How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Roku Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my iphone to my roku tv, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my iphone to my roku tv,

Method 1 – Onn. Roku Tv: How To Airplay (Wireless Screen Mirror) All Iphones, Ipads, Ipods

Hey whats up guys going to show you how to airplay basically screen mirror wirelessly your iphone any iphone to. Your on roku tv okay very very simple here so the first thing we got to do is go ahead. And set up the airplay okay so just going to click on the home button on the remote click on. Home and then you want to go down to settings so go down to settings and you want to move.

Over to the right now you want to go all the way down to where it says apple airplay and. Home kit right there now also take note 2 for the best experience you do want to enable fast tv. Start on the tv and well do that in one second as well okay anyway go to apple airplane home. Kit go ahead and click on enter and then the first time you click on that its going to go. Ahead and set it up really quickly once its done now every time you go back to the apple airplay.

Setting you have airplay on here okay so mine now its on now the next thing we want to do. Is go ahead and enable a fast tv start just for a better experience for the apple play so just. Going to click on your home button again and then from here you want to go down to oops go. To settings move over oops move over to the right and then from here you want to go all the. Way down to system now you want to move over to the right and now you want to go ahead.

And go to power right here move over to the right and then it says fast tv start down here. Go down down down fast tv start mine is currently disabled let me click on end or ok and click. On ok again now its checked now i am now the fast tv start is now enabled so all that. Is set up so it doesnt matter where you are on the screen now so ill just go to the. Home and then go ahead and grab your iphone and then you just want to go ahead and um top.

Right hand side just go to to your control center on the iphone 8 and above you can just scroll. Down top right hand side scroll down and then you see screen mirroring here tap on screen mirroring and right. Away it finds my 43 inch on roku tv note that your phone and the roku tv need need to. Be on the same home wi-fi network okay so let me tap on this this is the first time ill. Be airplaying uh this phone to this tv here as well first time you do that youll get a passcode.

Here that you need to go ahead and input so my code is six one eight four and ill click. On ok get us one second and voila guys we are in business airplane on this roku tv as you. Can see here so pretty simple if you want to go ahead and get off or log off top right. Hand side slide down and then tap on before it says screen mirroring now says the name of your tv. Mine says the uh on roku tv just tap on that and then go ahead and tap down here where.

Is the stop mirroring and voila you are back in business pretty simple any questions or issues just uh comment. Below all right good luck bye.

Method 2 – How To Mirror Your Iphone To Roku

So maybe youre in a situation where youre needing to mirror your iphone your ipad or your mac to a. Roco stick well in todays video im going to show you the step by step process in how to do. This before we begin do me a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn on your bell notifications so. You can get notified for future videos id love to have you back in the next one well hey guys.

One here thanks for stopping by my channel and check it out this video so in todays tech video im. Going to show you how you can take this guy right here this is a roku express plus and how. You can mirror any type of apple device to your tv making it very easy for productivity or you know. Maybe just wanted to get some bigger screen real estate whenever youre watching something on your ipad your iphone or. If youre working off of your macbook now ive made a highly popular video on how you can mirror your.

Apple device to a samsung tv but what prompt me to make this video was there are some people who. Didnt have a newer samsung tv in order to do this well if you have any kind of tv whether. It be like a dumb tv or an older model tv you can use a roco stick to achieve the. Screen mirroring process so i went out and bought this roco stick here now this isnt the cheapest roco stick. Here this is the roku express plus they do have one its a little cheaper ill tell you why i.

Went with this one instead of the cheaper one this one here it has a remote that its got a. Power button on it so you can turn your tv on and off and on a side you can control. The volume the reason i did that is because i hate having two remotes i hate having that turn the. Tv on the floor remote and then use a roku remote to turn down the tv or turn it off. Id like to do that all with one remote so thats why i spent the extra like 10 bucks to.

Go from the cheapest roku stick to this one here now i do have other higher tier roco sticks but. You dont need that to achieve what im looking to get this tv here is a 1080 its a 1080. Hd tv its not your 4k or your qulet or anything like that so its kind of a cheaper on. Tv but it does broadcast in 1080 hd so i didnt need those extra a tiered roko roko bruckman however. You say i didnt need those extra highly popular in 4k streaming roco sticks or a rock of devices i.

