How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Computer – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my iphone to my computer, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my iphone to my computer,

Method 1 – How To Connect Iphone With Computer

I said sunny and im the technician but im here to help you i would like to tell you like. How to connect your iphone with the computer it was i seen several peoples like not able to connect or. Getting hard time to connect their phones with the computer all of the time so this video tutorial is just. For them so let me tell you how to do that its a simple way i believe everybody have an.

Iphone charger like this right like this which is having a one port which is looked like looks so like. That one right and the second end is like this right so what you need to do here you just. Need to disconnect this one from here because this is a new is v1 you can simply take this one. And check it out even if you have a not like a computer laptop or if you have a desktop. So both in both scenarios right we do have this kind of ports let me show you this kind of.

Ports in our device can you see that let me this one let me point you out right this one. Right this is on us report and this one you can simply what you need to do here you need. To simply plug in this device as this if it is here then you are able to connect your iphone. As i am doing right now the second end with this one sorry its not connected yet now you can. See i connected both in minutes with the laptop second one is to complete the computer now you can see.

Like as i already installed an itunes in my computer so you can see within a few seconds it will. Popped up or if it is not you can simply double click on items right this will ask you about. The permission on your phone right so you can simply unlock it like that as i am doing right now. Right let me do that right so its unlocked now whenever you turn on the itunes it will come like. This can you see that right so let me close this and this that means your phone is connected with.

The computer and you can see both of the devices are connected together and within a second you will be. Able to see your iphone in your itunes okay ill show you that like its its a messages regarding in. Media player like if you want to use your itunes as a media player we are not talking about that. Right now so click on now so you can see here on the top let me show you here can. You see that at the top here right didnt click one you can just click on this remind me later.

Click on this one and it will show you about your phone right the complete details about your phone thats. It that video is just to tell you like how to connect your phone with the computer thank you thank. You for watching this you have a great day.

Method 2 – How To Connect Iphone To Windows Pc Wirelessly (Easy)

Hey guys welcome back again im mj in this video ill show you how to connect iphone to windows pc. Wirelessly so first go to app store in your iphone search for this app xander download and install this app. To your phone render file share ok ill release launch this app in your iphone okay now charbon plus icon. Top right corner as you can see leave the plus icon tap on that and then tap on connect pc.

Now you need to type this ip address to your pc so like 100 dot one sixty eight dot three. Dot or whatever i paid as a birth you need to type this ip address to your pc ill show. You these are very easy okay dont be worried so in your pc open any browser ok upon any browser. In the address bar exactly type the same ip address like what you got dot zero six desktops your. Ip address type the same kind after this simply hit enter okay type the cat ip address hit enter and.

In your iphone you will get pop-up just tap on accept okay and thats it boom so we got entire. I iphone in or windows pc so from here you can download the images videos music and other data files. And documents its very easy so to download your picture simply select and click on dialogue icon your picture will. Be download yeah these are simple and fast way to download the images videos from my phone to pc yeah. Ok so not only this now you can also upload your pc data to iphone so simply you need to.

Drag and drop the item from your pc i will show you okay loading the countries so whatever you want. To transfer from your pc just drag and drop like this and your picture or file will be uploaded to. Iphone thats it its a simple yeah so the only one thing needed your iphone and your pc must be. Connected on same wi-fi connection ok and thats it is a simple way you dont need to use any app. In your pc so just your phone and your pc must be connected on the same wi-fi network and thats.

It you are good to go but im for watching guys catch the next video please like share and subscribe. Thank you very much.

Method 3 – [Fixed] My Iphone Is Disabled And Won’T Connect To Itunes | Fix Any Disabled Iphone

Welcome to appgigas channel we are here a few days ago i forgot my iphone pascal after entering the wrong. Pascal too many times my iphone is completely disabled it says connect to items but it wont as you can. See my iphone is disabled and wont connect to itunes after searching around i give some useful tips to fix. The iphone is disabled connect your itunes screen and my device is unlocked successfully if your iphone is also completely.

Disabled and the disabled iphone wont connect to itunes keep watching to see how i unlock this disabled iphone before. Fixing the completely disabled iphone you need to get a computer thats connected to an internet network and a usb. Cable as a reminder when unlocking your disabled iphone youll need to restore your device and erase all the data. This means that all the data and settings will be completely wiped off unless you have made a backup before. You lose all the contents like photos videos or other data completely on your iphone right you may wonder why.

