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Method 1 – Covid Origin Response Has Been Detrimental To Science: Former Cdc Director

Why were we waived off of that so early on when when were now being told that we dont know. And that we should do a thorough investigation of exactly that um martha id deny that you were waived off. Of that by me i would say you were waived off of some more outrageous conspiracy theories that had really. No categorical sense to them but the idea of a lab leak was never anything that i thought was impossible.

So you remember that interview here on the story then nih director francis collins he has now retired confirmed that. It was plausible that covid escaped from a lab as new internal documents obtained by fox news from months prior. Reveal a concerted effort to suppress that idea from making it into the public purview heres special report anchor brett. Baer january 31st dr christian anderson a noted virologist at the scripps lab privately tells fauci that after discussions with. His colleagues some of covet 19s features potentially look engineered just four days later five american british and australian researchers.

Who were all on that fouchy conference call author preliminary findings that abandoned their earlier private beliefs that kovitt was. Likely the result of a laboratory leak its unclear what new evidence prompted such a drastic 180 but private communications. Show the various drafts of their report are sent to fouchy and collins for editing and approval more than a. Month later we now learn doctors christian anderson and robert gary two of the authors of that scientific report who. Were in close contact with dr fauci are awarded a nearly nine million dollar research grant from fouchys agency okay.

So thats a lot to absorb right in an email from april 2020 dr francis collins asks dr fauci how. They can quote help put down this very destructive conspiracy former cdc director dr robert redfield joins me now dr. Redford welcome back to the program good to have you with us once again uh what do you make of. These emails uh what story do they tell you and do they back up what you have said in the. Past which is that you think it likely did generate in the lab well thanks for having me martha you.

Know i do want to say as a clinical virologist i always have said that i dont think its biologically. Plausible that this virus emerged from a bat to some intermediate species into humans and became one of the most. Transmissible viruses that we know in human disease that this virus clearly had a detour and that detour was being. Educated how to infect human tissue in the laboratory i think thats the most plausible explanation i think the problem. I have with the emails and everything that weve just seen that everything that brett brought up which is so.

Important is really antithetical to science i mean the purpose of science is to have rigorous debate about different hypotheses. Ive never really experienced in my life where there was private telephone calls among scientists that had a decision on. What position they would take collectively and to see that position then published in a scientific journal like lancet to. Say that individuals that thought like myself had a different scientific hypothesis somehow had to be put down and viewed. As conspirators this is really antithetical to science uh i have firm belief that science eventually will resolve and solve.

This mystery of the origin of covid but in order for science to do it weve got to embrace science. And what we saw here in these emails is really antithetical to science okay so the question is why why. Would dr fauci and dr collins as i asked him in that interview wave everyone off the lab theory and. You can see them talking about doing exactly that in these emails what did they have at stake why didnt. They want people to think it came from the lab well i think their intentions were in their view good.

Intentions i think they believed that somehow discussing a possible leak from a laboratory would be detrimental to science in. Reality the way they responded to this in my view has been detrimental to science and its not just the. Nih leadership it was the broader scientific community that decided in a really anti-science way that there was only one. Way we were going to allow people to think about this i think they did it because they were very. Concerned that if it was thought that this may have come from science in a laboratory that that would harm.

Science and they were trying to protect science what did they think about but did they think that it would. Harm science or did they think that it would throw shade on them and the relationship that the nih and. Funding and money that went to these experiments um you know juicing up these these viruses coronaviruses in this lab. Well theres no question that theres that complicating factor also as you know since this work research was funded um. By the nih but i really do i do believe that the real goal um behind this was a fear.

Of of hurting science and the power of science and the ability of science and what it can contribute to. Society in in reality they accomplish the opposite i think science has been very harmed by this and i think. You know im still going to be an optimist that the scientific community will come back to embrace the principles. Of science and have a rigorous debate and use science to unravel the origin i think if you look at. The data that we have and brett presented some of it i mean theres a lot of data thats been.

