a lot more features and customizations so were going to open up the app. Store and type in canon print and comes up with this canon print ink jet selfie app were going to. Hit download or get whatever you gotta press let it scan your face put in your password and download that. App were going to open that app and its asking me if enable bluetooth we can say okay agree to. Their terms of service allow while using the app do you want to search for printers yes it hit me.

With an ad were going to x out of the ad okay and now its searching for printers on my. Network through the app there it is the canon g4010 or whatever your printer is named and then im going. To click on that and its going to acquire printer information and now it says youre all set choose your. Favorite photos and try out the printer im just going to hit cancel im going to show you guys this. App a little bit its pretty simple it has a built-in scan function which allows you to scan from the.

Printer which is a little bit nicer of an image that youre going to get on the flatbed scanner rather. Than just like taking a picture of the document so thats how you would do that im gonna cancel that. It was actually scanning on my printer and then it has all of these settings that you can use for. The scanner you have the copy machine functions right there you can tell the printer to make copies you have. This smartphone copier which will allow you to take a picture and send it to the printer to print as.

Like a copy using the phone on your camera but youre probably here most likely to see photo print which. Is nicer to do through the app than it is just through the square with the up arrow natively on. The apple devices so were going to allow access to all photos and im going to and im going to. Select a cute picture of my niece wearing my sandals were going to select that go to next and right. Here it gives us a lot more flexibility than it would if we were just trying to print this through.

The ios printing i could crop the image however i want to crop it you can rotate the frame you. Can go down here to print settings you can change the paper size a lot more than you can when. Youre just printing through ios you can even dial in on what type of paper that youre printing on to. Make the pictures look a little bit better border or borderless and what type of color or monochrome which is. Black or white or color it said that i picked that do you want to check the online manual for.

How to replace paper on your printer so it tells you you changed the paper do you want to see. A manual on how to do that i dont need to see that and then youre going to make sure. That you have the right paper loaded i have a 4×6 photo paper in there im going to close these. Paper holders a little bit to hold that paper and then im going to hit print and its sending the. Print job to the printer from the phone and as that prints a few moments later there we go so.

There is the photo printed from the phone this specific paper that im using is why you see this border. Down here normally youre not going to see a border on the photo if you have the right paper im. Using the wrong paper im using an hp paper with a tab which makes this longer than actually 4×6 so. Thats why its got that little tab but i got the paper for very cheap so thats why im using. That all up ill cut the bottom off of it you probably wont have that problem but i figured i.

Would explain it just in case anyone had any questions that pretty much completes the tutorial as you can see. Theres two easy ways to print from your ios device your iphone or your ipad onto your canon printer thank. You guys so much for watching if you havent already thumbs up for emma b and i will talk to. You guys in the next video bye you.

Method 5 – How To Print To Any Printer From Iphone, Ipod, Ipad Via Windows

Many printers nowadays are airprint compatible once the airprint compatible printer is set up you can print from your iphone. Ipod or ipad without having to install any additional software on your idevice but what about your old-school printers unfortunately. You cannot air print to old printers but the good news is that there is a workaround in this tutorial. I will show you how to air print to any printer from your iphone ipod or ipad even if the.

Printer is not airprint compatible this method uses windows 7 vista or xp as an air print receiver to printer. Your old printers for this method to work you must have itunes installed since itunes contains a dryer that allows. Your pc to communicate with your idevice lets get started step 1 set up your printer to be shared within. Your wi-fi network go to the start menu search printers click on devices and printers right-click the printer you want. To air print to printer properties select the sharing tab checkoff share this printer click ok step 2 install.

Air print for windows gonna do it dummy comm slash downloads download windows air print installer extract a file folder. To your desktop open air print installer click install air print service next close the program double-click the file air. Print ios5 fix 32-bit if your windows system type is 32-bit double-click 64-bit if your windows is 64-bit to check. Your windows system type go to the start menu search system under system type you will see 64-bit or 32-bit. In my case it is 64-bit so i will run the 64-bit file next open the program again and click.

Start close the program and restart your computer now lets try printing to the windows printer first make sure you. Are connected to the same wi-fi network as your windows pc tap share print select your printer your windows printer. Is now on your list of compatible printers select the printer and print and this concludes the tutorial on how. To print to any printer from your iphone ipod ipad via windows i hope this helped please feel free to. Make any comments and dont forget to like this video as well as subscribe to my channel for more iphone.


Conclusion – How Do I Add Printer To Iphone

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