How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Chromebook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my iphone to my chromebook, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my iphone to my chromebook,

Method 1 – How To Mirror Your Iphone To A Chromebook!

No matter why you want to mirror your iphone to your chromebook knowing how to is a must-have skill although. Devices from apple and google dont always work together perfectly mirroring your iphone your chromebook is totally possible with an. Assist from a web app of course although there is no shortage of grain apps online today for mirroring your. Iphone to a computer most of them rely on being able to install an app on your pc that includes.

Some of our previous recommendations in other videos including reflector 3 and air server these are great apps but they. Wont work on your chromebook so well have to turn to a web-based app instead enter a web-based utility. Designed to allow you to mirror your iphone to any device with a web browser all you need to use. Screen mirroring on your iphone is the app listed in the description below so download screen mirroring then direct your. Browser over to on your iphone accept any permissions from the app then hit scan to open the camera.

On your device scan the qr code shown at in your browser to link your devices together alternately just. Enter the code shown on on your device youll have to choose between launching an ad or paying for. The premium version of the app before beginning to mirror but once youre done just hit the screen broadcast icon. Then hit start broadcast your devices will be linked through the browser and your iphone will mirror directly to your. Chromebook keep in mind however that this method of mirroring has a few caveats first you cant broadcast sound to.

Your chromebook with this method which may impact some of the ways you are planning on using your phone to. Mirror second and perhaps more importantly any app protected from copyright abuse like netflix or disney plus will display a. Blank image when you mirror thats caused by those individual apps themselves not by the screen mirroring app so unfortunately. No work around exists if you liked this guide make sure you subscribe for all sorts of videos covering screen. Mirroring and other technology and do not forget to check out one of these videos we think you might enjoy.

Method 2 – How To Connect A Chromebook To And Iphone Hotspot

Hi everyone this is benson groth with learning technology center of illinois and today were gonna look at how we. Can tether our hot spot from an iphone to a chromebook to support students in a remote learning environment so. First thing were gonna do is were gonna look at our iphone and where we can make sure our hot. Spot is enabled so im gonna go ahead and click on the settings or tap the settings thats gonna be.

On your iphone thats gonna open up your settings menu and then in the first block you should see where. It says personal hotspot youre also going to want to make sure that your wi-fi is enabled even if you. Dont have wi-fi at home make sure thats slid on or else the wife that personal hotspot might not show. Up when you tap personal hotspot youre going to want to make sure that you have allow others to join. Enabled as it is on my phone then you can also set up your wi-fi password which you want to.

Want to do even if youre just sharing it with your students that way if youre out and about people. Dont see your hotspot on your phone and try to tether to it so make that something easy that you. Can remember so when thats all done thats all we have to worry about on our iphone and then on. Our chromebook were gonna go over here and were going to locate in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Theres a little wi-fi icon when you tap that youre gonna now see the wi-fi area pick up here so.

Right now im attached to my home wi-fi network but we want to look at we click on this you. Should see a scan for other wi-fi networks come up so now im going to look here and i see. Bens iphone is one of my available wi-fi networks so im gonna select that its gonna come up and its. Gonna ask me to put in a password so i type in ben tc phone as my password and hit. Connect and now you should see it joining down here connecting to bens iphone so now you see that its.

Connected to bens iphone right here so thats telling me that i have a strong signal and now i should. Be able to get to anywhere i need to go such as google classroom now you might notice that if. Youre in a tough sell zone area itll be a little slow so have patience with it but it will. Work eventually just you know be cognizant of that but if you can find a good spot in your house. That as a good cell service make sure you put your cell phone there and then your student can be.

Close to the phone as well because the closer they are to the phone and the better the spot in. The home where the cell phone is and gets good cell reception then theyre gonna have better success with this. So thats how you connect an iphone to a chromebook for a hotspot i hope you enjoyed this video thanks. For watching and as always in these times wash your hands.

