How Do I Connect My Keyboard To My Ipad – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i connect my keyboard to my ipad, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i connect my keyboard to my ipad,

Method 1 – How To Connect Keyboard To Ipad | Ipad Air, Ipad Mini, Ipad Pro

Hey guys on todays video im gonna teach you how to sync up your ipad to an aftermarket keyboard so. Heres my ipad doesnt really matter what ipad you guys have you guys could have an ipad pro ipad mini. And whatever keyboard its all the same really this ones exactly this will let you see what it is these. Ones are about three bucks so theyre very very cheap anyways i havent paired this before with this ipad so.

What im gonna do is turn it on first of all obviously have it turned on then ill have a. Pair button right here im not gonna press that right now because on my ipad i want to go into. My settings under my settings i will have to look for bluetooth which is right there and just have it. Turned on and as you guys can see it hasnt detected this yet havent press pair yet so right here. On my keyboard i will see pair so let me just tap right there thats pre blinking and right here.

I should see right underneath that keyword coming up so you guys can see it finally came up so thats. Bluetooth keyboard i set the wait just a little bit and put it really close im gonna tap right there. So i just have to press that code that its telling me right now so thats 50 24 its gonna. Be different for you guys so 50 23 whoops then enter and there we go so after i do that. Automatically its saying connected what does that mean i can finally use my key word in order to type in.

My ipad so right now if i do something with my keyboard so just use the arrow keys to go. Up and down let me just use them i can go up and down in my ipad so thats how. You guys can test it out if it works right away im not gonna set this up alright so to. Further test it out sure what you guys can do is just go right into notes or microsoft word or. Pages im gonna open on pages im just gonna open up a new document im just gonna tap anywhere actually.

Doesnt really matter what type and im gonna start typing up and you should detect whatever im doing enter yes. You guys cant really see what im typing some not typing any anything anyways so thats how you guys can. Test out if your key words working has to work right away and youre good to go yes aftermarket key. Words such as this three dollar keyboard will work on your ipad you dont have to buy a really expensive. Key word but yes you can and yes there are kind of useless tricks if you buy a small one.

Like this i mean its this size might as well use the keyboard thats on the ipad itself anyways that. Would be it for this video tutorial if you guys have any questions comments you guys can write down here. In comments area and dont forget subscribe and rate thank you.

Method 2 – How To Connect Pair A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard To Your Ipad

Hey there guys michael from the gem tech here and today im going to show you how to pair a. Bluetooth wireless keyboard with your apple ipad either the 1 2 or 3 this should work on all ipads as. Long as you are on ios 5.1 5.0 or greater i believe so lets get right on into it so. What im using here is an apple wireless bluetooth keyboard this retails for $69 on apples website you can get.

At their retail stores best buy you can use any bluetooth keyboard this is the one i just happen to. Have i use this for my desktop setup with my mac when i use it at home so this is. What im going to use to show you how to do it in the video and the reason you might. Want to do this is to type out emails essays if you use pages if you want to type out. Long emails if you know anything like that that you want to actually get work done its a little difficult.

To type on this keyboard so you might want a bluetooth one they sell bluetooth keyboard cases and stuff and. You as i said you can use other bluetooth keyboards but lets get on into this so youre gonna want. To open up settings and in settings youre going to want to go to general as you can say so. General and then bluetooth down here turn bluetooth on and youre going to want to power on your wireless keyboard. So you can see that after a second the mpx eighty-eights keyboard pops up so what youre going to want.

To do is you can see there it says not paired what youre going to want to do is click. On it and its going to start contacting the keyboard just give it a second its doing its thing and. Your keyboard maybe name something else it probably almost always will be okay so now it says my mpx 88s. Keyboard would like to pair with your ipad enter the pin code nine zero three seven on the keyboard followed. By the return or enter key so each time itll give you a different pin number that you have to.

Enter on your keyboard and press enter so mine is 903 seven okay im going to press that and when. I press enter it should connect with the ipad and i will be able to use it in the apps. And again itll be different for you the code will be different but itll still work yeah i missed mine. I didnt do it in time so lets just do that one more time two three one eight enter and. Now its connected you can see there that is connected so now what we can do is go back to.

The home page lets open up with a new note here and we can see its kind of hard to. Type right now i i am typing on my bluetooth keyboard on my new ipad and you can see its. A lot easier to type on this a lot faster and more efficient it works really well you can again. Do this with any bluetooth keyboard if you dont have one you can pick one up on amazon for probably. Around $30 i know amazon themselves has their own brand amazon basics this sells one its incredibly similar to this.

One for 40 dollars but its black and its plastic but its very similar in size and in structure so. I guess thats about it i hope you guys have enjoyed this video please be sure to rate comment and. Subscribe if youd like to see more cool videos ive got some more ipad videos hopefully headed at you and. Anyway i guess thats about it rate comment subscribe i love you all have a great day everyone cheers michael. From a gem tech signing out.

Method 3 – Ipad Pro: How To Connect

Show you how to set up or connect your smart keyboard folio to your ipad okay very very simple to. Do theres no bluetooth or anything like that involved okay but the first thing i want to note too is. This is a twelve point nine inch ipad pro you want to make sure that you have the correct size. Okay so you can see down here that this keyboard here is it for a twelve point nine twelve point.

Nine inch okay anyways first thing is how you connect it well we just open this up right here we. Can see this connector here and take note the back of this is like a magnet okay so go ahead. And simply just grab your ipad and you can see the connector the three dots right here and you can. See the three dots right here dont you got to do is pop it on just like that and guess. What youre connected okay and of course with the keyboard here you can to play so you can pop it.

