How Do I Transfer Apps From Android To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i transfer apps from android to iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i transfer apps from android to iphone,

Method 1 – 2 Ways To Transfer Apps From Android To Iphone 2021

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Method 2 – How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone (2 Free Ways)

Welcome to tenorshare channel if you just turned to iphone from android i bet you must have lots of data. To my grade your photos videos music apps message and etc so today ill introduce two easy and efficient way. To help you transfer your data to from your android to iphone lets get started so the most common and. Easiest way to transfer is by using move to ios app as you can see here on my android i.

Put some pictures and videos and here is music and contacts so first lets go to google play on your. Android and search move to ios and install it once install open it so this is the interface before we. Start to move we need to factory reset the iphone go to settings and reset and tap erase all content. And settings then enter the passcode and tap erase okay so after factory reset your iphone we can start to. Set it up here i just skipped the unimportant steps when it goes to apps and data well see theres.

An option called move data from android tap it so as you can see here goes the important part of. Todays video we just tap continue on both phones tap agree on terms and conditions on android on the iphone. It shows the code to enter on android lets follow it then on android itll ask to connect to wi-fi. Network that created by iphone we just tap continue and connect lets wait for the transfer data screen to appear. Next select the content that you want to transfer we can move contacts and message history photos and videos and.

Mail accounts and calendars as for music we need to transfer manually once confirmed tap next even if your android. Device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your iphone completes this. Process can take a little while wait for the loading bar on your iphone to finish then tap done on. Your android no we can continue to set up on your iphone once done data should be transferred thats very. Easy so the second way ill introduce today is by using an app called share it what we need to.

Do is to download shared on both of your phones you can easily find it on google play in app. Store lets check out how it works once its downloaded on both side open it on your android it would. Be the sender so we tap send button what we can transfer our apps photos music videos and other files. Lets try to send some photos to your iphone and we can see its now searching for receivers lets turn. To iphone tap receive button also on the upper left corner it may takes a while for android to find.

Your iphone so just be patient okay iphone is detected tap it and boom the photos we selected have been. Transferred to your iphone in seconds its super fast lets check the album on your iphone well find that the. Transferred photos have been automatically saved so this is how share it works also many people use whatsapp neither move. To ios nor share it could help transfer whatsapp message there is also a third-party tool that can help you. Solve this problem its called icare phone for whatsapp transfer all you need to do is to connect both your.

Phones to your computer by following the instruction on the software just a few steps you can transfer the whatsapp. Message without any problems definitely you should try it you can click the video on upper right corner to learn. More about this tool okay so thats all for todays video if it helps dont forget to give us a. Like and ill be grateful if you subscribe see you in next video.

Method 3 – How To Move From Android To Iphone | Apple Support

Its easy to move from android to ios heres how to transfer your photos contacts messages and more before you. Start your android device should have wi-fi turned on and both your devices should be plugged into power you should. Also double check that you have enough space on your iphone for the content youre transferring over its best not. To finish setting up your iphone before you begin this process if youve already set it up youll need to.

Erase it and start over if you choose not to erase it you can move your content over manually alright. Lets get started first follow the on-screen instructions on your iphone to start setting it up on the apps and. Data screen on your iphone tap move data from android if you havent done so already youll need to install. The move to ios app on your android device you can download the move to ios app from google play. Or scan the qr code on your iphone by tapping the qr code button in the top right corner of.

Your screen on your iphone tap continue a 6 digit or 10 digit code will appear on your android device. Open the move to ios app and tap continue if you agree to the terms and conditions tap agree then. Tap continue on your android device enter the code displayed on your iphone tap continue then tap connect now just. Wait until the transfer data screen appears on your android device and select the content that you want to transfer. You can move your google account messages contacts and other things like accessibility and display settings now tap continue even.

If your android device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your. Iphone finishes depending on how much content youre moving this process can take a little while when the loading bar. On your iphone finishes tap done on your android device next on your iphone tap continue setting up iphone and. Follow the on-screen steps to finish setup its that simple now your content should be transferred and all of your. Important information is right where you expected to learn more about your iphone from useful tips to helpful features subscribe.

To the apple support youtube channel or click another video to keep watching some sequences in this video were shortened.

