How Do I Connect My Mac To My Printer – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Add Printer On Mac | Setup Printer On Mac, How To Install Printer On Mac

Frankie frankie be technology poor frankie be frankie the technology tutorial hi im frankie b this tutorial is about how. To add a printer and scanner to your mac computer adding a printer to your mac is not difficult and. It is quite a straightforward thing to do so im going to show you how to connect a wi-fi printer. And scanner to your mac computer the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your printer.

Is turned on and its connected to your network and that youre logged in to your computer as the administrator. So that youll be able to add and remove programs and make changes to your computer now go to this. Opera icon logo on the top left hand corner of your screen i click on it and from this drop-down. Menu select system preferences this turn up box will appear from here to this printers and scanner icon right now. The first thing were going to do is delete this printer in here this is like the printer and click.

On the minus sign down here and you will be honest are you sure this printer then you will say. Yes and click on printer and printer scanner or fax from your computer now were going to add a printer. From a clean slate first thing you need to do is click on this plus sign here this dialog box. Will appear as long as your printer is connected to your network and is turned on select the default printer. Icon up here and select your printer name from the list down here down below here auto populate for you.

Now your computer will scan the network and find your printer and when its fine your printer it will automatically. Set up your printer and install your latest drivers and ready for printing and now if you look over here. To your left on in this section here youll see that your printer has been added now theres a few. Things we need to do to make life a bit easier there are lets say share this printer on your. Network tick this box so thats anyone thats connected to your network will be able to share this printer and.

Where it says the default printer make sure your printer is selected in here if not click on this drop-down. Arrow and select your printer there and where it says default paper size set back to a 4 and thats. It your print is installed and ready and waiting for you to print and now were going to set up. Your scanner if you have one of these printer scanner combination then this is how you set up your scanner. Click on to the scanner tab next to the printer tab right here and click on open scanner then wait.

For your scanner to warm up if youve bought document in your county area of your document is selected by. These marchant and on your right in this menu you can change a few settings where it says scan mode. Select flatbed here and where it says kind youve got a choice of three in this drop-down menu you can. Choose from tex black and white or color the choice is yours i just leave it set to color for. Now resolution you can click on this drop down power choose one of these presets or you can type your.

Own numbers in here auto-selection leave outside do enclosing box scanty like this can your document to that said do. Desktop that way its easy to find the file a name its at scan lets use what format if its. A photo choose jpg thats the internet standard for sending and receiving photos and if its a document choose pdf. And you can tick this box if you want to leave multiple files into one document and where it says. Image correction and now click and scan and your document will be scanned and saved on your desktop ready and.

Waiting for you and thats it youre done now you can print to your printer and scan to your scanner. And save your work until your hearts content it now if you liked this video and it helped you dont. Forget to hit the like button down below leave a like subscribe comment and share this video if youd like. To see more video like these thank you very much for watching i know catch you on the next one. Ciao for now frankie be thank you very much.

Method 2 – How To Add A Printer On Apple Mac

Hi and welcome back to another tutorial by itc computer and it solutions in austin texas my name is eric. And todays tutorial i will be showing you how to add a network printer on your mac the operating system. Im using is mac os x mountain lion and i am on a believe it 2000 late mm the 2011. Model macbook pro 13 inch so lets get started before you can add a network printer to a mac to.

Be able to print you want to make sure that you have the printer setup installed configured and it is. Currently working on the network now a network printer is a printer that connects directly to the router through an. Ethernet port or wirelessly through wi-fi technology however that printer needs to be identified or identifiable on the network before. The mac can see that printer so in this tutorial im going to assume you already have a network printer. Set up and configured on your network and this mac is simply just going to connect to it via wi-fi.

So lets begin in order to add the network printer or to be able to print to the network printer. The first thing you want to do is go to system preferences now to get the system preferences you want. To select the mac or the apple icon located here at the top left of your screen next to finder. So go ahead and click on that apple icon now now select system preferences once in system preferences under the. Heading hardware select print and scan icon or click the print & Scan icon now youll see i already have.

