How Do I Restore My Mac To Factory Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i restore my mac to factory settings,

Method 1 – How To Erase And Reset A Mac Back To Factory Default

Hi everyone aaron here for zolo tech and i wanted to show you how to format your mac or reset. It back to factory default so its just like it was when you bought it for the first time this. Will enable you to either sell it or return it or whatever you need to do so the first thing. We need to do is go in and disable a few things or sign out of a few things so.

Lets do that now now the first step were going to do is the authorize it from itunes or sign. Out from itunes so we need to go into itunes go to account and then sign out now after youve. Done that and youve signed out of that now you need to do the exact same thing for messages no. Messages has the account settings up here preferences and then youll get to accounts and then you need to sign. Out of here as well now once youre signed out of that you need to sign out of icloud so.

Thats what well do next thats under your system preferences and under system preferences find icloud now the same thing. Goes here you want to sign out down here on the bottom left make sure everything is signed out now. Before you do any of this you need to make sure that you have a backup if youre trying to. Replace the mac so its going to continue to ask you if you want to delete information from your mac. Just keep hitting delete and then at some point youll be prompted for your icloud password now after you put.

In your password it will finally sign you out of everything and youll be good to go as far as. That part goes so its not associated with you at all anymore now were going to shut down the mac. Just go to the apple in the upper left and click shut down im going to use command option r. As i dont want this associated with my apple id anymore so hold those down and then hit the power. Button keep holding them and give them a few minutes and then it will boot up and you can see.

It will say starting internet recovery and then it will boot up now that its starting you can let go. Of the keys now that its finished booting up well select our language and then click next and then at. This point this is where we need to wipe the drive so well click on disk utility and click continue. Then here we need to click on macintosh hard drive or hd and then click erase so if we click. On erase you can select the format youll see its ap fs or ap fs encrypted just select ap fs.

Click erase it will take a few moments youll see it completely deleted everything it says erase process is complete. Click done to continue so well click done so now what we need to do is click the x here. And go to reinstall mac os so well click continue this will take a moment and then well start to. Install the os all over again so here youll see well click continue well have to agree to the terms. Again click agree then select our drive just click on the drive then click install now that its done were.

Back to what it looked like when we first picked it up and thats really all there is to it. Now you can either sell it or do whatever you need to do to it all of your data has. Been white let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below if you havent subscribed already. Please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching ill see you next time.

Method 2 – [2021] How To Reset Mac To Factory Settings (Erase Hd)

Hows it going everybody youre watching then about tech and today im going to show you how to reset your. Mac in by reset i mean delete all of its content so all your files documents apps absolutely everything that. You may have on your mac is going gonna be gone so its gonna look like its brand new out. Of the box and this is extremely useful if youre gonna sell your mac or give it away to somebody.

Or even trade at an apple store or something like that or even maybe lets say you want to have. That brand new experience better performance so you just want to completely reset your mac to have that brand new. Feeling keep in mind that this process is 100 updated so im running mac os big sur on my mac. Right here but this process also works on older versions of mac os and im also going to show you. How to do it on the new macbooks with the m1 chip so no matter what mac you have old.

New like brand new no matter what this process got you covered so lets get started so in order to. Reset your mac youre gonna need to do three quick things the first thing youre gonna need to do is. Actually go ahead and open up music or depending on your mac depending on your mac os version its gonna. Be itunes okay but its pretty much the same thing uh and then youre gonna need to go ahead and. Tap on account at the top bar okay and then authorizations and then the authorized this computer and then youre.

Going to be prompted uh with this enter apple id and password uh let me quickly explain this this is. Pretty much because you can only play content on five different computers using the same apple id uh so its. Important to the authorized this if youre gonna sell it or give it away to somebody else okay so just. The authorize and then put your password your apple id password so keep in mind that if youre doing that. Just to make your mac faster and have it brand new but youre still going to keep it you can.

