How Do I Pair My Apple Pencil To My Ipad – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i pair my apple pencil to my ipad, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i pair my apple pencil to my ipad,

Method 1 – Apple Pencil Set Up Guide – How To Pair With Ipad Pro – Beginners Guide

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Method 2 – How To Connect Apple Pencil 2 To Your Ipad | Full Tutorial

Welcome everyone i would like to show you how to connect your apple pencil second generation to your ipad so. First of all make sure that you do have the apple pencil 2 in your hands to check this ill. Compare it to the apple pencil one and the apple pencil 2 has this flat side and it has the. Apple pencil logo on that flat side this is compared to the apple pencil one which youre seeing on screen.

And you can see this apple pencil is completely curved and theres also a cap which pops off with a. Lightning port if you have the apple pencil one this tutorial is not for you check out my guide in. The description and then check the timestamp down below in that video in order to help you connect your apple. Pencil one to your ipad however if you have the apple pencil too we also need to make sure that. Our ipad model is supported so we need to check is if the vertical bezels are the same thickness as.

The horizontal bezels so for example i have an older ipad right here and you can see these bezels are. Massive on the horizontal axis but tiny on the vertical axis this means that i will not be able to. Connect the apple pencil to to that ipad however if you have essentially the ipa pro 2018 or your ipad. F4 or newer youll be good to go with this tutorial so we need to do is get your ipad. Out and just check the side so you just want to find this side right here where you have this.

Black bar so you can see that right here if we go on the other side you can see theres. Just a microphone port we want to find the black bar and once we have the black bar we just. Want to find the flat side of the apple pencil and then plop it onto that black bar and it. Really is just so easy you can see the apple pencil has just connected to my ipad pro now once. Youve connected theres a couple of things you need to know so first of all uh how do we screenshot.

Where we can just swipe up from the bottom right or the bottom left and you can see it will. Take a screenshot of our ipad screen now next another thing you can do is lets say im just going. To draw real quick ill make it larger so you can actually see what im doing so im just going. To draw and if we want to just erase the drawing we can just double tap so you can watch. My finger i just double tap and i dont think it worked that time there we go and you can.

See now i can just erase what i just did so just check the left hand side when i double. Tap it will switch between your last use tool and the eraser which is pretty darn cool and um im. Going to screw it up and you can see yeah double tapping will switch it now the double tap isnt. Perfect you saw earlier the first time it didnt work but its something you just have to get used to. And eventually youll get pretty good at it next if youre running ipad os 14 all new one you see.

In the search bar you can actually use your apple pencil to type stuff so lets just do lets do. Hello there we go actually registered the hello that was a horrible uh you know handwriting but you can see. I used maple pencil to do that and it was completely recognized now the apple pencil doesnt have a limited. Battery so when youre done just pop it at the top and it just lies there and you can also. See the battery percent right there and um just keep it there you know it stays firm you can see.

Im shaking and the apple pencil does not fall off its not like the first generation where the only way. To plug it in is by pulling it in the side and it just looks weird no the apple pencil. Too they did fix the issues with the apple pencil one so hopefully this video will try if it did. Make sure to smash like subscribe for brand new see you guys later bye bye.

Method 3 – How To Connect

Hi guys welcome to my youtube channel i have here the apple pencil plus the ipad im going to give. You the step by step instruction as to how to tear this pencil to this apple ipad so i have. Here the yellow the first generation apple pencil theres also the second generation yeah the ipad 2018 model the sixth. Generation so guys you know the apple pencil it supports apple ipad version was the aeroshell and the pro version.

And the latest generation ipad mini so sometimes lets go ahead and see like how we connect this repair to. The ipad ipad okay here we go lets go to the settings so switching for the devices so it will. Not detect the pencil until i remove this cap and what this you know we have got the the mechanism. Just like the chargeable so we just plug this into the charger port so that request will pop up requesting. Your permission to pay out the apple pencil so here bluetooth pairing request apple pencil would like to pair your.

Air with your ipad so just go ahead and pair so guys its done so just thats it so its. Very easy process so all you just have to do is like plug it and they talk medically will detect. The device and your permission to pair it so we do it in then its finished so just remove exactly. And the ipad and close the cap so here now it will work on any where literally like home screen. In two and half so just as you are using your finger yeah like its maybe i used this for.

This procreate app for illustration purpose so guys here we go it works perfectly its very smooth so thats it. Its a very easy process all you have do is just remove this cap and plug it to the ipad. It will automatically detect and show you the request repair the pencils so you just pair it and it works. So guys hope you liked the video if you liked it just hit the like button and if you if. You want to see more videos on my channel please subscribe to my page thank you guys hope to see.

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Method 4 – Everything ‘Apple Pencil 2’ – Full Guide

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Method 5 – How To Connect Apple Pencil To Ipad Air 4!

Welcome back everyone ill go ahead and show you exactly how to connect an apple pencil 2 to your ipad. Air 4. Now honestly this will also work for really any other ipad that supports an apple pencil too so. Keep that in mind but the process is very easy all you want to do is make sure your apple.

Pencil 2 is screwed in all the way up top sometimes this thing cant get unscrewed so you just want. To screw it in as much as you can then what you want to do is you want to take. This little thing and on the side of the ipad you will see that theres a magnet right here and. Even if you put your ipad on the apple pencil 2 right next to it youll see that itll kind. Of just throw it into place and once you do that youre pretty much done this is all you really.

Have to do now your apple pencil 2 should have a little prompt now i already connected it here so. Its already connected but there should be a little prompt that comes up and it should say oh you know. Welcome to your apple pencil you can go and click continue therell be a couple other pop-ups here and there. But typically at this point youre pretty much done you can go ahead and un you know undo this little. Apple pencil here you can go ahead and use it however you want to as a stylist now one of.

The biggest problems that ive seen a lot of people run into is when their apple pencil 2 isnt working. Sometimes it may not be charged enough for you to actually use it but the other main thing is actually. The tip like i said before if your tip is not screwed in all the way for some reason it. Doesnt work its very annoying but youre going to have to make sure that this tip is screwed in all. The way before you actually go ahead and utilize it through so thats really pretty much it again put it.

Kind of to the side to the right side of the ipad if youre looking at it and you should. Be able to go ahead and utilize it and thats really pretty much the process if you guys have any. Other questions or anything like that let me know in the comment section below hit the like button know me. So much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much. If you guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter.

My instagram my other channels more importantly than everything else love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch. You guys in the next video peace out till then you.

Conclusion – How Do I Pair My Apple Pencil To My Ipad

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