How Do I Pair My Iphone To My Car – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i pair my iphone to my car,

Method 1 – How To Connect Your Iphone To Your Car, Truck, Or Suv

Hi my name is fall im a salesperson here at croton auto park and today im gonna teach you how. To pair an iphone to a 2016 jeep cherokee first thing youre gonna do is at your home screen youre. Gonna take your phone button if you dont have a phone paired already you hit yes itll begin broadcasting a. Phone pairing device and give you a pin number now on your iphone you unlock your phone and you go.

To your phone settings you go to your bluetooth menu and it locates a device called you connect you tap. The you connected setting your screen up there changes see it now says vehicle device name you connect with a. New pin you confirm that the pin that matches the pin showed on the phone on the phone you hit. Pair on the screen you hit yes it gives you a loading screen and now the iphone of gustavo is. Paired to the vehicle from there you can access the phones music its siri as well as um through its.

Bluetooth play any music on the phone it also will make wireless calls download the phonebook and once its paired. You can also download to your phone the uconnect access app that app gives you the ability to remote start. The vehicle lock and unlock the vehicle or locate the vehicle all from your phone now if a foam was. Not paired you or if the phone was already paired and you want to add an additional phone you go. To your settings you go to paired phones you hit add a device you can pair up to seven devices.

On the jeep cherokee thank you for watching this video if you have any questions feel free to call us. The experts here at curtin auto park you can reach us at nine one four two seven one five one. Zero zero or online at croton auto park calm look forward to seeing you soon.

Method 2 – Pairing Your Phone With Your Car’s Bluetooth System

The benefit of having blue team is it allows you to speak while driving without actually handling the phone which. Is nice because we wont get pulled over for talking while driving also it uses all of the speakers of. The vehicle so it answers the clarity of your conversation and its a great safety feature this is the bluetooth. System available in the outback as well as the lite cygnus the harman kardon premium audio system is one of.

The three subaru wicked systems available the bluetooth pairing starts off with audio controls voice activation and then of course. Your cell phone with the cell phone you will want to go through a couple steps before starting the pairing. Process you want to go into your settings menu and wireless and networks of course itll vary based on what. Phone you have but you wanna make sure that your bluetooth is turned on mine is already turned on and. Then go into bluetooth settings now that the bluetooth settings you want to make sure your device is visible so.

It can actually find the vehicle as they try to pair there are three steering wheel control buttons that will. Be used in the pairing process first one is the phone off a button as if youre picking up the. Phone off the hook second one is – its right at the phone on hook button as if youre hanging. Up the phone or putting it back on the hook and third is the voice activation button or the talk. Button along with the buttons on the steering wheel theres also the audio control knob which is the right dial.

On the radio faceplate you can use that to skip through the options available to you at any point in. Time it also gets the bluetooth lady to stop speaking which could be quite handy as well before using the. Hands-free system of phone needs to be paired after pairing to use the system push the talk switch and stay. A command after the beep please keep in mind that the help commands may be used at any time entering. Phone setup to begin the pairing process push the talk switch and say a name for the phone lets have.

Multiple syllables so it will recognize the name of your phone for example phils phone push the talk switch and. Say confirm otherwise they go back confirm ready for phone pairing at this point you want to go back to. Your phone and sure that it is in visible mode select that with bluetooth on and then scan for devices. It comes up as car and media itll also ask for a passkey which once you have it selected you. Need to enter in that way it has a password that pairs it with the vehicle select that device i.

Have it paired to a few different ones the phone is paired and ready for use.

Method 3 – Tech Tip Tuesday – Fix For Bluetooth Connection After Ios 13 Update

Hi everybody happy tech tip tuesday melissa oconnell here your lexus technology specialist and i have a tip for you. Today if you have an iphone and youve done the ios 13 update and youre having bluetooth connection issues im. Going to show you how to get a fresh pairing for your phone in your lexus vehicle were going to. Remove the phone from the car and the car from the phone and its very easy so lets check it.

Out im gonna start on the iphone itself were going to settings bluetooth and then were you see the connection. For the car whether it says connected or not connected youre going to click on the information menu the lowercase. I and then click forget this device right at the bottom confirm by clicking forget device again and then its. Gone so now we want to do the similar steps on the car so were in a 20-19 rx with. Navigation might look a little bit different from your vehicle but thats okay follow along and if you have questions.

Just let me know well push menu and then well click on setup go into bluetooth again and youll see. My device listed so what we want to do is we want to remove if you have multiple listings for. Your phone youre going to want to eliminate all of them if you have an older phone listed make sure. To remove that as well once you click remove then youll select the device that youre going to clear from. The vehicle and click yes to confirm then we will be able to add a new device now i know.

