How Do I Reset Iphone To Factory Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Properly Reset Iphone To Factory Default

Hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and i want to show you how to reset your iphone to factory default. Meaning that it will be just like it was when you took it out of the box for the first. Time and so this will help you erase all data from it disassociate it from your account and make it. So the next person that either purchases it or that you give it to or maybe youre returning it can.

Sign in without having to sign in to find my friends or any of those accounts because it wont be. Locked to your account so in order to do this properly what youll need is a couple things youll need. The devices passcode to unlock it and youll also need the icloud account password if you dont have that you. Wont be able to reset it so if you need to reset that password go to and then you. Can reset your password there now before you erase everything on your phone you want to make sure that you.

Have a backup if youre going to continue using iphone so if youre going from an old phone to a. New phone i have other videos to show you how to do that and transfer all of your settings including. The same app layout and all the app data and messages and everything else but if you want to just. Have a backup in general make sure that youre either using itunes on windows itunes on mac on an older. Mac or you use the finder click on your device and hit backup now however if you want to back.

Up using icloud thats even easier as long as you have the storage available and you do that by going. To settings under settings tap on your name then under your name or whatever phone youre on here you want. To go to icloud and under icloud down towards the bottom youll see icloud backup and under icloud backup tap. On this youll see that its on and as long as its backing up everything it will give you the. Last successful backup below and as long as its backed up youre good to go that will back up not.

Only your settings but your messages your mail settings you may have to enter a few passwords and things in. The future but it will back up even the layout of your apps and most of the app data as. Well so as long as you have that backing up or youve backed up on itunes you should be good. To go and once you know that you have your information secure we can move on to removing everything off. The device now in order to reset the phone what you want to do is once you have that information.

Go into settings and then at the top youll have your name or someone elses name whoevers it is tap. On the name here and go down to find my we need to turn off find my if its on. So tap on find my and youll see it says find my iphone and its on on my device so. I need to turn this off now in order to turn this off i need my icloud password so go. Ahead and tap on find my iphone and then turn off find my iphone it will pop up asking for.

Your apple id password once you put this in it will turn it off now that find my iphone is. Off we want to remove it from our account as well this will make it easier in the future unless. Youre setting it up for yourself so lets go ahead and do that so well go back now once youve. Turned off find my iphone on the same account page we need to scroll to the bottom to turn off. Icloud and disassociate the phone from our account so lets go ahead and scroll down and all the way at.

The bottom it says sign out so well tap on sign out now its saying do you want to keep. A copy of your data on this phone and you dont want to do that if youre erasing the phone. So make sure all of these are turned off if you did want to keep this and sign in with. Another icloud id then you would leave those on otherwise keep them off and hit sign out and it says. Are you sure you want to sign out and then go ahead and hit sign out and then it says.

Copying icloud data thats just to the cloud you wont necessarily have that on this phone and then well erase. The phone in just a moment once weve signed out now once youve signed out of the iphone what youll. Need to do is go down and reset it so under the main settings just scroll down and go to. General scroll all the way to the bottom of general and then you have reset so well tap on reset. And then theres a few options here we want to erase all content and settings so all of these other.

Things dont matter erase all content and settings and then its going to ask you for the passcode of the. Device itself so maybe your touch id wasnt working its that same passcode and this will work for face id. Phones as well once youve put that passcode in its asking you if you want to erase it again its. Just a safety check so it says this will delete all media and data and reset all settings so you. Want to hit erase iphone and then youll have to hit erase iphone again and it will take a moment.

And the phone will reboot now the same thing applies to all iphones so this is my iphone 11 pro. Max and you can see here it says erase iphone if i hit erase and erase again it will wipe. The phone so thats how you completely wipe it well wait for this to reboot and youll see that its. Back at the setup screen now will take a little bit of time to erase and reset and once its. Done it will look just like this and youre at the main startup screen again and so this is where.

