How Do I Sync My Text Messages To My Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i sync my text messages to my email,

Method 1 – How To Auto Backup Your Text Messages To Your Gmail Account Easily

You can access gmail everywhere and any platform and thats the main benefit of gigolo if you see any youll. Device you can sign up count on the old devices and when you buy a new device you just need. To login with your gmail account and all your games is in front of you however you can easily access. Your gmail account in the new device but what about text message is not only changing the phone you also.

Need to backup your text messages if you want to format your android device well in this situation you need. To take a backup of the text messages now how to backup your text messages your gmail account so if. You want to take photo backup your text message into your gmail account that a boon and before going into. That if you have not subscribed to my channel yet then here to this match subscribe button and subscribe my. Youtube channel and support me so the process is very easy so first of all go to your gmail account.

On your pc like this tap on this setting gear icon under this select settings click on for money and. Pop up i am a pdf now scroll down you can get an eye on three options turn it on. Now the second step only the android device simply open play store and download i never hold sms backup plus. After downloading turn a stony lones this app im stroking the app you will find the following option so if. You want to take backup your checked message of hulu is equal to come tap on connect option give the.

Required permission prove this app now it will ask you to add your gmail account so sync you gmail account. With this app after giving that gmail account permission it will pop up a window and ask whether you want. To backup whole message currently put on the device so i want to make up so tap on backup and. You can easily see a birthing process on the top of this app this is back up in over your. Text message on your gmail account and how long will it take is depend on your tech message decided now.

How to access your text message on your gmail account it is also very easy to accessible text message it. In your gmail account just open your gmail account on your pc or android device there are two option to. Add sensible message on your gmail come first in the search bar type sms and you can see a level. Option insulation tap on it and you can see all your text messages on your gmail the second method is. On super easy swept left/right code tab here and you can see an sms label air phone rates in distance.

All your latest and old text messages in front of people now how to open back up your text messages. To your gmail account this is also very easy yes again open ss and becca plus f at the bottom. Of that neck option you can see and pull the leg of option tap on it intervene potion now type. Of auto backup settings to configure the frequency until the setting of body filler defenses but here you being recommending. You order the regular schedule for pencils 24 hours he will automatically backup setup is now complete the final readiness.

In this way you can easy / backup your text message your gmail account and i hope this process really. Helps thats about video guys and i hope you ready if you did enjoy this do research for fashion travel. To the channels for in developing said my name is and i.

Method 2 – How To Back Up Android Sms Messages To Gmail

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Method 3 – How To Sync Messages From Iphone To Mac

Everyone in todays video im gonna show you how to sync text messages between your mac and your iphone we. Will start the process on our mac so on your imac on your laptop you want to go to the. Messages app now if you dont see it right here on the dock you could go to the launch pad. Here and then select the messages app here and on this page you do have to log into your apple.

Id if you want i messages to come across ill show you text message forwarding next but right here type. In your apple id and your password and press next and lets do one more thing here before we go. To our iphone go up here to messages and press preferences and on this page go over to i messages. And you can be reached for messages at you want to make sure your phone number again is checked on. Here by default when you log in it should be checked on but just in case it is not make.

Sure this blue checkmark is here so i have all of them activated here and my phone number is activated. So im all set here next weve got to jump into our iphone and activate a quick setting there and. It should populate our messages here on our mac now on our iphone we want to go to the settings. App on the phone so im gonna press settings here and i need to scroll down to the messages icon. So all the way down here on their phone messages is here im gonna press that my i messages is.

Activated here but this option text message forwarding select that option and here we should see the new computer we. Just added ive added two computers the imac i just added right now i need to make sure this slider. Is turned on in order to send and receive text messages on my mac so finally im jumping on the. Mac one more time and i used my iphone to send a message and it should appear just like that. On here and i could jump onto that message and type out other messages here and they should be delivering.

Here on my mac if you do want to sync up all your old messages if theyre synced in the. Icloud you could come to messages preferences and you could enable messages on icloud so you could check that on. And sync it now if thats how you store your messages in the past and if you want to initiate. Messages here on your mac you could just press the compose a new message icon here typing someones number or. Name or press the plus sign to access your contact and then just type out your message just like any.

Other text and its that simple to sync your mac and iphone text messages i hope you found this useful. Please give this a thumbs up and subscribe for easy to follow social media and tech videos and ill catch. You next time thanks for watching.

Method 4 – How To Share Text Messages To Email Easy Iphone

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Method 5 – How To Fix Email Not Syncing On Android (2021 Working)

Hello youtube today im going to be showing you how to fix the android email system now some of you. Guys may be experiencing this problem like i did and you know how i found out how to fix it. Is a lot done a few forums online and i have found the answer but if you you know if. This is first place youre looking obviously the one know how to fix this now just to show you the.

Problem which happens or explain it to you okay so you know there could be multiple problems with the email. What i mean is the android push and pull email services and workings basically you know before it may have. Done it so it checked every hour or so to your email account see if you have new email and. Then when it does it would notify you but the problem is what would happen well that would not happen. And basically every time you want to see if youve got an email you have to go to email app.

And refresh it wouldnt tell you when you had a new one so you know for this example im going. To be using the galaxy s4 running android 4.3 and you know you may have got this problem from a. Motor pool or various amount of things but ive got my from date in my ms forth from 4.2.2 23. And thats how the problem happened but uh as i said it can happen from a various amount of things. But this is a video on how to fix it so what were first going to want to do is.

Go into the email app itself and make sure sync emails on do that were going to go on the. Email click the menu button your sainz and were going to go to account settings and you may have multiple. Accounts click on one of them and get to sync settings and make sure that sync email checkbox is checked. Because if it isnt then thats probably or corporate as a – whats stopping that from happening but also what. You can change in here is you know how often it syncs mindset to add 15 minutes so every 15.

Minutes it will check for new emails but if thats all like mine you know youve got it checked and. Everything this still not working this is how to fix that so what youre going to want to do is. Go to your app drawer and by clicking apps on the dock and though that settings then you want to. Go to connections at the tuff if you dont have that of them but if you have that if you. Dont just try and find the daily usage somewhere but just click data usage and as you can see if.

You didnt already you can surf you know a limit to your day s so you dont warned you when. Youre at a certain amount of data use and you can set your limit but anyway what were going to. Need to do on this screen is obviously you can see a load of stuff but were going to do. Is tap the menu button and its going to bring up this here and what youre going to make sure. Is auto sync data is checked in your case it most likely is and thats most likely the problem right.

There you can leave all these on ticked but leave all these on tick but just make sure auto sync. Data is ticked and it should work now you know ive just disabled it there but this is what you. Can do you can click that and its going to ask if you want to enable it you know it. Just says stuff they will make changes to your accounts and things and just click ok and that should fix. The problem if the problem still persists you may want to look online google it and you should find some.

Answers to your problem but anyway thats it for this video guys if you found it helpful in any way. Ally could be greatly appreciated also please subscribe and thank you for watching this video.

Conclusion – How Do I Sync My Text Messages To My Email

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