How Do I Mirror My Iphone To My Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i mirror my iphone to my tv, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i mirror my iphone to my tv,

Method 1 – How To Connect Iphone To Tv + Screen Mirror! (2021)

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Method 2 – 3 Ways To Screen Mirror Iphone To Any Tv (No Apple Tv Required)

Hey what is up everybody today is a great day because today in this video im going to teach you. Three ways you can mirror your iphone screen to your tv i mean know an apple tv like sony samsung. Or lg but its a great day now there are tons of ways you can do this but ive got. Three best ways you can do this now before doing this just make sure you have a tv with a.

Wi-fi connection or a youtube app so and an iphone and a wi-fi connection now you can have an ethernet. Connection too if you want but just make sure that you arrive you your cell phone and your tvs connected. To the same wi-fi network thats it starting off with the number one theres got to be a youtube app. Now youtube map is a pretty powerful album comes to video streaming our video watching our music and stuff like. That but what you dont know is that youtube can also be used as as a screamer app now you.

Might be wondering whats a youtube app gonna do its pretty simple when you select any video just on the. Top right corner you will see a icon named is a screamer ring or casting sometimes now when you click. On that icon it will able to truly show you you were home tvs or you were a laptop pcs. And they are if there is any now in my case ive got tv running in the background so when. I click on it it will show me my tv name thats it now you click on it and it.

Will mirror that video from your phone to your tv without asking anything else and thats it you can watch. Almost anything on your phone on your tv thats it simple wi-fi connection coming on to number two its gotta. Be a app called imediashare now frankly im not getting paid by these guys or nabis sponsored i literally use. This app as a know until best because i want to show pictures to my family and stuff like that. So anyways they open that app okay just before opening that up just make sure your phone is connected to.

The internet like wi-fi connection or something like that when you open the app you will see multiple sections like. Picture sections video sections even facebook or the browser something nada now if you want to see pictures from your. Phone to your tv wirelessly you can just go to the picture section if you wants to listen to some. Music you can just go to the music section if you want a place on videos you can just go. To the video section and thats it okay now in this example im gonna go to my camera roll and.

Thats pictures picture section im gonna select that picture when you select any picture it will ask you on what. Tv do you want in this picture to be merged so ive got only one tv and it will show. Me my actual tv that is running in the background just go ahead and click that name and thats it. Bam you will be connected without asking anything else and thats it now number three would be the the old. Fashioned way now this and the iphone have this feature called screamer and now when you swipe up the control.

Panel you will see this put a streamer on ios 11 and if you are using if youre not using. Outs 11 you might be seeing airplay murray but both are the same dont worry about it now that feature. Only works with the apple tv so well be using a laptop as a middleman ive got tons of videos. On my channel showing you exactly how to do it so thats it thank you so much for watching guys. And by the way consider subscribing my channel because ill be uploading tons of these kind of videos and by.

The way you can also follow me on my twitter facebook or instagram if you have any queries regarding the. These kind of videos please subscribe for more and thats it peace out.

Method 3 – How To Mirror Iphone To Samsung Smart Tv

Hey guys one here and todays video im going to show you how you can take your iphone and meter. It to your samsung tv and do this without any of you know extra components like an apple tv device. Or any extra wires or anything this is all going to be wireless and how you do this im going. To show you the step by step process and how to do it so lets go ahead and cue the.

Intro and then dive into the video before we dive into this video if you will go ahead and hit. That subscribe button and turn on your bell notification so you can get notified whenever i release a new video. Id love to have you back in the next one so one of the great things that samsung has offered. In their newer tvs and this phone right here is the 43 inch 6 series is that they have apple. Airplay built into the tv so that you can mirror whatevers on your phone on the tv or whatever on.

Your imac or your ipad on the tv so maybe it giving you a bigger real estate to watch whatever. It is that you want to watch now back in the day you had to buy an apple tv device. Another device and you know how apple is theyre really expensive with anything that they produce so you had to. Buy an expensive apple tv but now samsung has eliminated the middleman so to speak so that you can just. Take a mirror wirelessly to its device right here now a great thing about that is back in the day.

Samsung and apple they didnt play well together so they would be able to have that capability for their phones. Their samsung phones and not the iphone but now were living in a day and age where theyre playing well. Together and youre able to mirror your iphone to the tv now so im going to show you in the. Settings how you do that okay the first thing you want to do is youre going to want to hit. The home button here and then that brings up that menu that comes up on the bottom of your screen.

Right there and then as you can see ive got all these icons on the bottom but youre going to. Want to go all the way over to where settings is right there a second tab over now youre not. Going to want to click up like that youre only want to stay on the settings tab thats a little. Secret that i didnt really know until i started playing around with it because i would always want to go. To settings and then go up and then find a menu here but you just go to the settings tab.

