How Do I Get My Iphone Screen To Rotate Again – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i get my iphone screen to rotate again, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i get my iphone screen to rotate again,

Method 1 – My Iphone Screen Won’t Rotate! Here’s The Fix.

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Method 2 – Screen Rotation Not Working On Iphone

Hello dear subscribers today i will tell you how you can easily fix your problem with rotation so how you. Can fix it if your phone if your rotation on your phone doesnt works so first thing you need to. Try is just swipe up and just try to just check here if you uh not lock rotation so just. Check it here because here you can see button portrait orientation lock on if you click again portrait orientation lock.

Off so just check if youre not if you didnt lock your rotation so just check it and also if. It doesnt help you you can also go to the settings so just open the settings and in the settings. You need to find your display and brightness so here you need to go to display zoom and here you. Need to choose standard if you choose zoomed just choose standard and sometimes problem is in this so just check. It if you use standard and everything is working so if it doesnt help you too you can also try.

To lock your phone and unlock it again sometimes it helps to or you can also restart your phone so. Just keep holding power button until you will see here slide to power off so just slide the power off. And just wait some time about 30 seconds and just press on power on so just power on your phone. And sometimes it helps too and the latest thing you can also try is made for thraster so just keep. Holding low and volume and power button until you will see your apple logo so where when you will see.

Apple logo just release your fingers from these two buttons so it means that you successfully made hard reset so. This is the way how we can fix it so thanks for watching have a nice day subscribe to my. Channel click like and goodbye.

Method 3 – How To Turn Screen Rotation On And Off Iphone 11

What is up guys and gals oh welcome to one i had a smartphones tutorial videos on the iphone 11. In this video ill be showing us how to turn these screen rotation on and off on the iphone 11. So if you guys find this video helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you know. Anybody looking for this information please do share it with them so for those of you guys that dont know.

What these screen rotation does is lets just say we go into our safari app and we turn our phone. Sideways you guys can see my phone rotates and youre able to use it on the in the landscape position. So if you guys wanted to use you know your device and its locked its not rotating for whatever reason. This is how to fix that so what we want to do is from the top right hand corner were. Gonna want to go ahead and just slide down from the top right hand corner starting on the black portion.

Slide down youll get this little shortcut menu here and from here you will see a lock with a little. Circle on it and go ahead and select that and you guys can see the portrait orientation lock was turned. On so now when we go back into our web browser we turn it on its side and you guys. Can see it is locked so that is how to lock it how to turn it on and if you. Wanted to turn the lock off you want to be able to rotate your screen maybe your phone for whatever.

Reason is not rotating and you want to rotate the same thing more than likely youre gonna have this selected. Meaning its white go ahead and deselect that make it go black again and it turns that lock off so. Now when we go ahead and leave we were able to go into our safari other apps are youre probably. Using turn them sideways as you guys could see that then it is able to do that so if youre. Using like a map something like that you want it locked and you dont want it to move go ahead.

And just slide down and lock it if youre using something and you want it to be sideways or if. Youre trying to watch your video sideways in the landscape mode and forever reasons not doing it maybe you accidentally. Hit that somebody tapped it on accident and its selected so go ahead and deselect that and then youre able. To use it to watch it sideways so that is how turning screen rotation on and off hope you guys. Found this video helpful if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up if you know anybody looking.

For this information once again please do share it with them thats all i got for you guys in this. One thank you guys for watching have a nice day.

Method 4 – All Iphones: How To Turn On

All right so this is going to be a quick tutorial on how to enable as well as disable the. Screen rotation on all iphones ipods and ipads okay its very simple so for example if im in safari and. I wanted to be able to rotate my screen like this youre browsing the internet we need to do is. Just scroll up from the bottom up and then you can see you look right here portrait orientation lock is.

On so if you see the red circle basically its a lot in portrait mode which is like the vertical. Position by tap it again now the portrait orientation lock is also now is going to rotate so every time. I rotate my phone now its going to rotate and the same thing goes for if im in like watching. Videos like on youtube for example lets watch this video here and if i want to rotate it itll go. Just like that if youre getting annoyed for it flipping back and forth then simply just scroll up oops screw.

From the bottom up like this just go ahead and lock in place in this way its not going to. Rotate and thats pretty much it any questions comment below thanks for watching bye.

Method 5 – Fix Screen Rotation Not Working Problem On Iphone 11 | Iphone Screen Won’T Rotate Solved

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Conclusion – How Do I Get My Iphone Screen To Rotate Again

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