Gathered over the last two years that really point to the hypothesis that i support that this virus evolved in. The laboratory but if thats the case and theres very limited yeah go ahead no i was just saying theres. Very limited data that weve gotten over the last three years to support uh dr collinss and dr faucis position. But isnt it dangerous to ignore your side of the theory because especially now that were dealing when you and. I spoke you said essentially this virus was supercharged in the lab and that is why it is so virulent.

And so able to continue to spin off all of these variants that were still dealing with dr fauci is. Still in charge of overseeing the handling of this virus in this country and if he doesnt accept that notion. Doesnt it make it pretty hard for him to dictate the direction of dealing with it and tamping it down. Yeah i think its harmful in the most the way thats the most harmful from my point of view is. What i put in the op-ed in the wall street journal i really think we need to have a moratorium.

On gain of function research until the larger society can debate whether it has value for society and if were. Going to do it how we do it in a safe and responsible way i do not believe this is. A decision that should be made just by a group of of scientists it has enormous impact and i do. Think the most important thing is now we have gain of function research being done all over the world and. We used to only have to defend our defense defend of ourself against a pathogen that came from nature and.

Now we have to worry about a pathogen from the lab or nature and i got to go but given. All this i need a short answer do you think that dr fauci should be fired should he lose his. Job for not recognizing this side of the equation which is very serious and has led to serious ramifications across. Around the world well i hope that uh tony would reflect on this and and then provide the science leadership. That we need uh to move forward im not going to comment i i have a lot of respect for.

Him over the years i i think he needs to step back and not try to second guess and and. Make things a way that he thinks the world can hear we should just tell the truth that says it. All dr redfield thank you hey sean hannity here hey click here to subscribe to fox news youtube page and. Catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else.

Method 2 – Biden Sending Troops To Eastern Europe Soon As Ukraine Turmoil Intensifies | Fox 7 Austin

The countrys top military leaders general milley and defense secretary austin both say the u.s remains committed to our nato. Allies meanwhile russias foreign minister insists if it was up to russia there will be no war but president biden. Is warning russia could invade ukraine next month foxs steve harrigan has the latest it is a day of diplomacy. Russia says its considering an official response to the u.s after its key demand a halt to nato expansion was.

Rejected but moscow also says americas willingness to discuss issues like missile defense and military drills is a sign the. Russian strategy is working diplomats from four countries will meet in berlin in two weeks to discuss an end to. The crisis we certainly have no intent whatsoever that im aware of of putting offensive forces to attack russia and. I dont think thats natos intent at all meanwhile the military buildup continues on both sides in addition to sending. More assets to belarus just to the north the russian military is also holding drills in the black sea with.

Nato keeping a close watch on both areas nato is already in the region we already have assets both on. The ground in the black sea region and the baltic region beyond the military preparations the u.s is also planning. A strong economic response targeting moscows wallet with crippling sanctions aimed at russian banks companies and imports if ukraine is. Attacked russia says that would lead to a complete severing of diplomatic ties and the west is misunderstanding the goal. Of the russian military our troops are not a threat they are a warning to ukraine not to try any.

Reckless military adventures and the white house is holding talks to make sure potential sanctions dont interrupt the global financial. System in kiev ukraine steve harrigan fox news.

Method 3 – The Five’ Slam Emails Revealing Dr. Fauci’s Relationship With China

Dr anthony fauci causing more controversy as he is being accused of profiting off the pandemic by putting out a. New book that was written during the health crisis and newly released emails now show that between fauci and a. Researcher tied to the wuhan lab they reveal that fauci may have given china a free pass early on that. Researcher writing this i just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators for.

Publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for covid19 from a bat to human. Spillover not a lab release from the wuhan institute of virology i dont know greg my first question is why. Would dr falchi have been communicating directly with a researcher from the wuhan lab and did he take that researcher. At his word i suppose that and i think that researcher i fact checked me on this somebody over there. Who are you talking to just anybody but wasnt this is this a dude hes was really involved in this.