Wont my disabled iphone connect to itunes obviously i just going around to be a possible reason so the first. Step i take to fix disable iphone not connecting to itunes and unlock the device is using an itunes alternative. Tool called iphone unlocker it can unlock screen lock and remove any disabled screen on any iphone ipad and ipod. When you forgot the passcode its also so great to give the detail on screen instructions to help you build. A connection between your disabled iphone and a computer if you fail to do that you can also use it.

To buy has apple id and the forgotten password now lets see how it works again any data on your. Device will be deleted completely after unlocking it go to appgigotcon find iphone unlocker and download the tool to fix. Your iphone disabled wont connect your itunes once got the software installed open the chair and click on wide passcode. Panel next hit the start button when asked get your disabled iphone connected to the computer using a usb cable. You should see the detailed device information of your iphone if the tool cant recognize your device put it into.

Recovery mode first unplug the cable from your iphone and turn it off keep pressing the side button check the. Slider and iphone will shut down then keep holding the home button while reconnect your iphone to the computer you. Will need to press the volume down button if you have an iphone 7 or press the side button if. You have an iphone 8 on your models now release the button and the iphone is in recovery mode now. The program should connect to your disabled iphone select the corresponding information for your iphone and hit stop button now.

The software is downloading the firmware package this can be used to unlock the disabled iphone that cant connect to. Itunes once done read warning carefully and android 0 0 0 0 in the field then press the unlock button. It may take around 15 minutes to remove the passcode and get your disabled iphone unlocked now you can open. Your device without passcode and set up new passcode and touch id or face id okay another reason why your. Iphone says disable connect to itunes but wont connect can be itunes not recognizing disable iphone for this how to.

Connect your items when iphone is disabled is easy and all you need to do is to press some buttons. To put your device into recovery mode first make sure your iphone is not connected to any computer then shut. Down the device just as how you usually do that wait few seconds then connect the disable iphone to computer. While holding home button you need to press the volume down button if you have an iphone 7 or press. The style button if you have an iphone 8 or newer photos let go of the button where you see.

The recovery mode screen go back to your computer and opens itunes or finder now you should see your device. Showing up click it and youll get a message it means that itunes or finder has successfully connected to your. Disabled iphone and now you can choose to update or restore it as you cant remember your passcode and your. Iphone becomes disabled you need to do a restore then hit restart and update click agree itunes or finder will. Start downloading the firmware once done it will start extracting the firmware and preparing the iphone for restaurant now its.

Restoring your iphone when it ends it will inform you that your device has been restored to factory settings all. The data you have created on the device will be lost after you restore your iphone thats disabled but you. Can get data back if you have back it up before alright guys i hope this video can help you. Guys fix iphone is completely disabled problem and solve the issue when iphone disabled cannot connect to itunes if it. Does please hit the thumbs up and share this video with your friends and also if you have any questions.

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Method 4 – How To Mirror Iphone Screen To Windows Pc (No Mac Required) 2020

Pretty cool right and its pretty simple too so lets hit the intro hey what is up everybody and thank. You so much for watching and i hope everybodys staying home staying safe and in this video actually before i. Teach you anything lets roll some cinematics first welcome back and in this video im gonna teach you how you. Can screamer your iphone to your windows pc or laptop windows laptop and thats gonna be simple too so first.

Thing you can do if youre using older ios version just go to the control channel control settings and control. Customize controls arm and my tongue i dont know anyways so if youre using older ios version this crew murmuring. Option should be there so you want to might want to add that into your control panel but in most. Cases should be there for my broken heart maybe all right so now the first thing you want to do. On your iphone is just nimble wi-fi connection thats pretty simple ive done this before im not gonna do it.

Again im just gonna enable wi-fi and automatically connect my phone my iphone to the networks on my to my. Wi-fi connection of course and you can use any iphone any iphone you like all right as i showed you. Before in this cinematic just few seconds ago i have i have iphone tennis max my daily driver and i. Have iphone 10 – so you can use any iphone you like all right so once your iphone is ready. Lets jump into your computer all right so im using my desktop right now but you can use your laptop.

