How Do I Connect My Android Phone To My Printer – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my android phone to my printer,

Method 1 – How To Print From An Android Phone Or Tablet

Hey welcome guys this were doing a teach you how to print from your android phone or tablet to your. Old printer now i know it sounds kind of silly for a lot of people but lets face a lot. Of people do use their android phone or tablet more often than they use a computer and in a tight. Spot when you dont have a lot of time to turn on the computer print out your boarding pass or.

Whatever maybe this is the perfect solution for you okay so keep in mind that the steps im going to. Show you do vary from android device and android version because well they tend to differ across devices and android. Versions but the concept is pretty much the same first thing you want to do is go to your system. Settings menu the easiest method to do that is to drag down your notification bar the other sort of gear. Icon and some phones you might have to swipe down a second time to reveal that button once you do.

That youre in your phone systems menu now the easiest thing to do because this is where a lot of. It will differ depending your android device finding your printers is actually get this magnifying icon right here the top. Right and just simply start typing print as you can see one of the search results is printing so you. Tap on that it is the option you get now i do have one from samsung built in because i. Am using the galaxy note 5 but theres a more universal method approach to this so in my option im.

Gonna hit download plugin and i stay me straight to the google play store where it gives the recommended printing. Apps so youll notice that theres some manufacturers here so im using a brother printer so as a brother option. Here if you have an hp that is an hp option and so on and so forth though the most. Universal method is actually google cloud print this is an app designed by google in which they take a whole. Bunch of drivers from a lot of different printing manufacturers and put into one single app so you can download.

Your manufacturers printing app but in this case im just gonna use google cloud print as an example make sure. That the service is turned on you can attack on it and you want to also make sure that your. Printer is connected to your wi-fi network or ethernet so thats really important point here if by some chance your. Printer does not support connectivity to your network through an ethernet cable or wi-fi there are other apps you can. Download from the google play store third-party apps but theyre not that stable so if your printer doesnt have that.

Option its most likely because its an older printer or its more of a industrial-sized printer which exactly designed for. This method dont make the same silly mistake i did make sure you are connected to your wi-fi network and. Not in your mobile data plan its along the cloud print service we didnt do is his three-dot button menu. At the top right hit add printer and ill search a wi-fi network for any printers now im getting some. Weird errors that it thinks im not connected to wi-fi at all so what i did was go back to.

The google play store or anything download plugin i downloaded the brother printer driver for your android device because it. Actually works better so if i tap on that itll start automatically searching for a printer and it found my. Printer so if i wanted to print a website for example while im in google chrome ill have to do. Is hit the 3d menu share print and you get a whole bunch of printing options here me at the. Top so what i want to do is choose my destination by default it allows you to save the page.

As a pdf kind of like google chrome on a desktop computer but if i choose my printer for example. Im not just gonna print it off just now i can actually choose a lot of options here so if. I tap this lets say i want to print all four pages of the web page i can select arrange. Maybe i want to print the first page of the web page you know a whole bunch of options just. Like you wanted to go chrome web browser on your desktop computer then the print button it gives you a.

Warning its gonna go through a whole bunch of service to communicate just accept it and youre good to go. And the concept remains pretty much anywhere else on the phone lets say im in my gallery of a print. This funny picture all those do is get the menu up here up and running at the three-dot menu print. And again get the exact same options on how you want to print a while orientation and all that jazz. So thats pretty much how you print from an android phone or tablet to a printer hope you guys find.

This needed use hope you did checking my facebook google+ twitter and instagram links in the video description at that. Like button it does help subscribe and thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Wireless Hp Printer From Android, Review.

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Method 3 – How To Print From Android Phone To An Hp Printer | Android Print Tutorial

Hows it going everybody my name is eric and in this video were going to get this hp printer printing. From our android phone just like that its really easy to do but before we get into it if you. Havent already please give the video a thumbs up if you arent already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and. Lets get into the video first thing youre gonna need is a printer that is indeed compatible with mobile printing.

Most modern hp printers that are wireless are compatible with iphone and android printing so if your printer is fairly. New and it does connect to a wi-fi network more than likely it will print with your android phone or. Tablet before anything youre going to want to connect your printer to your wi-fi network this video were not going. To go over exactly how to do that i do have two videos on connecting an hp printer to wi-fi. And i will put links to those videos in the description one is for a printer with a screen like.

This and one is for a printer that doesnt have this screen and between the two of those videos you. Should be able to get your printer on your wi-fi network and then the next step youre going to grab. Your android phone and youre going to make sure that you are indeed connected to the same wi-fi network there. Should be a little wi-fi icon in your top right if you drag from the top down you should be. Able to see a wi-fi connection right here if you hold down on that it will bring you to your.

Wi-fi options it lets me know that i am indeed connected to eight-foot ceilings that is where my printer is. Connected so we are on the same wi-fi network the next step is to navigate to the google play store. Open up the google play store and search for hp print youre going to want hp print service plug-in right. Here were gonna click on that that is what the hp service plugin looks like i will put a link. To this in the description as well so if youre on your phone you can directly click that link for.

Your convenience youre gonna hit install and what this app does is basically gives your phone instructions on how to. Print with hp printers its kind of like installing a driver when youre installing hardware on your computer if you. Hit open youll see that it doesnt really allow you to do anything it just has a couple of options. You gotta accept their end user license agreement but there isnt really anything else now you can download this hp. Smart app if you want its a little extra to give you more features im gonna show you how to.

