How Do I Move Pictures From Iphone To Laptop – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i move pictures from iphone to laptop, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i move pictures from iphone to laptop,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Photos

Hows it going everybody youre watching then about tack and today im gonna teach you how to transfer photos and. Videos from your iphone or your ipad to your windows pc and trust me there are a ton of different. Ways to do this but this is the best and the easiest process there is if were wondering how to. Do this on a mac on an apple computer im gonna have a link right here a card you can.

Click and you can go straight to that video because this is windows pc only so without further ado lets. Begin so the first step here is to actually download and install itunes were not gonna transfer our photos and. Videos with itunes were gonna use the normal files explorer down here so thats why its so easy but in. Order for our a computer to actually see our iphone to identify our ios device we need to have itunes. Downloaded and installed thats where most people get confused really so go here to start and then go to the.

Microsoft store of course and then just go to search and then just type itunes and then just type for. Itunes okay so itunes hit enter and then of course were gonna see here itunes you know where it is. Of course it is free and it is made by apple and then i have already of course downloaded it. Like previously so then im just gonna go ahead and hit launch on yours is gonna be get and then. Download and then youre good to go okay so lets go ahead and launch right here and then of course.

Youre gonna need to accept it and install it and do the whole process is a normal software nothing really. Fancy here just download and install as you guys can see the language here on my computer is portuguese im. Very sorry about that but with this license i cannot change it but dont worry because its super simple so. Theres nothing really here thats gonna be confusing to you which youre probably gonna be using english so now that. Itunes is downloaded and installed as you guys can see you can close it we dont need it open or.

Running or like that we can close this as well and nows the part are we actually gonna need to. Connect our cable so our normal cable that comes in the box with our iphone and it do recommend that. You use an authentic apple cable so dont use those third-party mock-ups or anything like that okay and then connect. One end on the computer and the other on the iphone or the ipad so connecting right here and of. Course i the computer will recognize it instantly you hear all the sounds and the beeps and everything okay and.

Then of course youre gonna have to hit allow on the iphone right here so hit allow and then as. You guys can see here as well youre gonna see apple iphone so windows will automatically recognize as an apple. Iphone and then with this pop-up right here is asking us to select what will happen when you plug in. This iphone so then we just tap on the notification and then we wanted to open the file so just. Tap on the file explorer icon and then tap on here and then its gonna open my iphone right here.

Very easily but of course we also have here on the iphone a pop-up saying that we need your trust. If you want to trust the computer again so go ahead and hit trusts and then put your passcode so. Now that it is unlocked as you guys can see i can see it as an internal storage so one. Very very important thing sometimes this takes a long long time to show up is gonna show like this this. This folder is empty theres no there are no files here its very common to see this message saying that.

It is empty even though it is not of course because you have photos and videos right here on your. Iphone so just wait be patient sometimes it can take like 5 10 15 minutes just for this to show. Up if it still doesnt show up make sure to unplug the cable from the computer plug it back in. Make sure it is well connected well plug and still if youre not seeing anything here if it still shows. This folder is empty there is another alternative you can you can have which is going to your settings and.

Then go to your first page on your settings alright and then just scroll down to general and then scroll. Down to reset and then im gonna scroll down to reset location and privacy okay that last option this will. Not harm your iphone in any way but when you do this you just reset it right and then you. Want plug the cable plug it back in and then its gonna ask you once again if you want to. Trust this computer is like this reset because we just reset it so its gonna ask again so its gonna.

Force windows to try and see your iphone and search for your iphone once again okay so those are my. Tips if youre not seeing this internal storage icon as we are seeing right now on our screen so now. That we are in fact seeing it make sure to leave your iphone plugged in do not unplug and always. Unlocked okay do not lock your iphone so then now its just a matter of actually picking up your photos. So then double tap youre gonna double tap on dcim and then of course here youre gonna see all your.

Photos its gonna depend how this is organized which ios version youre running if youre connected to the cloud or. Anything like that but youre just gonna make sure to double tap on the folders and then start looking for. Those photos and videos and theyre all gonna be here separated by date and with the named finals and everything. Like that so as you guys can see you can see all my photos in my videos right here separated. By those are crazy folders that the iphone creates and windows just cant see them correctly but anyways you can.

See everything here so if you want if you want to transfer anything at all i have the option to. Just go ahead and and click on control on your on your keyboard and then select the folders that you. Want very easy its just your normal file management or maybe just click on one and then control a and. Then im gonna select the mall and whatever im just gonna have an example here im just gonna transfer one. File so just one single file so im gonna have this here which is actually a video and then im.