Skip this step right so uh the authorized because most people are gonna need to do it and then youre. Good for the first step is actually very very fast so this computer has been successfully authorized so you can. Okay and you can close music next were gonna need to sign out from our apple id so were going. To need to go to system preferences then tap on apple id and then were going to need to go. Ahead and tap on overview and then sign out keep in mind that depending on your mac os version maybe.

Its going to be down here the position of the sign out button may vary a bit but the important. Part is to sign out from your apple id all right so sign out then you can keep a copy. Whatever it doesnt matter because were going to delete the whole thing and then of course sign out and remove. Cards so were going to sign out and remove the whole thing please pay attention to those warnings especially the. Ones regarding icloud so for example this one is saying that icloud photos is still updating so maybe for you.

You have photos on your mac that have not been uploaded to icloud meaning that if you just completely turn. Off uh you may lose those photos so pay attention to those icloud stuff to that icloud stuff to make. Sure that everything on your computer has been uploaded okay in my case i already know so i can turn. It off um i can delete from mac because i dont want it anymore so i can delete from mac. We also gonna need to put in the password so our apple id password for a find my mac as.

You guys can see right here just to turn it off so after typing your apple id password you can. Go ahead and continue as you see i forgot my apple id for the first time i mistyped something so. Continue and after a few moments its going to automatically sign out the whole thing and youre going to be. Presented with the system preferences screen and youre going to see sign into your apple id so you know that. Your apple id has been successfully signed out and removed from this computer and last but not least we can.

Close system preferences and open up messages or imessages depending on your mac os version then were going to go. Ahead and tap on messages preferences and as you can imagine were just gonna sign out from imessages as well. Because for some reason uh it doesnt do it automatically so were gonna go ahead and tap on message and. Then as you guys can see here theres my apple id there and my number and everything i have blurred. All that info just for privacy reasons but as you guys can see we have sign out so you can.

Go ahead sign out and press on sign out once again so then as you guys can see it just. Quits and opens up again this time without the apple id so now were ready so im sorry that it. Actually takes a few steps but we have to do it just to make sure everything is done perfectly and. Now all you have to do is turn off our computer but before we do that its very very important. That you do this process while plugged in to the charger as you guys can see im plugged in my.

Mac is charging as you guys can see here and i recommend that you do that as well do it. While youre charging because if your battery dies on the process you may have issues okay so make sure to. Do this while you have it plugged in so now all you have to do is actually uh go ahead. And shut down the computer so you press and shut down and then shut down again to turn off the. Mac so the next step is to put the mac in recovery mode and thats the only step which theres.

A little bit of a difference depending on what processor your mac uses so remember i was talking about the. M1 check max yeah thats it so if you have a normal intel base mac which pretty much everyone does. Okay uh is the one which has an intel core i3 i5 i7 youre gonna follow the first method if. You have an m1 chip so the brand new ones that are just uh introduced youre gonna follow the second. Method im gonna show both so first we have the intel based which is this one is the mac i.

Have so all you have to do is turn it on so press the power button and as soon as. You see the apple logo on the screen youre gonna press command r okay so comment r right here on. The keyboard command r if you have an m1 chip mac youre gonna again press on the power button and. Youre gonna keep holding it okay so youre gonna press and keep holding for five seconds and then youre gonna. Get to the same screen okay so pressing the home button so the computer is starting command r so as.

You see its instant press on the home button on the power button you see the apple logo press command. R and keep holding so keep holding youre seeing my hands keep holding keep holding keep holding until we see. The loading bar below the apple logo okay may take a few seconds so just bear with me and be. Patient right now we see the little bar so we can let go theres a loading bar we can let. Go and the mac will start up in recovery mode its going to be the same thing for the m1.

Chip so youre going to press and hold the power button and youre going to keep holding until we see. The the same loading bar and then were gonna get to this screen which is the mac os recovery which. May be a little bit different depending on your mac os version but its pretty much gonna be the same. Thing uh on all the latest versions of mac os youre going to see your profile picture or your name. So youre going to see your login so youre going to tap on that and then tap on next and.

