How Do I Mirror My Iphone To My Samsung Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i mirror my iphone to my samsung tv, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i mirror my iphone to my samsung tv,

Method 1 – How To Mirror Iphone To Samsung Smart Tv

Hey guys one here and todays video im going to show you how you can take your iphone and meter. It to your samsung tv and do this without any of you know extra components like an apple tv device. Or any extra wires or anything this is all going to be wireless and how you do this im going. To show you the step by step process and how to do it so lets go ahead and cue the.

Intro and then dive into the video before we dive into this video if you will go ahead and hit. That subscribe button and turn on your bell notification so you can get notified whenever i release a new video. Id love to have you back in the next one so one of the great things that samsung has offered. In their newer tvs and this phone right here is the 43 inch 6 series is that they have apple. Airplay built into the tv so that you can mirror whatevers on your phone on the tv or whatever on.

Your imac or your ipad on the tv so maybe it giving you a bigger real estate to watch whatever. It is that you want to watch now back in the day you had to buy an apple tv device. Another device and you know how apple is theyre really expensive with anything that they produce so you had to. Buy an expensive apple tv but now samsung has eliminated the middleman so to speak so that you can just. Take a mirror wirelessly to its device right here now a great thing about that is back in the day.

Samsung and apple they didnt play well together so they would be able to have that capability for their phones. Their samsung phones and not the iphone but now were living in a day and age where theyre playing well. Together and youre able to mirror your iphone to the tv now so im going to show you in the. Settings how you do that okay the first thing you want to do is youre going to want to hit. The home button here and then that brings up that menu that comes up on the bottom of your screen.

Right there and then as you can see ive got all these icons on the bottom but youre going to. Want to go all the way over to where settings is right there a second tab over now youre not. Going to want to click up like that youre only want to stay on the settings tab thats a little. Secret that i didnt really know until i started playing around with it because i would always want to go. To settings and then go up and then find a menu here but you just go to the settings tab.

And then you hit the enter button right here so once you hit that this box pops up and then. You go down to general i went down one to may right there general you click over and then right. There youll see where it says apple airplay settings and then youll click there it brings up this new menu. You want make sure that airplay is on and then require code on the first time only so that way. Youre not having to every punch in a code every time that you want to do it but this is.

Where you would punch in to get your apple airplay working so that your smartphone will sync up on your. Samsung tv okay so the next step that you want to do is youre gonna want to grab your iphone. Which im holding right now and youre going to want to swipe down and go to mirror screens so im. Gonna grab another recording device to show you guys what that looks like okay so now were on another recording. Device this is the phone so youll tap and youre gonna want to go to this top right corner here.

And swipe down and it brings up your apple menu here and as you can see right there a screen. Mirroring so you tap on that and depending on your wi-fi network you got to make sure your your tv. And your phone are on the same wi-fi network and as you can see it brought up both of my. Samsung tvs that are in my house so i would want to tap on those 6-series to mirror my phone. To the tv now this particular feature may not work on every samsung tv so follow the steps that i.

Did there to find out if your tv is compatible and to do this now this one here is the. Sixth series the samsung 4k ultra high definition six series so this one has a capability i think a lot. Of your newer samsung tvs will have this option available but thats how you figure it out if it has. That tape or that type of capability to mirror your phone to the screen well i hope this little video. Was helpful for you guys if it was make sure you throw a thumbs up on it go ahead and.

Subscribe to my channel because i make tech videos all the time love to have you back on the next. One so until then be creative.

Method 2 – 5 Ways To Screen Mirror Iphone To Samsung Tv (No Apple Tv Required)

Hey what is going on everybody today in this video im going to teach you five different ways you can. Lure your eyes on the screen to your samsung tv now the first method im going to share you needs. Wi-fi connection thats pretty simple just click the menu but on your remote control of your samsung tv and just. Go to the network settings now if you are doing for the if youre doing this for the first time.

