How Do I Send A Text Message To My Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i send a text message to my email,

Method 1 – How To Send A Text Message From Your Email Account (2020)

Hey youtube welcome back easy technology fans in this tutorial im going to be showing yall how to send a. Text message from your email account and you can do this from your cell phone or your computer so this. Is very convenient because if you dont have your phone with you you only have your laptop you can send. Anybody a text so lets go ahead and get started im just gonna open up the internet browser and then.

Make sure just go to your email so im gonna do and then im gonna pick any email ill. Sign up with my z technology email let me log in all right once youre all logged in basically what. You have to do is compose an email just like normal go ahead and do that and then under the. Two section instead of writing somebody elses email youre gonna write their 10 digit phone number so just to show. You how it works im going to send a text message to myself so let me type in my phone.

Number and then youre going to write since i have a tnt so im going to be writing at txt. Dot att dot net and if you have other carriers in the us then ill be listing the descript in. The description below what you need to type after your 10 digit phone number so for example if you have. Qriket itll be your 10 digit phone number at if you have sprint itll be add messaging dot s. If you have t-mobile itll be your 10 digit phone number at t m o m a i l net.

And if you have verizon itll be a 10 digit phone number at all right write what you want. To write in the subject ill just write hi and then write what you want to write in the messages. So lets just say go out and vote today all right and thats pretty much it go ahead and send. It so as yall know i just sent a message to myself and i got it and im going to. Reply im going to say okay thank you on my phone through the same message on the number that got.

Sent to me and there it is as yall can see it heres my phone number it says me and. Heres my reply i said okay thank you so there you go thats pretty much it for this tutorial make. Sure you like subscribe if you havent done so and share this video thank you.

Method 2 – How To Send A Text Message From Iphone To Emails.

Same time we certainly understand the importance of having a paper trail so let me show you how to save. A text message and email it to yourself so that you can store it and have a paper trail were. Going to simply go to our message icon where we get our text messages ad im going to open it. Up im going to open the message or the text message that i want a screen shot on that i.

Want to save so ive got that information im going to push the home button which is here at the. Bottom this will button right here it is your home button and the on and off button here at the. Top of your phone quickly and simultaneously until you hear a little snapshot listen did you hear the snapshot what. That did is it just took a picture or a photo of this text message so now im going to. Go back to the home button here at the bottom im going to go to photos im going to open.

That up and i find the photo of the text screen or the screenshot of which i just took im. Going to go here to the bottom left hand corner where i see the little box with the little arrow. Hit that and then it gives me the option i want to go to my little mail icon now its. Embedding that screenshot that i just took of that text message into the body of my email im going to. Go and im going to obviously address this this time to myself so i can have record of it and.

A subject line im going to put test but you might want to put your clients name or maybe the. Property address of the two will be able to store it easily so for my purpose like this im going. To put test im going to hit send did you hear there little airplane that just sent it to my. Messages now im going to go over to my messages and theres my text for my email message that i. Received with my text body and now i can save that email to were a file so that i have.

That paper trail hopefully this helps you maintain that information so that you do have that constant paper trail if. I can be a further assistance call im margaret with independence title two one zero two six two two zero. Two six good luck it let me know how i can help.

Method 3 – Can You Send A Text Message To An Email Address – Try It Yourself!

Hey you won just a quick video here from chase and i get the question or ive seen it asked. Can you send a text message to an email address and actually you can i didnt realize that but i. Tested it myself and thats really what you need to do if you can send pictures and or rich text. Like icons and things like that you can probably do that so you just have to test it compose a.

Text message and put the email address in where you normally put the phone and then just hit send you. Can send it to yourself as a test and i did that and it worked just perfectly fine so you. Just gotta test it not all text plans have it but if you can send images itll probably work so. Send a test message to yourself and just put the email address in where you normally put the phone number. That hit send and check your email and youll probably have it so hope you enjoyed this video give it.

A like and subscribe and ill do more videos in the future like this thanks and have a great day. You.

Method 4 – How To Share Text Messages To Email Easy Iphone

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How Do I Forward A Text Message Thread To Email On Iphone?

Take our lead lets help you make your mark our goal is your satisfaction let us show you the way. Using an ios device to forward texts press and hold the message until the options menu appears click more tap. The circle next to each text or component of a message and click on the forward button enter the email. Address you want to send the message to and click the arrow 1 screen lets help you make your mark.

Tap on the curved arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen then enter the phone number or email. Address that you wish to send the text the conversation to 4. You can also hold a finger down on. The new text message and tap copy to copy it for pasting elsewhere on your iphone such as into an. Email or a note make your mark take our lead how to forward text messages to email on android open.

The messages app and select the conversation that contains the messages you want to forward tap and hold the message. You want to forward until more options appear tap forward which may appear as an arrow choose the contact tap. The send button make your mark take our lead you can divert your incoming sms to any local dialogue number. And idd number or to any email address as well this can be a lifesaver if your phone is dying. Or youre running out of credit to use this service simply send div mobile number to divert and send it.

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Conclusion – How Do I Send A Text Message To My Email

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