Then youre going to put in the password and that password is your mac password okay just to boot it. Up so its not the apple id or anything like that and then as soon as youre logged in youre. Gonna see uh the recovery screen so with all everything you can do and first were gonna need to go. To disk utility thats the tool were gonna use to reset and delete everything and all the data on the. Mac so click on it click on continue and then youre gonna see your disks and as you can see.

We have two disks we have macintosh hd and mac os based system so were going to be playing with. Were going to be managing the macintosh hd this is very very important guys so macintosh hd is your hard. Drive is where all your files and documents and apps and everything is stored in your mac so its your. Hard drive thats what we want to delete and here on this graph you can see how much we have. Used and how much we have free so we just have you can just see that there are a ton.

Of gigs that are used right now occupied by my files and all below that we have the mac os. Based system and we do not we dont want to play with this okay this is your base operating system. This is the os itself we dont want to delete it we dont want to play with it or anything. Like that if we delete this theres going to be a hassle so dont play with it okay so lets. Go back to macintosh hd the first option thats i cant stress is enough okay so thats what we want.

To delete all you have to do now is go ahead and tap on erase so click on erase and. Then um you can change your name if you want to i recommend not you dont recommend dont recommend to. Change the format or anything just click on erase and let it do its thing okay so its gonna erase. All your data and all your files from macintosh hd now its just a matter of waiting you can hit. Done and as you guys can see it goes automatically to mac os based system for some reason but again.

Just do not play with this or erase anything go back to macintosh hd and as you guys can see. Some of the storage have freed but not the whole thing so go down to macintosh hd data because theres. A little partition on every mac theres going to be this little partition so you have to see that you. Still have quite a lot of storage used as you guys can see right there from this gray area so. Go down to macintosh hd data and then youre gonna need to manually delete it as well okay so go.

Ahead and go to the minus button again it may vary a little bit depending on your computer where this. Minus is delete it and erase it and youre gonna need to get rid of that as well some people. Have a ton of uh sub uh macintosh age data data data delete everything okay so if you have anything. Below macintosh hd youre gonna need to delete it until you see this you see that is completely empty completely. Free and as you guys can see now you have successfully reset your mac you have no info no data.

No apps absolutely anything in your macintosh hd now all you have to do is go up to disk utility. Youre going to go to quit disk utility because now youre done and then were going to need to reinstall. Mac so were just going to reinstall the operating system as easy as that so tap on it hit on. Next and then youre gonna go ahead and install and its gonna probably say that you have to be connected. To wi-fi um yeah you have to do that manually so you can go ahead and hit on ok or.

Go straight to the wi-fi bars connect your wi-fi network connect put in your password and hit ok and then. Its going to go back again right and as soon as that is connected you can go back again and. Install mac os and this install mac os is that mac os based system that we had that we didnt. Play with that we didnt touch if we touched that mac os based system we wouldnt be able to reinstall. Mac os so this is the process were gonna erase um reset the macintosh hd so delete everything from the.

Hd and then reinstall the mac os so then just hit next next next select the hard drive which is. Macintosh hd which is completely empty and completely free for us continue continue and now its just a matter of. Waiting were pretty much done with the processor process right now so now were ready as you can see we. Have the welcome screen meaning that the computer is ready to be set up as a brand new machine so. You can go ahead and set it up if you want to still use it or maybe if you just.

Want to give it away or something your computer is ready empty and blank ready to be given away to. Somebody yours or to be sold or anything like that so thats pretty much it guys hope you enjoyed it. And ill see you in the next video.

Method 3 – How To Factory Reset Your Imac Or Macbook | Quick & Easy Steps In 2020

Hey guys today is going to be a quick video on how to reset your imac or macbook to factory. Settings lets get started a few quick tips before we start the factory reset youre going to want to go. To itunes click on account authorizations and de-authorize this computer next log out of any apps you may have licenses. For after youre all done with that youre going to need some way to save all your important files whether.