Went with this one here so if youre looking to do what im teaching you in this video this is. The best one to get right here so ill link this in the description down below where did you can. Get it but lets go ahead and dive into the process and how you do this alright so the first. Thing youre gonna want to do is grab your remote and grab your iphone your ipad or your mac device. Okay so were on the roku screensaver screen were gonna go ahead and hit home take you the home screen.

First thing you want to do is go over to the settings bar over here on the left hand side. And youre gonna want to make sure that youre on the latest system settings software so youre gonna go to. System and youre gonna go to system update right there now as you can see i am on nine point. Two point one is what im on so thats the latest on this one as of today i just forgot. This also thats the latest software up they as according to this video so you want to make sure that.

You update now and make sure youre on the latest system update alright so next youre gonna want to go. Now let me take you back home as if you were doing this in the beginning go back home go. To settings okay go down to system and then youre gonna go over here to screen mirroring then click over. Alright so it takes you to a screen mirroring ill be here on the right hand side youll see where. It says prompt so that way when a device tries to cast your tv or screen it prompt on your.

Tv screen will ask you to confirm or you can go to always allow so that when a device tries. To cast your tv screen it will automatically be connected or you can go to never allow so it what. Were trying to achieve on this is two screen mirroring so we want either prompt or always allow were go. Ahead select problem okay next up youre going to want to go to your apple device here so im on. My i and let us focus in okay and then download the roco app if you havent got that installed.

Already go ahead and download that well open it okay now it says easily cast your photos video and audio. To a connector roko device on here just so you know this is like the as soon as you open. It up this was kind of like a heavy screen but down here on the bottom right theres media and. Then that brings up this screen here mirror so were gonna go ahead and hit connect now its recognizing that. I have two different roku devices in my house im gonna do that second one there thats but the roku.

Express plus that i was talking about so tap on that now takes media on the roco so were gonna. Go to videos were gonna give access allow access to the photos and its loading okay so its got all. My photos on my phone here so im just gonna pick one that i just took a random one of. My cat i recorded for the purpose of this video here so it says loading video retrieving and voila this. Is the video i took on my phone whom i cant playing with a nerf dart and now it is.

Projecting right here on the tv easy-peasy alright so yeah that looks pretty good i mean that was the short. Little clip that i took and its projecting right on there okay so that was a super simple way of. How you can mirror your iphone or any type of apple device to your roku stick tv or your roku. Your roku tv or your real ghost thing so hopefully this video helped you out if it did go ahead. And give it a thumbs up go ahead and subscribe to my channel i make tech videos all the time.

And i love to have you back in it alright until then get out there guys and be creative.

Method 3 – How To Use Apple Airplay On Roku

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Connect Iphone To Any Roku Tv Wirelessly

One of the great features that apple offers any iphone user is the ability to wirelessly connect your device to. A tv doing this lets you share anything on your iphone to a bigger screen with your tv well in. Todays tech video im going to show you how to connect your iphone to your roku tv wirelessly there are. Many reasons why you would want to mirror your iphone to your tv maybe you want to cast a facetime.

Call on a bigger screen or watch your favorite movie with others on your tv so im going to show. You how to get anything that is on your iphone and mirror it to your tv and we will be. Doing this wireless without any adapters or any kind of wires now some of your newer tvs already have mirroring. Capabilities built into them but the way that im going to show you can be done on both older model. Tvs and all the newer model tvs now the way that im going to show you is with the option.

Of using two simple devices the first one is a roku device and the other one is an amazon fire. Stick so lets go ahead and dive into this and ill give you the step-by-step instructions on how to do. This with the roku device first then ill show you how to do it with the amazon fire stick so. Im going to show you the step-by-step process on how to mirror your iphone to your roku roku recently updated. Their platform so that apple airplay is now built into their devices making it really easy to mirror without using.

