How Do I Back Up My Iphone To Computer – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i back up my iphone to computer, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i back up my iphone to computer,

Method 1 – How To Backup Your Iphone With Itunes On Your Laptop

In this video im going to talk through the process for backing up your iphone there are two reasons you. Might want to do this either as just a routine backup or if youve received a new iphone and want. To be able to transfer all your data from your current iphone to your new one heres what youll need. To get your iphone backed up your iphone a lightning to usb cable the charger cable your loreal hp laptop.

And your laptop charger you dont want your laptop to run out of battery halfway through as this could corrupt. The backup youll also need to have enough free space on your laptop storage if you have 50 gb of. Files on your iphone your laptop needs to have at least 55 to 60 gb of free space the process. Can take up to an hour and you cant disconnect your iphone during the backup so make sure you do. This at a time when you wont need to disconnect your phone or take it away from your desk first.

You need to download itunes onto your loreal laptop to do this click on the search bar and search for. Software center in the search bar up here type in itunes and press search click on itunes and click install. This process can take a while up to an hour in some cases so be patient and just leave it. Running in the background youll know its finished installing when you see uninstall in the software center open the start. Menu and look for itunes in your list of apps agree to the tncs open itunes and connect your iphone.

To the laptop with the charging cable youll see a pop-up asking you to allow access to the phone click. Yes and then unlock your iphone tap trust and enter your passcode before we move on to the next step. Lets check that you have enough storage space on your laptop unlock your iphone go to settings general iphone storage. You can see here that i have 100 gb of data on this iphone if i open files and then. Go to this pc i can see that my laptop has 140 gb of free space so more than enough.

To hold my backup go back into itunes and youll see an icon appear at the top which shows that. An iphone has been connected click this icon and then choose backup now if this is the first time youve. Backed up this iphone youll need to set a password to protect your backup this is a loreal requirement which. Encrypts the data so that your data cant be accessed without the password click encrypt backup and enter a password. Then confirm it in the second box write this password down somewhere safe because you will need it to get.

Your data onto your new iphone during your one-to-one call with it services i cant stress enough how important this. Point is if you get another new iphone in five years and you want to transfer your data from this. New one onto that one youll need the same password again to do so so keep it safe depending how. Many files are on your iphone it might take up to an hour to complete the backup do not disconnect. Your iphone during the process just wait until the blue progress bar at the top of itunes has disappeared youll.

Know that the backup is complete when you see some text underneath the backup now button for example on mine. It says latest backup today at 1 56 pm to this computer this tells me that i now have a. Complete backup stored on my laptop once the backup is complete click the eject icon here and disconnect your phone. From the laptop youre now ready to migrate all of your data to your new iphone please keep in mind. That if you do your backup today at 2pm but you dont have your handover call with it services until.

Three days from now you might lose any data from those three days in between so we recommend doing your. Backup the night before your hand over call so that you dont lose too much data we hope this tutorial. Was helpful and we hope that you enjoy using your new iphone.

Method 2 – How To Backup Iphone To Computer With Or Without Itunes (Pc & Mac)

Welcome to tenorshare channel this is iphone 12 mini and if you want to back up all the data of. Your iphone like photos music or contacts what would you do you may probably choose to back up through icloud. Which is easy and you can back up anytime you like so lets go to the settings and go to. Icloud and find icloud backup tap it and tap backup now iphone will start to back up just keep waiting.

But what if you dont have enough icloud storage that will lead to a backup failure so today i would. Like to introduce two free ways to back up your iphone to computer the first way is to use itunes. To backup connect your iphone to the computer and launch the latest version itunes go to device management page and. Click backup now itunes will start to back up your iphone the data will save to this location on your. Computer by default so make sure you have enough storage on your c drive once the backup finished you can.

See the latest backup information and you can choose to restore your backup when you need but sometimes there is. No space on your c drive you find its hard to change the itunes backup location thats why i introduce. The second way to you guys using ik or phone which you can backup your iphone data to any location. For free and it can even back up the data more than 100 gigabyte just in 20 minutes download the. Software via the link in description below and launch it when it connects to your iphone click backup and restore.

