How Do I Get My Mac To Recognize My Scanner – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i get my mac to recognize my scanner,

Method 1 – Scanning And Saving Documents As Pdf Files Using Mac Computer

This tutorial will walk you through scanning and saving documents as pdf files the exact steps to scan will depend. On the scanner that you are using these steps can be followed if you are using a scanner connected to. A computer using a mac operating system connect your scanner directly to your mac computer you can do this by. A usb cable place your document on the scanner bed this should be the document you want to turn into.

A pdf next we will open the utility app titled image capture there are two ways to locate the utility. The first is to use the spotlight feature found in the upper right hand corner of the window simply type. In image capture and double-click to launch the utility application now im going to go ahead and close this so. That we can walk you through the second way to access it which is through finder from finder to applications. And then you may have to scroll until you see the utility titled image capture again double clicking will launch.

The utility so lets close this window for the applications and you notice that when the utility loads it starts. To give an overview scan of the document place on the scanner bed want to also call your attention to. The devices panel where it has identified the scanner which is directly connected via the usb cable you will also. Notice that you have the resize handles activated so that you can adjust the area that you wish to scan. If your detail panel is not shown then your screen would look like this to show them to quickly slip.

Click the show detail button and that will bring the overview scan back into focus as well as provide the. Details which you can inch excuse me basic details that youre gonna want to look at here are the fact. That you want to scan too and so you can choose the location of your choice for where you would. Like the scanned document to be stored im gonna leave it on the desktop and you can rename the image. All right now you have the choice here in the format to choose from several options by default probably jpg.

Its at the top of the list but you can scan directly to a pdf by choosing pdf format now. You notice that once youve chosen pdf if you have multiple items that youre scanning through a shoot scanner then. You can combine them into a single document so were going to simply overlook everything make sure we have the. Details as wed like them and click scan you notice that the scanner begins scanning the document a progress bar. Will appear to show the progress of the job and when it is finished youll get a pop-up window that.

Shows your scan results you can simply double click on that image to open and launch so here you see. The item that we have scanned in preview mode now from the file menu you can export this as a. Pdf if you would like to send it to another location or if you recall from our details we had. Already selected to scan to our desktop and if you notice on my desktop here is the document which i. Just scanned already saved that concludes the tutorial for scanning and saving to pdf using a mac computer.

Method 2 – How To Scan From Macbook

Zubaz around today were gonna went through the steps of how to scan from your hp printer on a macbook. Pro it may work for other printers but im just going to run through the steps so first things first. What you want to do is go to system preferences and then you want to go over to printers and. Scanners and after you click printers click the printer that you are using that you want to scan from and.

Also make sure you first put your document that your you want to scan into the scanner so what im. Gonna do is go to scan open scanner so nanas given me a scientist scanners warming up to the document. Im guys i had to move it because it was very sensitive information on that document so what ill do. Is im gonna take this document out and place another one in for video purposes lets close this one out. Here but basically you just want to open scanner again and itll warm up to that document again so heres.

A document and you can choose a resolution here and thats just scan ive selected earlier most we get our. Area correct scanning but guys thats basically it if youd like the video and i would love the feedback ill. Keep doing videos on a pretending mac im more into traveling videos so if youre interested in that let me. Know ill be doing more videos soon ive just upgraded a lot of equipment so let me know and give. Me a thumbs up subscribe i have some big giveaways coming up flights channel is gonna be the best.

Method 3 – How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac? [6 Methods]

Hello everyone welcome back to our channel in this video were going to talk about how to find an external. Hard drive on a mac thats not showing up in the device list in case you are new to this. Channel dont forget to click that subscribe button down below we all use external drives to keep our important files. Safe and transfer a large amount of data between two computers so when your macbook stops recognizing a hard drive.