Youre using a cloud-based storage like icloud or an external hard drive today im going to be using a seagate. Six terabyte hard drive with a simple drag and drop method now with all that out of the way lets. Get started factory resetting this mac click on the apple in the top left corner then select shutdown make sure. Your mac is completely shut down before continuing once completely shut down hold command r then power on your mac. Continue to hold command r until the mac os utilities pops up once the mac os utilities pops up then.

Click on disk utility option choose your main hard drive named macintosh hd then click erase make sure the format. Is apfs or mac os extended journaled then click erase this step may vary in time depending on how full. Your hard drive is next close disk utility and select reinstall mac os once completed your mac will automatically restart. And you will be greeted with a setup assistant you can hit command q at this point if you want. To leave it at this stage thank you guys for watching this video if you have any comments please leave.

It in the comment section down below also if you found value in this video please hit that like and. Subscribe for some future content thanks guys.

Method 4 – How To Factory Reset A Macbook Pro

Before you sell or give away your old macbook pro youll want to make sure you arent giving away access. To your icloud account and other data in the process today im going to show you how to wipe and. Reset your mac on how to do it all look at this old macbook its from all the way back. In 2015.

Its still got some life left in it but now ive got this brand new macbook pro to. Replace it but there are a few things i need to do before i pass this along to its new. Owner or before it meets its maker before you get ready to say goodbye to your macbook forever make sure. You have a copy of any data you want to keep you can either back it up time machine works. Great for that or if you got a new computer you can move the data directly from the old one.

To the new one i actually made a video showing you how to do just that ill put the link. In the description dont forget to like subscribe and get notified while youre there or while youre here for that. Matter no matter who the new owner of the macbook is going to be its a good idea to remove. Any traces of your icloud account from the machine in the olden days you could use itunes to do this. But since itunes no longer exists you can now use the music tv or books app to sign out on.

Any of those apps go to the account menu select authorizations and then deauthorize this computer youll need to enter. Your apple id and password and then hit the de-authorize button next ill need to turn off find my mac. And sign out of icloud go to system preferences apple id click icloud in the left panel and then uncheck. Find my mac enter your password again to confirm next click overview from the left panel and then click the. Sign out button lastly dont forget to sign out of messages open the messages app go to messages preferences click.

The imessage tab and then click sign out if your macbook is staying in your house maybe getting handed down. To one of your kids youre probably going to want to unpair any bluetooth devices you have connected to it. Especially if you got a new mac you dont want the mouse and keyboard for the new one interfering with. The old one go to system preferences then bluetooth mouse over the device you want to unpair click the x. Button to the right of its name and then click remove might as well go ahead and disconnect your bluetooth.

Earbuds or headphones as well if you havent already this is it after we reset your mac it will forget. You ever existed you need to put your macbook into recovery mode in order to erase all your data and. Reinstall mac os to do that restart your mac and immediately press and hold command r you can release the. Keys when you see the apple logo when you see the mac os utilities window choose disk utility click continue. And then select your startup disk unless you renamed it odds are its named macintosh hd or something similar next.

Click the erase button at the top of the window and fill out these fields choose a name for the. Fresh new volume nothing beats a classic like macintosh hd choose how the drive will be formatted newer macbooks with. Solid state drives will have these options pick the top one finally click erase volume group or just erase if. Thats what you have disk utility will do what it does and when its done quit the program you should. Return to the mac os utilities window if not restart your mac again holding down command r while it reboots.

Like you did before from here select reinstall mac os and follow the instructions to install the operating system when. Thats finished youll be greeted by the setup assistant which you can quit out of and shut down your mac. And now you can give your old friend a kiss goodbye and send them on their way need some more. Help with your mac either your new one or your old one weve got videos on how to clean your. Laptop set up touch id use the touch bar and a whole lot more here on how to do it.


Method 5 – How To Reset Your Mac Before Selling It

Everyone in todays video i wanted to show you how to reset your mac if you want to sell it. Or to give it to someone else im gonna show you in four easy steps and it doesnt matter if. Youre selling an imac or a macbook or macbook pro the process is exactly the same on any computer in. This video im gonna reset a macbook pro so the very first step is to back up your mac and.