You can set your phone up we just press home to open on this phone and well start set it. Up just like it was new you can hand this to someone else to use give it to someone else. Sell it return it either way all of your information has been removed from the phone and its good to. Go it wont be associated with your icloud account and it wont be activation locked or anything like that so. Youll be good to use it hand it to someone else and youre all set and if you dont have.

The wallpaper from the iphone se that i have here from 2020 ill link it in the description for you. Just like i always do in all my other videos if you havent subscribed already please subscribe and if you. Enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron ill see you next. Time you.

Method 2 – How To Reset Iphone To Factory Default

Hi everyone aaron here for zolo tech and i wanted to show you how to reset your iphone to factory. Default this would basically be used for if you want to sell your iphone and you want to wipe all. Of your data off of it or maybe give it to someone else this will fully wipe it and be. Just like it was when you first pulled it out of the box now before we do that i would.

Recommend you backup in order to do that let me show you here go to settings and under settings you. Want to scroll down until you get to icloud under icloud scroll down to backup and under backup it will. Tell you the last time it was backed up now this phone was backed up on 12 for last time. So we want to just go ahead and hit backup you may need to plug it in you also should. Be on wi-fi as well i dont have a sim card in here because like many of you ill probably.

Want to get rid of it or whatever well one wipe the phone so you can remove your sim card. You will need a sim card to activate a new phone now by backing this up this will allow us. To restore this on to any other phone as long as we have an os thats the same or newer. So if this is ios 8 or newer on it you can restore that if it has ios 9 youll. Need i oh s9 or newer on the new phone so well wait for this to backup and then well.

Come back and ill show you how to actually wipe the phone the backup took about five to ten minutes. And you can see it says backup now last backup 522 its 524 so were good to go so next. We need to go back and for those of you that wondered this will back up everything you have turned. On here so if youre worried about losing anything as long as its here and this includes not just these. Things but it also includes your messages as well your music if you bought it in itunes will be backed.

Up through itunes and you can just redownload it if you didnt youll have to resync otherwise thats what you. Have setup and this is what it will backup it will also backup contacts and things too but i get. Those questions a lot on some other videos but what youll need to do first is turn off find my. Iphone now you can go back and reset it but it will prompt you to turn this off if you. Havent already so since were here turn off find my iphone flip that off and then we want to go.

Enter the password its turning off find my iphone now its off and we can restore it so just go. Back go back again and then you want to go to general so this is just settings and then general. Once youre in general scroll all the way to the bottom go to reset and reset all settings so you. Can do reset all settings or you could do any of these things in particular we want to erase everything. So erase all content and settings it wants my password once you put the password in it pops up this.

Little dialog and says are you sure you want to do this hit a race itll pop up one more. Time and say are you really sure you want to do this so before we do this we can cancel. Or hit a race and it will fully reset and when it comes back up everything will be wiped not. One thing will be on here and ill show you what it looks like when it comes back up this. Will take probably another five minutes or longer it depends on the storage this is a 64 gigabyte iphone 6s.

Theres others that are 128 and those could take a little bit longer so it depends or even less with. A 16 gigabyte so well wait for this and well come back its 526 now so well see what it. Is when this restores the phone has reset and everything has been wiped off of it so youll get this. Screen where its saying hello and all these different languages just swipe and youll see that it goes right to. The set up to select your language or whatever you want to do and this is just as though you.

Bought it and took it out of the box for the first time so you can securely just shut it. Down and know that all of your data is wiped off of it and no one can access that it. Wipes all of your data all of your fingerprints everything is off of this and if you even restore from. A backup youll even have to put in your fingerprints again so all of that fingerprint information is gone its. All wiped off and thats pretty much all there is to it now if youre looking on how to restore.

To a new device ill leave that link in the description below i have another video where ive shown how. To do that but this is basically ready to be sold or given to someone else and fully erased if. You have any other questions or comments or other videos youd like to see let me know in the comments. Below if you havent subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is erin ill see. You next time.