Gonna transfer and then i just click on the right click with the right clique and then i can copy. I can transfer its gonna be even easier just to drag-and-drop so im gonna drag to my desktop and then. Im just copying to my desktop as you guys can see its just there is copied thats my file its. Away from the phone to my windows pc again you dont lose it its not like its gonna delete no. Is just a copy so youre still gonna have the photo or the video here on your iphone is im.

Gonna delete it but youre also gonna have a copy of it right here on your pc so thats pretty. Much it heres the video as you guys can see took i just took it straight from an iphone no. Tricks here no anything like that and thats how you successfully transfer photos and videos from your iphone to your. Pc the easiest way without really needing to download or install so many different third-party software or anything like that. So thats pretty much it i hope you enjoy it and ill see you guys in a few more days.

Bye bye.

Method 2 – How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Computer

Hi everyone my name is kevin today i want to show you how you could transfer photos and videos from. Your iphone to your windows 10 pc its actually pretty easy to do and im gonna walk you through how. To do that today alright well lets jump into it so i have a whole bunch of photos on my. Phone i went to the museum of flight yesterday with my son yesterday and i want to take these photos.

From my phone and put them on my computer so how do i go about doing that well im gonna. Show you three different techniques to do it the first one uses the photos app that comes with windows 10. The second technique uses file explorer and then the third technique is something that you could just do in the. Cloud which is using the google photos app all right well lets run through the three different techniques so the. First technique using the windows photo app so what i need to do first is i have my iphone here.

And i need to plug it into my computer so i have this lightning cable its already plugged into my. Computer and my usb port and so im gonna go ahead and plug it into my computer and now i. Get a message on my computer screen here that says apple iphones select to choose what happens with this device. And so on the screen youll see that i have a few different options i have one that says import. Photos and videos and then i have other ones you know open device to view files and what i want.

To do is first were going to look at the photos and videos apps im gonna go ahead and click. On this using a photos app im gonna go ahead and click on that and so whats happening now is. The app is looking for all the photos on the device now the nice thing is the photos app comes. In box as part of windows 10 that means if you have windows 10 on your computer you also have. Access to the photos app and so here it looks like it found a whole bunch of photos so im.

Going to unselect all and what were going to do is im just gonna import a few of these so. Lets just import all the photos from my trip yesterday to the museum of flight so im gonna bring them. All in and what im gonna do now is im going to click on import selected okay so now its. Importing all the images and it looks like it brought them in automatically so here we are with the 787. In the background heres a picture of me and my son in front of one of the original boeing 747s.

And then here we are in the loading bay of the space shuttle so kind of a few kind of. Fun photos and what i could do then is i could edit these photos lets say i want to crop. Add filter effects lets say a head and share the photos so theres a lot that i can do with. It you could bring in photos you can bring in videos any of that works using the photos app so. Thats probably the easiest way to import photos to your computer now i want to show another technique too so.

Im gonna close out the photos app and this is something thatll work if youre also on an older version. Of windows so maybe you dont have the photos app so im gonna actually just unplug the phone and then. Were gonna plug that back in here and once again i get this dialog and instead of clicking on the. Import photos and videos using the photo app what i want to do is i want to open the device. To view files using file explorer so im gonna go ahead and click on that and so what youll see.

Now is its on the its selected on the iphone here if i look on the left hand side i. See that device is selected and ill go ahead and click on the internal storage theres this folder folder called. Dcim thats where the iphone stores all the photos another folder click into that one and then once i click. In i see all my photos and all my videos on the device so what i could do is im. Gonna go ahead and just make this window a little bit smaller and so i can actually go through and.

I could just select files and then i can right click to copy and then lets say i just want. To put in my on my desktop i could right click and i could paste and here all the photos. Are also on my pc now as well so there was a picture of my son and heres a picture. Of him again at the museum of flight so very simple to copy and then paste photos on your computer. Using file explorer the photos app is probably the easiest file explorer is a little more detailed because you have.

To choose where you want to place the photo so the third technique that i want to talk through is. Using google photos to get photos onto your computer so how do you do that well the first thing is. You need to go to the app store and you need to install the google photos app so simply click. On app store and then search for google photos once you have google photos installed youll see an app icon. On your phone thats called google photos im gonna go ahead and click on that and what will happen now.

