How Do I Connect My Iwatch To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my iwatch to my iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my iwatch to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Pair And Unpair An Apple Watch And Iphone

Today im gonna hear you how to pare unpair and erase your apple watch with your iphone its time to. Strap in because were gonna have a lot of pairing fun but first take a moment and subscribe to our. Channel youll get weekly tasty how-to videos so lets say that you got yourself a new apple watch or perhaps. You have an old one and youre gonna sell it and get a new one whatever the reason im gonna.

Walk you through how to connect it unconnected erase it and even handle that cellular plan so the first thing. We want to do is charge up our apple watch and iphone to quote the band snap exclamation point ive. Got the power or the phone and apple watch got the power next if you got yourself a fancy-pants band. For your apple watch lets install it lip your apple watch upside down and push it hold on the little. Band button now slide the old band out and ill push the new band in until you feel the click.

Repeat on the other side clearly i need to get myself a fancy-pants watch band i mean gray next put. Your apple watch on your wrist and find a comfortable fit okay that feels pretty loose oh thats too tight. Ah goldilocks gesture next turn your apple watch on by pushing and holding down the side button until you see. The apple logo appear on your iphone a pairing screen should pop up tap continue if you dont see the. Screen open the apple watch app on your iphone and tap start pairing when prompted position your iphone so that.

The apple watch shows up in the cameras viewfinder and just like the large hadron collider beneath france and switzerland. Its all about those particles after a moment the two devices will be paired now tap set up apple watch. Then follow the instructions on your iphone and apple watch to finish it up tips once youve paired your phone. And apple watch you can now activate the cellular data plan if you dont want to activate it you can. Always do it later using the apple watch app on your iphone pro pro tip you have to use the.

Same cellular carrier for both your iphone and apple watch just like beer and liquor nixon is a crime verizon. Before sprint never been more bent over a toilet vomiting i dont have a rhyme for this now lets walk. Through how to unpair your apple watch youre good to go to your iphone and open the apple watch app. At the bottom youre a tap on the my watch tab at the top of your tap on your apple. Watch and theyre gonna select the apple watch you want to unpair by tapping on the information button and unpair.

Apple watch finally youll verify it by tapping unpair and in this case patricks apple watch and then you enter. Your apple id password unpair now its time to get all men in black and erase our apple watch to. Erase your apple watch youre gonna go into settings general reset then tap erase all content and settings finally youll. Be asked to enter your passcode minute black chips you put like a cool effect right otherwise look like an. Idiot and funny shirt you can also race your watch using the apple watch app on your iphone tap my.

Watch go to general then reset and tap erase apple watch content and settings at the bottom will tap erase. All content and settings and theyll tap it a second time then enter your apple watch passcode bro tip to. Erase your cellular plan open the apple watch app on your iphone tap my watch then cellular tap the info. Circle next to your cellular plan finally tap remove verizon plan or whatever the name of your carrier plan is. And if this doesnt work which im not sure why because it involves a major phone carrier then you might.

Have to contact set carrier to have them remove your apple watch from your cellular plan pro tip so thats. All i got if you liked our video give us a thumbs up and if you dont keep your damn. Mouth shut or look at my men in black pen.

Method 2 – How To Pair Your Apple Watch With Your Iphone

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Method 3 – How To Pair Your Existing Apple Watch To Your New Iphone.

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel porgy tech and today i have for you another video so in this. Video today were gonna be watering what im gonna do here im gonna um set up my wifes existing apple. Watch to her new iphone so she did upgrade to the iphone 13 pro from her 11 pro okay and. This is our apple watch se this is a lte version so this one has cellular data set up on.

This okay but its not peer to this new phone as yet so what im gonna do today im gonna. Have to peer this watch back to the new iphone so if youre pretty much trying to set this up. Or you have issues with doing this then this is the video that you want to see okay so lets. Get into it so before we have we um before we can go ahead and do anything the first thing. We got to do here is we gotta wipe the watch to factory settings because the phone is not going.

To be its not going to recognize this watch until we um wipe it okay so we got to go. To the settings here so you just got to hit the crown were gonna go through the apps and were. Gonna go down and were gonna find settings okay so after settings youre gonna go down to so lets go. Back so follow my step here here go to settings and youre gonna hit on general right here then youre. Gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom and were gonna hit the reset so here were gonna hit.

Erase all contents and settings okay so here were gonna erase all that so now this is very important you. Gotta pay attention to this right here so it says erase all content so youre gonna you have erase all. And youre gonna erase all end key plan so this is a lte watch as i mentioned before we do. Have a plan for this watch on t-mobile so were gonna keep our plan current plan that we have with. T-mobile with this what so were gonna hit erase and the key plan because were going to keep our plan.

Okay so hit this so its going to erase everything else but youre still got youre still going to have. Your line with your carrier whichever character you have youre still going to have your data line for your watch. With that carrier its not gonna delete it so let it do it were gonna have this watch do the. Reset real quick it doesnt take a long time for it to do the reset okay so seems like its. About almost done its pouring back up were gonna let it boot up its a pretty easy process its not.

Complicated you just gotta follow the steps okay so now were gonna have our watch boot up so let me. Put the code in for this phone and then were gonna go to the watch app after the watch boots. Back up so now the watch is booting up here so im gonna go ahead and pause this video until. It boots back up then i go ahead and start the video again okay so now the watch is booted. Back up and this is the message youre gonna see in your watch and immediately youre gonna see this on.