Just like me and just follow my steps or or you can just skip this step because ill show you. How you can connect your tv to your wi-fi network so go to the water network settings and it will. Search for all the wi-fi nearby so thats my connection and im gonna go ahead and click on it once. You click on new york connection it will ask you for a wi-fi password just enter your password and click. Done and will take few seconds depending on how far your router is it will connect your tv to your.

Wi-fi connection so if you dont have a wi-fi internet router you can also create your hotspot from your phone. – its pretty simple if you dont know how to create a hotspot you can watch my other videos as. Were showing you how to connect your tv to your phone with using mobile hotspot thats pretty simple now once. Your once the tv is connected to wi-fi lets get to the iphone so its pretty simple now on your. Iphone go to the apple store and download app free app code center its a file sharing app for your.

Computer but will utilize this app to connect all right iphone to our samsung tv no no without using any. Wires of course so just make sure your mobile your iphone is connected to your wi-fi network exact same wi-fi. Network as your tv is connected now click on that top icon your icon and then click connect pc then. It will show you two addresses either you can choose the ip address or you can go with the vendors. So once you get that screen go to your tv click smart hub and go to this browser samsung browser.

I dont know whats that code but its a browser for browsing open that browser and go to the web. Address called or you can also directly go to the ip address here is pretty simple too so ill. Just go to the interests because its simple to type instead of typing numbers once you go to that address. Click scan for the barcode once you click on that again it will take few seconds literally few seconds to. Connect your iphone to your tv now well show you like your videos your pictures your music evening documents even.

Show you how like how much is space do you have in on your iphone thats it now its pretty. Simple now you can use this method to download like it files from your iphone or maybe you just want. To show pictures to your family or you just want to learn some stuff and thats it i mean i. Use this method for our you know downloading submit photos to my tv because i have you know you guys. Be connected to it and also to to study maybe you know take picture notes and stuff like that thats.

It now you can also disconnect this by getting to your menu and click that connect to pc settings once. You do that well show you there is a year chrome or theres the browser connected to your iphone so. Once youve done that well just click on that disconnect button and will automatically disconnect your iphones from your tv. And thats pretty much it now just jump to the number 4 alright guys number four is pretty pretty simple. As always now when i say marine your iphone to your cv you can use pretty much you know any.

App that supports videos like in this like like i media shea its a free app right now and you. Can just download it for free from the apple store once you download that app will show you that you. Have like options photos for for photos and videos even music even browsing if you want to so just make. Sure your phone is connected to the wi-fi and neck network as like you will see me needs to be. Connected to the same wi-fi network too just like before now once you once you make sure that your wi-fi.

Iphone is connect to the wi-fi you can click on any option you like if you want to show pictures. You can just click on pictures like for example im gonna go ahead put music and i wish find i. Mean i have tons of music on my iphone so i can go ahead and click songs and these are. My musics so if i want to play any music ill just go ahead and select that specific music that. I want to play and then im gonna click done and that way im telling that software some to play.

That song through my tb i mean you could done they will show you multiple options like for example my. Tv i do have other tv but its come via lines im not showing my showing me my sony so. Just click something and thats pretty much it it will show you free a few options like how to control. And how to control volume and stuff like that but you can just skip that its pretty simple now it. Will connect that music to your tv you never before connecting that music or your tv you might ask you.

About do you want to connect that device to your tv just go ahead click allow and thats pretty much. It just few seconds a few seconds and then voila thats it now you can pretty much be anything like. Quite literally speaking you can leave videos you can watch you can watch your videos you can play music you. Can new york pictures thats it and you can do this by you can also do this if your iphone. Is locked like a phone you want to play some music on your tv and you said you just want.

To go sleep or something like that just go ahead please play some songs and just lock you device thats. It thats it all right now jump into number method number three thats fairly simple every method im showing you. Is pretty simple now you can do this without opening the youtube app too if you want to but just. To be on the safe side just click on that smart hub button on your remote control of your samsung. Tv and then it will show you all the different apps on your tv now if you dont have a.