Even after youve connected it several times things start to get a bit frustrating in this situation many people reach. Out to a technician to try to get the hard drive repaired but before taking such an extreme measure and. Potentially wasting hundreds of dollars there are a few things that you can try to fix an external hard drive. That doesnt show up in mac by yourself make sure to watch this video right to the end and youll. Be able to fix your hard drive easily firstly lets understand why external hard drives arent showing up on your.

Mac in general a hard drive may not show up in the device list due to different reasons a few. Of these reasons include the fact that your usb port on your macbook might be broken there might be a. Partition on your hard drive that is causing you a problem there might be outdated drivers on your macbook and. The hard drive itself might be formatted in the wrong file system if your mac is not detecting the external. Hard drive dont panic because no matter what is causing the error you can fix it on your own lets.

Follow these solutions to fix the external hard drive not showing on your mac error the first and simplest way. Is to check the cable first check the hard drives cable and ensure it hasnt encountered any physical damage there. Are many situations when hard drive cables become loose or damaged due to daily use if thats the case all. That you need to do is replace the cable with a new one and your macbook will start recognizing your. Hard drive again also check that the port isnt causing the problem as well try plugging in your hard drive.

Into a different port or if you have one try plugging another device in that port to see if it. Works okay another reason that might restrict a hard drive from showing up in your mac is a lack of. Power so make sure that you have enough power for the drive as this may fix the error its worth. Noting that an external hard drive needs an adequate amount of power when it connects to a computer this is. Genuinely achieved by using the right type of cable for instance for some hard drives they require a special power.

Cable to successfully connect it to your pc this type of cable has two split ends for a usb type. A connector as well as another type a connector to be plugged in to the two usb ports on your. Macbook so make sure that you are using the right type of cable that is compatible with your hard drive. And make sure that its getting enough required power if changing the cable didnt fix the problem and there is. No issue with power then the next step would be to change the preference settings in finder follow these steps.

To change the preference settings of finder start by opening finder and click the menu icon in the top left. Corner click preferences and then go to the general tab now make sure that the external drives option is checked. Finally close finder and youll automatically see the external hard drive icon on your desktop if your mac still doesnt. Recognize the hard drive you can use disk utility to access the drive heres what to do to use the. Official disk utility program in mac to find your external hard drive that isnt showing up press command plus the.

Space bar and type a disk utility and then press enter in the left menu bar click your external hard. Drive and select the volume now simply tap the mount button and the hard disk will automatically show up on. Your desktop if your drive is still inaccessible then run first aid in the disk utility here you can also. Use its first aid feature from the top of the disk utility window to repair corrupt hard drives so if. Youve had no luck so far you might want to run the first aid check on the hard drive and.

Hopefully it fixes the problem again launch disk utility as ive shown you before select your hard drive and click. The first aid button at the top of the screen click run on the window thats appeared and wait for. The process to complete close the disk utility and check if your external hard drive icon is showing on the. Desktop or not in case none of the previous solutions work its possible that the hard drive is formatted in. The wrong file system so what we need to do is change the file system on your hard drive in.

This case you can reformat the hard drive using disk utility again open disk utility and highlight the external hard. Drive now click the arrays option and choose a compatible file format from the list ideally if you want to. Use the hard drive on your mac you should either choose apfs or exfat click arrays to complete the format. Once the process completes youll see the hard drive icon on your desktop we hope you can fix the mac. Not detecting the external hard drive issue from any of the methods that ive introduced but in case you are.

Still unable to repair your issues your drive might be truly broken or formatted using a file system that the. Mac cannot read in this way we suggest you follow the next steps to recover data from the disk drive. To recover lost data from an external hard drive it would be better to use a recovery tool to retrieve. The files before initiating the format why not try wondershare recovery its a professional recovery tool that can be used. To recover different types of files from a variety of storage devices it also has a user-friendly interface which means.

That anyone can use it to recover files heres how to retrieve data from an external hard drive that doesnt. Show up on your mac using recover it install and launch recover it on your mac connect your hard drive. To your computer and select it under the external drive tab on the recover its home screen click start and. Recover it will automatically start scanning the drive be patient as this may take a while to complete depending on. The size of the hard drive once the scanning process completes select the files that you want to retrieve and.