In you can pop in right here and you can also pop it in well over here like this and. Of course we can go ahead and close it just like this as well okay so like i said were. Automatically connected the back here is connected by it like a magnet okay you can kind of see how that. Is so just to show you that we are connected here i can go ahead and i mean i can. Go ahead and pop in my password here and ill just bring up a browser here and you can see.

Right away we are connected so pretty simple to do any questions issues comment below.

Method 4 – How To Play Roblox With A Keyboard On Mobile On Ipad. *Working Ios 13.00 And Above*

Hey guys today im going to be showing you how to play roblox or really any mobile game with a. Joystick um to play the keyboard many people think this wasnt possible a lot of people gave up on this. So i have decided to help solve this problem right here so how you do this first is you can. You go to accessibility just so you know keep in mind this only works for stuff uh ios 13 and.

Above okay so what you want to do first is click on keyboards let me just plug in my stuff. So you got to have your keyboard or whatever plugged in or with the thing or the i dont know. How to explain it the or use bluetooth you have got to have it connected so click on keyboards make. Click on full access keyboard make sure this is off right here this will not work like as you can. See if i turn this on and i go okay and then i go to where is it switch control.

As you can see this will be blurred it will not be able to so if you go back here. Go to full access keyboard you got gonna have this off okay now you can go to switch control this. Will be available and what you got to do is click on recipes create new recipe and you gotta name. It like uh whatever video game you want for so lets just say i want roblox okay you would uh. Name it roblox okay now uh let me just uh ill just type it on here not on my thing.

Okay so after you typed roblox uh just dont do this yet so thats this is later you gotta go. To switches add new switch external and then i want to go forward right so i would type w on. My keyboard right here okay and i would name it forward or lets just name it w forward okay now. What you do you click tap and then you got to make more switches so you go back to switches. And you would add new switch external okay lets do s you go click type uh s backward ill ill.

Just name them that okay make this tap you got to make all them tap you go external again do. A thats left left sideways okay make this top add another switch uh oh wait i gotta change the name. Of this i go to my keyboard left and then this would be a and then you make d external. D uh ill name it the right okay make it top same thing so as you can see we have. The basic controls like okay lets make jump so click external click the space bar space bar jump okay make.

It tap and um what else could you do you could make the arrow keys to move your screen so. Ill just do that do external ill click the the right arrow key on the keyboard ill make it uh. Right arrow key okay ill make this tap lets do the left arrow key this is the last thing we. Should do left arrow key okay make it top and pretty much we got all the controls you should need. On your computer what you should not do go back to switch control click on recipes create new recipe name.

It roblox assign a switch and then basically you and lets just configure w first click custom gesture you got. To do this really fast so where you would want to move you swipe like this and then you would. Save that and really fast okay click assign a switch ill do this custom gesture uh this was s so. You want to move backwards okay do assign a switch again ill do spacebar the jump button this do custom. Gesture uh just to show this off the jump button be right here somewhere save okay okay uh this is.

Really easy so far well do the right arrow key custom gesture turn the screen swipe this way okay uh. Assign a switch well do left arrow key custom gesture well do this okay the well do this assign a. Switch d so d is on the right so you got to move right well do a custom gesture and. Then well do that assign a switch and last one a custom gesture and then well do that pretty much. We got all our things right here here we go make sure you have timeout off go back to recipes.

Click launch recipe click roblox get out here turn on switch control and then your switch is configured to roblox. You got that you can go ahead go to roblox right here lets just say i want to play buildable. Okay ill show you right here okay click on build a boat for treasure as you can see im gonna. Test it the jump button might be a little bit off i dont know that could be a little bit. Off i dont really know the exact location of the jump button let me just test it a little bit.

Off so i click space right here let me and just to make sure you gotta have in settings the. The movement on dynamic thumb stick for this to work and then let me try w look at this a. D jump doesnt work that much not this arrow key this arrow key pretty much works any basic controls you. Need you can obviously you dont need the arrow keys you can just strike okay guys as you can see. Im playing with the with the things my this is an actual keyboard right here im not actually lying this.

Is real functions im playing with the game okay i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and bye ill see you. In the next video.

Method 5 – How To Pair Bluetooth Keyboard To Your Ipad In 2020 | Ipad Mini, Ipad Air, Ipad Pro

So were gonna be setting up this keyword with this ipad thats really matter which ipad you guys have its. All gonna be the same thing this is a 2019 ipad the brand-new one 10.2 inch and that were just. Gonna set this up really quick so on your ipad we just need to go into your settings in your. Settings you will see bluetooth so just make sure its on lets just click on it so it just let.

It run for now hang on your keyboard right here were just gonna turn that on so thats on right. Up here and then just make sure its fully charged or at least has some charge so if its not. Turning on you should see a blue light right there then you should charge it after that just press on. Connect and we should see the light right there and right here on my ipad we should see something like. This keyword once that pops up just tap on it and its gonna ask you to type something in your.

Keyboard in order to identify these serenas tell me 10:34 its 102 1034 so dont forget you always have to. Press the enter key after the number after that your ipad should say connected okay thats this keyword right here. So at this point in time i could use my keywords to scroll down and up on my keyword okay. So i can go down and up no its obviously not meant to navigate your ipad its mostly for you. Guys to work on word or anything like that so just lets just open that up so you guys can.

See how that works so here we go you just open up the notepad and were just gonna type in. There we go enter blah and everything is working fine so three a way to test this out if its. Working what you guys dont talk enough numbers and there we go so thats how you guys can sync up. Always remember to turn it off once youre done so you know just wasting battery and thats what you would. Do it with any ipad for that matter doesnt just have to be the newest ipad right now 2019 10.2.

Inch ipad right here anyways it for this video tutorial if you guys have any comments questions you guys can. Write them down here in comments area and dont forget to subscribe and rate thank you.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Keyboard To My Ipad

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