Is once the app opens itll identify all the photos that are on my phone so here its looking at. All the photos and you see that its synchronizing or backing up with google photos so its going through and. Its backing up the the 20 photos and while thats happening what i could do now is on my desktop. Im going to open up my browser and im gonna navigate to photos and now im going to just. Refresh this page and youll see that all these photos from the museum of flight are now showing up on.

My photos like google comm and so what i could do is i could either view them right here on. My computer or what i could do is i could hit that check box and i can even select multiple. Images and if i click on this dot dot dot in the top right hand corner i could then click. On download so im going to go ahead and download these and what that did now is it downloaded a. Zip file with all my photos now the nice thing about using google photos is not only do you get.

A backup on google or in the cloud but you dont have to hook up a cord with your computer. As long as you have wi-fi or if you just have cellular data you could load up the google photos. App itll upload it to google photos and then you can get it on your pc and you can download. It to your computer or you could just leave it in the cloud the google photos technique thats thats my. Favorite just because you get that backup and its pretty easy you dont have to kind of get this clunky.

Cord and hook it up to your computer so all in all pretty easy those are three different techniques how. You could take photos that are on your iphone and then you could transfer them to your computer whether its. A photo whether its a video so all in all its pretty easy hopefully this hopefully this quick tutorial was. Helpful and you learned how to transfer photos and videos from your phone to your computer if it was please. Give it a thumbs up if you want to see future videos like this so please hit that subscribe button.

That way youll be notified any time new content like this comes out and lastly if theres anything else that. Youre trying to learn about anything else that you want me to create a video on leave a comment down. Below i read them all and if there any video ideas ill add it to my list for future videos. All right well thanks a lot thats all i have for you today ill see you next time bye.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Pc

Welcome to 10 or share channel if you have lots of photos on your iphone and you want to send. Them to your pc what would you do today were going to show you four easy ways to transfer your. Photos from iphone to pc now lets jump in for windows 10 users you can easily use photos application on. Your pc to transfer first plug your iphone into your computer with usb cable if your iphone pops up a.

Window asking to allow the computer to access the iphone please tap allow then launch the photos program using the. Windows start menu or search bar here click the import button in the upper right corner of the photos app. Select from a usb device then select the photos you want to import you can also tap import settings to. Change how to group them or the location you want to save click done once you confirm then click the. Import button once theyre imported you can view the photos in the collections menu of the photos app some of.

You may encounter bugs with this windows photos app no worries heres an alternative you can try also plug your. Iphone and tap allow if needed on your windows computer navigate to this pc you can see your iphone listed. Under devices and drives right click on your iphone and in the context menu select import pictures and videos the. More options link at the bottom offers options to change where the files are saved for most users the default. Pictures folder is fine click next and the computer will scan your iphone for images and videos select the items.

You wish to import click import when youre ready to transfer images once done you can view them in the. Folder but if you have lots of photos and videos on your iphone it may takes a long time for. Your pc to scan all the data and response if you use these two ways we just mentioned then you. Can consider to try a third party tool to transfer your photos i care phone which can transfer more than. 100 gigabytes within 20 minutes to your iphone first free download the software to your computer you can also find.

The download link in description below then connect your iphone to your pc then click manage you can find all. Your photos here then select the photos you want and click import choose the location you want to save them. Then click ok if your photo data is big just be patient and waiting the process to complete it wont. Take for a long also you can access to to download your iphone photo to your pc which is. Lightning cable free but make sure you have turned on the icloud photo button your iphone which can automatically upload.

Your phone photos to icloud then go to enter your apple id and password once logged in click photos. Icon and yes here you can find your iphone photos just select the photos you want to download and click. The download button in the upper right corner and the photo will be downloaded to your pc very easy okay. So this is the tutorials about how to transfer your photos from your iphone to pc if you have any. Problems when transferring leave your comment below and hopefully we can help you and for more tutorials you can subscribe.

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Method 4 – Simple Way To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Laptop

Hello guys let me introduce myself my name is there honey bentham is mine my course is information technology digital. So now in my video i want to tell you about the product that i choose i choose laptop brand. Ss as we know there are many functions of laptop in my video in this video i want to tell. You the function of laptop how to transfer photo from iphone to the laptop stated guys hello guys these three.

Symbols if you want to transfer your photo to your left whatever you first safety do not remove usb from. Your laptop during the process the process will not have point if you do so thats all from me thank. You if you liked this video.

Method 5 – [2021] How To Transfer Photos

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Conclusion – How Do I Move Pictures From Iphone To Laptop

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