Its really easy to do you basically use time machine and make sure you back it up on a external. Hard drive now if you dont know what im talking about if youve never heard a time machine or if. You dont have an external hard drive please watch the video on how to use time machine to back up. Your mac first if you dont care about losing all your information and if you have it backed up some. Other way then you dont have to worry about this step but i recommend using time machine to backing up.

Your before you give it to someone else or sell it for step two we want to sign out of. Things on our mac things like imessage icloud itunes even apps like skype i want to sign out of all. Those things so im gonna show you a couple of the essential ones which you could do inside of icloud. So go to your settings if you come up here and go to system preferences thats gonna open this window. For system preferences and here basically under your apple id you could sign out so im gonna press my apple.

Id and as you could see im using all these options inside of my icloud so i want to make. Sure i sign out here and the way you do that is you could come to this overview and sign. Out depending on your operating system this might be somewhere else so make sure you find sign out and sign. Out of that once you sign out of that come to i messages again make sure you sign out of. This as well i already did that step do it to facetime as well and go to itunes and sign.

Out let me go to itunes to show you where that is for itunes come up here to accounts and. Then press sign out over here just to make sure your sign out everything so you dont have a problem. Later and one last thing come back to system preferences here and go to your icloud and you need to. Check off find my mac so go ahead and press the options ill find my mac and then make sure. You turn these off when you get rid of it you no longer need to worried about these and you.

Dont want them to be attached to your icloud so turn these off while youre on this page on their. Find my mac now that you sign out of everything were gonna go to step three step three is reformatting. Our hard drive now this is gonna erase everything so make sure you have backed it up and sign out. Of your icloud imessages itunes and now in step 3 were gonna erase the whole hard drive so we could. Start from scratch in order to do that we need to restart your computer so come up to the apple.

Logo here and press restart and as soon as the computer starts to restart you want to hold down command. Or while is rebooting backup so right when we boot back up and you see the apple logo as long. As youre holding command r youre gonna get mac os utilities this is where were gonna erase our hard drive. On this page were gonna choose disk utility the last option on this page thats gonna let us erase our. Disk erase or hard drive completely again youre gonna lose everything and youre not gonna be able to get it.

Back unless youve backed up using time machines so were gonna choose this option and on this page i care. About the internal hard drive in this case is called untitled yours might be your name or something else but. Choose that and then click the erase option here right on top and its gonna give us the option to. Rename it so if yours is untitled for example you could name it something else in this case im just. Gonna call it apple ssd and under format you could just choose the very first one a pfs here in.

Some computers it might be called mac os journal it depends on the drop-down menu that you have here but. A pfs is the right format here im gonna choose that and im gonna press erase now this is gonna. Format my hard drive and all the information will be gone so let this process complete till you get the. Checkmark and then you could press done so now i could come up to disk utility here and quit disk. Utility so it will take me back to the previous page here with a brand new hard drive but now.

I need to go to step four which is reinstalling your mac operating system so thats the option here that. Im gonna choose reinstalled mac operating system when you buy a new computer for example you could choose the option. On top that says restore from a time machine back up so our first step was backing up the time. Machine so when you buy a new computer you could choose that to basically use time machine to bring everything. Back to a new mac but in this case lets restart mac os its gonna choose the right mac os.

Here for you so you could go ahead and press continue press i agree to the terms on condition and. Then you want to choose the disc now i have the apple ssd its basically the one i formatted here. When i set this up so im gonna choose this hard drive and im gonna press install now this is. Gonna take a little bit of time because its installing from the internet that operating system onto my computer so. Im gonna let that go on and the next step is after it does do it install its gonna go.

To the black page where youre gonna see the apple logo again and the progress bar and as soon as. That bar completes youre gonna get a brand new computer and finally youre gonna see the welcome screen now you. Could go ahead and set this up but i like to leave it as a brand new mac so i. Wont even choose a country or anything here so when you hand it off or sell it to someone else. They basically get it exactly as you get it out of the apple factory with the welc.

Conclusion – How Do I Restore My Mac To Factory Settings

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