Any kind of third-party apps or anything like that so the first thing that youre going to do is make. Sure that your roku is up to date so grab your remote control and hit your home button if youre. Not on the home screen like i am right now and go down to where it says settings and then. Click over and were going to want to go down all the way to where it says system and then. Go down to where it says system update youll click on that and then youll check now if its not.

Up to the latest software it will do that at this time go after its all the way up to. Date go ahead and click on your home button again take you to the home screen and then were gonna. Go down to settings and then were gonna go down to this new category right here that says apple airplay. And home kit and then click on that and then now over here on your sidebar youll see where it. Says airplay on and off you want to make sure thats on on on the required code i have it.

Just as first time only so if you click on that youll see that it gives you options for first. Time only every time or use password instead so thats all based on preference im going to keep mine on. First time only and then now that its set to first time only and on youre going to want to. Jump over to your iphone now you do want to make sure that your iphone and your roku are set. Up on both of the same wi-fi network so they have to be on the same local wi-fi network okay.

Once you jump over here on your iphone you want to swipe down on a type top right corner like. That and it brings up your menus icons here and right here in the middle youll see where it says. Screen mirroring go ahead and tap on that and then as you can see i have two that pop up. Here but on the very top one there it says roko or roku streaming stick and you tap on that. Itll ask for a code and then on my screen here youll see where it says four digit code im.

Going to type that code into my iphone okay now that its typed in youll see on my iphone theres. A check mark next to where it says roku streaming stick and then on my tv youll see where its. Mirroring exactly whats on my iphone and then to stop mirroring you just go down to where it says stop. Mirroring and then stop it that way hi my name is juan and i make videos on a weekly basis. On one of the things that im very passionate about right that is tech i hit pause on there but.

As you can see it works all with your phone onto your tv i love apple airplay okay so heres. A step-by-step instructions on how to mirror anything you got going on on your iphone to your fire tv right. Here so or your fire stick so well the first thing were going to do is go over to your. Magnifying glass over here and then youre going to want to type in a power mirror okay and it comes. Up right here a power mirror and you should get that icon that looks thats right there a power mirror.

Go ahead and click on that okay itll take you to this screen here and then youll go ahead and. Click ok on your remote control to download it now itll get cued and depending on your wifi speed is. How fast itll download all right then ill start installing okay once its installed go ahead and click open okay. And itll take you to this screen here you have to allow access of a power mirror to access your. Photos media and files on your device so just go ahead and click on allow all right so now once.

You get to this screen here to mirror your phone and well first it gives you some different options to. Do video mirroring phone mirroring if you have a pc you can mirror that way scan to connect and settings. But were going to go to the second tab right here where it says phone screen mirroring and then click. On that itll take you to this qr code over here on the left all you want to do is. Just open up the picture taken app on your iphone and then go over and scan it and then as.

Soon as you scan it up here at the top itll have the qr code reader so you just tap. On that and itll automatically take you to your iphone so that way you can download the a power mirroring. Screen app so click on it to download it all right and then well go ahead and click open all. Right now i ask you a question a power mirror would like to find and connect devices on your local. Network uh you want to click ok because both of these have to be connected to the same wi-fi network.

All right so its asking for network permission and location permission just go ahead and click on continue and then. Allow while using app so there it goes and now its recognizing your wi-fi connection next thing we want to. Do is click on that middle button where it says mirror and now its searching for your wi-fi network and. Then its got an icon here that says a power mirror okay next what you want to do is swipe. Down on the top right corner of your iphone just like this itll bring up all these different options and.

Then right there in the middle youll see where it says screen mirroring youll tap on that as you can. See right here at the very top its got a power soft and that is what is powering or talking. With the app that you just downloaded on your fire stick so then you just click on that itll load. Up and as you can see we are now mirroring directly to the tv so ill give you guys a. Quick little test of how this works also if you do want to stop mirroring youll just swipe down the.

Bottom or the top right and click on that stop mirroring button right there lets go ahead and play something. From my camera roll well um play a video that i recorded okay heres the test video that i recorded. With my dog and its playing directly from my phone right to the tv just like that and the great. Thing is the sound is coming from the tv and not from the phone so there you go thats how. You mirror your iphone to your fire stick all right so if this video was helpful to you guys go.