Method 4 – Transfer Apps & App Data From Android To Iphone Or Iphone To Android

Hey guys like to myself here welcome back to the channel and today i wanted to share with you guys. A very useful tool that allows you to transfer all your apps and app data including messaging service from your. Device to your computer or from your device to any other device this is aptrans and i would highly appreciate. It if you check out the links in the description and try it out this is by imovie a longtime.

Supporter of the channel this is what keeps the channel going a sponsor video by them and i wanted to. Share the software because not only are they the sponsors but this is a very useful very practical software especially. If youre looking to transfer all your app and app data as i mentioned including messaging service from an iphone. For example to an android or from an android to an iphone or from your devices over to your computer. To save all this data and use it at a later time so this works throughout all of your devices.

Obviously from ios devices to ios devices from android to android and as i mentioned vice versa so lets go. Ahead and take a look at the software app trends so the first options you get greeted with on the. Top left here is app transfer now this allows you to transfer your data from your device over to your. Computer to save it onto your computer and of course as i mentioned from one device to another we have. Two devices here we can swap the source device to the targeted device iphone 10r iphone se here as you.

Can see the 10r on the left se on the right and then ask what type of app am i. Transferring is it a messaging service or is it any other type of application in this case other types of. Apps i can click next and then select the apps that i would like to transfer with their app data. Now when i click transfer its going to ask me to authorize by entering my apple id of course your. Data is protected so you have to go ahead and enter your apple id in order for the apps and.

The app data to be transferred to the next device so once you click confirm and you enter your passcode. You can see that the apps and the app data are being transferred instantly there is three applications the clips. The twitter and the youtube applications are now transferring from iphone 10r over to iphone se 2nd gen and this. Happens relatively quickly here and again this is all the apps with app data as well so once this is. All completed and all your apps and app data has been completely transferred over to the device it starts extracting.

The data and saving it for you to use at a later time now the next option is the app. Restore now this option allows you to view or restore the app data that you just stored from your ios. Device or android you also have the option to view or restore itunes backup data as well from your computer. So this is really cool as well and the third option is whatsapp backup this allows you to view and. Restore whatsapp backup data from google drive to ios or android or a device from a computer so just keep.

Those in mind these app restoring options are very very cool then you also have the app backup this allows. You to specifically just back up your device to the computer very simple so i have the iphone 10 r. Connected click back up and this backs up everything thats on my iphone 10r every single app that i want. To transfer over with the data over to the computer relatively quickly and of course once the data is transferred. Over you can view all your apps and app data directly within the software for later use you also have.

A really cool feature called app install this allows you to install any application that you might have downloaded from. The internet and install it directly to your ios device so go ahead and check them out again app trans. By imobi long time partner of the channel thank you for watching todays video guys and ill see you on. The next one peace.

Method 5 – How To Transfer Apps From Android To Iphone

Welcome back everyone you may have an android phone and you may be wanting to switch over to an iphone. Now the easiest way to do this during your setup process of your iphone so lets say its a brand. New iphone you havent even set it up yet the easiest way to do this time and time again year. After year is to actually go ahead and download the move to ios application so you can see i just.

Downloaded it right there so in order to do this what you want to do is you want to make. Your way over to your google play store just like this and you want to go ahead and type in. Up here move to ios so you want to type and move to ios just like this obviously its not. Correct but you can go and install it anyway and you want to go ahead and click the install button. For this specific app so you can see right here i have uninstalled and i have open so all you.

Want to do is go ahead and make sure its installed and then you want to go ahead and open. Up this application now when you do that you will see youll get prompted right here itll say move to. Ios all youll have to do in this case is click continue and then ill go and say terms and. Conditions you want to go and click agree and then i guess sometimes its going to tell you that you. Have low battery so im going to go and plug it in but after you finally start going through all.

Youll have to do at this point is to go ahead and go through on your iphone like we mentioned. Before when youre on this specific panel where it says absent data and it says move data from android or. Whatever you want to go ahead and click on that little option where it says move data from android and. Then at that point you will be able to go ahead and start the process of moving your data from. Your iphone or from your android to your iphone and thats really it thats the easiest process and easiest way.

To do it for the most part if you guys have any other questions or anything like that let me. Know in the comment section below hit the like button know me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next. Video peace out till then you.

Conclusion – How Do I Transfer Apps From Android To Iphone

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