How Do I Connect My Iphone To Itunes – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my iphone to itunes, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my iphone to itunes,

Method 1 – Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes – How To Open Without Data Save Itunes

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Method 2 – Fix “Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes” | Easy Fix

Holloways welcome back to boot relatives just another episode in this video i would like to talk about how to. Completely fix i mean how to unlock if your iphone is completely disabled right so this is how it looks. When your iphone is completely disabled as you can see right so now how to fix this app so the. Forget is this i would like to make you notice few things the first one make sure you have a.

Laptop and internet is connected to this i mean internal connection is available in the laptop so that you can. Do the further process and one more thing i would like to make an artisan once you do the disable. Process if you want to unlock it every single data which is available in this device will be completely wiped. Off that means it will be completely formatted no data will be available and also any kind of data that. Hardbacks up to your icloud will be available and you have to keep in mind that this process which im.

Going to show you its going to take a little more time because because the the process you know its. Go interesting because the files has to get complete download of huge file you just earned approximately 4gb right so. Its going to take a little little time so but you have to start with this right so these are. The things we have to take care of the first right you should have a laptop and internet connection should. Be there in this and you should have a cape cable which is connected so that you have to connect.

To the iphone and keep in mind that every photos will be completely wiped up and once you do the. Process right so lets get started first so first thing what do you have to lose as you can see. Now as you can see the iphone is completely stable now you have to power it off right to do. This you have to press at here at the right side you have to press this for a short period. Of time so this will be completely turned off so im going to do this so here it is in.

The right side so i am just going to press this for a few seconds right and as you can. See now i have to slide to power off right now you have to wait for at least around 10. Seconds that will be completely done it off now once after that what do you have to do is you. Have to connect your iphone to the laptop right to do this you have to just as i mentioned earlier. Should be connected you should be in all the precure ts such a way that you have to connect this.

Up so guys now you have to connect this cable to the iphone and the moment you connect you have. To press the home button until you reach the recovery mode right as i mentioned one once again i went. To lining the moment you connect the cable to the iphone you have to press the home button until you. Reach the recovery mode so im going to show you this so im gonna just press this and im gonna. Press the competent and just im waiting for a few seconds right so now every tutorial ill be showing you.

In the pc so lets move to the pc so guys now as you can see here we are in. The laptop now we have to now as you can see we have landed here now what do you have. To lose you have to you will be getting this option and you have giving a message so as you. Can see the message has been there that you have successfully connected the phone now we have to go for. A restore of the ash can see this is what we have to select we have to go put the.

Restore option right and you have to notice that you have to wait for a few seconds because as i. Mentioned earlier this is going to take a little bit time so that its a very huge process i mean. Its off a huge fire has to be downloaded and those kind of boots are they so its almost around. 4gb so its going to take a fuse i mean its going to take a little bit time so you. Have to wait until its completely finished up so often doing all these things now as i mention earlier you.

Downloading a huge file which is you know at 40 b right so most of you guys didnt see any. Kind of changes here now they show you what is happening here at the top right as you can see. The file has been downloaded right as you can see the file is entire so so the file is being. Downloaded so its going to take around you know five minutes or more lets see what happens after that now. As you can see that our reading pro the files are in processing and its kind of like a two-bit.

Seconds the fraction of seconds hardly as you can see the files are getting extracting the software as you can. See at the top its coined it has to get completed so we need to wait for a little bit. Around five minutes again now as you can see it is preparing the iphone for restore so once the softwares. Are extracted now its getting prepared and once it done with it and he wrote in the device also the. Same thing happens so as you can see now its getting up so now everything will be automatically then the.

Process will automatically turn is like the installation so as you can see the apple logo has come now it. Is getting install it you have to wait for few more seconds or minutes to get completely loaded up to. A new setup so now it is getting restoring all the iphone softwares so it has to get completely filled. Up to here so you have to wait for another few minutes so guys thats all about it now you. Can set up your iphone according to your wish so thats all about how you can restore your iphone if.

