How Do I Stream From My Iphone To My Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i stream from my iphone to my tv,

Method 1 – How To Connect Iphone To Tv + Screen Mirror! (2021)

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Method 2 – How To Connect An Iphone To A Tv

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Method 3 – How To Connect Your Iphone Or Ipad To Your Tv

Sometimes your iphone or ipad screen is just too small fortunately its easy enough to connect your ios device to. Any recent tv for a bigger screen media experience by far the simplest way to connect your iphone or ipad. To your tv is to use a cable like apples digital av adapter which connects your apple device to your. Tvs hdmi port there are two models of the digital av adapter for ios devices both are $49 one connects.

To an hdmi tv display or projector while the other plugs into vg a compatible peripheral is instead connect your. Iphone or ipad to the tv with an hdmi cable then switch at the tvs input to the port with. A cable also plug the usb end of your lightning cable into the adapter and plug the other end into. A power outlet it needs juice to play where tv will become a duplicate of the connected devices screen in. 1080p hd now you can play your itunes videos netflix movies or whatever else you want on your tv there.

Are many third-party lightning to hdmi cables on sale and amazon or fifteen to twenty-five dollars triste search lightning to. Hdmi youll find cables from companies whove probably never heard of one big caveat with those third-party cables though as. If youre looking to watch video streaming services like netflix amazon prime video hulu hbo our on-demand video from providers. Like comcast xfinity and directv most of these cables wont work they lack high bandwidth digital content protection which prevents. Pirates from capturing hi-def digital content for their own leaders maybe you dont want a pesky wire between your iphone.

And your tv the easiest way to connect wirelessly is with apples airplay picture which allows you to mirror your. Iphone or ipad via the apple tv or tvs thats before airplay – if you have an apple tv setup. Make sure its connected to the same home wi-fi network as your iphone or ipad open the control center on. Your device by swiping down from the top right of your iphone or ipad screen to launch control center tap. Airplay mirroring then select your apple tv your apple tv will stream a mirror of what your devices screen apple.

Recently opened up its streaming platform and announced that some smart tvs will support airplay to streaming among the vendor. Set to supported our lg samsung sony and vizio while youre not likely to run out and buy a new. Television just to cast a few youtube videos its probably something to keep in mind when youre shopping for your. Next big stream.

Method 4 – Connect Iphone To Tv And Stream With Unlimited Data

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Method 5 – How To Mirror Iphone To Samsung Smart Tv

Hey guys one here and todays video im going to show you how you can take your iphone and meter. It to your samsung tv and do this without any of you know extra components like an apple tv device. Or any extra wires or anything this is all going to be wireless and how you do this im going. To show you the step by step process and how to do it so lets go ahead and cue the.

Intro and then dive into the video before we dive into this video if you will go ahead and hit. That subscribe button and turn on your bell notification so you can get notified whenever i release a new video. Id love to have you back in the next one so one of the great things that samsung has offered. In their newer tvs and this phone right here is the 43 inch 6 series is that they have apple. Airplay built into the tv so that you can mirror whatevers on your phone on the tv or whatever on.

Your imac or your ipad on the tv so maybe it giving you a bigger real estate to watch whatever. It is that you want to watch now back in the day you had to buy an apple tv device. Another device and you know how apple is theyre really expensive with anything that they produce so you had to. Buy an expensive apple tv but now samsung has eliminated the middleman so to speak so that you can just. Take a mirror wirelessly to its device right here now a great thing about that is back in the day.

Samsung and apple they didnt play well together so they would be able to have that capability for their phones. Their samsung phones and not the iphone but now were living in a day and age where theyre playing well. Together and youre able to mirror your iphone to the tv now so im going to show you in the. Settings how you do that okay the first thing you want to do is youre going to want to hit. The home button here and then that brings up that menu that comes up on the bottom of your screen.

Right there and then as you can see ive got all these icons on the bottom but youre going to. Want to go all the way over to where settings is right there a second tab over now youre not. Going to want to click up like that youre only want to stay on the settings tab thats a little. Secret that i didnt really know until i started playing around with it because i would always want to go. To settings and then go up and then find a menu here but you just go to the settings tab.

And then you hit the enter button right here so once you hit that this box pops up and then. You go down to general i went down one to may right there general you click over and then right. There youll see where it says apple airplay settings and then youll click there it brings up this new menu. You want make sure that airplay is on and then require code on the first time only so that way. Youre not having to every punch in a code every time that you want to do it but this is.

Where you would punch in to get your apple airplay working so that your smartphone will sync up on your. Samsung tv okay so the next step that you want to do is youre gonna want to grab your iphone. Which im holding right now and youre going to want to swipe down and go to mirror screens so im. Gonna grab another recording device to show you guys what that looks like okay so now were on another recording. Device this is the phone so youll tap and youre gonna want to go to this top right corner here.

And swipe down and it brings up your apple menu here and as you can see right there a screen. Mirroring so you tap on that and depending on your wi-fi network you got to make sure your your tv. And your phone are on the same wi-fi network and as you can see it brought up both of my. Samsung tvs that are in my house so i would want to tap on those 6-series to mirror my phone. To the tv now this particular feature may not work on every samsung tv so follow the steps that i.

Did there to find out if your tv is compatible and to do this now this one here is the. Sixth series the samsung 4k ultra high definition six series so this one has a capability i think a lot. Of your newer samsung tvs will have this option available but thats how you figure it out if it has. That tape or that type of capability to mirror your phone to the screen well i hope this little video. Was helpful for you guys if it was make sure you throw a thumbs up on it go ahead and.

Subscribe to my channel because i make tech videos all the time love to have you back on the next. One so until then be creative.

Conclusion – How Do I Stream From My Iphone To My Tv

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