And this stuff and he was on the board of like fact checking on facebook so he was like he. Was he had his finger and everything by the way the book title is uh fouchys book title is expect. The unexpected 10 lessons in truth service and the way forward that was the second choice because how i saved. The world was taken what i really noticed in the emails was how many there were so many kiss ass. Emails by people in the media and other industries trying to ingratiate themselves to pope fauci and it was so.

There was so much fawning that i think i got a deer tick just reading them but i think i. I theres a hes all over the place hes very careful hes very cagey because he knows that his emails. Are going to be red but this is this is kind of scary because basically theyre massaging this idea away. Theyre trying to make it go away to gregs point about the praise jesse that particular email went on to. Stay from my perspective your comments are brave the researchers said to fauci and coming from your trusted voice will.

Help dispel the myths being spun around the viruses origins vouchers about to get the avenatti treatment you know love. You one minute and then the next minute theyre like who are you because hes no longer going to be. Useful this is a long list of dirty laundry from fauci theres emails in there of scientists saying yeah this. Virus looks like its engineered you might want to look into it one scientist emailed hey this is how they. Engineered it yeah vouchers in there sending emails you know masks dont really work and then hes out there on.

Tv saying people need to double mask this is bad stuff and i think bidens gonna soon look to get. Dr anthony fauci a little bit of an off-ramp because next senate hearing i see rand paul licking his chops. Hes going to tear the doctor a new one and its not going to be pretty harold jesse is referencing. The one expert who warned fouchy in january 2020 that the coronavirus potentially looked engineered and had some unusual features. So to gregs point about this book that fauchy is writing about the truth will he reveal that he was.

Given a heads up to look into that at the very least well see look i think if you pull. Back the covers on emails and a lot of things i think youll find a lot of back and forth. Between people and government its hard for me to reach a conclusion that dr fauci is anything other than maybe. Politically naive to call him intentionally malicious or un-american from a guy whos given his entire public life from aids. To covet 40 years has he made some mistakes sure i think when president trump i think maybe naively suggested.

That maybe we could inject ourselves with soap and that might serve as a defense to covet and he asked. Doctor say that harold well no he he asked dr burks the question no its about light it was about. Infrared light no but he also asked about well whatever it was i thought it was it was an interesting. Question and she answered that do i have one of those so all im saying is i think that i. Think we have to you have to be willing to move beyond that and if we find that theres an.

Effort by dr fauci to have covered up the fact that this came from this lab and were now going. To investigate it um then i think the the daggers should be out but its just hard for me to. Reach a conclusion uh that i mean i dont think president reagan wanted anything but freedom for our country even. Though the iran contra thing happened on his watch people make mistakes they say things and they move on this. Is not even close to iran contra but well learn from this book and well learn more if we allow.

An investigation i hope my party and i hope republicans allow for an investigation to take place in congress so. We can get to the bottom of whether this came from now but how many people died in iran contra. Compared to a pandemic well more people died during this pandemic than iran contract right if it looks like youre. Not blaming it for china if if you can point back to that money that went to wuhan to do. Gain a function and him trying to cover that up after 3.5 million people have died so they could keep.

The heat on trump instead of china and then lock every american down so the democrats can rewrite all these. State election laws to beat trump no thats a pretty big scandal but i i accept that but do you. Tell i want to understand what youre saying youre saying if we had determined at the beginning that this came. From the lab as opposed to manufacturing because this would have united the country against china instead of divided the. Country against trump let me get degan in here because harolds making the point about public service dr fauci 40.

Plus years but hes writing a book and hes profiting off of that book a book that he chose to. Write during the pandemic while this health crisis was still happening imagine writing a book during a pandemic i mean. Who has the time yeah at least he waited a little bit longer than killer cuomo here in new york. Um hes a spotlight seeking hack and weve seen that repeatedly over and over again he changes his story still. Gets booked on cnn listen the last two books i read were about ted bundy and diane downs who tried.