Click recover choose a safe location on your computer and the selected files will be automatically saved there so thats. How you can fix the external hard drive not showing on your mac error if you face any problems with. Any of these solutions then please let us know down in the comment section below and well get back to. You in case you found this video helpful then make sure to give us a like and also subscribe to. Our channel so you dont miss out on any future videos anywhere everyone will see you in the next video.


Method 4 – How To Scan Anything On Your Apple Mac Computer

Hey everybody welcome back to the mac whisperer academy im dylan stewart the mac whisperer and in todays lesson were. Going to answer the age-old question how do you scan on a mac it should be so simple youve got. That photograph all you want to do is scan it onto your computer so you walk over your scanner you. Plop it down you click a couple of buttons and like magic it appears on your computer perfect except thats.

Not how it generally works is it you know scanning has so many complications and so many options and so. Many different ways of doing it that it makes it more challenging than it should be i mean the way. You scan a photograph is different from the way you scan a newspaper article and thats different from the way. Youre going to scan a stack of documents that you want to have show up as a pdf so in. Todays lesson were going to walk through all the different ways that we can scan and were going to make.

It so simple that youre never going to stumble on it again well the first thing is what you dont. Do you dont use the buttons on the scanner for anything so what youre going to use is youre going. To use a software that apple developed that works with every kind of scanner out there and it is the. Only software i ever used to scan its called image capture and its already in your applications folder you just. Didnt know it was there so the first thing were going to do is were going to open up image.

Capture in your case its probably in your applications folder in my case its already on my dock because i. Use it all the time so lets hop right over to the computer and lets turn it on ive got. It right down in my dock right here it looks like this im going to click on it and its. Going to open up now when you first open it up your settings havent been configured yet so dont be. Surprised if it doesnt look perfect the first step were going to do is were going to select the scanner.

That we want to use in the upper left hand corner youre going to notice two sections one says devices. And one says shared the devices section is for any scanners that are plugged directly into your computer like with. A usb cord most people dont plug their scanners in that way most people have scanners that are part of. An all-in-one printer and that printer is a part of your network in that case youre going to find those. Scanners under the shared section the shared section is for scanners that are on your network already not directly connected.

In my case you can see the number one to the right of where it says shared so im going. To go ahead and hover right over the number one and as i do it says the word show im. Going to go ahead and click that and thats going to drop down any available scanners in the network in. My case theres just one my trusty office jet now once youve found the scanner you want to work with. Youre going to go ahead and click on it on that sidebar and thats going to cause image capture and.

Your scanner to connect with each other it can take a moment or two and once it does were ready. To get started except this is the simple view of image capture which doesnt give me all the tools and. Capabilities that were going to use today so what we want to do is go down to the bottom right. Corner and click where it says show detail this is going to open up a panel on the right thats. Going to give you other tools and capabilities and its also going to do a preliminary scan on the flatbed.

Before we go any further lets understand that there are two different ways that most scanners can take documents in. The first one is called the flatbed and thats accessed by opening the cover and placing something directly on the. Glass the flatbed is great if youre dealing with something thats an uncommon size like a photograph or something thats. Fragile like a newspaper article or something thats just a single page document like the recipe that ive got on. My flatbed if youre scanning a stack of paper you probably want to change the scan mode from flatbed to.

Document feeder but dont do that yet were going to talk about that a little later on in this lesson. But right now lets stay on the flatbed and lets talk about our options and capabilities from here as soon. As you log into image capture its going to attempt to scan whatever is on the flatbed so as you. Can see here its pulled in an image of a recipe now we have three different choices under the kind. Section we can do color we can do black and white or we can do text i dont want you.

