How Do I Transfer Photos From Android Phone To Laptop – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i transfer photos from android phone to laptop,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone Or Tablet To A Pc

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Method 2 – How To Transfer Photos

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Method 3 – All Galaxy Phones: How To Transfer Photos

Hey what is going on guys today im going to show you guys how to move your photos and videos. From any samsung galaxy phone i dont care if you have the samsung galaxy notes the samsung galaxy s2 s3. S4 s10 even the a series j series it all works exactly the same way to transfer files basically videos. And photos from your computer or from your phone to your computer ok now i have a video that i.

Want to transfer onto my computer here this is a samsung galaxy s 8 plus by the way so the. First thing that you have to do is go ahead and get your charging cable and you need to plug. One part into the usb port into your computer and the other part into your phone obviously now it doesnt. Matter if youre using a windows pc or a apple computer or a macbook ok its the same exact procedure. So im gonna go and simply pop this in right now let me just go ahead and plug this in.

I have something on my computer here and it says down here a galaxy note 8 actually its a galaxy. Si+ that is really weird anyways a message may not pop up for you it really doesnt matter okay now. The thing is my phone is locked theres a password on it so you do have to unlock it so. Let me go and unlock my phone first now the thing is if you dont do this then you may. Get a message as saying does this phone trust that computer and you got to click on yes ok anyways.

So im logged in right now let me just go into my file explorer here and then ill look for. The name of my phone its samsung galaxy s ac thats weird it says simpson it says a galaxy s. 8 plus but it said like the note 8 down here anyways its a si plus here so ill go. Ahead and tap on that and then ill double tap on phone and with all the samsung galaxy phones all. Of your photos and videos is all in a folder called dcim ok and many other android phones as well.

So double-click on dcim and now from here i mean i have camera here which is includes all my photos. And videos i didnt have all my screenshots here im going to click on camera here and these are all. My photos and videos here okay so you can go ahead from here you can go ahead and highlight you. Know you can click the photos and videos that you want or you can you know simply just go like. This and then you can right-click and you can go ahead and click a copy or you can do a.

Cut im just going to go ahead and copy this last video here i just made for my a youtube. Video im going to go ahead and right-click this and im gonna click on copy and now what im gonna. Do is im gonna put this onto my computer so im gonna click on desktop here click on youtube and. I had to edit this video so im gonna go ahead and right-click this video here or right-click right here. Somewhere and im gonna create a new folder here so im gonna go down new and im gonna go to.

Folder and im just going to name this folder new and ii w and then im gonna go ahead and. Click down here and now im just going to go ahead and double click it now im going to right-click. And paste that video that i copied okay so give us a second to go ahead and copy and then. Its gonna be on my computer now i did a copy so when you do a copy basically its still. Going to leave that same exact video on my phone but i also have another copy thats going to be.

All my computer anyways there you go it is currently all my computer if you guys have any questions or. Anything like that just comment below let me know i hope you guys out alright thanks for watching guys and. I will see you on the next one.

Method 4 – How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone Or Tablet To Pc

Is going on everybody welcome back to another video so i know ive made this video actually quite a few. Times and i say quite a few as in two different times but there were times in there where i. Spoke a little bit too fast or maybe something didnt quite jive so here i am remaking this video and. Its how to transfer photos from your cell phone so in your smartphone so in this case its going to.

Be an android but it typically can work the same if you have an iphone as well so again were. Going to be transferring photos from your phone over to a windows machine and were going to go through the. Step-by-step process on how to do that so with that being said lets jump right in so to get started. Of course you are going to need two things youre going to need the phone or device that youre going. To be transferring the photos from and since were going to be using a usb method you will need to.

Have the the usb cable that typically came with your phone because there are two different types of usb cables. There are some that can only do a charge only and there are some that have the ability to transfer. Data as well as charge your phone too sweet so to get started of course youre going to want to. Take your usb cable youre going to plug the usb type a end into the back of the computer front. Of the computer or a hub if youve got a usb hub youre gonna plug that in and then of.

Course youre gonna plug the other end into your mobile device so im gonna plug this into the hub that. Ive got right here and im going to plug the other end again into the bottom of this phone now. Once i plug this in or once you plug your usb cable in you should get an audible tone indicating. That a connection has been established so if i go ahead and plug this in come on youll hear that. There is a connection established and its now saying charging youll notice on the screen here that mine automatically opened.

Up the phone because i have told my computer to automatically open up the folder whenever i connect this device. You may get a little pop-up somewhere in the top right hand thats asking what you want to do with. It however if you dont get this window popped up you can go on over to this pc once youve. Opened up an explorer window and i have named mine tars yours might be something different it might be like. Samsung or some other type of name yours should show up under here if it does not you may want.