To murder her three kids killing one of them so you know reading fouchys book isnt out of the question. For me the issue is money it is always following the money and faucis national institute of allergy and infectious. Diseases funneled money through that researcher peter daysex eco health alliance into the wuhan lab and fauci says definitively while. It didnt go to gain a function research to potentially make the make of coronavirus more transmissible and more deadly. He does not know that there is no way for him to ever know that but what i do know.

Is that money from the united states could have gone to potentially create a virus that has come back and. Killed what six hundred thousand americans and three and a half million people worldwide i kind of think that is. Worth looking into and by the way tony fauci hes passed his expiration date but hes not naive so if. A explosion happens in a town that has a munitions factory you dont go look in the laundromat you go. Look in the munitions factory daily caller had a tweet out today sick of him yet it was every cover.

Of every magazine dr fauci has graced during this crisis one sitting by a pool as we know hey sean. Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to fox news youtube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling. Analysis you will not get it anywhere else.

Method 4 – Biden Family Business Dealings With China Is A ‘National Security Issue’: Schweizer

Party peter schweitzer is the author of the new book red-handed how american elites get rich helping china win the. Number one book right now on amazon he joins me this morning peter good morning to you thanks very much. Your reaction to what you just heard at that uh at joe biden and uh when we heard from him. In october 2020 right before the election yeah its a pretty remarkable saying i mean i guess technically its true.

In that he didnt directly take the money but as we point out in the book hunter biden complained to. Family members that he was having to send half of his money to pop meaning his father thats money he. Collected overseas and theres plenty of evidence of him paying his fathers bills while he was vice president of the. United states and all of that money came from foreign sources so joe biden is being deceptive and not honest. With the american people when he makes that statement yeah i mean weve got a graphic here of a text.

From hunter biden to his daughter naomi and he says i hope you all can do what i did and. Pay for everything for the entire family for 30 years uh its really hard but dont worry unlike pop joe. I wont make you give me half your salary so what was going on hunter biden is rolling in the. Dough and hes paying all the family bills yeah hes paying a lot of the family bills and some of. The money from china we know goes to james biden uh whats important maria to understand is that you know.

People want to think of this as a hunter biden problem or just a corruption problem when you look at. The origins of this money we wanted to look at the deals that hunter biden got in china and figure. Out who opened the door and made those deals happen and i have to tell you maria the five deals. We know of every single one of them points to an official in china who has links to the highest. Levels of chinese intelligence meaning the vice minister for state security who has responsibility for foreign recruitments the former minister.

Of state securities family himself uh the list goes on and on so this is not just a question anymore. Of corruption self-dealing self-enrichment you have to start asking the question china had a concerted effort to lets say undermine. This family and this family i would say we have to ask serious questions about whether theyre compromised peter i. Want to ask you if this is treason illegal and then i want to get your take on the real. Reason nancy pelosi refuses to hold hearings on the origin of covet well also talk silicon valley quick break and.

Then weve got more with peter schweitzer stay with us welcome back were back with peter schweitzer hes author of. The new book red-handed he is president of government accountability institute peter were talking about the conflicts that joe biden. Has and his family with china this is not just a a legality question this is an issue of national. Security you have reported that the biden family accepted 31 million dollars do you believe this is treason given the. Fact that the ccp is an adversary of america well look all i can say maria is im old enough.

To remember the cold war when we were uh combating the evil empire the soviet union and its unfathomable to. Me that we would have tolerated at that time an american first family or second family of the vice presidency. Uh doing business deals with russian businessmen who are business partners with the highest levels of the kgb i dont. Understand why its different for china china has the same goals as the soviet union they want to supplant us. So people i think in washington have to get serious about this this is not a partisan issue its a.

National security issue yeah for sure and of course weve got the evidence right in front of us this email. That weve reported on now for a few years tony babilinski uh a partner of hunter biden at the time. With emails back and forth to chinese executives officials saying heres how were going to do the deal of uh. The cefc oil company uh uh 20 for hunter uh they go down the list of all of the partners. And then at the end it says 10 held by h meaning hunter for the big guy so the big.