Method 3 – All Iphones: How To Transfer Photos & Videos To Chromebooks Hard Drive

Hey what is going on guys this is gonna go for all iphones you basically want to transfer files such. As your videos and photos directly onto your chromebook thats talking about the chromebook hard drive okay very very simple. To do its a little bit different because this is a chromebook its not like a windows pc or a. Macbook anyways first thing you need is your cable okay this chromebook here doesnt have a usb type-c on here.

So with me i need a usb a two a lightning port here ill put a link below where you. Can get this this ones inexpensive probably one of the better non-apple charging cables slash data sync cables that i. Have anyways let me go ahead and plug this in okay so as soon as i plug it in and. As soon as you log into your phone you get a message like this this says allow this device to. Access photos and videos okay and as soon as i go ahead and press on allow your get a window.

That pops up here this is the my files window on the chromebook and we can see on here now. You always get this message here that pops up here basically ready to backup the google drive were not talking. About uploading the photos and videos the google drive the the cloud were talking about actually downloading the photos and. Videos to the hard drive of the chromebook okay so if i look under here this is a apple iphone. Under dcim now heres a folder that i have with all my photos and videos you may have more of.

These folders here okay anyways i only have a i dont have many photo photos or videos on this on. This iphone here but you can see right here now you guys are probably trying to like drag and drop. One of these like for instance you can do this on a macbook or a windows computer but if i. Try to drop it its not gonna let me do it and the reason is because the only thing thats. Part of the hard drive thats on here is my files and this downloads folder down here okay so technically.

What we can do is we can drag and drop whatever photos and videos that we want into the downloads. Folder right here okay so if i go ahead and click on the downloads folder now this jpeg this photo. Is actually on the hard drive of my chromebook here but this is what i do thats going to transfer. More photos and videos let me just go ahead and this is what i do let me open up a. New window under my files new window and im gonna make another folder under my files here so let me.

Go ahead and click on this ill click on new folder and ill call this one well just call it. Whatever and now let me go ahead double click on that now this is actually this whatever i just name. This folder this is the actual hard drive of this chromebook so we can do now is if i go. Back to the folder here with all the photos and videos now we can go ahead and drag and drop. Each of these whichever photos or videos that we want or let me just go ahead and select all these.

Down here ill select all them and ill drag and ill drop and then once it starts moving over youll. Get a little message copying five items what not to this particular folder and here you go so everything thats. In this folder right here its actually on the hard drive of my chromebook so pretty simple to do any. Questions issues comment below alright see you guys in the next one.

Method 4 – How To Mirror Iphone To Chromebook

Hello everyone today i will show you how to mirror iphone to chromebook the first screen sharing app that can. Work with chromebook is mirroring 360. Download and install the app from its official website and make sure to connect. Your iphone and chromebook under the same wi-fi network launch the app on your chromebook on your iphone go to.

The control center screen mirroring select your chromebook name from the device list then the mirroring will begin air server. Is another way you can consider in order to display your iphone screen on chromebook connect your chromebook and iphone. Under the same wi-fi network then launch the app on your chromebook then click the show qr code button finally. Scan it using your iphone to start mirroring these are the best ways on how to mirror iphone to chromebook. Thank you for watching.

Method 5 – How To Connect Apple Device To Chromebook (Airplay)

Whats up guys its me sasha here with another youtube video today im going to show you how to airplay. Your um iphone device to a um chromebook or anything that can download this app anyways so as you can. See if i control here you can see it does that see okay so first of all what were gonna. Do is okay so what youre going to do is youre going to go to um youre going to download.

This app called a screen so its right here so youre going to download this up right here all you. Got that youre going to open it so you can see its open so what youre going to do is. Youre obviously going to open your ipad or your iphone or whatever so yeah yeah so shes waiting for a. Quick action so im voice is here so lay focus so it says to deny the device name so were. Going to do were going to go down up like that im going to press screen mirroring and its right.

There so were going to press it it takes a few seconds to connect so just just one thing but. As you can see its doing it right now and there you go as you can see everythings happening like. As i do it so um i hope you found this victorian um like useful um i havent seen that. Many tutorials on how to do on a chromebook but this is a tutorial how to do the chromebook.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Chromebook

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