To click this little arrow next to devices and drives and that should show any type of drives that are. Currently being detected by the operating system so going back into the phone if youll notice that it says this. Folder is empty and that is because i have a lock system on this phone that its going to either. Ask for my pin number or my thumb print in order to unlock the phone if your shows empty you. Will want to make sure that your phone is unlocked so im going to go ahead and just press in.

My thumbprint its going to unlock the phone you can see that its currently unlocked and youll notice on the. Folder we now have access to the files weve got your my card i have an uh and microsd card. In this phone and i also have my phone storage if for any reason you still are not getting anything. Showing up again try a new usb port to see if the one that youve plugged into is bad or. If its you can try a different cable otherwise you can come up to the menu here under the usb.

Or file transfer if youre on an android and you can see that ive got my usb settings you will. Want to make sure that its set to this phone and you can either have it set to transferring file. Slash and slash android auto cannot talk or you want to have on transferring images in order for it to. Connect via the mtp or the mass transfer protocol if this is your first time plugging it in which in. This case its not for me you may get a prompt here on the bottom of your screen that asks.

If you want to allow this device as in this computer to access that mtp you will want to tap. On allow to complete that connect now you can see that everything is unlocked and we can access all of. The image within the the phone itself i have a memory card so ive got the card option here and. I have the internal storage so i have a phone option here this is the part where youre going to. Want to determine where the images and or videos that youre wanting to transfer over are located and you can.

Do that so if we go into the gallery on my phone you can just pick an image so well. Just say this train image right here we want to find out where this image is stored on this specific. Operating system you can swipe up and youll get a path in this case its internal storage forward slash dcim. Which stands for digital camera image forward slash camera if you dont have that feature ability you can always tap. The three little lines or find out where you can locate the details of this image so this we click.

On details its going to have that same path listed there as well like i said this is the note. 10 the uh some of the newer samsungs all roughly have the same operating system so sure yours should work. Like that if thats what you have if you have an iphone or an ios device yours might be slightly. Different youll want to determine where that stuff is typically saved but most of the time they do not have. Micro sd card slots so youre strictly using the internal storage anyway so it should be pretty simple to find.

So now that we know where this specific image is located we can find that on the computer so phone. Is typically the internal storage obviously the card is the micro sd card so we know that image was going. To be in the internal storage so well click on phone we know it was in dcim so well click. On dcim and it was under the camera folder here typically your phone is going to save your images either. On a microsd card or an internal storage by default so most of your images should show up within one.

Of these the one of those two locations now depending on how much media you have will obviously depend on. How long it takes to load everything but you can see that everythings finished loading and we have those images. Here now theres a few ways that you can move these images around youre going to first want to determine. A what images and file or video files youre going to want to transfer and where you want to transfer. Them to so once youve determined that so i know i want to take this image from here and i.

Want to well say put it on my desktop you may have a drive that you may want to put. It on like a a specific folder if you have a specific images a folder for all of like your. Images you want to determine where that is in order for you to save it so im going to move. This window over to the left and im going to just right click on the desktop were going to do. New and were going to do folder were just going to say backup for this specific video im just going.

To dump my files into this backup folder here im going to open that up as well okay so just. To recap weve got the mobile device here on the left and we have our place that were going to. Be putting those files on the right so theres a few ways that you can do this the easiest way. That i have found is youre going to want to of course determine how many or which ones youre going. To be transferring over before you actually do the transfer so im going to hold control and this will allow.

You to select individual files that you can select so if you dont want these images maybe not that one. But you want to select some afterward you can hold on control and that will allow you to select individual. Images or deselect them if you decide otherwise so ive got those ones selected maybe im like you know i. Dont want this one ill deselect that one and it will no longer be selected of course the other option. Is if you just click on one and you want to transfer everything else in between you can click on.

One find another one hold shift and left click and that will select the first one the last one and. Everything else in between again once youve determined which ones youre going to be moving you can then do the. Next steps so theres a few different options we can do you can right click on it and you can. Click copy and what that will do is it will make a copy from the current one and put it. Wherever it is that youre going to paste it so itll keep the original on the mobile device and make.

A copy on the computer if you do a cut its going to take it from the mobile device or. Your phone and put it on the computer so if you see well do well right click this one well. Click on cut you can see that it kind of went to like a a transparent indicating that youre about. To do a cut command and if we go to the location that you want to put them in you. Can right click and you can click paste and you can see that it moved it here but it removed.

It off of the original device so if youre wanting to keep them on your mobile phone or device and. Keep a copy on your computer youre gonna want to do a copy command i know this video is a. Little bit lengthier but thats because like i said before i went a little bit too fast so i just. Want to make sure that you guys understand the difference between the two so weve got it on here if. We want to move it back you can do a reverse order so if you have um photos or images.

