How Do I Stop Windows 10 From Saving To Onedrive – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i stop windows 10 from saving to onedrive, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i stop windows 10 from saving to onedrive,

Method 1 – How To Stop Windows 10 From Saving Files To Onedrive | Guiding Tech

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Method 2 – How To Stop Windows 10 From Saving Files To Onedrive

Hello everyone this is mdtech here with another tutorial today i will be showing how to disable onedrive during the. Startup of your windows 10 computer this is very simple so were going to want to do is head over. To our system tray down the bottom right hand corner click on the up arrow that says show hidden icons. Youre going to be looking for this little icon that has two clouds on it one is overlapping the other.

One right click on that and then left click on settings and then go underneath the settings tab and then. Deselect start onedrive automatically when i sign into windows this will disable one drive so that it will not boot. When you start up your computer and then click ok if youre looking to unlink your onedrive account from your. Computer if it has already been set up you could select it here but i have not done that already. So that is why that option is grayed out so i hope this video helped you out guys and i.

Will see you in the next tutorial goodbye.

Method 3 – Windows 10 – How To Disable Onedrive And Remove It From File Explorer On Windows 10

Hello everyone how are you doing this is md tacky or another quick tutorial the day im going to show. You guys how to disable onedrive on windows 10 so this should be a pretty quick tutorial and were gonna. Jump right into it and were gonna start by going down to our system tray down the bottom right corner. Of our screen and you want a left click on this little upward facing arrow one time and now theyre.

Shipping and i kind of looks like a cloud you want to right click on that icon and you want. To proceed the left click on the settings button right above and now you want to go down to left. Click on the settings tab and where it says start onedrive automatically when i sign into windows you want to. Deselect that by clicking inside that box one time and then you want to click on ok then i recommend. You restart your computer and now id also recommend going into the start menu left click one-on-one time and either.

You can type in settings or including a little gear icon if you have one already hover over on the. Left side it says settings you want to left-click on that you want to click on the system tile more. Apps depending on what version of windows youre running there might be a button that says apps but for my. Version on windows its going to say system and then im gonna go underneath apps and features on the left. Side so again it might be a little bit different for you guys depending on what version of windows youre.

Running so now on the right you want to type in underneath searches list you want to type in one. And the best magic comes up should say microsoft onedrive right here click inside of here and then select uninstall. Itll say the app and its related info will be uninstalled so out to uninstall and if you receive a. User account control window you saw it yes and this should completely remove onedrive from your computer so if you. Ever wanted to reinstall you could always go through the windows store and get it again but for most of.

You guys once you play uninstall you dont want it again so just want to put that out there but. I do hope i was able to help you guys out and as always thank you for watching and i. Will catch you in the next tutorial goodbye.

Method 4 – How Do I Stop Files From Going To Onedrive

One of my viewers has asked me how to stop one drive from uploading everything to the cloud so in. This video im gonna show you what to do to solve this problem so lets get started first lets go. To this pc here you can see the cloud sign on the desktop on the documents on the pictures that. Means whatever you put on your desktop documents and pictures would be automatically backed up into one drive and soon.

It will fill up the free 5 gb that one drive gives us if you select one drive here you. Could see these three folders are saved in one drive step number one click on the cloud icon in here. Now select help and settings then we need to select settings here you can select unlink this pc to completely. Remove one drive from this computer or you could go to the backup tab on here make sure under photos. And videos to automatically save photos and videos to one drive is unchecked also under screenshots make sure automatically save.

Screenshots i capture to onedrive is also unchecked now go and click on manage backup here we can stop the. Backup one by one so click on stop backup under desktop basically it says are you sure that you want. To stop the backup because whatever you save on your desktop wont be saved anymore to the cloud so click. On stop backup so this message is interesting it says that the files that you have already backed up into. Your desktop on one drive will still remain in one drive so if you want to get rid of them.

You could go and delete them just click on close now we need to repeat the same procedure for documents. Click on stop backup click on close and now we need to do on pictures click on stop backup click. On stop backup and click on close now we can close this click on ok now if you select this. Pc you could see that the cloud sign is removed from desktop documents and pictures now if you click on. Your c drive then click on users and then click on your username and then you should see a folder.

Called onedrive select it here you can see the three folders desktop documents and pictures check whether you got anything. That is important to you and save them outside one drive once youre happy select all three then click on. Delete just make sure you have a backup of all the files and folders inside these three folders because once. We delete it here it will be deleted once and forever once you have read and understood this click on. Yes in this way we have increased the available free space on one drive i hope this video was useful.

If it was please dont forget to watch my other videos on my left and to subscribe to support my. Channel i hope to see you in my next video bye.

Method 5 – How To Disable Onedrive On Your Windows 10 | Stop Syncing A Folder In Onedrive

Hey guys in this video im going to show you how you can remove or unlink one drive from your. Windows 10 operating system so what you can do is you can open your folder explorer and you will see. One drive option here so you can right click on this one drive and then click on the settings option. Here and you will be able to see this kind of window now in one drive window you need to.

Select the account tab here and then you will see this link which says unlink this pc if you dont. See onedrive on this folder explorer you can also see this one drive icon on your taskbar so when you. Click on this one drive task mark you will be able to see this kind of pop-up window and here. Also you can see this help and settings and then you can click on the settings option which is going. To open the same window so for unlinking im going to just click on unlink this pc and its going.

To show you this message which says your onedrive files will stop syncing locally available file will remain on this. Device while online only files will be removed so im going to just click on unlink account and once you. Do that you will see that there is no option now available for one drive on this folder explorer and. Also you will be able to see here one drive is signed off so that means that now you have. Successfully unlinked your onedrive from your windows 10 operating system now in order to uh just link one drive once.

Again for your file syncing you can either click on this option which says onedrive or otherwise if you dont. Find this you can just search for one drive here and then click on one drive option which is going. To show you this kind of window okay so here once again you need to sign in with your microsoft. Account so i will do that so i will give my email id and then i will give my password. And now im going to provide my password and then click on sign in and its going to load again.

You just need to choose next here just leave everything as default and then click on use this folder and. Once you do that you will see that when you open your folder explorer now one drive is uh available. And and when you click on this one drive option you will also see all these files which are synced. Right and you will also see this message which says get the most out of one drive if you want. To go premium you can click on this option otherwise you can click on not now and then click on.

Next and then click on next and you can choose which kind of files you want to uh sync i. Will just click on next here and then i will just click on later and then i will just click. On open my onedrive folder which is going to open my onedrive folder right so this is how you can. Link or unlink your onedrive on your windows 10 operating system.

Conclusion – How Do I Stop Windows 10 From Saving To Onedrive

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