A few printers here because i use this computer at my home office and office and these are just printers. That we have kind of set up in both locations but i specifically have this brother hl 2280 dw thats. A printer thats located here at my home office i actually have two of them so its probably a little. Confusing for my mac but today im going to add the one thats in my home office now off not. Really off topic but i will make a suggestion suggest if youre looking for a solid workhorse printer that kind.

Of does that it is black-and-white printing and also scan function this printer i really do recommend its a solid. Printer you can pretty much pick it up anywhere including amazon for a very good price so going back to. Adding the printer lets get that done so to add a printer or to add a network printer you want. To select on the plus sign down here on the bottom left now if youre not able to select that. Plus sign its probably probably because it is locked so in order to add that you have to unlock to.

Make changes so to unlock to make changes this is just a security feature just click on the lock icon. Its going to ask you for your password so this is just your user password once this is unlocked now. We can begin to make changes so lets add that printer so go back here and select the plus icon. Again now by default mac is going to your computers going to scan your network to see if theres any. Discoverable network ready printers in this case my brother hl 2280 dw this printer has already been set up configured.

And is working on my network i know this so immediately my mac was able to identify as that as. A working and accessible printer so all im going to do is just select that printer it already knows to. What driver and how to set it up and im simply just going to click add its going to say. It already exists now you probably wont see this this the only reason im seeing this is i have two. Of these printers in two different locations so im just going to go ahead and click continue and were done.

You can see the new printer has been added here in the list i once had three now i have. Four printers here i have that hl 20 to 80 here at the office and hl 2282 at home so. This is also good in the event that you want to scan you can click on the scan tab click. Open scanner go ahead and place something on your scanner then hit scan you can scan it to your pictures. Your desktop or your documents so again in this tutorial we were able to successfully add a network printer to.

Our apple so im sorry to our macbook or mac so we can print to it remember a network printer. Is a printer that is connected to the network and is discoverable on the network either through a direct connection. Or wi-fi connection if you do and if you have set up that network printer your mac should be able. To find and identify that printer and set it up quite easily if you guys have any questions or concerns. Please leave them in the comments section of forward slash it conflict you can also check us out on.

Facebook our facebook is art thats twitter comm /i t conflict and check us out on our website wwi. T conflict calm again my name is eric with itc in austin texas thanks for watching.

Method 3 – Macbook How To Connect To Wireless Printer

Hey guys so im gonna show you how to connect to a print on your mac now this is for. A wi-fi printer and youre gonna need to set up your wi-fi printer first um it does vary by printers. So i cant really show you but yeah after you set up your wi-fi printer uh on your mac just. Click on the app logo here in the top left corner and click on system preferences alright so from here.

Quick on printers and scanners now you guys see right here this is my printer list so theres nothing nothing. On it now youre going to press right here on the plus button and you guys should see the printer. So this is mine now if you dont see it then you can press right here on ip and type. In a printer a printer ip address that should be listed on the printer itself um otherwise youre probably not. Connected to the wi-fi network so remember guys both your computer and the printer need to be on the wi-fi.

But yeah once you select your printer just press add and you guys see we are connected now if you. Want to know how to print then ill put it ill put a video in the top right corner but. Yeah guys otherwise hopefully this helped out.

Method 4 – Print From A Mac To An Hp Printer Using Wi-Fi Direct | Hp Printers | @Hpsupport

How to print from a mac to an hp printer using wi-fi direct print from your mat directly to an. Hp printer without a wireless network using wi-fi direct with your printer on and in a ready state get the. Wi-fi direct name for your printer hunters with the touch display touch the wi-fi direct icon or open the wi-fi. Direct settings menu the wi-fi direct name and password for your printer displays for printers without a touch display printing.

