How Do I Airdrop From Mac To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i airdrop from mac to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Airdrop From Mac To Iphone | How To Airdrop A File From Your Mac To Iphone

So lets get started so what you need to do is you just need to go at the top bar. And then just click on go and then select air drop from here so just select air drop from here. Which is going to open this airdrop window now in here in order to use airdrop you need to turn. On your bluetooth so this option is here so you just need to click on turn on bluetooth which is.

Going to turn on your bluetooth right now here once you turn on your bluetooth you will see this message. Which says allow me to discovered by right now no one is selected so you can just click on this. Uh drop down menu and you can select contacts only or everyone for now im going to select everyone for. From here which will allow this macbook to discover every uh iphone or apple device right now in order to. Connect any iphone or ipad or any other apple device you just need to enable airdrop on that device also.

So you can see on the right hand side i have my apple screen so im going to go to. The settings in my apple screen and then im going to go to the general section so just click on. General and then you will be able to see this air drop option here so im going to just press. On airdrop right now here also i can see receiving off so i can just press on everyone which is. Going to enable airdrop here and also i need to turn on the bluetooth here so my bluetooth is right.

Now turned on and once you do that i can see my iphone is discovered on my macbook and now. I can transfer my photos or other files from my iphone to my mac operating system using airdrop so now. Lets say i want to just share some picture from my macbook to my iphone so i will just select. This picture from here and then i will just simply drag and drop here on the iphone which is going. To transfer this picture on my iphone let me minimize this and you will be able to see this accept.

Button here so once you press on accept button then this file will be transferred on your iphone so this. Is how you can turn on airdrop on your mac operating system i hope youve enjoyed this video and i. Will see you in the next video.

Method 2 – How To Airdrop (Transfer Photos

Hey what is going on guys so today im gonna show you how to transfer files use an air drop. From your macbook or your eye back to your iphone and vice versa and well go ahead transfer some photos. And videos so the first thing i want to mention is with your iphone you have to have the airdrop. On you have to have wi-fi on and you have to have the bluetooth on the thing is the wi-fi.

Is not the wi-fi network its a wi-fi direct connection so first thing is how to access the bluetooth on. Your iphone heres an iphone 8 if you have a iphone 8 or prior basically an iphone with a physical. Home button like you see right here what you do is from the bottom you slide up okay so bottom. Slide up like that then you get this screen right here and you see with a wi-fi connection and a. Bluetooth connection in airplane mode is what you want to do is you want to go ahead and press this.

To this screen here pops up and bottom left hand corner you can see where it says airdrop and it. Says everyone if i tap on this right here if i want to turn it off i would simply tap. On receiving off and then you have the option of contacts only or everyone im going to then leave it. On everyone but remember it has to be on okay so ill tap on everyone is highlighted here if i. Tap on receiving off then obviously its not going to be highlighted so i have to have this highlighted and.

Ill put down everyone now if you have an iphone that doesnt have a physical home button like a iphone. 10s macs here instead of sliding from the bottom up you would want to go from the top right hand. Side and slide down and this menu here will pop up and then go ahead and press kind of hard. To a forced touch for this this uh tennis max and then this will pop up okay so i have. An airdrop on and it says everyone and i also have my wi-fi on and my bluetooth on so this.

Phone is ready okay so the next thing is the macbook so with the macbook here top right hand corner. You should see the bluetooth icon right there go ahead and tap on that and then you can turn it. On or off if i turn it off then it just like greys out if you dont have the bluetooth. Icon up here just go into the search right here and do a search for bluetooth fall exchange right there. Thats perfect then you can tap on that and then this will pop up here leave bluetooth off or turn.

Blue to on let me just leave it off i usually just go in the top right-hand corner here its. Grayed out right now but let me just app on that and ill go ahead and turn on bluetooth right. There dont forget your wi-fi needs to be on to just your wi-fi and your bluetooth on your macbook so. Lets do this lets go and transfer a file from my macbook to one of my iphones here okay so. So let me go and open up my photos app right here and let me choose like a photo now.

The thing is i can choose like multiple photos i can just highlight all of them just like this photos. And videos but im just going to go ahead and move transfer one photo so ill go ahead and click. On this and if you look right here you have to look for this icon right here go ahead and. Tap on that share icon and then once we do that we have other options here where we can share. It youll find airdrop on the drop down menu click on airdrop now the thing is i have to be.