Your phone as well so its asking you use your um user iphone to set up this watch so this. Is what you you want to see here okay so youre going to hit continue right here hit continue okay. So were were going to hit peer new watch all right set up for myself and then were gonna go. Ahead and scan this thing right here there we go your apple watch is paired and were gonna hit restore. From backup were gonna sit like this which is the backup for my wifes watch and we hit continue says.

Connecting to your apple watch this may take a moment all right so were just gonna let that run for. Now all right so were gonna go ahead accept terms and conditions hit agree all right so it says shared. Settings so i hit okay all right so bold text this is the text size she had on the watch. Before i think so im gonna keep that uh dont add passcode for now so dont add passcode all right. So keep your apple watch up today were gonna hit continue continue cellular is ready hit continue so as you.

Can see when it says cellular is ready that means the apple watch still has its data line connected to. The carrier all right so it says apple watch is syncing so were gonna let this run for a few. Minutes and then its gonna start up by itself okay so lets just give this a couple minutes and let. It boot up okay so its done syncing so now this is a message that that um came up on. The phone so it says your apple id and phone number are now being used for imessage and facetime on.

Your apple watch okay so were gonna hit okay to accept that and its gonna continue syncing its almost done. Okay so your your watch is ready press the digital crown to start so this is a crown right here. So were gonna hit the crown there we go and there it is say update complete so there it is. Its okay and as you can see the watch the watch face that was there before and everything is back. To what it was so now the apple watch is restored from icloud with all your settings and everything that.

You had previously so thats it if you enjoyed this video and if this helps you out please consider subscribing. And turn your notification bell on to get notified when i have uploads on this channel all right thats the. End of the video peace.

Method 4 – Why Isn’t My Apple Watch Pairing?

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Method 5 – How To Connect Apple Watch To Iphone! (2021)

Going back everyone you may have just bought an apple watch whether its the series 3 like i have here. Or its a brand new apple watch from the apple store whatever ill go and show you exactly how to. Connect it to your iphone now the process is pretty easy but you will have to make sure that the. Apple watch is reset and you obviously have to know the passcode and everything or the email associated with the.

Apple watch in order to reset it for it to fully work now if its fully reset or you bought. It brand new then skip these steps but in order to reset it and youre on the home page and. Youre installed on the watch os and all that stuff then you need to go into the settings app so. Click the digital crown go into the settings app you want to click the general settings you want to scroll. All the way down and you want to click reset now this will take about like five minutes less than.

Five minutes to fully reset your apple watch so once youre fully reset and everything you will pretty much come. Into a panel like this and once youre here you can pretty much be caught up to the steps now. What you want to do is once youre on this specific panel you want to go ahead and grab your. Iphone you can go and swipe out of it here and you want to put your apple watch right next. To your iphone now what will happen is that this little pop-up will come up and this is exactly what.

You want to see so you want to go ahead and click continue which is right here and you will. See that on the apple watch first of all you have to kind of go through the setup so you. Want to click set up for myself and then what you want to do is look at my foot just. Kidding you want to go ahead and take your apple watch and put it right in front of this little. Viewfinder thing right here and as you can see itll say your apple watch is paired and thats really all.

It takes now sometimes like i stated before your apple watch will actually probably end up having an apple id. Associated with it thats different from the phone itself if its the same then it doesnt matter but it may. Require you to type in your apple id and all that different stuff so lets go ahead and click set. Up apple watch and ill go and ask you you know which watch to you what hand i will go. And say right hand and ill go ahead and ask you a couple other questions too and as you can.

See whenever this little thing on the right you know top right is you know circling that basically means that. The loading so youre just going to have to give it a couple of seconds and this is exactly what. Im talking about about the activation lock so this apple watch was associated with my email obviously so if you. Bought an apple watch and youre getting this youre going to have to know those peoples you know apple id. Or their password if its your own watch and you reset then obviously type in your own watches you can.

See its my email so im going to go ahead and do that and then once you go ahead and. Type those things out you want to go ahead and say you know your digital crown i usually keep mine. On the top like this so youre gonna go ahead and click that click continue if you keep it on. The bottom you can go and click bottom you just want to go ahead and agree to these specific things. And then its going to ask you if you want to go ahead and do this typically i just say.

Skip this step but you can go ahead and enter the password if you want to and then its going. To go ahead and verify facetime i guess this will take a little bit of time i dont know why. They have to do this its like you cant even go around it and then once that happens you can. Go ahead and click this and typically i just click disable route tracking itll go ahead say shared settings you. Can go and click ok and then i think this is one of the last options okay bulletin text size.

Typically i kind of keep it around you know whatever it is normally so typically here i just click continue. And ill go and ask if you want an apple watch passcode here typically i just say dont add passcode. Because i dont care about it you can go ahead and set up the activity lets go and click and. Then you can go ahead and see if you want to keep your apple watch up to date basically have. Automatic updates so you can either you know click continue or do whatever typically i click continue and burn to.

Sos you want to click continue install available apps you can either install or choose later in this case ill. Just click choose later and then itll go ahead and tell you that apple watch is syncing and sooner than. Later your apple watch will be done and as you can see my apple watch is still you know going. Through but once its done youre pretty much done you dont have to mess with it anymore and your apple. Watch will pretty much be synced up with your iphone so thats exactly how to go ahead and set up.

Your apple watch to your iphone if you guys have any other questions or anything like that let me know. In the comment section below hit the like button tell me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every. Single subscriber that we get really does count so me so much if you guys can hit that also check. Out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything. Else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next video peace out.

Till then you.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Iwatch To My Iphone

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