How Do I Save A Website To My Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i save a website to my iphone,

Method 1 – How To Save Your Favorite Website As An Iphone App

Hi everyone carolyn here with blue leaf calm simple data reporting and client interaction for financial advisors today im going. To show everyone a simple little trick you can do on your apple device whether it be your ipad or. Iphone i have my iphone 4s here were going to save any web url as an app bookmark to her. Home screen so you could have one click quick access to your favorite websites for this demo im gonna use.

Blue tiff as an example for all you blue file users out there you can do this for yourself for. Your adviser dashboard or you can offer this trick to your clients so they can access their client portals via. Their iphones or ipads how cool so when we create these bookmarks theyre gonna behave like all other apps on. Your phone you can shift them around your xm out and again were gonna do it with any web url. We want im gonna delete my blue leave app just so i can show you how to create it and.

Its really simple the first thing you do is you go to safari and you enter the url that youd. Like to bookmark and save you home screen once the page loads youre gonna go to this bottom center button. Here with the square and the arrow pointing you click on it and youre presented with a few different options. Of what you can do at the url you can nail it you can send it out via text you. Can tweet it in the center here though it says add to homepage were gonna click on that up comes.

A little option to name your app name your bookmark blue leaf has our logo show up as the app. Icon here if you just for other web pages it might show up blank thats okay just gonna be a. Blank icon on your iphone weve set up leave to have our nice little logo there for you and your. Clients and you can name the app whatever youd like im gonna leave it as louise thats nice and simple. And it will appear nicely on my iphone so if youd like you can rename it and then you click.

Add and voila it appears on your phone there it is and again the blue f1 shows up as our. Nice little bead and next time you click it it does open safari but it leads you right to that. Url and your clients can login to their portal if they remain logged in at their portal well just pop. Up and its really simple quick way to save any url to your apple homescreen so again we live users. Feel free to share this trick with your clients so they can have even easier access to their finances 24/7.

Via their bluetooth client portal so you have it lets run through quickly one more time open safari go to. The url bottom center button click add to home screen rename if youd like click add and voila theres your. Own little app and now i have two blue leaf apps thats kind of excessive but you know better to. Than zero so there you have it good luck have fun and visit the blue leaf blog for more tips. And tricks for running a more efficient financial advisory business have a good day everyone.

Method 2 – Ios 13 Add Website To Home Screen Iphone 11

Hey guys so im gonna show you that a website their home screen for any iphone so its pretty simple. First you have to open up safari and english go to whichever website you want on your home screen now. At the bottom here you guys should see this icon right here in the middle ill share icon so just. Click on that now if your screen does not look like this then youre an irish twelver earlier so show.

You that in a few seconds but but i was 13 youre just gonna press right here and add to. Home screen and from here you guys can edit the title and then his press done now if youre still. In ios 12 then at the bottom i get in quick on share and here the interface is a bit. Different so to scroll to the right until you see add to home screen and again this press done alright. Guys hopefully this helped out thanks for watching and let me know in the comments below if you have any.


Method 3 – Iphone 12

Hey the video recorder club mentioned hayek in create a website to the auto news thats actually in the text. Box then have or wins and then the shock and yahoo website.

Method 4 – Iphone: Add A Website To The Home Screen

Now im gonna go over how you can save a weds website to your home screen that way you dont. Have to keep opening the browser and going to the same website if its one you visit often you can. Just save it as an app on your home screen basically so you want to go ahead and open up. Safari and go to the website you want to save to the home screen once youve pulled up the website.

That you want to add to the home screen down at the bottom you can see the share button that. Little square with the arrow pointing up if you just tap on that and if you scroll up on this. Share sheet you will see right here it says add home screen so youll click that and from here you. Can go ahead and tap on the name and what its gonna be called you can go ahead and shorten. That or change it to whatever you want and then down below it you see the actual web url but.

Once you have it named and everything looks right you just click add and then there you go you can. See its right there on our home screen we can adjust and move it around to wherever we want or. We can long press on it and share the bookmark you can go ahead and text it to someone or. Share it you know via any way you want or if you long press you can delete the bookmark as. Well so thats how you go and save a website to your home screen on an iphone hopefully that helps.

Method 5 – How To Install Apps Without Appstore On Any Iphone (2021) | How To Download Apps Without App Store

Hey so whats up guys once again and welcome back to another fresh video today i will show you how. To install apps without app store on iphone and ipad and ios 13 under us 14. Process is really simple. And easy you can easily install apps without app store let me show you guys you can see i have.

A iphone 6s and currently virgin is ios 14.4 so how can i install apps without app store okay guys. So step by step follow me and i hope you can enjoy this method before starting this video i request. You please subscribe my youtube channel and press the bell icon for latest notification so lets get started friends first. You can open your safari app once here we go you can search ios ninja okay guys simply you can. Search this one so you can see here is ios ninja dot io simply you can type to first link.

Once you can do it simply you can wait a few seconds to open next page you need to scroll. Down and you can find install now here is option install now simply you can type here okay guys so. You can wait to install ios ninja profile okay this website is trying to download configuration profile do you want. To allow this okay guys so simply you can allow this profile downloaded review the profile in setting gap if. You want to install it go back to home menu and you can find setting simply here and you can.

See here is profile downloaded simply you can open ios ninja installed in ios 14.4 simply you can install this. Enter your iphone password so you can enter and then type to install okay guys go back to home menu. Here is the ios ninja app here simply you can drop and again open and you can wait to open. It okay guys so you can close this one and you can see guys all apps is here you can. Easily install jailbreak apps tweak us emulator so if you want to download the pacific app like that instagram plus.

Plus youtube plus plus uncovered what to see whatsapp so this app is very amazing and a lot of many. Apps without app store hope you guys enjoy this method so if you like this video please subscribe to my. Youtube channel and press the bell icon for latest more notification thanks for watching see you in the next video.

Conclusion – How Do I Save A Website To My Iphone

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