It is disabled right so if you felt like these videos halfa do let us know in the comment section. So any kind of solutions are most welcome so that we our team can improve ourself so dont forget to. Subscribe and click on the bell icon for the notification this is shahen signing off from github see you soon. Peace out keep practicing social distance see the next video.

Method 3 – Iphone Is Disabled, Connect To Itunes? 3 Ways To Unlock It!

Hello guys welcome back to the tenor share channel when you forgot the passcode on your iphone or ipad you. Will see the iphone is disabled message after entering wrong password six times in a row once youve exhausted all. The chances itll suggest you connect it to itunes in this tutorial well walk you through how to unlock your. Device with three most used methods itunes for key iphone passcode unlocker and find my if you have backup stored.

In icloud or computer you can restore your device from one afterwards so lets get into it first well go. Over how to restore your phone using itunes so once launch it plug your device in then put it into. Recovery mode for iphone x or later is press and quickly release the volume up button then press and quickly. Release the volume down then press and hold the side button release it when you see the connect to laptop. Icon for other devices check out the link in the description below now you should see the option to restore.

Or update your device click restore itunes will download and install the latest ios on your device this will erase. All content and settings if you have backup saved to your computer or icloud you can restore it after this. Process is done well done now your device will restart when you see the hello screen go ahead and set. It up if your device has find my enabled make sure you have your icloud password ready to restore your. Device from a backup choose to restore from icloud or computer when you got to the app and date option.

Well go with icloud enter your apple id and password then youll see your backup list select one that has. Most of your data and go through a few settings then your device will start restoring from icloud this will. Take a few minutes depending on your backup size after your phone restarts youll regain access to your content and. Settings just like this the next method is using foru key iphone passcode unlocker links could be found in the. Description down below so once open it up click start then connect your phone to the computer click next to.

Proceed now follow the instructions to put your phone into recovery mode four key will match the latest ios for. You select the location and then click download once done you can start unlocking four key will remove all the. Screen lock including passcode touch id face id once the process is done your iphone will restart to the hello. Screen then you can restore your data back from a backup next well walk you through erasing your device using. Find my if you have another iphone or ipad you can use the find my app if you have a.

Computer you can use the web version on well be using the app once open it tap devices in. The bottom swipe up and tap your device swipe up again and tap erase this device continue with all these. Options and then enter your apple id password when prompted as you can see the erase has begun you can. Remove the device from your account now so you dont have to deal with icloud lock later once completed youll. See the hello screen thats all for todays tutorial thanks for watching this is tenureshare channel see you in the.

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Method 4 – How To Sync Iphone With Itunes

Synching to itunes from your iphone used to be a massive deal but now with over-the-air downloads and being able. To download straight to your phone its not a big thing but we thought wed do a quick how to. Sync your iphone to itunes so weve got our iphone for us here and weve also got a macbook air. But obviously if youve got a pc your work as well or any other version of mac and its pretty.

Much the same for any iphone apart from iphone 5 where the cable will be different because weve got a. Bog-standard old apple one obviously weve got an iphone 5 youll need a lightning cable so you just put this. Cable in here and then the other side the other side is usb so you just put that in your. Usb and then itunes should recognize you plugged it in so it comes up here so with whatever youve called. Your iphone obviously now you can set it up without using and then if you just click on it itll.

Give you all the information youve got so youll come back up from here ill let you here you can. Sync with iphone over wi-fi sync songs so you dont really need to use itunes anymore or use the cable. But if you use that this is probably the best way to do it if you need to do an. Os update you just go check for update as you can see mine says there ive got the latest ios. Thats fine and then you can go and see all the info so you can sync all your contacts you.

Just tick you can sync your calendars youve got more than one calendar you can sync your mail account if. Youve got more than one and if youve been browsing on your iphone and also on your computer you can. Sync bookmarks if youve been using safari also you can have a look at your apps here and you can. Go through all the different music box and music so this is why you would have music in the movies. You can just taste it movies will be unfunny tv shows like that tv shows as well our photos sync.

Photos go back to summary so you do is just press sync here once youve checked everything you want to. Sync from these options up here she just fit sync and ill come up here she didnt see it sinking. At the top there and they go done once its done you just click eject and then youre safe to. Take me down and just carry on using your phone.