Ahead and click a thumbs up on it go ahead and subscribe to my channel i make tech videos all. The time and id love to have you back in the next one take care.

Method 5 – How To Mirror Your Ipad To A Roku

In todays tech video im going to show you guys how you can take an ipad like this and mirror. To a roku device whether it be a roto stick a roku tv anything dealing with broco im going to. Show you a step-by-step process and how easy it is to achieve this thats todays tech video before we begin. Do me a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn on your bell notifications so you can get notified.

For future videos id love to have you back in the next one well hey guys wanna hear thanks for. Stopping by my channel and checking out this video so today were going to show you the step by step. Process and how to take your screen on your ipad and mirror it to your tv through a roco device. Now the one that im using right now is this one here this is the roku express plus this is. Just one of the cheaper ones if you look at the roco line of products they have different types of.

Devices that they use they you got cheaper sticks all the way up to like on a roku ultra this. One here was not the cheapest but it was like the next one on the tier now the reason i. Did go with this one here is because of this remote here this remote has a power button on the. Top and then on the sides its got over the volume button if you go with the really cheap roko. Stick that doesnt have the valium or the power button so you got to use two remotes and i guess.

To be kind of annoying i like to be able to just to grab one remote view turn on my. Tv turn it up and everything so thats why i went with this one but no matter what roku roku. Device you have does anybody else have that trouble of harnessing the roku or is it just me but i. This will work on any roku device alright so lets go ahead and dive into the steps and what you. Need to do to achieve this go ahead and grab your ipad and youre going to want to download the.

Roku app ok so the roku app looks like this and then youll just tap on this and get it. Going once you have the rotovap lets jump over to a tv next okay so grab your roku remote here. And youre gonna go over to the left-hand side here and go down to settings next youre gonna go over. To system there go over again and then go to system update youre gonna want to make sure that you. Are on the latest update of this device so youll click there make sure that its the downloads the latest.

Update you may already have the latest update but if not this is the first step that you want to. Do okay next up were gonna go ahead and ill take you back to the front here as if you. Were doing this for the very first time i say heres a home screen again next youre gonna go down. To settings go down to system again and then over to screen mirroring now im here youll click over and. Itll give you three different options that you can choose from you can go to prompt always allow or never.

Allow so that way when a device tries to cast your tv screen a prompt on your screen will will. Ask you to confirm or you can go to always allow and then when a device tries to cast to. Your tv screen itll automatically be connected so based on preference whatever you want to do here i just put. Mine on prompt and then you can select never allow if you dont want anybody to ever screen a mirror. To your tv i dont know too many people that actually use that setting because you got to be pretty.

Close to the tv i would say if you feel a way to be able to cast it so you. Dont worry about like a neighbor find the cast or device to your screen but yeah pick one of those. And then go from here okay next up youre going to want to grab your ipad here and go over. To that rokus app that you installed click on that go to continue this is the first screen that will. Pop up i just click next go through all the notifications and you know i want notifications allow okay got.

It okay so were now were on this screen here okay so this is the home screen once you get. To this part here youre going to click on the bottom right and go to media and easily cast your. Photos video and audio or connected roku and device so right click continue and now its searching and as you. Can see my pulls up the roku express plus right there so ill tap on that and then it shows. The music photos video so i capped on video ill go give access access to the library you go on.

It you want to grant access to it okay so what i did is i just took a generic video. Of my dress right here as you can see its loading video on the screen from my ipad its the. Same video theyre playing or actually getting ready to play there it goes so its playing on the tv from. My ipad this is just a generic video i shot here my dresser and the tv itself so thats how. You mirror it easy peasy simple way to do it okay so hopefully this video is helpful to you now.

Doing this will also work the same way with using an iphone so if you want to mirror your iphone. To your roku device this is the same exact steps that you would do this video is just exclusive to. The ipad just because some people search an ipad mirroring and so it works either way with the iphone or. The ipad but yeah hopefully it was helpful to you if it was go ahead and throw the thumbs up. On this video go ahead and subscribe to my channel i make tech videos all the time and id love.

To have you back on the next one so until then go out there be creative.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Iphone To My Roku Tv

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