You can choose to backup all the data or just select the part you want here we just select all. Data you can set the backup to any location as you like then click backup icare phone will starts to. Back up your iphone once done you can even view the backup data when you want to restore just click. Restore to device and follow the steps in the pop-up window lets go to settings and icloud and turn off. Contacts and safari options and select keep on my iphone then hit try again it will start to restore okay.

So above are two free ways to back up your iphone data to computer if you like this video dont. Forget to subscribe us and give us a like and you can also share this video with your friends.

Method 3 – Icloud Backups – What You Need To Know When It Comes To Backing Up Photos, Iphones And Your Devices!

Welcome back everyone my name is joel feld and todays video is all about icloud backup here we go so. Todays video i wanted to focus specifically on icloud backup because i think a lot of people are more and. More using mobile devices they want to have the convenience of not plugging into a computer and icloud backup is. One of the convenient ways and really one of the only ways apple allows you to backup wirelessly to some.

Type of cloud ecosystem ill link another video below that i did before on backing up to itunes either using. Your mac or a windows computer yes windows computer or using the finder on newer macs and it touches a. Little bit briefly on icloud backup but i wanted to make this specifically to icloud backup because i wanted to. Clarify some things and just walk through the process so first thing i want to clarify is what icloud backup. Actually does and what it actually backs up a lot of people may think that icloud backup backs up everything.

A hundred percent it backs up your computer and thats just not true so first and foremost icloud backup does. Not back up your mac or your windows computer at all it doesnt back it up it allows you to. Sync content to and from those devices but icloud backup is not a backup solution for your mac so icloud. Backup really is only for iphone and ipad devices the other thing that we need to understand is the storage. Capabilities apple only gives you five gigabytes free and im not gonna say free its like just heres heres five.

Five gigs like its useless the five gigabytes that apple gives you is is useless for any backup because if. You were to buy any iphone or ipad now today on the market or if you have one thats a. Few years old chances are its either a 32 gigabyte 64 128 512 you cant fit a 64 gallon bucket. Into a five gallon bucket its just not going to work now i have a phone here that is signed. In with an apple id im not paying for any storage you may have seen this error before where you.

Go into the settings and says hey backup failed so if i touch this its going gonna prompt me to. Go and buy more storage because im trying to upload all of the content from this phone to icloud but. That five gigabytes is just not enough so here its prompting me to go and purchase more storage well i. Dont want to do that and another setting ill look at if i go into icloud and choose icloud again. If i scroll down to icloud backup even though its turned on notice right below it says right below backup.

Now it says this iphone cannot be backed up because there is not enough icloud storage available so this is. Where id go back to one menu scroll up to the top and i can see that my five gigabytes. Out of five gigabytes is used up i can no longer squeeze any more information so what that means is. If something were to happen to this device and i havent plugged it into a computer and i dont have. That information saved anywhere else photos text messages files you know the settings of your phone the folder configurations everything.

That you tweaked about your phone if something were to happen to this its all going to go away because. They dont have a backup and throughout the video when i reference iphone and ipad theyre theyre pretty much identical. It works the same exact way the settings are identical in how to configure and set up and do icloud. Backups so you have to have enough storage in order to do an icloud backup i have another link that. Ill throw down below and that is a video talking about how to upgrade your icloud storage if you need.

To now lets go ahead and go to my other phone which i do have icloud backup on and lets. Go ahead and start with how do i turn it on where the settings at so if i go into. The settings of my phone and i go at the very very top under my apple id this is my. Learn with joel account and if i scroll down to icloud and then i scroll down to icloud backup because. This is turned on it now does a backup every single day automatically if its connected to power its locked.

And its connected to wi-fi and it will even give you that little message here on the screen saying automatically. Backup data such as your accounts documents home configurations and settings when the iphone is connected to power locked in. Wi-fi and you can touch learn more and its going to take you to an apple support and actually shows. You exactly what icloud backs up now im going to take a step back and go back into settings and. Lets say i turn icloud backup off now thats only turning off for this device because your apple id can.

