How Do I Transfer Data From Android To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i transfer data from android to iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i transfer data from android to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone (2 Free Ways)

Welcome to tenorshare channel if you just turned to iphone from android i bet you must have lots of data. To my grade your photos videos music apps message and etc so today ill introduce two easy and efficient way. To help you transfer your data to from your android to iphone lets get started so the most common and. Easiest way to transfer is by using move to ios app as you can see here on my android i.

Put some pictures and videos and here is music and contacts so first lets go to google play on your. Android and search move to ios and install it once install open it so this is the interface before we. Start to move we need to factory reset the iphone go to settings and reset and tap erase all content. And settings then enter the passcode and tap erase okay so after factory reset your iphone we can start to. Set it up here i just skipped the unimportant steps when it goes to apps and data well see theres.

An option called move data from android tap it so as you can see here goes the important part of. Todays video we just tap continue on both phones tap agree on terms and conditions on android on the iphone. It shows the code to enter on android lets follow it then on android itll ask to connect to wi-fi. Network that created by iphone we just tap continue and connect lets wait for the transfer data screen to appear. Next select the content that you want to transfer we can move contacts and message history photos and videos and.

Mail accounts and calendars as for music we need to transfer manually once confirmed tap next even if your android. Device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your iphone completes this. Process can take a little while wait for the loading bar on your iphone to finish then tap done on. Your android no we can continue to set up on your iphone once done data should be transferred thats very. Easy so the second way ill introduce today is by using an app called share it what we need to.

Do is to download shared on both of your phones you can easily find it on google play in app. Store lets check out how it works once its downloaded on both side open it on your android it would. Be the sender so we tap send button what we can transfer our apps photos music videos and other files. Lets try to send some photos to your iphone and we can see its now searching for receivers lets turn. To iphone tap receive button also on the upper left corner it may takes a while for android to find.

Your iphone so just be patient okay iphone is detected tap it and boom the photos we selected have been. Transferred to your iphone in seconds its super fast lets check the album on your iphone well find that the. Transferred photos have been automatically saved so this is how share it works also many people use whatsapp neither move. To ios nor share it could help transfer whatsapp message there is also a third-party tool that can help you. Solve this problem its called icare phone for whatsapp transfer all you need to do is to connect both your.

Phones to your computer by following the instruction on the software just a few steps you can transfer the whatsapp. Message without any problems definitely you should try it you can click the video on upper right corner to learn. More about this tool okay so thats all for todays video if it helps dont forget to give us a. Like and ill be grateful if you subscribe see you in next video.

Method 2 – How To Move From Android To Iphone | Apple Support

Its easy to move from android to ios heres how to transfer your photos contacts messages and more before you. Start your android device should have wi-fi turned on and both your devices should be plugged into power you should. Also double check that you have enough space on your iphone for the content youre transferring over its best not. To finish setting up your iphone before you begin this process if youve already set it up youll need to.

Erase it and start over if you choose not to erase it you can move your content over manually alright. Lets get started first follow the on-screen instructions on your iphone to start setting it up on the apps and. Data screen on your iphone tap move data from android if you havent done so already youll need to install. The move to ios app on your android device you can download the move to ios app from google play. Or scan the qr code on your iphone by tapping the qr code button in the top right corner of.

Your screen on your iphone tap continue a 6 digit or 10 digit code will appear on your android device. Open the move to ios app and tap continue if you agree to the terms and conditions tap agree then. Tap continue on your android device enter the code displayed on your iphone tap continue then tap connect now just. Wait until the transfer data screen appears on your android device and select the content that you want to transfer. You can move your google account messages contacts and other things like accessibility and display settings now tap continue even.

If your android device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your. Iphone finishes depending on how much content youre moving this process can take a little while when the loading bar. On your iphone finishes tap done on your android device next on your iphone tap continue setting up iphone and. Follow the on-screen steps to finish setup its that simple now your content should be transferred and all of your. Important information is right where you expected to learn more about your iphone from useful tips to helpful features subscribe.

To the apple support youtube channel or click another video to keep watching some sequences in this video were shortened.

Method 3 – Transfer Data Android To Iphone 2020

Hi guys and welcome to one to three mit in this video i will show you how to transfer data. From android to iphone in 2020 this video is the official way apple recommends to transfer your data from android. To iphone we will help you transfer contacts message history camera photos and videos web bookmarks mail accounts calendars and. Free apps the first step is to reset your iphone if you dont want to reset your iphone then you.