And then you hit the enter button right here so once you hit that this box pops up and then. You go down to general i went down one to may right there general you click over and then right. There youll see where it says apple airplay settings and then youll click there it brings up this new menu. You want make sure that airplay is on and then require code on the first time only so that way. Youre not having to every punch in a code every time that you want to do it but this is.

Where you would punch in to get your apple airplay working so that your smartphone will sync up on your. Samsung tv okay so the next step that you want to do is youre gonna want to grab your iphone. Which im holding right now and youre going to want to swipe down and go to mirror screens so im. Gonna grab another recording device to show you guys what that looks like okay so now were on another recording. Device this is the phone so youll tap and youre gonna want to go to this top right corner here.

And swipe down and it brings up your apple menu here and as you can see right there a screen. Mirroring so you tap on that and depending on your wi-fi network you got to make sure your your tv. And your phone are on the same wi-fi network and as you can see it brought up both of my. Samsung tvs that are in my house so i would want to tap on those 6-series to mirror my phone. To the tv now this particular feature may not work on every samsung tv so follow the steps that i.

Did there to find out if your tv is compatible and to do this now this one here is the. Sixth series the samsung 4k ultra high definition six series so this one has a capability i think a lot. Of your newer samsung tvs will have this option available but thats how you figure it out if it has. That tape or that type of capability to mirror your phone to the screen well i hope this little video. Was helpful for you guys if it was make sure you throw a thumbs up on it go ahead and.

Subscribe to my channel because i make tech videos all the time love to have you back on the next. One so until then be creative.

Method 4 – How To Mirror An Iphone To Any Tv

In todays tech video im going to show you guys how you can mirror your iphone to any tv doesnt. Even have to be a smart tv thats todays tech video okay so the two different methods and how to. Do this are right here the first one is on the left hand side a roku streaming stick and on. The right hand side we have an amazon fire stick both of these are capable of streaming a or mirroring.

An iphone directly to your tv through these devices now both of these are hooked up through an hdmi cable. And then they also have a power cable that gets connected to them also to give them some power now. Ill have links in the description down below to both of these different streaming devices in case youre looking for. A place to pick them up all right first im going to show you the step-by-step instructions on the roku. To show you how to do this now one of the first things youre going to want to do is.

Youre going to make sure that your iphone and your roku tv streaming device whatever youre using are connected to. The same wi-fi network now once youve established that go ahead and get your iphone and were going to hop. Over to the app store on your phone go over to where it says roko mirroring search for roko mirroring. And youre going to want to get this app right here this is the app that will help you mirror. Whatever is on your iphone to the tv or the device okay so whenever you open up the app youll.

See that it looks like this and youll see at the top here it says no device connected make sure. That your roku device is on tap on that as you can see my roku express plus popped up there. Because it recognized it and heres the other thing is you want to make sure youre kind of close to. Your device your roku tv or streaming stick for it to pick up but once you have it up there. On your screen youll tap on it down here at the bottom itll say connect or cancel youre going to.

Want to hit connect and now install channel on roku youre going to want to hit install and now it. Comes up on the tv there you hit add channel with your remote control its adding the streamer and its. On there okay now it says to install and launch your streamer for roku on your phone youll see on. The phone you hit done youll get some ads that pops up thatll pop up on here thats how they. Got to pay for the app because youre downloading a free app but as you can see youll go back.

To this home menu now here on your menu on the phone here youll see that you can cast photos. You can browse the internet you can cast your camera in case you want to just you know have like. Some type of video shoot where youre recording on your iphone you can have files cast from your library you. Can screen mirror exactly whats on your phone to the tv or here on the top right corner you can. Cast music okay with the app open on the tv and the app open on your phone what im going.

To do is im going to screen mirror by clicking on that and youll see that it gives me an. Option right here tap to stop start mirroring you tap on it and then it add wants to confirm and. You just hit start broadcast 2 1 0 and right there now its mirroring whats on my phone right on. The tv screen just like that easy peasy and then if you want to stop mirroring all you do is. Tap on that icon of says stop mirroring okay now heres just an example i pulled up a youtube video.

I pulled up my channel trailer video and as long as im holding it vertically like this it broadcasts vertically. But if i want to go in landscape mode i turn it over landscape mode and it goes to landscape. Mode on the television so thats how you screen mirror your iphone to your tv okay next here are the. Step-by-step instructions on how to mirror your iphone to a fire stick now this will work with your fire stick. Your fire cube any type of amazon fire streaming device that you will have so first thing that youre going.