Its a really simple process all right just go to the first link in the description box below its in. There its a tool its a free tool im not getting paid though i do love this software so its. Called a polymer iphone recorder i have done i have done loaded before im not gonna do it again you. Might want to click the windows icon since im gonna win since were gonna be using the windows alright so. Once the download is finished you might want to stop install it install it right so install the software and.

It should look like this all right so now before you double-click on it just make sure your computer is. Connected to the same wi-fi network as your iphone is so right click on the tool and click on run. As admin so its gonna prompt up to ask you if you really want to run the software just click. Yes and it will take few seconds depending on how fast your computer is youll see youll you see this. Screen just click on evaluate and those should be a normal now at this screen its pretty much simple really.

You dont have you dont have to do nothing in there just make sure you the wi-fi connection is running. On both of your devices now this could be your laptop in my case i have said this before im. Using my desktop computer so once you see the screen lets get back to your iphone alright so the tool. Is running in the background im not chained anything anything at all youll see the screen capture on your left. Side in a moment well before that actually yeah you might want to switch out your iphones anyway so i.

Have iphone 10 and i have an iphone tennis max all right and i love that cinematics all right so. Im gonna using im gonna be using my iphone 10s macs and its pretty simple as i showed you before. Just drop swipe down on you control panel if youre using all the ios you might want to swipe up. From the bottom but in my case im gonna be swiping down from the top right corner and it should. You should be able to see screaming option in there now its by default its in there and now youll.

See the computer capture on the left side so just click on it screaming and it will show you theres. An apple tv running by by your computer name so my computer name is rizzi so its pretty simple right. Lets click on it and thats pretty much it the iphone is connected so dont forget to subscribe subscribe to. My channel and because ill be uploading a lot of content pretty soon so as you can see its running. Pretty smooth right i mean depending on how fast your internet connection is how fast your romana is and this.

In my case i mean im gonna i am using the 60 years monitor but in if you are using. 144 hours monitor its gonna be its gonna be more smoother alright so just for an example im going to. Show you a real really really nice example even when your phone is locked you can also record a screen. Capture right from your desktop so if your iphone is locked it will show you a locked iphone so you. Can definitely record every single thing you want even the lock screen so there you go there you have it.

And oh just for an example im gonna show you my gallery i wont exactly show you all my pictures. But ill show you an example right ill show you my bike right now alright so go to the google. Go to google nice go to the matches and there you go yeah im swiping to different pictures thats my. Bmw s1000 double r by the way its pretty pretty pretty neat right anyways so thank you so much for. Watching and i said before subscribe to the channel but and leave a like.

Method 5 – How To Sync Iphone With Itunes

Synching to itunes from your iphone used to be a massive deal but now with over-the-air downloads and being able. To download straight to your phone its not a big thing but we thought wed do a quick how to. Sync your iphone to itunes so weve got our iphone for us here and weve also got a macbook air. But obviously if youve got a pc your work as well or any other version of mac and its pretty.

Much the same for any iphone apart from iphone 5 where the cable will be different because weve got a. Bog-standard old apple one obviously weve got an iphone 5 youll need a lightning cable so you just put this. Cable in here and then the other side the other side is usb so you just put that in your. Usb and then itunes should recognize you plugged it in so it comes up here so with whatever youve called. Your iphone obviously now you can set it up without using and then if you just click on it itll.

Give you all the information youve got so youll come back up from here ill let you here you can. Sync with iphone over wi-fi sync songs so you dont really need to use itunes anymore or use the cable. But if you use that this is probably the best way to do it if you need to do an. Os update you just go check for update as you can see mine says there ive got the latest ios. Thats fine and then you can go and see all the info so you can sync all your contacts you.

Just tick you can sync your calendars youve got more than one calendar you can sync your mail account if. Youve got more than one and if youve been browsing on your iphone and also on your computer you can. Sync bookmarks if youve been using safari also you can have a look at your apps here and you can. Go through all the different music box and music so this is why you would have music in the movies. You can just taste it movies will be unfunny tv shows like that tv shows as well our photos sync.

Photos go back to summary so you do is just press sync here once youve checked everything you want to. Sync from these options up here she just fit sync and ill come up here she didnt see it sinking. At the top there and they go done once its done you just click eject and then youre safe to. Take me down and just carry on using your phone.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Computer

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