Will have to transfer the data manually i plan to do some more videos on this method so hit subscribe. Okay you can go into settings general and scroll down to reset once you are there tap on arrays content. In settings next tap arrays iphone this foot to lay all media and data so do a backup first if. You need to once your iphone has reset itself just follow the prompts and start setting it up again next. Up connect to your wi-fi and make sure that your android device is connected to the same wi-fi continue setting.

Up your iphone until you get to the absent data screen once youre on the apps and data screen tap. Move data from android before you hit continue go to your android phone and download the move to ios app. From the google play store move to ios ive already downloaded it therefore im going to press open tap continue. Agree and then next tap continue on your iphone and on your android device type in the code that you. See on your iphone if you get the error message could not communicate with the device i have already done.

A video on how to fix this and i will put a link in the top of the video now. Ok great youre on the transferred data stream just deselect anything you dont want to transfer and press next cool. Well your data is transferred now tap done on your android phone and you can close the app on your. Iphone tap continue setting up iphone go ahead and setup your iphone awesome the last step here is to install. Your free apps to do this you will need your apple id just tap add apps and then tap use.

Existing apple id and your iphone will download all the free apps for you if you swipe across you should. See all your apps start to appear you can also check if your photos messages and videos copied across also. Guys dont forget to check out my other videos like fix could not communicate with a device error and do. Me a favor hit the subscribe button and smash the bell icon.

Method 4 – How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone 13

Welcome to tenor share channel if you decide to change your phone from androids iphone i guess you must headache. About how to transfer your android photos videos music to your new iphone 13. Dont worry ill show you how. Just follow me before we start transfer you need to do some pre-check make sure your android wi-fi is turned.

On both of your phones should be charged more than 60 power or plugged into power your iphone storage should. Be enough meet these three conditions then we can proceed method one move to ios first is the most common. Method transfer through move to ios app on your android go to play store search move to ios and install. It once install complete open it then go to your iphone before we start transfer you need to erase all. Content of your iphone first go to settings page tap general scroll down tap transfer or reset iphone tap erase.

All content and settings tap erase now wait for the reset process over then we can proceed once process over. Ill simply skip the not important part and get to the necessary page in app and data page you can. See there is an option called move data from android tap it then this is the important part of this. Transfer tap continue on both phone tap agree on android tap continue you will get an enter one time code. Page type the code on iphone into your android then on android it will ask you to connect the wi-fi.

Created by iphone itself just tap continue and connect wait for a little moment then select the content you want. To transfer you can choose whatever you want to transfer confirm your choice tap continue and it will start the. Transfer process just wait for the transfer bar over until then do not operate your phone when it finished tap. Done on android continue set up the iphone ill simply skip these part then you can go to check if. You date a transfer succeed or not it is very easy method 2 share it this app require installed in.

Both phone just search share and install it in both of your phone open it on both phone you need. To send android data to iphone so tap send on your android you can choose to send apps photos music. Videos and other file ill try to send some photos first and it will start search the receiver go to. Your iphone tap receive button once it detected tap it then photos will start transfer to your new iphone lets. Check if it succeed or not hey it does succeed also i know many of you use whatsapp if transfer.

Whatsapp is your priority you can check this third party tool this tool named icare phone for whatsapp transfer you. Can check the download link in the description and here you can see not just whats app line and other. Social app also could transfer to you just need to connect both your phone to pc or mac follow the. Instructions to operate then you can successfully transfer your whatsapp data to your new iphone it is very easy feel. Free to give it a try dont forget to give us a thumbs up if you succeed i will be.

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Method 5 – How To Setup And Move Data From An Android To Iphone 13

Hey guys in this video were going to take a look at how you can set up your iphone 13. Or the 13 pro and move data or transfer data over from an old android device so first put in. Your sim card and press on the side button to start up the device so now we wait for the. Phone to boot up okay on this screen here select a language that you would like to use next select.

Your country or region okay next were going to tap on setup manually and then we need to connect to. A wi-fi network so choose a wi-fi okay now i want to choose a wi-fi and i need to pin. The wi-fi password put in the wi-fi password and tap on the join button now the phone will proceed to. Activate ok on the next screen tap on the continue button and here you can set up face id or. You can do it later im going to choose setup later and put in a passcode im going to choose.