To confuse text and black and white black and white is gray scale so if i choose black and white. Youre going to see this image with a gradient from white to black so that everything looks good just not. In color but if you go ahead and you change it to text its literally just black and white images. Look terrible like this and it resembles an old cheap fax machine this is because faxes generally only have black. And white not grayscale this isnt what i want to scan and its not the way i want it to.

Work so why do they create the option of scanning with text because sometimes youre dealing with a document that. Is a white piece of paper with black text on it and nothing else and this is a great setting. For that because it keeps the scan tight and small and gives you a great resolution and great contrast but. Whenever youre dealing with anything other than a straight up text document you do not want to be on this. Setting you either want to be on the black and white setting or in most cases the color setting which.

Is just going to look better especially if theres color in the document now down below that we see something. Called resolution so resolution varies which is why what we call dpi or dots per inch is so important youll. Notice here that weve got the dpi set to 300. 300 i find to be a really good standard to. Leave it on in general 75 is good enough for most text documents for most pieces of paper that youre.

Just going to scan photographs or anything that you want a little higher quality you should probably go to 300. If its an archival photograph or something you want in an extremely high resolution you might go up to 600. Or 1200 dpi but that documents going to be a lot larger and its going to take longer for you. To scan and in most cases its not worth it why because you cant scan something at a higher resolution. Than it was originally in so if i have this beautiful photograph here and i want to scan it i.

Can scan it at 1200 dpi but its not going to look any better than the picture that it was. Printed on right now which is probably pretty close to 300 dpi so i tend to leave it at and. Right below that section we see a little check box that says use custom size this is a really important. Setting because some documents like a standard piece of paper are a standard size but some things like a photograph. Or a newspaper article are a custom side so if whatever youre scanning is not a standard size like an.

Eight and a half by 11 piece of paper youre going to want to make sure you click that check. Box but if youre scanning a straight up piece of paper leave it unchecked when you uncheck it you get. An option to choose the standard size of paper in my case i have it set for either a4 or. Us letter which are the most common pieces of paper that i use some scanners may also have an option. For a legal size piece of paper or some even larger than that check under the size section to see.

What your options are in the case of the document that ive got on the flatbed this is us letter. So im going to go ahead and change it and were going to notice that that dotted line that goes. Around the document completely fits perfectly over the page ill show you again when i have it on a4 its. A little off to the side because a4 is eight by 11 as opposed to eight and a half by. Eleven so as soon as i jump over to us letter it goes oh i got this covered if youre.

Using a standard sized piece of paper make sure youre not using a custom size so now im going to. Redo the scan with something that is a custom size so we can see how that looks if you ever. Want to redo a scan or youve adjusted something on the flatbed and want to see how it looks you. Come down to where it says overview at the bottom that will force the scanner to show the computer whats. On the glass now in our case weve changed it to a couple of photographs lets go ahead and click.

Overview and it should just take a moment or two and then you should see whatever you put on your. Scanner now this us letter sized frame completely doesnt work so im going to come back and im going to. Click use custom size again once you click use custom size you can manually change the size of that little. Dotted line that little dotted line is telling you this is what were going to scan when you click the. Scan button so in this case weve got three scans now i can manually adjust them but right here i.

Have something called auto selection so im going to click auto selection and im going to tell it to detect. Separate items because theres three photographs here as we can see two of these the top left and the bottom. One look perfect but the one on the top right got split in a weird way no problem we can. Change that by clicking on that photograph so that we see the little dots show up and then clicking on. The dot in the middle on the side in order to stretch it over so that it fits properly that.

Looks better and yes that is me with hair i had hair once believe it or not now sometimes when. Youre working with small images like photographs it wont auto select it properly no matter how you try to make. It auto select it it might just not work but i dont want you to worry at all because you. Can manually select your scan too the first thing im going to do is click in the area where you. See the dotted line now im going to press the delete button on my keyboard to clear that away so.