The wi-fi direct information varies depending on your model most hp printers will print the report if you press the. Information button press and hold the wi-fi direct button for three seconds press the wireless and information buttons at the. Same time or press and hold the resume or resume button for two to 10 seconds review the printout for. Your wi-fi direct name and password if the printout indicates that wi-fi direct is not turned on follow the instructions. To enable it on your mac open the item you want to print if you are printing something from a.

Web page email or other web-based content open the item before attempting to connect to the printer when connected to. The printer using wi-fi direct the mat will not have internet access click your mac wireless icon select your wi-fi. Direct printer name from the list of available networks and then enter the password return to your document click file. And then print to print your document using wi-fi direct reconnect your mac to your wireless network after the print. Job completes you.

Method 5 – How To Install A Printer On Mac (Detailed) 3 Ways To Connect Wireless, Ethernet, And Usb

Hows it going everybody my names eric and in this video were going to set up this printer on a. Mac computer ive been wanting to make this video for a long time to reference in other videos because the. Process is pretty much the same for all brands of printers made within the last 10 years or so and. Brother hp canon epson samsung and more and itll work pretty much with any mac as well made within the.

Last 10 years or so imacs macbook airs macbook pros mac minis all of those guys the process should be. Nearly identical so in this video were going to go over three ways how to set up this printer with. A mac so if the first way doesnt work maybe try the second way if the second way doesnt work. Maybe try the third way and by the end of the video im confident that youll be able to get. Your printer working on your mac there is an index in the description that goes through the three different ways.

The first way is going to be wireless setup the second way is going to be using an ethernet cord. And the third way is going to be going over your wired options and if you need a dongle depending. On what kind of mac you have thank you guys so much for watching if you havent already please give. The video a thumbs up if youre already subscribed to the channel consider subscribing and lets get into the tutorial. So the first method and the way that most people probably want their printer to be working is wirelessly the.

Benefits of having it wirelessly of course are no wires multiple computers can use the same printer you can kind. Of hide the printer in a corner or under a desk somewhere and still print perfectly fine its probably the. Best method and the only really downside is is that you have to have a wireless network a wireless router. At your house it takes a little bit of tech skills to hook it up to your wireless network im. Not going to go over how to hook it up to your wireless network in this video i do have.

A bunch of videos on my channel links to them in the description showing how to hook up hps brother. Canon epson printers links to those videos are in the description so you can see exactly how to set it. Up because its kind of different on each model and this is just an overall encompassing video so if you. Need help with that make sure to check the link in the description if you dont know if your printer. Is wi-fi compatible or air print compatible ill put a link in the description as well to a list of.

All of the air print compatible printers published by apple that they update every so often as new printer models. Come out if your printer has a wireless icon on it it more than likely is air print compatible especially. If it came out within the last five to ten years or so so once you have your printer hooked. Up to the wireless network i will see you guys on the computer because then we have to now install. The printer through the network so here we are on our mac youre going to want to go down here.

To the system preferences icon and then click on printers and scanners and if for some reason you dont have. That little gear icon down here you can go to this finder type in printers and scanners and it should. Come up as a top hit you can double click on that and open up the printers and scanners setting. Now from here its going to show you the printers that are already installed on your computer i have a. Lot of printers so bear with me and were going to be adding a printer by using this plus sign.

Right here but before we do that youre going to want to make sure you are indeed connected to the. Same wi-fi network that you connected your printer to if you have two wi-fi networks a 2.4 and a 5g. Band either of them should work perfectly fine once you double check that youre connected to the same network youre. Gonna hit that plus sign and then it should pop up right here under default with the name of the. Printer that you want to install we have this hp laserjet 200 color series were going to click on that.

And it defaults to use the airprint driver which is perfectly fine and were going to hit add now its. Setting up my laserjet printer its going to take a couple of seconds installing the printer and as you can. See on this left side here now we have the laserjet 200. You can set your default printer to whatever. Printer you want to be installed and you can also set your default paper size to whatever you want as.