Be used on multiple devices like my ipad so ill jump to my ipad if i go to settings and. Go to the same exact spot under icloud here and then i scroll down icloud backup is still on for. This device because theyre independent of one another you can back up multiple multiple devices to your icloud based off. Of how much storage you have so even though on my phone ive turned off icloud backup it still remains. On within my ipad now its simple enough if i take my phone again i can just turn on icloud.

Backup its going to reactivate it im just not losing a beat it just turns it back on if i. Want to back up something manually i just say backup now and it just starts to back up my device. Again if i go back to icloud in the top and i scroll back to the main top where it. Shows me in my storage i have a nice visual chart of how much space i have available in icloud. So here im using 40.1 gigabytes out of the 200 gig plan and if i touch manage storage this is.

Going to show me exactly what is taking up space in this cloud environment so i can see that i. Have icloud storage photos backups mail health messages all of this information and if i go to my ipad it. Could be slightly different because i might have different apps on my ipad than i do on my phone but. In regards to backups notice i have 2.9 gigabytes worth of backups in my icloud storage so if i touch. That its going to show me what backups are used so i have the learn with joel ipad and i.

Have learned with joel iphone which is this iphone you could have multiple backups here if youve upgraded your phone. Recently and you know you have your old phone your old phone possibly could be here and you could get. Rid of that old backup if you no longer need it lets start with the first one the ipad backup. If i touch this its just going to purely tell me what device it is the latest backup and how. Much space its taking up and i can choose to delete it or not now that is the backup of.

This ipad and i dont want to delete it but if this ipad i no longer used or no longer. Had it i could delete this backup so its not using up that storage now if i go back a. Menu and touch the learn with joel iphone this iphone thats taking up 1.4 gigabytes this now actually gives me. More information because im on the device physically that im backing up so here it shows me my latest backup. How much backup size its taking and i can actually choose what apps i want to include in that backup.

So some of these apps you know like garageband or google meets or keynote anything that you have often those. Apps can contain information of whats in there and thats also backed up in icloud and you can toggle on. What you want to include and what you dont want to include this is where if i dont use premiere. Rush at all thats another video editing app on your iphone and ipad and i dont want to include that. In the backup i just toggle the switch and say turn off and delete and now everything that i do.

Within that app is not going to be saved so if something happened to that content i would not be. Able to recover it for that reason so you can pick and choose what you actually want to back up. Within your icloud backup now lets say that i wanted to delete this backup i could go back to manage. Storage go to backups i could choose this iphone backup and i can just say delete backup down at the. Bottom and that would remove this backup completely and because everything is still on this phone its not really going.

To hurt anything but if something happened to this phone i might lose some information now whats deceiving is lets. Actually discuss what icloud really backs up depending on your settings and how youre actually using icloud it doesnt back. Up a hundred percent of everything let me explain let me pull up a help article here on apples website. And it talks about what does icloud backup and here it shows its backing up app data apple watch backups. And if you automatically pair your apple watch to your phone apple watch is automatically backed up for you device.

Settings things like like the brightness and your ringer volume and if you have favorites added in your contacts and. If you create folders on your ipad and put a whole bunch of apps in your folders that kind of. Information is backed up within your icloud backup home screen and app organization text messages photos and videos on your. Iphone and ipad now im going to pause there text messages and photos and videos on your ipad notice the. Little number two here to designate find print so if i go down here number two says when you use.

Messages in the cloud or turn on icloud photos your content is automatically stored in icloud that means that they. Are not included in icloud backup so what does that actually mean it means that if i go back to. The settings on my phone and im under the icloud settings so if we go back to the main settings. And i touch icloud at the top and i go to icloud notice text messages here is turned on well. Text messages allows you to synchronize your text messages from multiple devices so when you text me i get it.

On my phone i get it on my ipad i get it on my computer because its using icloud to. Send that text message everywhere so that means that those text messages if i delete one theyre deleted everywhere and. That is not included in a backup so if i deleted all my text messages right now did a brand. New icloud backup manually those text messages are not included in that backup very important the other thing is photos. And videos if i go to photos here the first option is icloud photos and icloud photos is designed to.

