How Do I Report Spam Email To Microsoft – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Report Phishing

Hey harris nation we have been receiving quite a few phishing attacks recently so i wanted to show everybody real. Quick how to not just delete those phishing emails but how to report them appropriately alright so lets just say. You get a very strange email and that it comes from somebody maybe it even has like a little attachment. Here or it has some links its usually from somebody that is not familiar with your normal like address book.

So it could be somebody in the district but it could be something obscure could be like a librarian at. An elementary campus or something like that and then that email is trying to get you to either click on. The link download some sort of software or upload some personal information or password or something along those lines so. Always be very cautious of those type of emails the best thing to do is delete it but before you. Delete it the district is asking that lets say you find this very strange email and you just sort of.

I mean youve clicked on it and youre looking at its over here is very strange heres how to take. Care of it all right over here in outlook youre gonna click on the more button on the down arrow. There and one of the options is to forward this email as an attachment okay so dont forward it forward. It like thats this over here but forward it as an attachment under the more tab click on that and. Itll allow you to send this email as an attachment to the plc fishing team now in the two box.

All you have to do if you just start typing in plc fishing email team this is what will pop. Up alright its plc fishing email team at any isd admin dot on alright so you can just click. On this thats where its going to go through its a whole team of network administrators that are gonna take. Care of this and take a look at it once you can put your little response heres like hey i. Think this is a phishing email it looks a little suspicious then you go over here just click send youre.

Done your window this box basically goes away well this is you dont have to save any changes then you. Go back and actually then you can delete that strange email that was in your mailbox all right so if. You have any questions let me know i appreciate your time thank you and have a great day.

Method 2 – Reporting Phishing Emails In Microsoft Outlook

So if a message comes in and its clearly malicious its clearly unsolicited commercial email its clearly just spam someone. Is blasting out the latest and greatest pharmaceutical offer its clearly not something you subscribe to we want to help. Microsoft tune the anti-spam filters back in their organization in addition to removing it from your inbox when you report. A message youre actually giving the message back to microsoft saying look this should have been marked as spam or.

This should have been marked as a phishing email and thats part of one of the three billion metrics that. Microsofts getting on a regular basis that helps them decide on their spam filtering should this have been delivered to. Your inbox in addition when you report the message its actually helping tune it for your organization specifically so some. Organizations if you have enough people that report a particular type of message outlook is smart enough with the microsoft. 365 service that it will proactively look to see if anyone else in your organization received that message or that.

Type of message and it will actually revoke it out of peoples inbox if enough people are reporting it within. Your organization so for a particular message and i can do this on either something thats already in my junk. Email or something its in my inbox lets say that this payroll update from is clearly spam theyre tr. Theyre trying to sell me some pharmaceutical product that i really didnt want or the the content is horribly inappropriate. And its clearly not commercial messaging i can come up here to report message and say look this is junk.

I have the option when i do that to send a copy to microsoft to help the research and email. Protection technologies now granted im doing this in a demo environment i dont really want to report this sample message. To microsoft so in this case im just going to choose cancel heres a message from yammer so were going. To take that and were going to report that as phishing maybe there was something in the email body that. Was saying hey look i need you to buy 10 apple gift cards immediately or i need you to update.

My my deposit information or the check routing information well thats usually going to be phishing if its not legitimate. So i want to help microsoft know that that is a phishing email and im going to tag it as. Phishing and again ive given the option to report the message so in addition to pulling it out of my. Inbox im going to have the option to report it to microsoft to help tune microsofts central spam and phishing. Filters and protect everybody else in my organization because if more people in my organization receive this and theyre reporting.

The message eventually it passes a threshold where microsoft 365 will automatically go to everyones inbox inside my organization and. Revoke that message it just disappears out of the inbox for people that happen to have received something similar.