Well however were just going to print a document to show that it is indeed working for example if i. Want to print this small claims court document i have it opened right here im going to go to file. And then im going to go to print youre going to want to make sure that your printer that you. Just installed is picked you have all of these options what pages you want to print if you want to. Shrink the page portrait landscape all of that really dont need to mess with that because im just printing it.

On regular eight and a half by eleven im just going to hit print its going to send the signal. To my router my router is going to kick it to my printer my printer should kick on and print. The document and there we go a beautiful wirelessly printed small claims core petition wirelessly printed from a mac computer. Now that were done with the first method were gonna go to the second method which is installing the printer. Via ethernet cord so now were going to go over the second method of installing your printer on your mac.

And that is using the ethernet cord method in order to do this method youre going to have to have. A printer with an ethernet port in the back that is this guy right here it fits this cable and. If you dont have this you might want to skip to the next part of the video which is going. To be installing it via this usb port its pretty unlikely that your printer came with this cord but you. Might have one laying around your house in a drawer somewhere or there might have been an extra one included.

In your router or your modem thats what the tips look like its a little bit wider than a phone. Cable it has a little plastic tension prong on it that is used to click in and remove it from. Devices the great thing about this method is once it is hooked up you can print from multiple devices you. Could print from different computers print from ipads iphones or androids because it is networking your printer onto your wi-fi. Network you are networking it wired but it is hooking it up to your wi-fi so then other devices can.

Access it through the wi-fi network grab your cable and i actually am not going to be able to use. This cable because its a little shorter than i thought to be able to reach my wi-fi router so im. Going to use this little bit longer grayish cable but its the same cable just a little bit longer so. Youre going to want to turn your printer around plug in your ethernet cable it only goes in one way. The prong should lock in make a little noise and should be kind of snug in there once you have.

It plugged into the back of your printer youre going to take the other end of that cable youre going. To have to access your wi-fi router and youre going to plug the other end into the back right here. You can plug it into any slot but im just gonna plug it into slot one now that our printer. Is connected to our wi-fi router over there via ethernet cable i will see you guys on the computer for. The install so here we are on our mac youre going to want to go down here to system preferences.

And the gear icon and then go to printers and scanners if you dont have a gear icon down here. You can go to this finder right here type in print errs and scanners it should come up as a. Top hit and you can double click on that and open it that way now heres where its going to. Show all your printers that have you previously installed on your computer if you have an old printer on here. You can hit the minus button and delete that printer if you want to but were going to be installing.

This printer so were going to hit the plus button but before we do that youre going to want to. Make sure you are indeed connected to the same wi-fi network that you connected your printer to if you have. Two wifi networks a 2.4 and a 5g band either of them should work perfectly fine once you double check. That youre connected to the same network youre going to hit that plus sign and it should pop up automatically. With whatever printers are recognized on your network and it can see this hp laserjet right here that were trying.

To install we click on that it automatically says were going to be using the print driver thats perfectly fine. And were going to hit add its going to take a couple seconds to set the device up it should. Have the created printer in your little window here meaning that the printer is indeed installed now youre going to. Want to open the document that you want to print im just going to and then im going to hit. My print icon right here and youre going to want to make sure your destination is picked to the correct.

Printer that you just installed and were going to have to hit this drop down go to see more and. Then im looking for my hp laserjet 200 thats what we just installed i dont want to print this in. Color so im just gonna do black and white and im just gonna print page number one so i go. To custom and im gonna print page one because i dont really wanna waste paper there are some more settings. If you do this drop down here but im not gonna worry about any of that and were just going.

To hit print its going to send the signal to the router the router is going to send it through. The ethernet cable to the printer the printer is going to receive the job and going to print our document. Look at that a beautiful small claims court document printed through that ethernet cable on our wi-fi network this method. Has its benefits because you dont have to configure your printer at all you should just be able to plug. It in install it on your computer and then print and you can also print on multiple devices because it.