Method 3 – How To Reset Iphone To Factory Settings

Hey everyone in todays iphone video i want to show you exactly how to reset your phone to the factory. Setting or factory defaults so if youre selling your phone if youre giving it away as a gift or if. Youre just trading your phone you do have to do this and i want to show you a couple of. Different things you got to do before you reset it to make sure this is done safely and correctly now.

The very first thing i like to do is i like to go to settings here my settings of my. Phone and then i go to icloud over here just pressing my name and then right here im going to. Find the phone i want to back up so this is the phone i want to back up im going. To click on it and right here it says icloud backup i want to make sure this is on and. When i go to that menu here make sure this is on and make sure i do a backup now.

Or make sure the latest backup was recent this is just in case you lose something it will always be. Available on that backup after you erase your phone using icloud that you could access on your new phone or. On and in the previous video i did show you how to transfer from your old phone to the. New phone so they look identical here so then you could go ahead and reset your old phone which is. What im going to show you in this video but the other video is linked below in the description so.

Few different things you got to do to reset your phone first lets jump into the settings app of our. Phone right here and you want to click your name to go to icloud right on top and make sure. You go all the way to the bottom here and sign out when you do this it will sign you. Out of your icloud account so im going to go ahead and press sign out then make sure you type. In your apple id password here to sign out of your apple id and then you could press turn off.

On top here and then its going to show you this page it says do you want to keep a. Copy of any of these things in this case i dont because im going to erase this phone so im. Going to just press sign up and its going to go ahead and remove any icloud related data from my. Old phone here everything is already transferred to my new phone and if you look up here now it says. Sign into your iphone meaning i sign out of icloud already so we are all set here so step one.

Was backing up our phone step two was signing out of icloud here and then step three is erasing our. Phone which is under the general section of your iphone it has been for a long time and if you. Go all the way to the bottom you should see an option that either says reset iphone or transfer or. Reset iphone im going to press this option and this is telling me to set up my new phone but. Ive already done that so i dont need to press get started here i need to press erase all content.

And settings in older iphone youll also see this exact same wording here just in different layouts so press this. Option so then its going to say erasing the phone will remove your personal data that is what i want. Im going to press continue here now i need the passcode for this phone so since its my phone i. Already know the passcode if its someone elses phone you do need to get this from them and then its. Going to ask you one more time to erase all content here so erase phone and then you should see.

The apple logo screen and this is erasing your phone now now once the reset is complete your iphone should. Load up on the welcome page here where its telling you hello and the one last thing i like to. Do is removing the sim card from my old phone i typically take it out and put it on my. New phone because i buy the same phone from the same provider but if youre selling it or giving it. Away i still like to take the sim card out because they still have to use their sim card associated.

With their phone number so to do that you just need the sim card removal tool which typically comes in. Any iphone box so if you ever kept any of your iphone boxes or if you have a new iphone. You should see a sim card removal tool in that box which just looks like this and if you have. A case on your phone make sure you remove it so you can access this right here on the side. Depends on what phone you have some are higher some are lower but if you just press the sim card.

Removal tool into it you just remove this tray right here and you could go ahead and remove this tray. And then take the sim card out see ive already done it with this phone because i transferred it onto. My new phone but make sure you could leave the tray just make sure the sim card is taken out. Then once you have it go ahead and close up this tray you dont need any tools for that and. Its ready to go and thats the proper way to reset your iphone to factory settings i hope you found.

It useful i do have other video and resources in the description including iphone to iphone transfer so make sure. You check that out if you need more help there thanks so much for watching ill see you next time.

Method 4 – Iphone X,Xs,11 – How To Hard Reset, Factory Reset (Forgot Password)

Hows it going everyone phil here from fierce technology and if you have one of the newer iphones that does. Not have the home button located on the front of it then this video is for you this will work. From anywhere from the iphone 10 all the way up to the newer iphones so how do you shut your. Phone off a lot of people cant figure it out there is two ways to do it and im gonna.