Method 5 – Iphone X

Hey what is going on guys so i have a iphone here says iphone is disabled connect to itunes were. Going to go ahead and get this phone back up and running the reason why you get this message is. Because you put in the password way too many times the wrong password i mean you did it or your. Kid did it now the thing is what were gonna do is were gonna hook this up to itunes it.

Doesnt matter if its on a macbook or a regular windows pc alright as long as you have itunes installed. On the computer now this method is only gonna work for the iphone 10 10 s 10s macs and the. Iphone 10 r because its a different key combination that you have to do opposed to the prior iphone models. So what were going to do here is a restore in other words were doing a factory reset so everything. That is on this phone right now is gonna be deleted my videos photos everything is going to be long.

Gone so hopefully you have a backup now i actually never backed up this phone but i dont really have. That much important stuff on here anyways i need to use the phone again so lets go ahead and get. This up and running remember factory reset or a restore youre going to lose everything once everything is complete its. Going to be like a brand new phone where i just took out of the box and i have to. Go through the setup process so what do you need well you need a phone you need a computer with.

Itunes and you need the charging cable to your iphone now im gonna show you exactly how all of this. Works okay so first thing is go ahead and plug in your phone and then the usb port you want. To plug it in to your computer im gonna pop it in right now alright so the next thing that. We have to do is put the phone into dfu mode okay and how were going to do that now. Its all plugged into the computer now we got to do is press three buttons okay its going to be.

The volume up volume down and then press and hold the power button until we see the itunes logo okay. So follow along with me right here ready volume up volume down press and hold the power button do not. Let go the phone is going to go ahead and reboot and then were going to see the apple logo. And were still gonna hold on to the power button im not gonna let go until i see that itunes. Logo pop popping up okay just wait im still holding it im still holding it im not going to let.

Go if you let go now is just going to go ahead and show that disabled screen again so just. Keep holding okay now i can let go now this is what you should now this is what you should. See here okay well usually something is supposed to pop up my screen ass until i could do a restore. And update but nothing is happening here let me just go and open up itunes then and see what happens. Let me open this up and okay cool all right so i had to open up itunes thats weird ive.

Never had a dinner before usually with the program closed and once it gets to the his itunes logo this. Message here will pop up anyways it says here theres a problem with the iphone that requires it to be. Updated or restored okay so from here what we want to do is we want to click on restore and. Ill show you my phone here and it says here are you sure you want to restore the iphone called. Iphone to its factory settings youre basically going to lose all of your data and its going to be installed.

With the newest version of iphone software that will be installed on this iphone okay so im gonna click right. Here restore an update and now this is extracting up here okay now we just rebooted my phone here and. It says preparing iphone for restore now we get a status bar on my phone here as you can see. Okay looks like my phones about to reboot i get a new message here your phone has been restored to. Factory settings and it is restarting okay so its restarting right now and now we see another status bar again.

Okay now this message here popped up on my computer here it says activation lock this iphone is linked to. An apple id yes i did put a apple id on this phone here enter the apple id and password. Click on continue okay i think that was the password okay so this new screen here popped up it says. Welcome to your new iphone do you like to set this phone up as a new iphone or restore all. Of its contents for my previous backup i dont have a backup on this phone so i have no choice.

But to set it up as a new phone so let me tap on that right there and im gonna. Go ahead and click on continue and it says right here sync with itunes ill go ahead and click on. Get started and well wow okay so im right at the beginning screen right here on my phone here it. Says a lot as if i just bought my phone and took it out of the box and startled up. Let me go ahead and go ahead and unplug it now and now lets go ahead and get this started.

And then from here i have to set it up as a new iphone so ill tap on set up. As new iphone ill go ahead and agree to this welcome to iphone swipe up to get started and there. We go guys i am back in business well there you guys go if you guys have any issues or. Any errors you have any errors just comment below ive gone through like many many errors in the past by. Restoring or factory resetting these iphones so there you guys go guys thanks for watching and ill see you in.

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Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Iphone To Itunes

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