Method 3 – Reporting Spam With Microsoft’s Report Message Addin

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Method 4 – How To Block Spam Emails On Microsoft Outlook

What you guys got another video here for you on how to block spam emails on microsoft outlook now spam. Emails are nothing new theyve been around for a long time i get inundated by all types of emails whether. It be phishing emails or spam emails lately im getting this google forms email spam and its like every day. Probably 30 a day and theyre all related to you know pornographic stuff so go up to uh the email.

That you want to block and then go to junk and you see block sender that is the first thing. You can do here so click on the email you want to block go to junk email and block sender. You can see here its already asking me the sender forms dot receipts dash no reply at will be. Blocked and thats basically that one dealt with so next up what im going to do here is show you. Another one which we can do is by going up the top junk mail and then junk mail email options.

This will open up the junk mail email options window here inside here youll see youll have a bunch of. Different things you can do choose the level of junk email protection you want no automatic filtering and then youve. Got low which is move the most obvious junk mails to the junk mail folder hi most junk mail email. Is cool but some regular mail may be called as well so check your junk mail folder option so you. Can choose which one you want to use here just be careful because some of these are a bit more.

Aggressive and its possible that it could capture your good emails in with the junk mail occasionally so you need. To check that if youve got it on the high setting uh try the low setting first and see how. You go you can see here disable links and other functionality in the phishing messages recommended and warn me about. Suspicious domain uh domain names in the email address is recommended and see how you get on with that one. Um if its still not good enough you can move up to the high setting let me just show you.

Some other things you can do here go back up to the junk section here and go junk email options. Again this time were going to go to blocked senders inside here youll see that the new forms dash receipts. Dash no reply at has been added to the block senders list so basically that is the uh email. That is blocking here so you can also add other ones in especially if theres loads of other ones that. You want to block you can add these in and it will block those unfortunately sometimes uh this is just.

The starting of blocking uh spam emails because they are pretty sneaky the way to get through so lets go. And try something else as well so go up to the rules section and then you can see here we. Can create a new rule inside create a new rule we can go from google forms and add this inside. Here as well and you can see here subject contains you can add whatever subject contains in here and also. You can put down here where it says move the item to a folder so now we can move it.

To a folder you can select a folder of your choice maybe you want to make a new folder or. You can leave it as junk email and then you can see here from google forms and now youve got. A bunch of other options which you can use to set up your preferences for your rules that you want. To set so also with specific words in there in the body in the message header and also in the. Recipients address and the senders address you can also tick those boxes and set up those words as well so.

If its profanity in the header or inside the body you can set those up as well as you like. Here so you can see them listed down here this is going to apply the rule to the message when. It arrives from google forms and move it to junk mail next you can also set it up to stop. Processing more rules and also move it to a specific folder which you can now set up yourself and also. You can delete it or permanently delete it it depends on how you want to go with this one delete.

It well just delete it and then you can empty the trash out once in a while just make sure. Theres nothing in there if you want to permanently delete it without going to the trash you can leave it. On permanently delete but be careful because theres no way of getting this back once its gone and it may. Be you might want to just vet it before you actually permanently delete but if youre quite happy to permanently. Delete and just leave the tick in there so that is those areas there and again youve got some other.

Options on there you can go through all these im not going to go through these one by one now. Are these any exceptions so uh you you want to basically put any exceptions inside here and you can put. This as an exception say maybe for a certain word or certain thing you can do that or cc or. Whatever it is you want to set up inside here you can set this up you can go spend a. Bit more time and go through here but normally ill just leave this as is for now and go next.

And you can see here google forms and click finish so thats now done and lets move on to the. Next section which we can do here so ill just quickly show you here you can see weve got an. Anti-spam section on our antivirus and this because its a paid version but inside the anti-spam area weve got filters. That we can set up for our block list and we can go into the block list and literally block. Them from here now theres an area here let me just quickly show you here on the block list go.

To configure and youll see a bunch of emails in here i dont care which people see these because these. Are all people that have been spamming me so they are going in here youll see ones with all sorts. Of uh halifax and stuff theyre not real and you can set them up by email or domain and set. This up to how you like and try to block these and uh click ok and once thats done once. Youve got your ones added in there you can click close here also go rules manage rules and alerts inside.