Tell you both ways the first way is go into your settings go into general and go down to shutdown. And then you would just slide to power off so you can slide to just shut it completely off were. Not going to do that right now the next way to do it is to do it from the buttons. Which i find is the much easier way to do it so lets go ahead and do that all you. Need to do is hold either the down or the up button you can choose whichever one you want to.

So for this purpose were gonna hold the down button and then were just gonna hold that that power button. And there we go and that will bring up the screen that we need so we can slide to power. Off from this mode which we will do right now and to turn back on your phone all youre gonna. Do is hold down the slide power button right here for about two or three seconds until you see apple. Logo there we go apple logo is coming back on and your phone will completely restart now why would you.

Need to hard reset your phone hardware you setting your phone is actually not bad for maintenance if you hard. Reset your phone maybe once a week its a good refresh for your phone and its good for your battery. To do it also if your phone is frozen for some reason in an app or its not switching back. And forth for screens you probably want to do a hard reset on it with previous iphones all you would. Have to do is just hold down your home button and hold down this button right here the power button.

And you be able to hard reset your phone but thats not the case anymore because there is no button. In the middle this process requires you to use three buttons your volume up your volume down and your power. On and off lock switch so lets go ahead and get started so all were going to do is go. Volume up volume down hold down your side power button until you see the apple logo continue holding the button. Down here on the side and there we go its restarting once you see the apple logo there we go.

Now you can release the side power button you dont have to continue holding these buttons at all all it. Is is just up down and hold down your power button until you see the apple logo and just let. It reset and now that the phone is all restarted your phone should be unfrozen and should be working properly. So again guys this is a super easy process to do im gonna show you once again without going through. Your settings im just gonna use the buttons this time im gonna hold the volume up and then the power.

Button down together for about two or three seconds and there we go we get the slide to power off. So all were gonna do is just slide to power off and youre completely done lets say you have a. Phone that is acting up the software is a little bit buggy its running slow your battery is dying really. Fast and you need to reset the phone and restore it to factory settings im gonna show you how to. Do that today its gonna require a couple of steps but its really not that difficult to do the first.

Thing you will need is a computer for the purpose of this video i do have my macbook pro here. But you can do this with a pc the first thing you want to do is download the latest itunes. Software on your macbook or your pc once youve done that go to your phone lets have a look at. The phone itself weve got a cable plugged into it you can see the usb cable right here and the. Usb cable right here the lightning cable were gonna plug that right into the phone itself well plug that in.

First there we go its probably gonna ask you to trust or something on your computer sometimes it wont if. Youve already done that before but were gonna leave that as is for now now what were gonna do is. Were going to press a couple combinations of buttons the first thing were gonna do is press the up button. And then the down button and then were gonna hold down the power on and off button so lets go. Ahead and do that right now were gonna press up down hold the button continue holding this button youre gonna.

Have to hold this button for probably 20 or 30 seconds until you see the phone go into recovery mode. Continue holding continue holding dont let go of the button right there even if you see that apple ogle dont. Let go yet continue holding it will show up with like a little computer on the iphone itself and not. Will let you know there we go now you can release the button and you can see now the phone. Is in like a recovery mode or dfu mode as a lot of you like to call it so well.

Leave it as is well put the phone down here for a second and it says theres a problem with. Your iphone that requires it to be updated or restored updating it would be updating it to the newest software. Restoring it would be factory resetting it making it nice and fresh so were gonna hit the restore now before. You do that i want to remind you that this will erase everything off your phone so any photos pictures. Or anything you have on your phone is gone unless you have backed up your phone through icloud or your.

Itunes computer before then you do have a backup of it but dont do this if you dont want to. Lose your information so make sure you have a backup of your phone so lets go ahead and hit the. Restore on there and restore and update so this means that if you dont have the latest software on your. Phone this will require it to update to the latest software if you dont have the latest update on your. Computer its going to download that update for you before it restores your phone so im gonna go ahead and.