Synchronize your pictures and videos from all of your devices so when i take a picture or video on my. Phone it automatically goes to my mac it can automatically go to my windows computer and it can automatically go. To my ipad but because that option is turned on it means that theyre not included in an icloud backup. So how do why does that matter well again just like the text messages if my son got my phone. Which he doesnt really get my phone at all but lets say that he went into my phone and started.

Deleting all of my pictures and i didnt know and then a couple weeks go by and i realized all. My pictures are gone now granted icloud saves your photographs for 30 days that you can restore but lets just. Hypothetically say that that 30-day time period has passed and so over those 30 days i now have gotten several. More new icloud backups but all of my pictures are gone on my phone and i can no longer recover. Them and because i was using icloud photos theyre also deleted off of all of my other devices so its.

Very important to have a solution for an icloud backup for your photos and videos and thats where i personally. Like to do one of two things either dont delete your photos which kind of defeats the purpose because then. You just grow and grow that library or you come up with some type of method i recommend copying the. Pictures from the apple photos or a computer to a time machine or an external hard drive or some option. Like that just know that if youre using icloud photos long story short they are actually not included in your.

Icloud backup now lets go on the uh the next one in line here is your purchase history from apple. Services like your music movies tv shows apps and books all of your purchases that you ever do are automatically. Backed up but theyre also tied to your apple id so even if i downloaded and purchased a song or. Video if i deleted it off this device i could just resign in to the itunes store or and go. Through my purchase history and redownload all that content now the content within there so lets say i download a.

Racing game and i raced to level 100 and i beat all of those and i got a fancy little. Ferrari in my in my racing game now that data would be stored in icloud under the icloud we go. Manage storage we go backups we go this phone and if that app offers it it would show that here. To back up the data of that racing game so not every single app allows an icloud backup but majority. Of them do icloud also backs up your ringtones and visual voicemail for your phone calls now some of the.

Items that it does not back up are things like your contacts your calendars your bookmarks your notes because all. Again all of that information is stored in icloud its designed to synchronize amongst all of your devices so if. You delete it here its automatically deleted on your other device i have another video if you want to check. That out on how to restore from an icloud backup if youre ever in the point where you upgrade your. Phone you get a new ipad and you want to restore from that previous icloud backup you can do that.

As well the nice benefits the huge benefit of it is if youre traveling and youre out and about and. Something happens to your device you can just go get a new device sign in with your apple id and. Its you can choose that backup and its going to restore all the content from what that old device looked. Like it will restore all the settings and your apps and it will download fresh copies itll start to synchronize. Your photos all of that so that is icloud backup in a nutshell you really again it doesnt back up.

Your mac it backs up your mobile devices i will link this down here in the video below so that. You can have it for reference i will link a few other nice help articles here for icloud as well. And yeah so thats icloud backup so thank you so much for watching if you like this video go ahead. Click that like button if you learned something new go ahead hit that subscribe button tap that little bell and. Well see you next time.

Method 4 – How To Backup An Iphone On A Computer : Tech Yeah!

Hey im skyler if you feel that you want to backup your iphone to your computer rather than to icloud. Youll need a couple different things your computer your iphone and your sync cable so lets just take the sync. Cable now and plug it into the computer youll also require itunes the latest version preferably installed on your computer. Whether its a mac or pc take the other end of my sync cable and plug it into the phone.

Now in itunes so i see right immediately a sync starts you can turn that feature off so that it. Doesnt synchronize automatically i like it that way because its the only reason i ever plug in my phone now. In the upper right hand corner i see iphone so im going to click that and it takes me to. The summary page down here youll see that its set to automatically backup to icloud right below that option says. This computer and if i check that little box off it says a full backup of your iphone will be.