Youtube app on your tv you can download youtube app from samsung hub and theres stuff like that i remember. You can download netflix to you like i have so open the youtube app and thats it dont do anything. Else now when you open the youtube app it will allow our iphone to connect your 2rt be using that. Youtube app now this feature is simplest literally simplest now open your eyes i mean like check out your iphone. And open the youtube app on your iphone its pretty simple everybody have youtube app on your on your on.

Their iphones on when you open the youtube app type any video or any search any video that you like. To play a new tv just click on that video and when you click on that videos show you a. Little icon of screen learning in the top right corner like for example right there that you can see that. Screen learning icon at the top of my top of my iphone so thats this bloomer icon that means that. Your iphone knows that there is definitely a tv running youtube now as i said before you dont have to.

Open youtube app on your tv so when you click on that icon it will show you that its connecting. To the nearby devices like i have like i have multiple tvs in my home so this is going to. Connect to the nearby which is something right there you can see thats connecting it to something a few seconds. Depending on how far your iphone is from your tv so my case it took about three to four seconds. Maybe and thats it i mean well you can now literally you can control everything you can add a music.

Playlist you can pause the video you can change the video even you can seek the video if you want. To like for example if i dont want to play that scene i can seek that video – 25 seconds. And thats it that will work on your tv thats it the problem is that you cant view that video. On your iphone if that video is pulling on your tv so thats thats a kind of a bummer anyways. And you can play videos if you want to but the problem is that if you close the youtube app.

That video will work but after that it will disconnect your iphone from your tv now thats a drawback so. If you want to play your music just play the music and just lock this iphone value to baptists running. In the background dont close the app thats thats the thats the thats the important part now number two now. Honestly i have i should have done this but i actually have met a different video about method to have. A whole different video a complete video about this method to method number two ill ill link that video in.

The description box below so you can guys you guys can watch it now if you have no idea how. You should do it or you dont want to watch that video its pretty simple just download the a power. Mirror on your iphone and on your android phone this method needs an android phone so right now well be. Using my robin as you can see on my screen so when you download a polymer on both your devices. It will ask you to connect both the devices each each other once you connect your iphone to your android.

Phone now you can correct your android phone to your tv using spinning murphy on your samsung tv now ill. Show you in a minute then once you are connected thats it now honestly speaking if you dont believe me. You can watch that video im literally speaking that watch this just watch that video i have a complete different. Video about this because its what this would have made the video pretty long thats why i dont want to. You know burden you thats why this is the method this is by far one of the best method if.

You want to do this completely wirelessly and thats pretty much it now ill show you that this screen is. Being murdered on my android and then to my tv thats pretty cool isnt it so thats it now ill. Show you the method number one thats just a second but let me show you that yes this screen is. Being murdered by my android phone as you can see the button on the bunch on my tv so okay. So this is my robin and as you can see that my friend is being where murdered to my robin.

Next bits robin so yeah pretty cool right now you can pretty much watch anything you can play games people. Want to and thats pretty much it thats thats method the material just dont lock the id android phone if. You lock the android phone you wont be seeing anything aside from a black screen so yeah thats pretty much. It and you do need wi-fi on both the devices not on your tv actually do you need on your. Tv so anyways now coming to method number one honestly i should have done it but i dont think so.

But i have a different completely different video about method number one now im pretty sure that you know you. Guys know this already but you need to have a laptop or your desktop pc to to make this work. Now once you connect your desktop or laptop pc to your tv using hdmi cables or even wirelessly if you. Want to have a different video about that too so once your laptop is connected to your tv you any. Cable or any wireless method after that download a software called airserver as you can see on my background its.