Logged into my iphone so let me go ahead and login as soon as i log in it should find. It relatively soon so give it a second here sometimes it takes a while sometimes you do have issues with. The bluetooth and you have to turn the bluetooth on and off as well as the wi-fi anyways i found. That right away it says virgils iphone does this phone right here so im gonna go ahead and select this. On my computer it says waiting and now voila now that was pretty quick now lets do this vice-versa thats.

Go ahead and transfer lets transfer a video and a photo onto my macbook so let me go to my. Photos gallery on my iphone 8 here and let me go back and lets go ahead and transfer this photo. And this video this video here is 11 seconds long so im just going to go and tap on select. Here and were going to tap these two right here and then from here tap on the share icon bottom. Left hand corner let me tap on that airdrop here let me go ahead and tap on that and hopefully.

It finds it pretty fast okay i found it pretty fast theres only 11 seconds you do have like issues. With the airdrop you know you have to wait a little bit longer anyway you found it right away says. Vls macbook pro thats me right there let me go and tap on that and it found it right away. As you can see up here and it is downloading and it is done so if i tap on my. Photos app down here we should have that same as like the video so heres the video right there and.

The photo is or there and it also should be in my downloads folder so if i go to my. Downloads folder here wheres downloads right here guys see these two files here that were transferred to delay let me. Just double click the the photo one here and you can see it right there as well so pretty simple. If you guys have any questions or need assistance just comment below thanks for watching guys and i will see. You on the next one.

Method 3 – How To Airdrop From Mac To Iphone (Or Iphone To Mac)

Im gonna show you how to airdrop files for imac to my iphone im also going to show you how. To air drop files from my iphone to my mac if you want to rapidly transfer files between your mac. Computer and your iphone or vice versa airdrop is the easiest and fastest way to do it in this video. Im gonna show you the requirements how to verify mac support for airdrop and also goes some troubleshooting tips hi.

My name is herman drost if you want to grow your audience on youtube and generate traffic leads and sales. On autopilot hit the subscribe button and click the bell notification icon so youre notified every time i upload new. Content so what is airdrop airdrop enables you to wirelessly send videos photos documents map locations websites and more to. A nearby iphone mac ipad or ipod touch here are two ways to verify mac support for airdrop on my. Imac just click on finder you can see airdrop at the top here alternatively click on the apple icon think.

About this mac click system support on the network click wi-fi and though the interfaces section youll see airdrop supported. Here is step to airdrop your video from mac to iphone click the icon at the top here to make. Sure the bluetooth is on select the video that you wish to airdrop im going to select this one just. Drag it to airdrop now its finding the phone just drop it on top of that now its sending the. File lets check the phone heres my dot mp4 file ive just sent from the imac to my phone heres.

How to transfer a photo from mac to iphone tap finder select the file that i want to transfer from. My imac to my iphone you know sectors thumbnail image drag it on the airdrop now its looking for my. Phone drag it on top of there and its sending it to my phone and here it is on my. Phone heres how to airdrop from iphone to mac tap photos tap the video clip tap icon in the bottom. Left they can see that the imac automatically shows up on my iphone so tap the icon my mac is.

Now receiving the video from the iphone imac accepted the file and here it is in my finder so a. Tap on the file and heres my video clip what are some of the requirements mac device such as a. Computer ipad ipod touch iphone turn on bluetooth for your device make sure that both wi-fi and bluetooth is turned. Off its not compulsory but it helps of both devices are on the same wi-fi network devices must be within. 30 feet of each other but preferably less remove any physical objects between both devices during the transfer use the.

Everyone option in the tab that says allow me to be discovered by deactivate airplane mode if airplane mode is. Activated it shuts down the wireless reception make sure you have that do not disturb mode turned off otherwise itll. Render your device and accessible switch off personal hotspot because both require a wi-fi connection here are three ways that. I use airdrop to transfer files between my mac devices number one transfer b-roll footage from my iphone to my. Mac ill often take photos or videos with my phone while im out and about that i can use in.

Future videos number two transfer files my imac to my iphone i often extract short video clips of youtube videos. That are stored on my mac and transfer them to my iphone so they can post them on instagram airdrop. Makes it really easy because i can transfer the files within a few minutes number three send files between my. Iphone and my daughters iphone whenever i want to transfer a photo or video to my daughters iphone or vice. Versa i use airdrop im just going to make sure that the phones are within a few feet of each.

Other let me ask you a question how do you currently transfer video files between your mac and your iphone. Post your answer in the comments below id love to read them and im sure others would too do you. Want to know how to make a slideshow for youtube using pictures videos and music if thats yes watch my. Next video on how to make a slideshow with pictures videos and music using a free online video editor thanks. For watching and well see you in the next video.