Stored on this computer now the disadvantage to that is that you have to plug in your iphone in order. For it to backup or if youve turned on wi-fi itunes syncing it will do it as soon as you. Log on to the same wi-fi network with both devices so its not a its not necessarily a bad option. Its just a different kind of option like for example if im away at a hotel then my iphone isnt. Going to backup if i am not near my computer and whereas if i were using icloud it would however.

When things are backed up to icloud they are not encrypted to the same level that theyre encrypted when you. Back them up to your mac and if your purpose is security then you may want to check off this. Option this computer and then click encrypt iphone backup now what you have to understand about encrypting the backup is. That if you forget the password then you wont be able to access that backup in the future even through. Some third party means like iphone backup extractor or by hiring a third-party consultant something of that nature you wont.

Have luck in retain or reclaiming retrieving extracting data from that backup which is the whole point of encrypting it. So now that ive shown you what options to select once you turn those options on just click the button. Down here which is sync and the system which manages backups will begin to copy all the data from iphone. To your computer you also have to be aware of how much space is required by the backup on your. Computer because with a 32 gigabyte iphone thats completely full you can imagine thats a whole lot of stuff thats.

Going to be stored on your computer thats about it thanks for watching im skylar.

Method 5 – How To Backup Your Iphone Or Ipad Using Itunes, Finder And Icloud! – Step By Step Guide

Welcome back everyone my name is joel feld and today i want to discuss backing up important things like your. Iphone and or ipad in various different ways so lets rock and roll i have an iphone here and you. May have an ipad it really doesnt matter this video is gonna focus on specifically backing up your apple mobile. Device iphone ipad regardless of what model iphone or ipad you have the process honestly is identical were gonna look.

At three different three or four different methods using a mac using icloud and yes using using a windows computer. And im just gonna im just gonna put it out there right now it has been beyond frustrating using one. So just throwing that out there so with that being said lets go ahead and get started before we even. Talk about icloud i want to go back prior to this whole cloud concept and environment where if we took. Content on our phone you know the very first iphone that came out or the second one whatever it may.

Be when we took content on there the only way to save that content was to physically take this device. And plug it into a computer and use itunes as a method of saving all of the information from your. Phone to your computer your contacts your calendars your notes your emails your photographs your videos everything that you did. On your phone you connected it to a computer and that was kind of the lifeline of it and thats. How you saved and backed up all of your content if something were to happen with your phone so were.

Going to start off with using itunes now this computer i have in front of me it actually doesnt have. Itunes anymore because after the operating system i believe of 10.15 catalina apple changed itunes so that it actually uses. The finder to synchronize and backup your phone or ipad not itunes but on the windows we will still use. Itunes so lets start with the mac first were going to plug in my phone here and as soon as. I plug my iphone or ipad into my computer a couple things are going to happen notice on my iphone.

It says hey do you want to trust this computer and notice on my computer it says hey this iphone. Wants to access do you want to allow this computer to access the information on this phone so on the. Computer were gonna go ahead and click continue on the iphone im gonna go ahead and touch trust that way. Im verifying that i want both of these devices to talk to one another now once your iphone is recognized. By itunes youll see it in a couple different places over here on the left hand side as well as.

In the top left little button up here when i click on that thats going to bring all of the. Information about this particular device that i have plugged in if we take this one step further than a backup. This was a way you use itunes as a way to transfer information to your phone and this is all. Pre icloud this is all pre and before everything that you do with any kind of cloud ecosystem usually people. Had music or photos or contacts physically on their computer and they wanted a method to allow them to copy.

Those to the phone or the ipad so we used itunes in order to do that so on the left. Hand side here we have summary which shows us information like the capacity the phone number all the imei numbers. All the stuff associated to that carrier your serial number itll tell you if your phone is out of date. You can update your phone you can restore your phone to factory settings thats actually gonna just wipe it so. If i click restore iphone here its just gonna wipe everything on my phone so dont do that below that.

We have options of how we want to back it up currently its set to icloud but we could say. This computer and we can have options to manually back it up right now and then restore from other previous. Backups as well theres an option here to encrypt iphone backups or ipad backups this allows y.

Conclusion – How Do I Back Up My Iphone To Computer

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