How Do I Transfer Everything From One Ipad To Another – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do i transfer everything from one ipad to another, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do i transfer everything from one ipad to another,

Method 1 – How To Transfer All Your Ipad Apps To A New Ipad – Super Easy!

Im going to give my ipad air 2 to another family member so were going to discuss how were going. To move all of the content from a really old ipad into the ipad air 2. So first we want. To wipe my account off here and all the data so youd do this even if you were selling it.

To somebody else so go into settings uh sign out of itunes and well sign out there and now were. Going to do a full reset so hit reset and erase all content and settings so ive entered my pin. Hit erase definitely want to erase it and now thatll erase all the data off that ipad so next were. Going to transfer all of the data thats on here onto that one okay so now this ones reset took. About maybe five minutes and its actually detected on this side theres a ipad waiting to be set up on.

The other side so we just need to sign in and then you get this really funky picture here this. This kind of is almost like a spinny particle qr code so we take that and put this one over. The top and use the camera a bit hard to do when them oh there it is use the camera. Like this now that that is kind of almost paired it can use a bluetooth connection between the two to. Transfer the data across or it can use your icloud backup and well set that up later basically having the.

Old ipad next to the new ipad helps initiate that transfer and you really dont have to do anything it. Will transfer all the apps and all the settings pretty much everything gets transferred across obviously do check that youve. Got everything that is important to you before you wipe the old one but i found that yeah i just. Cant think of anything that it missed when i moved everything off my air 2 up onto the af4 okay. So its been a while since its backed up on the other one im just going to say update backup.

Before restoring okay now its pulling down the full backup from icloud now when i did this from the air. 2 to the air 4 it had the option to use a bluetooth connection so it transferred it without using. Icloud at all so thats the one i chose whereas this one didnt seem to offer that option okay that. Took maybe five minutes or so im not quite sure because ive walked away and so now its downloading the. Apps it doesnt have and that will take a little while to get updated but essentially all that data has.

Been transferred across and youre kind of good to go so that makes it super easy im really impressed by. How apple have made that so super simple works great uh doesnt take too long and really easy so very. Much recommend going through that process if youre giving your ipad to somebody else in the family anyway thanks for. Watching.

Method 2 – How To Transfer Contacts, Pictures, And More From An Old Ipad To A New Ipad | H2techvideos

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Method 3 – The Best Way To Transfer Data From Your Old Ipad To A New Ipad (Step By Step Guide 2021)

So have you recently got yourself a brand new shiny ipad like this 9th generation 2021 ipad and you want. To get to this main home screen you can see here well today im going to show you a guide. On how to set up your ipad for the first time so thats right guys youve probably seen this screen. Before on an ipad and youre probably wondering how on earth do i get to it and how do i.

Set up my ipad to this stage well im going to show you how to do that the first way. Im going to show you is by using another device another apple device and how you can move your data. Over to your new ipad this can be an iphone or another ipad and the other way im going to. Show you is if you were setting up a brand new ipad and you werent moving over your data at. All now one thing i must just add in here if youre brand new to the apple ecosystem as it.

Were and youve never had an apple device before then you must set yourself up with a brand new account. And the best way to do this is to go on apples website and set yourself up a brand new. Account and follow the instructions there once youve completed the setup online best thing to do is come back to. This video and then ill show you how to set up your ipad well without further ado lets begin so. First of all make sure you have your other apple device handy and then after this what we want to.

Do is just sort of open up the screen here and then we want to choose the language we want. Everything displayed theres some setting english and then the country that youre from so im from the united kingdom so. Its setting the language for this so next of all with our other device that ive got my iphone what. You want to do is hold it close to the actual ipad and you should get something on your device. To say set up your new ipad so im going to click connect and were going to start it here.

Now what you need to use is your camera on your other device so im going to sort of navigate. My way here to these blue dots you cant really see it but itll get it and there we go. Its setting up but first of all i need to verify the same code that i have on my iphone. So im just going to put this in and now the transfer will start so as you can see here. It says setting up your ipad and what you want to do is just keep your other device nearby so.

Its just going to activate my ipad now and this might take a minute or two so well just wait. For this to happen and then after this what we want to do is well need to set up touch. Id on this actual ipad so im going to click continue and im just gonna get my thumb ready you. Can use anything you want and just keep repeating touching until it gets your full print now once its got. Your full print itll ask you to adjust your grip so just twist your thumb or finger a little bit.