Guy apparently is joe biden uh where is this going i mean you know social media has censored all of. This uh they have and as i point out in the book the big tech companies all of them microsoft. Google also have their i would argue compromised relationships uh with china so its a big problem maria american elites. From wall street to silicon valley a lot of them in washington d.c republicans and democrats we name names they. All have commercial ties with china and look chinas not looking for them to be robots on every issue as.

I point out the china strategy going back to the mao era when they forge these relationships what theyre looking. For is loosely translated to english big help with a little bad mouth so as long as youre helping them. On the big things they dont care if you occasionally ding them for the uyghurs or you complain about human. Rights violations if youre doing the core stuff thats important to them they will be happy and the money will. Keep flowing and thats the inherent problem that we face today well its extraordinary to me that nancy pelosi has.

Not had one hearing on the origins of covid why not is it because shes conflicted as well you report. About nancy and paul pelosi in the book yeah thats right i mean nancy pelosi used to be a hawk. On china uh and then something happened in the late 2000s her husband starting doing deals in china uh he. Was a partner investor in a investment firm he held about a 10 million dollar stake in that firm that. Was investing in mainland china uh he was involved with two limousine companies remember the 2008 beijing olympics nancy pelosi.

Initially supported a boycott but when comp two limousine companies that her husband owned part of got contracts to ferry. Vips around the beijing olympics in 2008 she changed her position her son also paul pelosi jr has also sought. Deals in mainland china so this is a problem and again she may ding them occasionally on the uyghurs but. On the big important things like exposing kovid she has not allowed a single congressional hearing on that subject in. The last two years i mean that is incredible almost a million people are dead because of covid we know.

All the circumstantial evidence theres a lab leak in the wuhan institute of virology and that one hearing on the. Origin she wont bring it to the floor you also report about dianne feinstein she was the chairman of the. Intel committee in the senate while her husband invested in a chinese computer company that sold uh sold computers to. The u.s military i mean its just extraordinary big tech is right there you report on microsoft and bill gates. What can you tell us well i would microsoft bill gates and also google uh sponsor artificial intelligence research in.

China with laboratories that are known to be linked to the chinese military in fact microsoft believe it or not. Accepts interns from the peoples liberation army why is this important well president xi himself has said whoever wins the. Race in artificial intelligence will gain quote unquote the commanding heights in the competition for world domination in technology so. Our biggest tech firms are actually aiding and abetting beijing in the artificial intelligence race against the united states and. There are numerous other examples of bill gates investing personally in companies that develop military technologies and bill gates also.

Functions as an advisor of sorts to the beijing government he joins something called the chinese academy of engineering which. Is not like it sounds its a communist party or controlled organization and its job is to advise the chinese. Government on achieving technological advancement and superiority so its an enormous problem all the big firms are involved yeah and. Let me just point out that under the trump administration google pulled working with the u.s government and uh allowing. The u.s government to use its ai because the employees balk they didnt want to work with donald trump i.

Mean the the story and how this has played out is just extraordinary they obviously do not think theres a. Difference if the chinese empire is the number one superpower on how their children will be raised peter thanks for. Unleashing all of this the expose is a must read peter schweitzer joining us this morning.

Method 5 – Biden Administration Torched Over Immigration Crisis

Lets bring in michigan republican congresswoman lisa mclean a member of the house armed services committee and the house education. And labor committee its not just texas where these folks are being released we talked about it last night on. The fox report charter flights are are bringing uh illegal aliens to airports all over the country theyre releasing them. In the middle of the night and letting them go who knows where because the the federal government isnt telling.

Us the administration isnt telling us what do you say to that congresswoman i say its an embarrassment i say. Shame on president biden and when is this administration going to start putting the american people first whats happening down. At our southern border is absolutely unbelievable yet our northern border were locked down and everyones got to get a. Covid test and you have to show your id to make sure that your code that you are who you. Are when you have your cova test i wonder if thats going on at the southern border i can assure.

You .

Conclusion – How Do I Send An Email To Fox News

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