Click on restore and update and were just gonna let it do its thing you can see because i have. The software already on my computer its extracting the software and then were gonna let it do its thing you. Can still see my phone still has that recovery mode on there but lets go ahead and fast-forward and see. What it does once its done extracting and installing that software you can see once its preparing and restoring the. Software it does show with the apple logo so it does go away from that little computer screen on the.

Iphone but lets go ahead and let it do its little bar install up there and once that process is. Done you will get a little icon on your screen which says these iphone has been restored and now that. Its done you can see its just hitting that reset mode and its gonna go back to completely the beginning. The factory fresh when you got your iphone and while its restarting you can see it did pop up with. This screen which says activation lock which means that you do need to enter your app id username and password.

To unlock the phone so if you found this phone or its a lost phone and youre trying to do. This process to get into the phone if you dont have the apple id username or password youre not gonna. Be able to use this phone the phone is completely useless so if its stolen phone or its a lost. Phone try and find the original owner and give it back to them but if its your phone all you. Need to do is enter your apple id username and password and you can continue the process and there we.

Go we are at the beginning stages of this phone as if it was brand new i can unplug it. Now and then we can continue the process as far as activating the phone and normal again if you havent. Entered your apple id user and password it will take you to the steps to do that on here if. This video was helpful for you make sure you smash that thumbs up and leave me a comment down below. To let me know and i will catch you guys on the next video bye bye.

Method 5 – How To Factory Restore

Whats up geeksters its me omar from geekster labs and today i have a really quick how-to video for those. Of you that are preparing to get rid of your older iphone these steps can actually work for ipads as. Well but if you are going to be purchasing your new iphone and you want to either trade this phone. In you want to sell to somebody else so youre just a nice person just giving your iphone away these.

Are some really easy steps that you can take to make sure that all your personal data will be wiped. Off of your iphone before you hand it over to somebody else so first off if you happen to be. Using an apple watch with your iphone make sure you disconnect or unpair the apple watch so you can do. That by going to the watch app on your phone right now my wi-fi is turned off so give me. The error message but here we go and heres the main menu right here if you click on all watches.

Youll see your apple watch listed right there click on the little i button right there and there it says. Unpair apple watch you want to make sure you do that before you hand over the phone to somebody else. Because it could still be connecting to your watch so that is how you do that so if you dont. Have an apple watch this is the first step youre going to be doing okay first you want to back. Up your your uh your device so if you go to settings so when youre in settings you click on.

Your name first option right there and you click on icloud and the options right there and then youll see. A bunch of different apps and itll be telling you how much icloud storage you have and everything so when. You scroll down theres an option right here for icloud backup so if you click on that it gives you. The option to back it up now so you might want to do that if you want to backup all. The contacts the calendars the pictures everything thats off of this phone if you want to have it just a.

Backup of that you click on backup now and it will make a backup copy and uh of course if. You already have automatic backups you can just check out the date and it should tell you uh the last. Time it was backed up so lets give you the date and time so if you have automatic backups you. Dont have to do this because you can just check to make sure that it backed it up today if. You did youre good to go so lets get to the next step then after that you want to sign.

Out of icloud so lets go back to the settings this is the main settings menu right here you want. To go to icloud to go to your main you click on your name right there and you scroll to. The very bottom and it has the sign out option right there on the bottom so if you click on. That it will sign you out of icloud on this phone and after that its really one more step and. That is to wipe it clean so if you go to the this is the main settings menu scroll to.

General right there scroll the very bottom reset and this is an important piece of it make sure you select. Erase all content and settings so not just content but content and settings when you click on that it will. Completely wipe out everything on your phone everything will be gone okay you basically once you turn it back on. It wi.

Conclusion – How Do I Reset Iphone To Factory Settings

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