Is indeed hooked up to your wifi network through that ethernet cable however it does need to be close enough. To your e however it does need to be close enough in proximity to your router in order to reach. With the cable it has its pros and cons but its still a great method on how to install your. Printer on your mac now were going to go to the last method im going to show you in this. Video which is using a usb cable last but not least the third way to hook up your printer with.

Your mac computer is to use the usb cable options it looks a little complicated with this mess of wires. But were gonna simplify it to meet your needs more than likely your printer came with a cable like this. One of its a standard usb type a male end and then the other is a standard usb type b. Or usb printer scanner and right here this end is going to go in the back of your printer and. This end is going to go into your computer however if you have an older mac it will fit if.

You have a newer mac it may not fit thats when the dongle comes in you have to get one. Of these conversion dongles that convert usbc to a usb type a port or you can get one of these. Dongles which converts usb to usbc you plug it in just like that and then you can plug this end. Into your computer if you dont want to go the dongle route you can go on amazon and buy this. Cable right here it is the printer usb type b end to a usb type c that way you just.

Plug this into the printer this end into the printer and then this end goes right into your computer without. Any dongles i will put a link to this cable in the description as well as the dongles so you. Can have your options and kind of figure out what you want to do and for this video well use. The standard cable dongle adapter that we have at the house youre going to turn your printer around look for. The port and it only goes in one way and youre going to plug that into the back of your.

Printer then im going to plug that into the dongle and then im going to plug the dongle into the. Computer and if you dont need the dongle adapter you could have just plugged this straight into your macbook air. Macbook pro imac or mac mini plug it straight in if you have the connection port however we dont so. Were gonna use this dongle converter and then i will see you guys on the computer so here we are. On our mac as soon as you plug that usb in a prompt should pop up within a couple of.

Seconds asking you if you would like to download install the software for that printer youre going to hit install. Your computer isnt connected to a power source im just going to continue i have a lot of percentage left. So were going to continue on battery power and its basically going to use whatever apple has in their software. To find that driver for the printer and its going to automatically install that printer package and that did take. A couple of minutes to install i sped it up for obvious reasons and you should probably pause the video.

While yours is installed once yours is installed you can go down here to your system preferences this little gear. Icon and then you can go over here to printers and scanners if you dont have the gear icon on. Your menu bar you can go to this finder over here type in printers and scanners and your top hit. Is printers and scanners you can double click on that and then find your printer and then find your printer. That way if its not over here on the left you may want to hit this plus button see if.

It pops up here highlight the usb multi function and then youre gonna go to auto select driver and and. Your mac computer should find the driver that its supposed to use and if for some reason it doesnt select. The correct driver you may have to open up google type in the brand of your printer for instance brother. Hl 2270 you got to type in the model and then type in mac driver you should be able to. Find a result from the actual manufacturer so this is from brothers website and it does indeed identify my mac.

Os im going to hit ok and then that and then you can install the driver that way now im. Going to print a test page just to show that it is indeed working were going to print a page. From this small claims petition were going to go up here to print you want to make sure that your. Destination is picked so were going to hit this drop down see more and then were going to make sure. That its the hp laserjet 200.

Were going to print it in black and white were just going to print. One page so were going to go custom one page there are some more settings for paper size how many. Pages you want to fit on a sheet so so if you want to save paper that way for like. Powerpoint and then you can scale it accordingly as well but were just going to hit were just going to. Hit print its going to send the signal send the signal through the cable to the printer and we do.

Indeed have our beautiful small claims petition printed via the usb cable usb printing is kind of like a last. Resort or a backup if your wi-fi is not working or if your routers broken kind of a pain because. You have to be plugged in every single time you print so yeah its but if youre at like a. Warehouse or youre at a storage unit or somewhere where you dont have a wi-fi router then usb is your. Old faithful its very reliable and its goin.

Conclusion – How Do I Connect My Mac To My Printer

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