One two three four five six it said that this passcode can be easily guessed im gonna im gonna choose. Use anyway and you need to put in the same passcode again to confirm okay during this steps here it. Is quite important that you select the right option so now you want to select move data from android and. It said move from android if you have an android phone or tablet you can transfer your photos messages and. More to this iphone so you need to go to your android device and download an app called move to.

Ios so on my android device im going to open up play store and you need to search for an. App called move to ios and here it is i have already downloaded and installed so that i can simply. Just tap on the open button to open the app and then in here i can turn on continued and. Turn on agreed and im not going to send any information i will choose dont send find your code so. Over on my iphone im going to tap on continued and this is the code here so i turn on.

Continue on the android device and in here we need to put in the code for zero five three three. Seven and it will create this wi-fi network called ios and it will generate some random number so just tap. On continued and said connect to device so we tap on connect and say connections successful whats that okay so. In here you have the option to choose what you want to transfer from your android device over to the. New iphone 13 or the iphone 13 pro or the mini so you can select or deselect so go down.

The list here and choose what you want to transfer over you can also tap on add files if something. Is not showing in here you can tap on file add files to manually select files in here so you. Can say choose movie file videos file or music files or any files that has not been included um and. You can also choose folder as well so my files and then tap on use this folder and then click. On allowed so you can see you can add in additional files if if you needed to by default it.

Will transfer messages contacts calendar your google account camera roll which is like photos and so im just going to. Go in here its quite large so im just going to remove uh photos for now i dont need to. Transfer photos over and then youve got display settings accessibility settings my files files i have just selected as you. Can see the transfer are quite limited not quite a lot so if there is anything that is not showing. In here just make sure that you go in there and manually select the files that you want to transfer.

Over to your iphone next tap on continue and then its a preparing on the iphone okay after a few. Seconds it will say transferring from lets say move to ios so just for the purpose or the ease of. This video i have removed the option to move photos and videos over because it is 12 gigabytes of data. Its quite a lot and it can takes a long time so to keep this process simple i have deselect. Them and here at the moment it say time remaining is between one and two minutes okay and next is.

A transfer complete your data has been copied to your new ios device some items will not copy such as. Purchase apps or media or media that is safe within apps and then just tap on done and over back. To the iphone so once this is finished we can move the android phone out of the way and now. We pay attention to the iphone so say continue setup iphone transfer complete so we will continue at this point. You can choose to sign into your apple id or you can do it later in the setup menu so.

Im going to choose this option set up later in settings and tap on dont use and next we need. To agree to the terms and conditions and then uh on continued on the next screen for imessage and facetime. If you want to set it up now you can choose continued or not now you can turn on location. Services or disable it im going to choose turn on location services and you can choose to set up story. Now or later on thats up to you if you tap on continued you can select a siri voice hi.

Im siri hi im siri choose the hi im siri hey siri so you need to say hi siri hey. Siri send a message hi siri hows the weather today hi siri set a timer for three minutes hey siri. Play some music so you need to say a few things so that siri can learn your voice next were. Going to tap on continued and then click on continued and im going to choose not now not sharing anything. On the next screen is the screen time page in here you can choose to set up screen time now.

Or later on im going to choose setup later in settings and you can choose to share your data with. Apple or dont share im going to choose dont share and on the next screen is the appearance screen you. Can choose between light theme or that theme so select one of the options and tap on the continue button. Next you will be greeted with a welcome to iphone screen now were just going to swipe up to go. Back to your home screen and thats it now we are at the home screen and in here if you.

Have uh chosen to transfer your photos over photos will be available in the photos app at the moment its. Got nothing in it then any apps that you have installed on your android device you will need to manually. Install on your iphone other data such as music and files that you have choose to transfer manually over you. Can do so now there is also a settings if you have skip any steps you can go into settings. In here such as signing into your iphone with your apple id if you dont have an apple id you.

Can create a new apple id by choosing dont have an app id or forgot it so here you can. Create a new apple id okay and in here you can set up your wi-fi connection bluetooth personal hotspot you. Can go down and set up notifications sales and haptics focus screen time the general sections we have other things. That you can a lot of other settings that you can change such as your date and time your keyboard. Settings fonts language and region and vpn and a lot more and then down here you got home screen accessibility.

Wallpaper siri and search and if we scroll down you can see there are a lot of other features that. You can set up for your device and thats it thats how you can quickly set up your iphone 13. Or the iphone 13 pro or the mini and transfer the data over from an android device thank you for. Watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Conclusion – How Do I Transfer Data From Android To Iphone

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