Print without any of that just using the basic android print dialog so now were gonna navigate to what we. Want to print and you can either pull it up in a browser or you can pull it up in. Your files and im just going to print this example page open it up with google pdf viewer now that. You have your document that you want to print this is 43 pages long but were not going to print. Off 43 pages and ill show you how youre going to go to these three dots at the top then.

Youre going to hit print its going to open up the android print dialog and then from there im going. To hit this drop down at the top and youre going to want to go to all printers now this. Is going to try to recognize all of the printers that are on your network i have a lot of. Printers as you can see right here its the hp laserjet 200 thats what were printing with right there yours. Will have whatever printer model you have if its not automatically recognized you can go down to add printer go.

To hp service and then you can connect to it if its on a wi-fi network or using nfc that. Way but a lot of the times its automatically recognized you should see it in this all printers drop down. Or maybe give it a minute to load were going to pick our printer hp laserjet 200 on my wireless. Network and then from there if you hit this drop down you get a lot more options you can pick. How many copies you want if you want it in color or in black and white orientation whats the paper.

Size here it says pages were going to hit that drop down and were going to go to range and. Were just gonna print page one if i do one to four itll print pages one to four if i. Do one comma four itll print pages one and four itll just skip everything but im just gonna print page. One and then were gonna hit the print icon right here and then were gonna hit ok now its gonna. Send that print signal to our printer it might take a minute for it to warm up kick on but.

Then it should print your document and there we have it just like that a beautiful document from our phone. To our printer and you should be able to replicate this very very easily if you have any questions throw. Them in the comments section thank you guys so much for watching if you havent already please give the video. A thumbs up if you arent already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and ill talk to you in the. Next video bye you.

Method 4 – How To Print From Android Phone To Epson Printer (Wirelessly And Otg Usb Cable)

Hows it going everybody my name is eric and in this video im going to show you how to print. Pictures how to print documents how to print shipping labels if you want to whatever you want to print for. School or for home business from an and.

Method 5 – How To Print From Android Phone To Canon Printer | Android Print Tutorial

Hows it going everybody my name is eric and in this video im going to show you step by step. How to print from an android phone to a canon printer when i say android phone i also mean android. Tablets android devices if you havent already please give the video a thumbs up so other people with their printer. Problems can find it and if you havent already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing the printer were going to.

Be working on is the canon g4210 it will work with lots of other canon models that are wireless compatible. Its pretty much going to be the same process and the first step you have to do is to make. Sure that your printer is connected to a wi-fi network and i have a specific video showing you how to. Do that put a link to that video in the corner so you can check that out and with that. Video i am confident you will be able to get your canon printer on a wi-fi network the next step.

Is getting the correct apps on your phone and then going through the process of printing like where its located. And im going to show you that through the phone so here we are on our android phone we are. Going to go to the google play store youre going to type in canon and it comes up with the. Canon app youre going to click on this canon print service and youre going to install and this is the. Basic instructions thats going to tell your android how to send a signal to a canon printer its kind of.

Like a driver if you were on a computer if you hit open it doesnt really do much just says. Its a plug-in it allows you to print documents and to use this method to print you type you type. Those three circles thats what were going to be hitting right now were going to open our document and however. You get to the document it might be in your downloads folder it might be in your google files it. Might be in your google drive so you just have to open up the file with whatever file that you.

Want to print for instance if i wanted to open this lesson plan about earning a extra five hundred dollars. A month the document that i made at some point three dots at the top scroll down look for print. If you dont see print go to share and export and then hit print its going to take that document. Bring it into whats called a print dialogue because that printer that it auto picked is not on my network. Anymore im going to hit the drop down and there you go you see the g4010 if you dont see.

Your printer here hit all printers and it should pop up somewhere right there and if it still doesnt pop. Up i would try restarting your phone but ours is right here its the g4010 were gonna hit that rather. Than printing every single page im just going to print the first page so im going to go to this. Drop down here that brings you to more options you could change the color to black and white we can. Go to pages instead of printing all four were gonna print a range and were just going to print pages.

One if we wanted to print pages one and two we could do one comma two if you wanted to. Pick one through three thats one two and three you can do one dash three like that were just going. To print page number one theres more options here such as portrait landscape and paper size and the paper size. Youre gonna want to match whatever you have in your printer letter is your normal eight and a half by. Eleven or if youre going to do an index card four by six you would pick index card four by.

Six were going to be printing this on a letter eight and a half by eleven and then were going. To hit print its going to say your document may pass through one or more print servers on the way. To the printer were just going to hit ok and it sent the signal to the printer and now we. Have our beautiful document printed from our android device and it really is that simple this method youll also be. Able to print shipping labels workouts you can even print pictures and even more and those are just some examples.

I do have a tutorial showing another app that canon has i think its called like the canon selfie print. App and it gives you a couple more features that you could maybe potentially use if you want to check. That video out ill put a link to it in the description its showing it on an iphone but its. Pretty much the same for the android same process thank you guys so much for watching if you havent already. Please give the video a thumbs up if youre having any trouble printing from your android devices let me know.

About in the comments section and i will talk to you in the next video bye you.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Android Phone To My Printer

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