Now we dont have any dotted line anymore and im free to draw the bounding boxes as i need them. Im going to come over first onto the top left one im just going to go diagonally and grab that. Right about there well grab the second one here like that and the third one here like that now weve. Got a problem with the one in the upper left because its actually upside down so once again were going. To come right into the middle here click on the photo so it knows which one youre working with youll.

See that little bar hover by the right side of the bar click and you can just adjust it and. Flip it the other way so that when it scans it it automatically scans it right side up so once. You have set the custom size for each of these documents were ready to move on to the next thing. Now in this case it was three separate documents but what if it was just one document so once again. Im going to click the overview button to have the scanner refresh itself and show whats on the scanner bed.

Now in this case its a newspaper article so i dont need it to detect separate items im going to. Come to the auto selection setting here and im going to change that to whats called detect in closing box. That means that it will do its best to automatically size it based on the furthest edge of the document. That youre scanning in the case of a newspaper article it probably isnt going to hit it right lets see. What it does lets go ahead and click overview and give it just a moment as it rescans that image.

And here we go so weve talked about resolution weve talked about custom size and not custom size weve talked. About these auto selections now the next step is where do you want this scan to go there are lots. Of options first of all i can click and i can have it go to my desktop the desktop is. A great place to save something until youre ready to do something else with it in many cases ill put. On the desktop and then file it or send it to somebody but i could also send it directly to.

The photos app if you dont see the word photos app on yours click on other and then go locate. It you can go to your applications folder and select all sorts of things for image capture to send this. Document to its great when you send a photograph to photos because it automatically adds it into your photo library. In a lot of cases you may be scanning something specifically to send it via email so you can easily. Click scan to and mail and that should allow you to scan that image and open up a new message.

In mail with that attachment really easy underneath that weve got the name of what youre going to choose to. Call this scan below that we have what is most likely the single most important setting of this entire program. And that is what format are you going to use now youll notice theyve got a half dozen formats here. Right whats this one whats that one it really doesnt matter there are only two that youre going to use. 99 of the time the first one is jpeg and a jpeg is generally a photograph the second one is.

Pdf and a pdf is generally a document it might also help to realize that a pdf can be multiple. Pages but a photograph can only be one page so if its a multi-page document make sure youre choosing pdf. And if it is a multi-page document make sure youre clicking where it says combine into a single document so. That every single one of those pages gets put into one pdf instead of filling your desktop with 50 of. Them in this case im happy to leave it as a pdf and im going to send it to mail.

So weve done the settings we need to do weve chosen flatbed weve chosen color weve chosen the resolution weve. Set the custom size weve adjusted it weve chosen to scan it to mail weve given it a name weve. Chosen it to be a pdf and im going to go ahead and click the scan button in the bottom. Right all right here it goes heres where the magic happens were going to wait for a moment as it. Scans this document and what should happen is once its scanned the document it should open up an email with.

That as an attachment lets see what happens and just like that heres our email ready to go it looks. Perfect its got the scan saved as an attachment right there and its ready for me to type in the. Address and the subject line and send this puppy on out so lets go ahead and close that and lets. Take a look at what would have happened if we scanned it into photos instead im going to change the. Setting here im going to leave everything else the same except instead of a pdf lets scan that as a.

Jpeg photos are generally jpegs now im going to click the scan button again and its going to go through. Its scanning process again but this time it should open up the photos app and import it in here we. Go lets see what happens its opened up the photos app and down at the bottom theres our article lets. Double click on it and see how it looks that looks perfect now ive added this to my photo library. And i can do whatever i want to do there with it now that weve scanned it and sent it.

As an email attachment and weve scanned it and added it to our photo library lets see what happens when. We scan it and put it right onto our computer in this case im going to save it to our. Desktop so im going to change the scan to location right to desktop like that im going to change it. From a jpeg to a pdf like this and im going to go ahead and click the scan button again. Whats great is that when you scan something to your computer it makes it really easy for you by popping.

Up whats called the scan results window and right from that window i dont .

Conclusion – How Do I Get My Mac To Recognize My Scanner

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