To want to do is go up to the very top there and see that menu bar at the top. Go over to the magnifying glass and then click on that and then youre going to want to type in. Air screen okay as soon as you get to air youll see on a second selection there it does say. Air screen you go ahead and click on that and right there is that app called air screen to the. Left go ahead and click on that alright youll come to this screen here and then it says get free.

To download so go ahead and click on get all right so now its downloading and now we are installing. All right and then youre going to open it up once its finished installing youll come up to the home. Menu here ill give you a quick little instructional video a welcome video just telling you what its about and. Then just go ahead and click over to start now okay over here on the left hand side youll see. That theres a a side menu here just go over to settings and then click on settings again itll come.

Up here and as you can see it says airplay and theres a check mark there you want to make. Sure that yours does have a check mark there allowing it to cast so were going to go ahead and. Click back back again and then go back over to that side menu and go to where it says start. And click start again okay next youre going to want to grab your iphone and then youre going to want. To swipe down on the top right of your screen so that this menu comes on and then theres that.

Screen mirroring icon there go ahead and tap on that and then as you can see i got some devices. That are going to be using airplay but that middle one there that shows the apple airplay icon thats the. One that is talking to that fire tv so ill go ahead and click on that yours may read a. Different number but theyre pretty much the same okay so then when you look over at your tv youll see. That it is mirroring now on the iphone to the tv just like that and then well go ahead and.

Continue well jump over to a youtube video okay and as you can see what i do is i pull. Up my channel trailer for my youtube channel and its displaying right there on the tv as its mirroring from. My iphone right on there easy peasy and its in landscape mode and everything its covering all the borders so. Its working really really well all right and then to stop it from mirroring you just swipe back down that. Top right corner and then tap on where the mirroring would be and then youll see that option right there.

For stop mirroring and then its done all right so thats how you screen mirror your iphone to your fire. Another point of reference here is that the roko streaming players this will work on the roku express the express. Plus the premiere the streaming stick plus the ultra ultra lt and all the roku devices including the roku tv. And as far as the amazon fire devices this will work on the amazon fire tv cube the amazon fire. Tv stick 4k and all the amazon fire tv sticks so it works on all the fire stick devices and.

The roku devices okay well hopefully this video was helpful to you if it was go ahead and throw a. Thumbs up on this go ahead and subscribe to my channel i make tech videos all the time and id. Love to have you back in the next one until the next video take care.

Method 5 – Onn. Roku Tv: How To Airplay (Wireless Screen Mirror) All Iphones, Ipads, Ipods

Hey whats up guys going to show you how to airplay basically screen mirror wirelessly your iphone any iphone to. Your on roku tv okay very very simple here so the first thing we got to do is go ahead. And set up the airplay okay so just going to click on the home button on the remote click on. Home and then you want to go down to settings so go down to settings and you want to move.

Over to the right now you want to go all the way down to where it says apple airplay and. Home kit right there now also take note 2 for the best experience you do want to enable fast tv. Start on the tv and well do that in one second as well okay anyway go to apple airplane home. Kit go ahead and click on enter and then the first time you click on that its going to go. Ahead and set it up really quickly once its done now every time you go back to the apple airplay.

Setting you have airplay on here okay so mine now its on now the next thing we want to do. Is go ahead and enable a fast tv start just for a better experience for the apple play so just. Going to click on your home button again and then from here you want to go down to oops go. To settings move over oops move over to the right and then from here you want to go all the. Way down to system now you want to move over to the right and now you want to go ahead.

And go to power right here move over to the right and then it says fast tv start down here. Go down down down fast tv start mine is currently disabled let me click on end or ok and click. On ok again now its checked now i am now the fast tv start is now enabled so all that. Is set up so it doesnt matter where you are on the screen now so ill just go to the. Home and then go ahead and grab your iphone and then you just want to go ahead and um top.

Right hand side just go to to your control center on the iphone 8 and above you can just scroll. Down top right hand side scroll down and then you see screen mirroring here tap on screen mirroring and right. Away it finds my 43 inch on roku tv note that your phone and the roku tv need need to. Be on the same home wi-fi network okay so let me tap on this this is the first time ill. Be airplaying uh this phone to this tv here as well first time you do that youll get a passcode.

Here that you need to go ahead and input so my code is six one eight four and ill click. On ok get us one second and voila guys we are in business airplane on this roku tv as you. Can see here so pretty simple if you want to go ahead and get off or log off top right. Hand side slide down and then tap on before it says screen mirroring now says the name of your tv. Mine says the uh on roku tv just tap on that and then go ahead and tap down here where.

Is the stop mirroring and voila you are back in business pretty simple any questions or issues just uh comment. Below all right good luck bye.

Conclusion – How Do I Mirror My Iphone To My Tv

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