Running on my computer and when i click on my screen wearing on my iphone it will literally show me. That there is a apple tv nearby but i click on that it will connect to my desktop pc now. Thats thats cool so thank you so much for watching guys please subscribe for more because i will be uploading. Tons of more videos and if you like this video please like leave a like and if you have any. Questions you can hit me up on my twitter instagram or even facebook if you want to already just leave.

It coming and i will show you get back to you as soon as i can so thank you so. Much for watching guys i hope you like it i hope you liked the video please subscribe for more peace. Out.

Method 3 – How To Connect Iphone To Tv + Screen Mirror! (2021)

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Mirror Iphone To Samsung Tv (No Apple Tv Needed)

Hey guys welcome back to the channel in todays video i have another awesome application that i think is worth. A download this app will allow you to stream and mirror your iphone directly to a samsung tv without having. To purchase a $150 apple tv now of course links will be in the description down below the application is. Mirror for samsung tv and the first thing you want to do is you want to head on over to.

Settings in general and then you want to go to software updates and make sure your iphone is up to. Date now make sure that the iphone and the tv are both connected to the same wi-fi network now it. Is recommended to use a wired connection to the tv but if you only have wireless then make sure both. Are connected to the same wireless network so lets b so once your tv and iphone are both connected to. The same network just simply launch the application and youll see the tv here populate momentarily go ahead and select.

The tv that you want to stream to and this is simple is that to stream without an apple tv. Using one single application on your iphone now youre going to see theres really cool animation on your tv just. Simply click next on your iphone click allow notifications click allow and now were ready to stream so right there. It is its gonna start streaming directly to the tv now again a wired connection is recommended there is a. Slight delay when you use wireless connection this is gonna be great to share photos and videos and maybe even.

Facetime cause so its pretty cool lets go ahead here and go to control center because you can also control. It directly from your control center here start broadcast just like that both and now we can start streaming our. Iphones directly to the tv just like so so watch the connection thats happening right there so lets go ahead. And take a look here at the tv you see right there that everything that im doing on my iphone. Is happening all of the actual tvs so lets say i want to go ahead and watch one of my.

Youtube videos here lets go ahead and click play and you see that itll start streaming the actual video on. The tv right there so there it is theres my youtube video on the tv and like no landscape here. Just like that there it is its now on landscape mode on the iphone and it went landscape mode on. The tv lets go ahead and launch on the photos here and lets take a look at a few pictures. Again you can go ahead and share pictures directly to the tv just like so and right here you see.

That everything i do will actually mirrored directly to the tv set as well so what if you want to. Go on a web browser you can also do that in a link down below this web browser thats currently. Compatible toughing web browser is the one thats compatible right now now chrome and safari are not yet are compatible. With this streaming but there it is i can also browse youtube and any other web site that i wish. To stream over to the tv again i can go landscape mode just like that you see theres a slight.

Delay but it does work with very very well and you dont have to spend all the money and purchasing. An apple tv and if youre at a friends house where they may not have apple tv then this is. A great alternative so check them out links in the description mayer for samsung tv thank you for watching todays. Video and ill see you guys on the next one peace.

Method 5 – How To Connect Your Iphone To Samsung Smart Tv. (Appleairplay

But hey guys wonder mike here so todays video im going to show you how to connect your phone to. The db so yeah okay so on your phone on the upper right of your phone just scroll down this. Thing slide down and you can see this button right here the icon right here like theres 2 tv whatever. So just click this button okay so as you can see here like uh samsung 7 series so this is.

What i want to connect with so just press this thing its getting started then there you can see its. Gonna ask you a airplay passcode so this uh says my name right there is michaels iphone so im just. Gonna copy that thing the number so eight three three eight then press ok so yeah so started now so. Here you can browse then you can see that it started so yeah its easy yeah and if you want. To disconnect it just do it again and just press this one then you can see a stop screen mirroring.

And yeah its easy and simple simple as simple as that so thats it guys so have a good day. Thank you.

Conclusion – How Do I Mirror My Iphone To My Samsung Tv

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