Method 4 – How To Airdrop Photos & Videos From Iphone To Mac!

Whats up guys its tommy here welcome back to the channel in this video im gonna be showing you guys. How to airdrop photos and videos from your iphone to your mac or from your mac to your iphone and. Ill be showing you guys both in this video the only requirements is that you must have an iphone running. Ios 7 or above and you must have a mac 2012 or above running osx yosemite or above also both.

Devices must have bluetooth and wi-fi turned on i also believe you must be within 30 feet of range if. You do have an older iphone or mac and youre unable to use airdrop but you still need to transfer. Photos and videos feel free to check out my other video i do show how to do that through usb. I will go ahead and link that video on the top right corner of the screen as well as in. The description below having said that lets get right into it alright guys so the first thing were gonna do.

Is make sure that airdrop is on on both devices so were gonna go ahead and start off with the. Iphone first if you do have a newer device what youre gonna want to do is just go ahead and. Open up control center by swiping down on the top right corner of the screen and if you have an. Older device youll just go ahead and open up control center by swiping up from the bottom but since we. Do have a somewhat newer device were gonna go ahead and swipe down from the top right corner of the.

Screen and what youre gonna want to do is go ahead and hard press on this square over here so. Thats exactly what were gonna do and then well get more options then youll notice that one of the options. Is the airdrop option so if you couldnt click on it you are going to want to make sure that. This turned on either to everyone or contacts so i do have it turned on for everyone so it should. Work perfectly fine you can however use contacts only as well its really up to you just make sure that.

Your mac does have your iphone as a contact once we make sure its turned on on the iphone well. Go ahead and make sure its turned on on the mac the easiest way to make sure it is turned. On on your mac is to just go to the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen. Youll go to access spotlight search and from here all you have to do is just go ahead and type. In airdrop go ahead and click on that so you can automatically see that this turned on since we do.

Have our iphone right over here but to double check all you have to do is go over here to. The bottom and itll say allow me to discover buy and then as you can see i have contacts only. But you can just go ahead and change it to everyone if you want or no one so just make. Sure its not on no one and the fit is on contacts just make sure that again your mac does. Have your iphone of the contact so now we have verified that both our mac and our iphone do have.

Airdrop turned on now the next thing is just to make sure that our bluetooth is turned on so again. Were gonna go ahead and go to the spotlight search and now were gonna go ahead and type in bluetooth. And then well click on bluetooth and you can see that it is turned on on our mac and we. Also do have our wi-fi turned on as well so we have nothing to worry about there and just make. Sure on your iphone that you do have bluetooth and wi-fi turned on as well so were good to go.

On both devices so now is very easy to go ahead and send a photo now if we go to. Our photos on our iphone maybe we want to send one lets say we want to send this photo all. You have to do is click on the photo and then youll see the share button on the bottom left. Corner of the screen go ahead and click on that button and then youll see the airdrop option right over. Here and has both both options so we went ahead and clicked on this one and it is sending right.

Now it says it has already sent and you can see the notification right here on our macbook if you. Dont click on that notification fast enough that is completely ok just go to your downloads and youll see it. Right over here so this is the photo that we just went ahead and transferred very quickly from our iphone. To our mac alright guys so now im gonna quickly show you guys how to airdrop from your mac to. Your iphone which is also very very easy to do were gonna go ahead and transfer this photo also this.

Is a thumbnail to a new channel that i will be making ill be posting vlogs and other sort of. Videos like that once its up i will go ahead and link that in the description below so feel free. To check that channel out and subscribe anyways are you know why i do is that the share button on. The top left corner of the screen and it is this button right over here once you go ahead and. Click on it youll see you get the option to airdrop so were gonna go ahead and hit airdrop and.

Then youll see that our iphone has showed up right over here so and then all you dont want to. Do is go ahead and click on it and then it will say waiting and it will begin to send. And then you will see it show up right on our iphone like so very very easy to do some. Quick troubleshooting tips if you are having issues is that you want to make sure that you do disable your. Personal hotspot if you do have one turned on of course make sure that your bluetooth and wi-fi are both.

Turned on on both devices make sure you are in rainbow and if you do have a vpn turned on. Try turning that off as well but other than that if this video was helpful for you please go ahead. Smash the like button it really does help a lot subscribe if you havent already and ill see you guys. In the next one peace.

Method 5 – How To Airdrop From Iphone To Mac | How To Airdrop A File From Your Iphone To Mac

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Conclusion – How Do I Airdrop From Mac To Iphone

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