This is the same phone so you might be thinking but its not new why do i have to do. This we are refreshing the bluetooth connection because apple has made a lot of changes so well click add and. Then from the registration page youll go back to your iphone and youll see lexus rx or the name of. Your cars device click right on those words click pair and allow so that your contacts will transfer sometimes when. Your contacts are transferring you might see it say not connected and thats ok it can pause the connection temporarily.

While your iphone is sending your contacts to your vehicle but after its complete it should say connected again now. If you do texting in the vehicle dont forget you want to come into information click show notifications so that. Your texts are turned back on and youll get those notification prompts in your vehicle you can just go back. Bluetooth and settings also keep in mind that you should now see your connection on your vehicle so we do. Have bluetooth we have two bars of service and a little over halfway on our battery one of the changes.

That has happened with bluetooth and iphone is all of your volume settings are independent of one another so its. A great idea if you have the opportunity to turn your car off and back on and then make a. Phone call once youre in that phone call adjust your volume on the side of your iphone then you can. Adjust it on the vehicle and youll notice this will be true whether its a phone call bluetooth audio you. Even different apps now have their own volume setting so if youre listening to something via bluetooth connection and the.

Volume is too low turn your volume all the way up on the side of your iphone and then adjust. It on your lexus thanks so much for tuning in well keep you posted if any other changes come along. If youre an android user and you do an update on your phone or you have automatic updates installed if. You have any trouble follow the same steps through your connections in your settings app on your android phone thanks. Again for tuning in and happy tech tip tuesday.

Method 4 – How To Pair Your Iphone With Ford Sync

Hi im liz black with joe rizza ford in orland park today im going to show you how to pair. Your iphone with sync the first thing you want to do is go to settings on your iphone and this. Is under general and you want to make sure your bluetooth is turned on once your bluetooth is turned on. Your device is now discoverable so what you want to do is hit add phone on your navigation unit search.

For sync on your device then enter the passkey provided by sync you see here that it is searching for. The device it has now found sync so you just want to hit the sync button and now it asks. For the pin that you find on your navigation 0 6 0 5 7 4 pair for your safety please. Stay alert to changing road conditions and you thinks voice-activated features while your vehicle is in motion and the iphone. Is now connected you also want to make sure that you download your phone book this will enable you to.

Just say call dad and your the phone number of that person will be dialed and the task is completed. Once again im liz black with joe rizza ford & Kia in orland park if you have any questions about. Sync or any other product in our lineup please feel free to give us a call at seven zero eight. Four zero three zero three zero zero thanks for watching.

Method 5 – Bluetooth Not Pairing || Car Play Not Working On Iphone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max And 13 Mini

Hello everyone welcome back and you are watching my youtube channel technical world lot of iphone 13 series user are. Getting an issue that is iphone not pairing with bluetooth today in this video im going to show you how. To fix this issue so without wasting any time lets get started and before start please dont forget to subscribe. The first thing that we have to do unpair and delete all the connected devices first launch settings then enable.

Bluetooth and delete all the connected devices that are connected before after that turn off bluetooth and force restart your. Iphone by quickly press and release volume up button quickly press and release volume down button and press side button. Until apple logo appears and if youre using old iphone then press home button and the power button at the. Same time until apple logo appears the second thing that we have to do refresh airplane mode first launch settings. Now enable airplane mode and lock your iphone for a couple of minutes then unlock your iphone and same go.

Back to setting and disable airplane mode number three turn off eq under music setting first launch settings scroll find. And tap on music and tap eq and select off if other one is selected number four make sure card. Play is not restricted to check that first launch settings scroll find and tap on screen time and tap content. And privacy restrictions and tap allow apps now make sure that car play is not restricted now we go for. Number five check bluetooth access to check that first launch settings scroll find and tap on privacy and tap under.

Privacy we have to tap on bluetooth here we have to check if any app or donate bluetooth access you. Have to give access to connect to the device now we go for solution number seven connect to wi-fi and. Check the latest version of ios number eight reset all settings this process will delete all your customized setting to. Default setting but no data or media will be deleted for that first we have to go to settings then. Tap on general scroll find and tap on reset and tap reset all settings iphone passcode required and tap again.

Reset all settings to confirm your action thats it hopefully friends you found this video helpful so please dont forget. To subscribe like and share with your friends and family thanks for watching take care bye.

Conclusion – How Do I Pair My Iphone To My Car

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