Here we can go back into here i just want to quickly show this bit here as well so you. Can see um what to do here as well so inside this section weve got rules run rules now you. Can put a tick in google forms here and i can run a scan on my inbox this is going. To basically apply to all the messages in here with google forms and move them to the junk email folder. And delete them and thats what its going to do and stop processing more rules so once its done this.

You can include subfolders as well and you can run it now on your messages and it will basically move. Anything thats in your inbox over to there save you going through that one by one and moving them to. Your junk box especially if youve not set it up yet and youve now just set it up you now. Run this rule and it will automatically move those over to your junk mailbox and you can do this for. Other um other emails that are sending nasty stuff to you every single day you can just set this up.

And set a rule up and you wont have to worry about it anymore and it will automatically just move. Them straight there so now thats done weve now moved those over we can close this off and we can. Click ok here and inside the options theres nothing inside there so lets click ok so im going to go. Back over here you can see its starting to synchronize and move them all over into the junk mail box. You can see there has been loads and loads and loads of these being sent and its just theyre mainly.

Generating from russia but were getting there and were dealing with it so now were going to go into our. Account information here and open up rules and alerts and create a new rule and you can see stay organized. Here weve now got a section in here which we can set up which move messages with specific words in. Them as well we can do that as well inside here we could have done that all in the other. One as well but im just showing you different ways you can go about attacking spam and junk email on.

Your system so now move messages with specific words in the subject to the folder you can see here with. The specific words in the subject and you can click on that now and adjust it to your needs down. The bottom here theres also areas inside here which is down the bottom here which is in the body in. The subject body message header and also this recipients address and also senders address in here which we can adjust. Here and you can see what its going to do basically just rule step one and step two so what.

Well do here is well get this set up and then ill adjust it all to my needs because im. Going to add a load of words in here which i keep getting every single day which are to do. With profanity words really you know words like sex and stuff like that i want to block all those words. Inside here so what i can do is once ive got this set to how i like it here you. Can come down here click on this area and you can now click on uh specify the words or phrases.

To each search you want to add so what im going to do here is add these in you can. See ive added one in there and ive added a bunch of other ones ive got to blur them out. Because theyre quite nasty words that i didnt want to spread on youtube so ive blurred them out and again. I can select a folder that i want to put them into i can put it into the junk folder. And click ok and now i can specify another area where i want to drop them maybe into rude emails.

Or something like that i can put them in there and it will uh go into that directory that i. Want to put them into so now thats all set weve got this all set up what i can do. Now is go to the next step in the process so lets go next and you can see here stop. Processing more rules and also move to the folders and also weve got this delete section here which you can. Add on and i can permanently delete these as well so you can set yours up to how you like.

It if you want to permanently delete them delete them or any other options you see in there now this. Is uh once this is set up any words nasty words that i put in that list are going to. Be deleted and moved to the junk mail or rude email section and i know theyre normally spam so i. Can run this rule on the messages already in my inbox and that means any messages in my inbox that. Have those nasty words that ive put in there its going to remove them from there and move them to.

The junk email box now you can imagine what those words are theyre just sexual words that they use in. Particular and basically its going to search for that stuff and move all that nasty content to my junk mail. And it will automatically be deleted and thats exactly how i want this set up because im getting bombarded with. It so now you should see my rules are set up inside here ive got two lots of rules and. Uh again when we go into here you can now see that all of those emails have been removed they.

Were in the junk email box there was loads of them in there hundreds of them and theyve now all. Been removed out of my inbox and deleted i will keep you updated on this situation just in case it. Doesnt work and well have to try some other things but hopefully that will see the end of them sending. Me spam email they will be sent there and deleted anyway i think thats going to be about it just. Want to say a big special thanks to all my youtube members who have joined my youtube members group i.

Really do appreciate the support my name is ben brian from brighttech computers dot co dk bye for now you.

Method 5 – How To Report Spam Email In Gmail App

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Conclusion – How Do I Report Spam Email To Microsoft

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