More around to get a bit more of a bigger print and then once its done we click complete and. Then its going to continue on setting up the ipad the next step is some terms conditions going to come. Along you can read these if you want to theres not many im going to click agree and then its. Going to continue on a bit more and this stage might take a few seconds it might take a couple. Of minutes but either way youll get there once this is completed you will next of all get the option.

To retrieve a backup so as you can see here its saying its found a backup of mine and if. I click here you can see its got my old ipad pro one here and im happy with that to. Get that back up and then after this if you want to you can just double check your settings like. Siri and everything and then just press continue afterwards this might take another second or two to load but next. Of all is to put in a card if you want to do that so im just going to set.

Up my apple pay and quickly add a card here and next set up siri and im going to say. Im going to continue on to have siri on my ipad and then next of all is some just information. If you want to share it with apple so its up to you if you want to share or not. Very self-explanatory and then my icloud restore from my backup is going to begin now what you dont need to. Have anymore is that other device so when you had like my iphone here you can just take this away.

Now you dont need it anymore you can just leave your ipad restore from its backup so im just going. To click done here and im going to leave this b and then its going to restart in the moment. And then hopefully after all of that all my data should be back on this ipad and here we are. Were nearing the end of the reboot of after all my data has been put back on this ipad so. Im just going to give it another second or two and then were going to get to the lock screen.

Now im just going to put my code in and then after this we can see were on the main. Page of the ipad now everything around here is saying waiting as you can see and depending on how fast. Your internet speed is is also how long it will take to restore all these apps on your ipad but. Once theyre fully downloaded your ipad is ready to go so as you can see so far this ipad is. Absolutely amazing but something else what is truly amazing is to do with this channel this channel recently got over.

230 000 subscribers so ive decided to do a giveaway for when we get over 260 000 subscribers and that. Giveaway is for this its for a brand new ipad pro so you might as well just got yourself a. Brand new ipad but how would you like to get yourself an ipad pro well its quite simple how you. Can get your hands on this model all i want to know from you guys in the comments below is. What apple gear are you planning to buy in 2021 maybe youve brought yourself this ipad that youve got right.

Here the 2029 ninth generation or maybe youre gonna be buying yourself a brand new iphone or something else let. Me know in the comments below and when we get over 260 000 subscribers and thats not that far away. From now im going to be giving away this ipad pro the specs of this ipad pro it is a. 12.9 inch model and it also has 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage also after that youve. Basically written your comment below make sure you subscribe to this channel at the same time and hit that notification.

Bell because when we get over 260 000 subscribers youll want to get that notification to find out if youve. Been the lucky person to get your hands on this ipad pro also at the same time as well guys. If youre feeling generous and if youre enjoying this video so far please also do press the like button well. Lets continue on with the video so this time im going to show you how to set up an ipad. If you didnt have an apple device already and youve made an account like we talked about the beginning so.

Select your languages and also which country youre from and then after this we want to click set up manually. This time we want to connect to our wi-fi so im going to put my wi-fi password in here so. After putting your code in youll have to give it a second or two or maybe up to a minute. For your ipad to register onto your wi-fi and then after this the activation setup will start this again may. Take up to a minute but then we just want to accept these terms conditions just click continue for data.

And privacy and then we want to set up touch id so same again just put your thumb on and. Just keep pressing it and dabbing it down until its got a full print of your thumb or your finger. And then after this it will probably tell you to adjust your grip as you can see here we click. Continue and then we just adjust our grip a little bit and as you can see its grabbing my thumb. A little bit more after this we press continue and we can set up a passcode or a password of.

Your choice so im just going to do this quickly and then on the next page what were going to. Say is is that we dont actually have another device to restore our data from if we did we can. Select any of these options but because we dont have another apple device for this type of setup were just. Going to press on the bottom tab what is called dont transfer apps and data we then on the next. Page needs to put in our apple id and our password that we set up on the apple website so.

Im just going to put this in and were going to click next and then were just going to accept. The terms conditions and then the ipad will take a little longer than to activate and then after this we. Should be able to set up a couple more settings on the next page and then we can just make. This as our own ipad and then press continue you can set up apple pay if you want to and. Then next we can set up siri by pressing on the continue button and then we can basically accept all.

The terps conditions behind all the things of sharing our information with apple and then we can collect get started. Once this happens what will happen is that we will get lots of messages and notification to use certain sensors. And bits and pieces inside the ipad but as you can see were on the main home page for a. Brand new ipad so im just swiping here you can see all the default apps are installed but as you. Can see the news app isnt working fully so im just going to open that and let it load and.

