How Do I Update My Iphone 6 To Ios 13 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do i update my iphone 6 to ios 13,

Method 1 – Ios 13 On Iphone 6 Achieved!!

Whats up guys got here today in this video gonna be talking about something pretty exciting something i think you. Guys are going to enjoy if you have an older device like an iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus or. An iphone 5s but before we get into that the first thing i want to do is ask you guys. A question if you have one of those devices would you upgrade to ios 13 right now if you could.

Let me know in the comments below i think were gonna get some mixed results here just because some people. Are jailbroken on ios 12 is it worth it to lose a jailbreak to go to ios 13 probably not. But if you arent jailbroken our ios 12 and youre on one of these devices i would probably upgrade but. I want to know what you guys would think so be sure to let me know so this entire video. Is about basically putting ios 13 on unsupported devices so as you guys probably know i us 13 does not.

Support the iphone 6 the 6 plus or the 5s which sucks for those users right apple is doing its. Thing where theyre like no were not gonna work on those just because we want them to buy new phones. Or possibly ios 13 just really isnt optimizable enough for this older hardware so one or the other maybe a. Little bit of both but according to a twitter user they have installed ios 13 on an iphone 6 hmm. Pretty interesting so initially got my attention because poned own retweeted it so i ended up taking a look at.

The tweet and this twitter user has pictures of his iphone 6 on ios 13 i mean its got pictures. From the settings showing dark mode its showing the messages its showing the device info and right now theres not. Any tweaks out there that would mimic this exact behavior that you see in ios 13 i mean it looks. Exactly the same so since this dude has no prior reputation whatsoever nobody knows who he is that im aware. Of i dont know who he is ive never heard of them so of course everybodys skeptical so they wanted.

Somebody that was reputable a developer that was reputable to chime in on the situation let us know hey is. This guy just total bs or is this possible should we believe him well the first person to chime in. Was jake james and this is what he said there are no tweaks to achieve a perfect ios 13 experience. Yet but i can tell you it is real and i know how its done without anybody telling me i. Had this idea too so thats pretty interesting somebody that we can put some faith into thats saying hey i.

Know how this is done he doesnt even need to tell me this is no joke so that gave some. People some confidence that this could actually be real you can gave me a little confidence that this could be. A possibility in the future but lets do a little bit more digging so there was a little bit of. Backfire when somebody looked up his serial number and the pictures on his tweet showed that his iphone 6 is. A space gray before they looked up the serial number it showed a rose gold so i went ahead and.

Did the exact same thing i looked up the serial number on apple and it shows rose gold but then. I looked it up on smd info and it gives a space gray color so maybe thats just an anomaly. I dont know whats going on there thats kind of weird but since one of these sources gives the space. Gray color im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt i wish your space gray kind of showed up. On the apple side rather than you know the smd p– info side but im gonna give him the benefit.

Of the doubt that its legit now dont be confused this is not a jailbreak this is literally just a. Modified ipsw and a lot of people saying that you cant do this well you can do this jake james. Has chimed in saying that you just cant modify individual components so the way that you would actually do this. Is by installing an ip sw like you would any other time i mean its not gonna be something that. You can do over-the-air or anything like that youll probably just have to install it via itunes so itd be.

Pretty simple in theory to get this set up and get it up and running once the ips w is. Available its literally just installing it and the twitter user that did this actually is saying that it should be. Available very soon which is not good i dont think this should not be available very soon even if its. You know packed up and ready to go and he can put it up there for everybody to download i. Dont think he should do that right now i mean were talking about ios 13 fate of one were talking.

About the most unstable version of ios 13 hopefully its the most unstable version of ios 13 and if you. Put an ip sw thats out there an apple checks it out theyre gonna patch it in beta 2 beta. 2 its gonna be gone so in reality what he should do is wait until the official ios 13 is. Available maybe not even the initial release of ios 13 maybe he waits for a very stable version of ios. 13 if its not patched might as well i think now this is all still kind of going on as.

Im doing this video right now so i got another tweet from jay james saying that hes responded to his. Original tweet where he said it was real and he stated that after speaking with this twitter user his assumptions. Were off of how ios 13 was installed and then hes gonna stay neutral for now so hes not saying. That its not possible and hes not saying that it is fake but hes saying that its not done how. He thought it was done so hes just gonna stay neutral and let it play out and youre basically getting.

The exact same thing from pwned to own hes saying hes gonna stay in neutral for now too so nobodys. Shutting it down right now its not like one of those fake jailbreak this comes out that nobody knows who. This person is or who this group is and they have a jailbreak and they just send like a single. Screenshot you know i mean i would hope that this guy this twitter user that has it installed on his. Iphone 6 does some sort of video showing of boot into ios 13 or just a video of everything you.

Know just to give a little bit more proof that this is real now youll notice that i havent you. Know said his twitter username just because i dont want to doing this for publicity and i dont want to. Give him you know all this attention if he turns out to be fake thats kind of where were at. Right now in terms of putting ios 13 on older devices that arent actually supported or compatible according to apple. So while two very reliable developers say this could be true but just you know chill out just wait a.

Little while lets see what happens thats exactly what i would recommend doing but the next question is should you. Even install it if it does come out well my first initial response would be no dont even touch it. Dont even mess with it theres gonna be guinea pigs out there ill be one of them where if you. Have a spare device shirt try it out test it out but you dont want to lose a jailbreak for. It i wouldnt lose a jailbreak for it initially just because by the time that this is released theres gonna.

Be so many tweaks out that are mimicking how exactly i oh s13 works so any types of new features. That jailbreak doesnt already have theyre probably going to have them by the time this is released i mean theres. A ton of tweaks that already do ios 13 features i actually have a video on if you guys want. To check it out ill put a link whichever corner its in i dont remember and ill put a link. In description below if you guys want to check it out but let other people be guinea pigs dont screw.

Up your device if its your daily driver right when this is released theres no point now if youre not. Jailbroken its gonna look a whole lot more tempting to get to ios 13 from an older device i mean. I wouldnt blame you either because you can always restore back right but again i would still wait to see. The type of performance that people are getting because officially this is not supported by apple the iphone 6 is. Not compatible with ios 13 probably because it wasnt optimized for it maybe its because hardware is lacking maybe its.

Because like i said apple wants you to upgrade you know so while it is an exciting thing for you. Know users out there that want to upgrade to ios 13 but cant right now it is something well have. To wait and find out kind of how it all pans out in the near future now if youre interested. In this stuff make sure you hit the like button to let me know because if you are then ill. Keep you updated on this and give you all the information that you need how to do it all that.

Good stuff once its released so if you want to stay up to date with that if you want to. Stay up to date with everything that i cover make sure you hit that subscribe button turn on those bill. Notifications and ill see you guys in the next video.

Method 2 – Update Your Iphone 6 Plus To Ios 13 Now

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Method 3 – Finally Iphone 6 Get Ios 13 Update || 100% Working Trick || Ios 13 Update In Iphone 6 And 6 Plus

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Method 4 – How To Get Ios 14 In Iphone 6, 6 Plus | With Proof!!

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Method 5 – How To Update Iphone 5S,6,6+ To Ios 13 Or 14 || New Trick || 100% Working || Update Iphone To Ios 13

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Conclusion – How Do I Update My Iphone 6 To Ios 13

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