Or videos or whatever on the computer that you want to move over to your mobile device you just reverse. The steps if you can right click in this case well do another cut come over here and well right. Click and do a paste and that will take it from the computer and put it back on the mobile. Device so if we refresh this you can see that that image is now back now again if you wanted. To just do a copy and have them on both you just right click and do a copy there are.

Keyboard shortcuts for these you can do a ctrl c for copy a control x for cut and then you. Can do a control v as in victor and that will do a paste command so if we did so. Lets select a couple of these well do a ctrl c come over to where we want to put them. Do a control v and you can see that it made a copy of them place them on the computer. But left a copy of them on the mobile phone or on my phone if we did this one we.

Did a control x again you see that its doing the cut command come over to our backup file well. Do a control v that put the file here that made it it took that from the phone and placed. It on the computer so again theres lots of commands that you can use control c control x and control. V i know theres probably a lot of information that i just blasted you with but hopefully that goes through. And kind of clears the error and was slow enough that you guys were able to understand the difference on.

How to take a file move it from your mobile phone or your device and back it up on the. Computer so either direction it is a pretty straightforward process and thats all i have for you guys today thats. Just the small tech tip that i wanted to give you guys today like i said ive made this video. In the past and probably moved a little bit too quickly so hopefully this was a little bit slower and. More of you guys were able to follow along so if you got something out of it if you liked.

This video be sure to like share and of course subscribe those three things certainly help us grow our channel. And if you want to support us in other ways head on over to got a cool uh got. A got a ton of cool merch over there including this hat if you are a photographer like myself you. May enjoy this type of hat but head on over there check it out see what you like but anyways. Thanks again for watching thanks again for what you guys do and we will see you on the next one.

Peace you.

Method 5 – How To Transfer Pictures

What is going on everyone got a tech video you here to share with all of you on how to. Transfer your pictures and videos from your android phone over to your windows 10 pc maybe youre trying to copy. Them off of your phone to free up some storage put them over on your laptop or your desktop computer. So the phone i got here is the galaxy note 10.1 ahead and took a photo and i took a.

Little video there im going to show you how to move them over or delete them from the phone if. You want to but what you need to do is basically take the cable that came with your phone okay. You just want to go ahead and connect your device just like that and youre probably if youre doing this. For the first time youre probably going to get a pop up on your screen that says allow access to. Your data okay to use the media transfer protocol what you want to do here is just simply choose allow.

Now if youre doing this and you dont get a pop up you should be able to scroll down up. Here all the way down and you should see something in here that says like android system usb for file. Transfer you can go ahead and select that right there and you go ahead and tap that basically that screen. There is where you can choose this one here to transfer files from your device so now if i disconnect. The cable and i plug it back in im no longer gonna get that allow access pop-up okay so where.

You find it then is like i said right down in here you just go ahead and select that and. Then choose that you can choose what you want to do and how you control the usb connection down here. So now that were in the phone were going to jump back to the screen here on the computer and. Im gonna go ahead and go on this icon here it says this pc and under your devices and drives. You should get a a pop-up here where it says galaxy note 10.1 if you if you double click that.

And this area here is completely blank and it says you know nothing to be found and you know you. Have stuff on the phone try to jump back to the phone scroll down from that settings area go back. Into this usb file thing make sure you choose this one here transfer files its normal for it to show. That theres no files because thats how the system is set up it wants you to manually tell it that. Its okay for you that youre allowing it to transfer your stuff over so if i go ahead i slide.

This over a little bit gonna go ahead and double click that and the folder that youre looking for normally. Where everything is stored is in this one here called the dcim folder so you can double click that that. Get you into your camera app and right there is the video file and my picture file so what you. Can do here is if you want to free up storage on your phone you can highlight these you can. Right-click and you can choose to cut or copy if you choose to cut the files they will actually be.

Removed from your phone and you can paste them over on the computer but right now im just going to. Select copy because i just want to go ahead and copy them over so what you want to do now. Is just open up a new folder like your pictures folder you want to double click that go in there. Then in somewhere on the blank space area here or you can go up here and choose paste you just. Want to right-click and choose the little paste option and that will move the files over just like that now.

The files have been moved over to my computer and when i click on them you can see it moved. The video files or the video file there and the jpeg or whatever your images are and now theyre in. This folder on my computer called pictures but they still are left on the device so if you want to. Remove them from the device you can choose to delete from here like that you can select them and choose. To delete that will free up your storage on your phone again some of us want a copy on our.

Phone and some of us want a safe copy over on our system like we have a laptop or something. Like that so that is pretty much all i got for you so there you go i hope this video. Was helpful to you guys if it was hit the good-old like button and share the video see you guys. Next time.

Conclusion – How Do I Transfer Photos From Android Phone To Laptop

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