Then once its loaded up im just going to click allow while using this apple or there we go and. Then ive got all my news if i close this back down again there we go my news is now. Fully working but as you can see that is your new ipad fully set up so as you can see. It is dead easy to get onto this page by using either of those methods and now you can have. All the fun of being an ipad user with your brand new shiny ipad well guys i hope this video.

Has been really informative and if you have enjoyed watching it please do press the like button also at the. Same time as well if you want the latest apple news reviews and comparisons please also hit that subscribe button. Followed by the notification bell until next time guys ill see you really soon bye.

Method 4 – How To Transfer All Data From An Old Iphone To A New Iphone

Hey everyone in todays iphone video i want to show you how to go from your old iphone to your. New iphone and transfer all the data over and this is everything im talking about all your apps all your. Contact information all your photos and the new process that has been around for a couple years makes it a. Whole lot easier you literally have to just keep these phones next to each other wirelessly and you dont need.

A computer you dont even need icloud which was the method that we used for a long time we put. Everything from this phone onto icloud and then downloaded it to the new phone this is much much better so. I wanted to make this quick video to show you exactly how to transfer data from one phone to another. And this works for lots of different phones you could be going from iphone 7 to iphone 12 and really. Any combination should work with this method now if your new phone is set to the home screen like it.

Is now i just set it up as a new phone i have to reset the new phone to factory. Settings to do that im going to go to settings under settings scroll down to general and on the very. Bottom here theres a reset option press that and we want to erase all content and settings we need to. Do this step in order to take advantage of this system here so you could either back up then erase. But since i havent set anything up here i just went through the setup process im gonna just press erase.

Now and its going to erase the phone to factory settings now if you started on the hello screen here. With your new iphone you could skip the last step here because youre already going to be starting right here. One more thing just for safety on the old phone go to settings click your name up here to go. Inside of icloud and then go to icloud over here and then scroll down to icloud backup click this and. We want to make sure this is turned on and that we back up now you want to make sure.

You do this now this is not necessary because were not using icloud to backup from one phone to another. Phone but we do this just as a backup in case something goes wrong so once we do that were. Gonna come back to this new phone slide up and im going to go ahead and lock this phone and. Unlock it one more time because were going to get this setting right here it says set up the new. Iphone so im going to say unlock to continue and i should get this prompt right here and all i.

Have to do is use the old phone to scan this right here on the new phone and once i. Do that its actually going to take the information from this phone and put it over here so ill need. To put in my passcode from this phone and this is moving the wi-fi information and some other information like. That were actually going to take another step to move in our apps and our photos and things like that. Now you could set up your face id here ill just set this up later now on this page you.

Have two options transfer from your iphone its gonna take everything from this iphone put it over here and this. Is 20 to 25 minutes so thats pretty much the standard time that it will take depending on how much. You got on your old phone or download from icloud this option is good the first one thats what were. Gonna choose the only problem with this option is both of these have to be on the same ios or. Your new phone has to be on a newer ios but in almost all cases the first one will work.

For you so select that and it will basically go through the setup process you could put both of these. Down and let that take place and you should see this screen right here transferring data from one phone to. Another phone and again this depends on how much data youre transferring from one device to another so it may. Take up to 30 minutes or longer depending on how many photos and how many apps you have on your. Old device so im gonna let this take place ill show you the next page okay so it took about.

30 35 minutes in my case and i should see something on my old phone that says transfer complete and. It says before you trade in your phone or sell it or give it away make sure you erase all. Your data now this is the same exact thing i showed you in the very beginning of the video so. You could go back to that and then do that to your old phone which is basically resetting all your. Information and erasing everything now on the new phone its going to take a little bit of time here for.

Everything to go ahead and move over and download so you could see all these different apps are starting to. Slowly download to my phone and in a few minutes everything should be synced up including all my data information. All my photos all my text messages they should all appear over here and you can see all the pages. Are slowly migrating over and all the apps are downloading now if youre selling your old phone or youre giving. It to someone else remember make sure you reset your phone to his factory default which i showed you in.

The beginning of this video because you dont want people to have access to your private information on your old. Phone so make sure you totally wipe it clean thanks so much for watching this video i hope you found. It useful please give it a thumbs up and ill see you next time.

Method 5 – Ipad Pro 2021: How To Setup And Transfer Data Over From An Old Ipad

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Conclusion – How Do I Transfer Everything From One Ipad To Another

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